What Time Does Dollar General Open & Close in 2023?

Curious to know what time does Dollar General open & close? Let’s find the answer and many other insights into Dollar General.

Dollar General Stores open at 8 am throughout the week. The closing time of these stores is 10 pm. From Monday to Sunday, the timing for Dollar General Locations are the same.

It brings peace of mind to customers as they don’t have to look up to its business hours every time.

Instead, the fixed same hours throughout the year ensure that customers never bother about the time. Whatever the day, anyone can visit Dollar General from 8 am to 10 pm every day.

Not only weekdays and weekends, but Dollar General Operation hours stay the same on holidays too.

Except for Christmas day when the store is closed, hours on other holidays are almost the same with minor changes.

The later section of this article will discuss the holiday hours in detail. For now, let’s have a look at key takeaways.

Key Notes:

  • Dollar General opens at 08:00 am and closes at 10:00 pm.
  • Timings are the same on most holidays and weekends. This store remains closed only on Christmas Day.

Dollar General Store Hours

In 1955, the first Dollar General Store was inaugurated in Kentucky. The main goal of opening this store was to provide people with everyday essentials for one dollar each.

The concept got colossal appreciation and Dollar General started to make huge sales. Till now, there are approx. 1900+ Dollar General Stores successfully operating in the USA.

Besides a large number of stores in different states, Dollar General Stores open at the same time.

This is to bring customers greater convenience and build long-term profitable relationships with them. The company has a strict policy regarding hours of operation that every location has to follow. 

What Time Does Dollar General Open?

Thus, all Dollar General Locations open sharp at 08:00 AM. Even on Saturdays or Sundays, Dollar General Stores are open simultaneously without any delay.

What Time Does Dollar General Close?

Similarly, the closing time for Dollar General Stores is exactly 10:00 PM. After that, all stores get closed and you can’t even place the order online for same-day delivery/pickup.

DayStore Hours
Saturday8 am – 10 pm
Sunday8 am – 10 pm
Monday8 am – 10 pm
Tuesday8 am – 10 pm
Wednesday8 am – 10 pm
Thursday8 am – 10 pm
Friday8 am – 10 pm

Dollar General Holidays Hours

Unlike many other popular stores e.g., Costco, Target, Walmart, etc., Dollar General is open on holidays too.

Besides Christmas Day, Dollar General Stores are never closed on any holiday. Even the hours of operation are the same on almost all holidays except two.

One is Christmas Eve and the other is Thanksgiving Day when Dollar General Stores have longer hours.

They open an hour before their regular hours, i.e., at 07:00 am. However, the closing time stays the same, i.e., 10:00 pm on these two holidays.

Besides these few exceptions, Dollar General opens and closes regularly during the holidays.

New Year’s EveRegular business hours
Memorial DayRegular business hours
Labor DayRegular business hours
Good FridayRegular business hours
4th of JulyRegular business hours
EasterRegular business hours
Christmas eve07:00 am – 10:00 pm
Black FridayRegular business hours
Thanksgiving07:00 am – 10:00 pm
Christmas Day Closed
New YearsRegular business hours

What Time Does Dollar General Open on Sundays?

Sunday hours at Dollar General are the same as those on the rest of the days. They are open from 8 am – 10 pm on all Sundays regardless of the location, weather, or any other factor.

Dollar General Return Hours and Policy

Dollar General’s Return Hours are the same as of their store hours i.e. 8 am -10 pm. However, these hours may vary across some locations.

Thus, must call your nearest Dollar General store to confirm their return hours before you visit them.

Per their return policy, you can return a bought item within 30 days after delivery. In this case, they may refund you the full amount of the item except the delivery charges.

However, the returned item must be in good condition, not damaged, used, or broken.To talk to a representative from Dollar General’s online desk, contact them at 1-866-407-6946.  

Dollar General Customer Service Hours & Phone Number

To approach Dollar General Customer Service, anyone can visit their website anytime. Their online help center has all the answers to different common questions.

Nevertheless, if you can’t get your query, contact them by submitting the “Contact Us” form.

You can also connect to their customer service inquiry number which is 1-800-678-9258. To visit them in-store for customer service-related concerns, the hours are the same as the regular store hours.

However, you may find slight variations in customer service hours at different locations.

Therefore, call their customer service number and inquire about the customer service hours at your nearest location before you visit.

Dollar General Pickup & Delivery Methods

Pickups at Dollar General are the fastest ones to delight customers. All you need to do is place an order through DG mobile app and wait for the email to pick up your order.

Upon receiving the email, you can pick up your order at your nearest DG store. Dollar General also offers third-party delivery services i.e. through DoorDash.

Whatever you want to buy, look up for availability of the items at your nearest Dollar General store. Place an order and get it delivered through DoorDash delivery at your location.

Dollar General also offers digital coupons to offer incredible discounts while ordering through their mobile app.

How Does Dollar General App Work?

Dollar General App is the simplest and the easiest to use. To use the app, download and install it to your mobile either through the app store or the Play Store. Once done, follow these steps:

  • Open the app and enter your nearest Dollar General store.
  • Search for the desired products and add them to the cart.
  • Move to checkout and add any coupons or discount vouchers you have.
  • Choose either pickup or delivery and complete the rest of the steps at checkout.
  • Click on place order and it’s done. Your order will be at your doorstep within the shortest possible time.
  • If you have chosen pickup, wait for the confirmation email to pick up your order at the nearest location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Gift Cards Does Dollar General Sell?

Dollar General sells a variety of gift cards including Google Play Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Card, and Apple gift cards, etc.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Dollar General?

You must be 18 years old or older to work at any of the Dollar General stores.

How Much Does Dollar General Pay?

It depends on which type of job you get at Dollar General. Higher-ranked jobs at Dollar General have good wages while others don’t. 

Who Owns Dollar General?

Dollar General is owned by different stakeholders such as T. Rowe, The Vanguard Group, Blackrock fund advisors, etc. 

Does Walmart Own Dollar General?

No, Walmart doesn’t own Dollar General stores.

What is Dollar General Changing Their Name To?

It expanded to a new store model by using the name Popshelf.

Does Dollar General Have Money Back?

Yes, Dollar General offers money back.
Upon using a Debit card at Dollar General Stores, you can get even up to $40 cashback.
However, the policy differs from store to store.
Therefore, check your nearest Dollar General location for money-back offers.

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