Zoes Kitchen Catering Menu 2023 (Exclusive Mediterranean Palette Party Deals)

If you thought that fast food and healthy are two words that can’t fit in one sentence, Zoes Kitchen is the place that will prove you the contrary.

This nutritious, Mediterranean fast food uses fresh ingredients to bring people together around the table and enjoy a great meal. 

Zoes Kitchen’s catering menu is an excellent choice for any event.

From small, family parties that require delicious food items to big corporate events, Zoe Kitchen has a catering package for everything

The catering menu includes party starters serving 10-15, boxed lunches, and grilled gatherings, catering packages for large events serving 18-20, party trays serving 18-20, bowls, salads, and sides serving 18-20, and desserts.

Of course, refreshing drinks can be added to the menu for a complete experience. 

What sets Zoes Kitchen apart, besides the natural, healthy food items and delightful taste, is the variety of its catering menu.

It contains vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, an allergen guide, and even whole 30 approved items.

Also, the most popular dishes are marked on the website to help you make the best choice

The assorted dip platter, baked falafel platter, and signature soups are the perfect way to get the party started, while the 3 main catering packages: Kabob, pita, or rollup will fill everyone with energy, goodwill, and nutrients. 

Boxed lunches include a wide variety of items, such as kabob combos, baked falafel plates, Greek chicken/lamb/salmon pitas, rollups, sandwiches, and salad plates served with hummus.

Boxed lunch assortments can also be created, with 3 options to choose from: pita assortment, rollup assortment, or the popular option that combines the dishes, all served with Tzatziki. 

Zoes Kitchen Catering Package Menu

Pita Package (Chicken, Falafel Pitas & Steak)Medium8-10$149.99
Kabob Package (Chicken Grilled Fresh & Steak Kabobs)Medium10-12$159.99
Rollup Package (Chicken, Spinach Feta Rollups & Steak)Medium8-10$139.99

Zoes Kitchen Lunch Box Packages

Popular Assortment$127.99
Pita Assortment$115.99
Salad Assortment$132.99
Rollup Assortment$115.99
Kabob Combo$14.69
Roasted Corn & Avocado Cobb Salad780$10.49
Chicken Kabobs (Spicy)380$12.59
Chicken Kabobs340$11.99
Steak Kabobs470$15.19
Shrimp Kabobs190$13.19
Falafel Pita (Baked)530$10.29
Steak Pita520$12.19
Chicken Rollups620$10.79
Greek Grilled Chicken Pita 480$10.99
Rollup Spinach Feta 420$10.79
Steak Rollups580$11.49
Flt (Served On Multigrain Bread)610$9.79
Turkey Smashed Avocado Sandwich470$10.99
Traditional Greek550$9.39
Chicken Sandwich With Salad 600$9.99
Hummus And Salad Plate820$10.19
Falafel And Salad Plate900$10.69

Grilled Gatherings Menu

Chicken Kabobs340$11.99
Kabob Combo$14.69
Shrimp Kabobs190$13.19
Chicken Kabobs (Spicy)380$12.59
Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Plate380$11.49
Steak Kabobs470$15.19

Zoes Kitchen Party Trays

Greek Chicken (Pita)Small (10 Halves)4-6$45.79
Medium (18 Halves)8-10$79.39
Large (36 Halves)18-20$152.79
Falafel PitaSmall (10 Halves)4-6$45.79
Medium (18 Halves)8-10$79.39
Large (36 Halves)18-20$152.79
Chicken RollupsSmall (20 Halves)4-6$44.29
Medium (36 Halves)8-10$73.89
Large (72 Halves)18-20$147.79
Steak PitaSmall (10 Halves)4-6$59.79
Medium (18 Halves)8-10$99.89
Large (36 Halves)18-20$199.69
Steak RollupSmall (20 Halves)4-6$54.99
Medium (36 Halves)8-10$91.79
Large (72 Halves)18-20$183.39
Spinach Feta (Rollup)Small (20 Halves)4-6$44.29
Medium (36 Halves)8-10$73.89
Large (72 Halves)18-20$147.79
Chicken Sandwich With Salad Small (10 Halves)4-64-6
Medium (18 Halves)8-108-10
Large (36 Halves)18-2018-20
FLT (Served On Multigrain Bread)Small (10 Halves)4-64-6
Medium (18 Halves)8-108-10
Large (36 Halves)18-2018-20

