Vons Thanksgiving Dinner in 2023

As we all know, Thanksgiving is coming in just a few days, and with that in mind, the preparations for it are starting to get more stressful.

In order to get the stress out of your life this holiday season, you should definitely order your dinner menu.

Vons is offering you some special meals this year! Just think of it:  no mess in the kitchen, no stress, just heat the food and set the table!

Vons’ meals for this Thanksgiving are consistent in either ham or turkey.

You can find two Thanksgiving menus at Vons: turkey dinner and ham. The Turkey menu includes the well-known baked turkey and its special ingredient – smoked paprika.

As for sides, you will get mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes.

Their sauces include gravy and parmesan creamed corn, and desserts are pumpkin pie and homemade rolls.

The Menu with Spiral Ham is delicious! It has a spiral ham sliced just as it is supposed to, scalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and some really good spiced apples.

Another Holiday dinner is the meal with ribs. This one includes their fully cooked rib roast and the same sides said as the ham menu.

The sides are mashed potatoes, green beans, scalloped potatoes, and spiced apples!

All the dinners presented here are cooked, but upon arrival, they will be refrigerated. In order to serve them, you should heat them for around 2 to 3 hours.

For these holiday menus, you can also get some special offers! For example, on your first home delivery from Vons, you get 30 dollars off.

Just write the code “SAVE30” at checkout. Thank us later! Get on their official website and see some other coupons.

If you would like some desserts as well, you can search their website for some Cookies, candy, and even snacks.

They are not special offers for Thanksgiving, but something sweet is well welcomed. Just get on their top menu at Shop and open their “Cookies/Snacks/Candy” option.

Vons Thanksgiving Holiday Turkey Meals Menu

Turkey Frozen (Signature Farms)Full8-12 Lb$19.90
Turkey Frozen (Butterball)Full16-20 Lb$44.82
Turkey Frozen (Butterball)Full12-16 Lb$34.86
Turkey Frozen (Butterball)Full20-24 Lb$54.78
Boneless White and Dark Meat Turkey Roast (Butterball)3 Lb$13.99
Frozen Roast Boneless Turkey Breast (Butterball)3 Lb$13.99
Turkey Breast Fresh (Jennie-O)16 Oz$7.99
Turkey Breast Fresh (Open Nature)16 Oz$8.49
Ground Turkey (O Organics) 16 Oz$9.99
Ground Turkey Fresh (Jennie-O)3 Lb$15.99
Turkey Breast Roast (Butterball) Herb Frozen3 Lb$13.99
Turkey Things All Nature (Foster Farms)$10.23
Turkey Breast Tenderloins (Jennie-O)2 Count24 Oz$8.99
Ground Turkey Patties (Jennie-O)4 Count16 Oz$6.99
Foster Farms Ground Turkey (Fresh and Natural)16 Oz$6.99
White Turkey Breast (Honeysuckle) Bone in FrozenFull8 Lb$31.92
Oven Roasted Turkey Homestyle Frozen (Jennie-O)Full12 Lb$34.99
Turkey Frozen (Open Nature)Full16-20 Lb$53.82
Frozen Turkey-Smoked Fully Cooked (Butterball)10 Lb$29.99

Vons Serving Start and Closing Date of Their Menus

Because Thanksgiving is so close, you only have a few days available for you to pick up or get the desired meals.

The good thing is that their pickup time/home delivery is between 8 am and 8 pm.

 Thanksgiving MenuStartClose
Sliced-Ham Menu22nd November23rd November
Fully cooked Rib Menu22nd November23rd November
Turkey Menu22nd November23rd November

How To Order

Let’s get to the action! Ordering from them is an easy-peasy task. Getting on their website, you can choose from their 3 menus, add them to your cart and check out.

Upon checkout, you will get to choose your restaurant from where you can pick the food.

If you would like to get your food at your home, you can open their mobile App/Postmates/Doordash or UberEATS for more details.

Our Favorite Vons Thanksgiving Meal Items

Their menus include everything that is essential on the table during the special holiday.

Thanksgiving is the day when families gather around the dinner table, so it’s quintessential to have good food there. The menus at Vons are:

01. Sliced Ham Menu

With this menu, you know you will get a full stomach in no time! This spiral ham is thin-sliced and fully cooked!

For sides, you can get scalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and some really good spiced apples.

02. Cooked Rib Menu

The well-made rib roast is carefully made and sliced. The same can be said for the sides that come with it! The sides are mashed potatoes, green beans, scalloped potatoes, and spiced apples!

Even though the most sought foods during Thanksgiving are Turkeys, Hams, and Pies, we all know the Ribs are quickly coming for first place. This dish is delicious and needed on the dinner table!

03. Whole Turkey Menu

This turkey is greatly roasted and perfectly tasty. This turkey has a little spice as an ingredient.

For the sides, you can get mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and brussels sprouts.

Grab your forks and knives and call on all your family members, friends, and even neighbors to get their hands on the tasty turkey.

People Also Search

Can You Eat The Thanksgiving Meals Right Away?

The meals come in a refrigerated state. So, they would need to be heated for around 2 hours before eating them.

How Can I Get My Vons Coupons?

The coupons can be collected from their official website. Right now, the biggest discount is 30 % off.

Why Should I Get The Vons Mobile App?

You can get notifications about their new discounts and even redeem rewards. The mobile app is an active one and benefits every customer there.

For Home Delivery, What is The Minimum Order Amount?

At Von’s home delivery, the minimum is dependent on their third parties, but they are a 30$ minimum purchase.

Final Words

At Vons, it is quite certain you will get an amazing Thanksgiving menu. We know that this restaurant doesn’t disappoint from analyzing its meals, sides, and desserts.

Get the tastiest menus for this holiday as soon as possible. Hurry, you only have 2 more days in order to pick them up!


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