Party Starters

Baked Falafel Include Lemon Herb Tahini PlatterMedium10-15$35.59
Baked Falafel Include Lemon Herb Tahini PlatterLarge20-30$45.79
Choice of Assorted Dip Platter Medium (3 1/2 Pints)10-15$32.99
Choice of Assorted Dip PlatterLarge (3 Pints)20-30$45.99
Mediterranean Green Lentil SoupQuart3303-5$14.59
Chicken Orzo Soup (Served With Pita)Quart1303-5$14.79
Tomato BisqueQuart3803-5$14.59

Zoes Kitchen Bowls

Cauliflower RiceSmall360$66.29
Chicken Cauliflower Small360$78.49
Falafel Cauliflower (Rice)Small360$78.49

Salads Menu

Roasted Corn & Avocado CobbSmall7804-6$30.59


Cauliflower RiceSmall904-6$14.29
Roasted Corn (Fire)Small1104-6$10.69
Chicken SaladSmall3904-6$13.29
White Beans (Braised) Small1904-6$10.69
Pasta SaladSmall1804-6$10.69
Grilled Potato (Salad)Small2404-6$10.69
Potato SaladSmall2304-6$10.69
Pita BreadSmall1604-6$10.19
Turmeric RiceSmall1504-6$10.69
Roasted VegetablesSmall1304-6$10.69
Original Sea Salt – Deep River Snacks150$1.99
Pita Bread160$1.99
Lemon Tahini (Herb)Half Pint80$6.69
HarissaHalf Pint35$6.69
SkhugHalf Pint40$6.69
Salsa VerdeHalf Pint100$6.69
TzatzikiHalf Pint20$7.69
Spicy AioliHalf Pint170$6.69


Cookie BowlLarge590$59.99
Whole Chocolate Cake (Yaya’s)600$45.99
Chocolate Chip (Cookie)600$2.99
Cookie BowlMedium400$35.99
Chocolate Cake (Yaya’s)410$3.99


Sweet TeaGallon80$11.19
Unsweet TeaGallon$11.19
Spindrift Grapefruit$2.99
Spindrift Lemon$2.99
Spindrift Raspberry$2.99
Spindrift Blackberry$2.99
Open Water (Still)$2.49
Open Water (Sparkling)$2.49

Our Favorite Items in Zoes Kitchen

If you want to change the classic fast-food items and try something new, Zoes Kitchen has just the perfect dishes.

Unique, fresh, and nutritious, Mediterranean cuisine will impress even the pickiest eaters.

Here are some of the most popular food items from Zoes Kitchen that will convince you to order again: 

01. Chicken Kabobs 

The Chicken Kabobs is an all-time favorite dish at Zoes Kitchen.

380 calories of nutritious, delightful chicken served with tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and sides is everything you need from a meal.

Even more, you can add soup, dessert, or hummus, plus drinks to make it a full menu. 

02. Cauliflower Rice Bowls 

Bowls are a popular category in Zoes Kitchen Menu. As an authentic Mediterranean dish, the Cauliflower Rice bowl has a unique taste created from the perfect combination of ingredients.

Feta, chilled cauliflower, fresh dill, cucumbers, and Skhug are all mixed together and create an explosion of taste on your taste buds.

Everything is topped with the traditional Tzatziki and served alone or as a side dish. 

03. Falafel Pita 

With 460 calories per serving, this wrapped falafel will be a delicious gift for your guests.

It’s easy to eat, has a heavenly taste, and can even be vegan if ordered without feta and Tzatziki.

Served with Skhug, it is a wonderful way to welcome everyone at the event and put a smile on their faces.

There are 3 meal sizes available: 10, 18, and 36 halves, so no matter the size of the event, the catering will be appropriate. 

04. Chicken Orzo Soup 

Considered a party starter on Zoes Kitchen’s catering menu, a serving of this tasty, hot soup is enough to feed up to 5 people.

Classic noodles, chicken pieces, and orzo are the main ingredients that will delight guests. 


Order Options of Zoes Kitchen Catering

Partnered with Door dash, Grub Hub, and Uber Eats, Zoes Kitchen’s website offers two main options for catering orders: delivery or pickup.

Of course, orders can also be placed physically or on the phone.

Keep in mind that catering orders require a minimum of $100 for home delivery or delivery to the location of the event. 

The order process is quite simple: find the nearest location or type in your address for delivery, choose a day and a time and build the perfect meal for your guests. 

Drive ThruNot available for catering 
Home DeliveryAvailable 
Curbside PickupNot available for catering

Our View About Zoes Kitchen 

While everyone has a different opinion based on experience and expectations, there are still some general pros and cons that can give you an idea of Zoes Kitchen food and service quality. 


  • Most customers find the staff working at Zoes Kitchen friendly and respectful. There are, of course, exceptions, as this may vary from location to location, but most often than not, the service is great
  • The Mediterranean restaurant serves fresh fruits and vegetables, so you can enjoy a healthy meal. This places Zoes Kitchen in the top spots as a fast-food restaurant
  • The orders placed on the official website have a fast delivery time 
  • The menu is incredibly varied, so there’s something for anyone to enjoy. Zoes Kitchen is the chain that goes the extra mile to please even the pickiest eater


  • Some locations do not seem to be cleaned properly
  • The service in the restaurant could be improved in terms of waiting time and efficiency
  • Items are considered overpriced by some customers 

Important Links of Zoes Kitchen 

Catering an event is not the easiest task, and choosing a cuisine that’s different from the classic American style is an interesting twist, but it might be stressful, so here are some links that offer you all the information you could possibly search for: 

Office AddressPlano, Texas
Official Websitehttps://zoeskitchen.com/
Online Orderhttps://zoeskitchen.com/order-now
Store Locatorhttps://zoeskitchen.com/locations/sitemap
Sign Uphttps://zoeskitchen.com/join-now/signup
Gift Cardshttps://zoeskitchen.com/gift-cards
Their Storyhttps://zoeskitchen.com/about

Find Zoes Kitchen on Social-media 

Curios how exactly does this Mediterranean cuisine look like at Zoes Kitchen? Or maybe you want to read some comments and reviews before ordering.

These social media pages should be a source of inspiration: 

Photo Credit; wikimedia.org, CC

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Copy of The Catering Receipt Be Obtained For The Customer? 

The short answer is yes. A copy of the catering receipt can be easily obtained if you contact the Zoes Kitchen location where you placed the order and request it.

The Catering Sales Manager should be the person capable to help. 

Is Delivery At The Event’s Location Available For Catering Orders? 

Yes, but the catering order should be at least $100, and the delivery address should not be far from a Zoes Kitchen location.

Access the store locator from the official webpage and type in the address to see the closest store location. 

Is There a Nutritional & Allergen Guide Available For Zoes Kitchen Catering Menu? 

Yes, simply access the official website and select the nutrition/ allergen section from the webpage with the menu. 

What Do I Do If I Want To Cancel or Change an Order? 

The simple and safest thing to do in this situation is to contact the location where you placed the order.

They should be able to give more detailed information about the process. As long as the order wasn’t processed and in preparation, you could get a refund. 

How Can I Get Discounts or Free Items Using The Reward System? 

First, you have to register. The reward program is available for both catering and non-catering orders, online or in-store.

As long as you have signed up as a member, every spent dollar equals a stripe that you can use for a reward. 

Final Thoughts 

Zoes Kitchen’s catering menu offers an exquisite event experience for both your guests and yourselves.

With an incredible number of menu options and packages, this Mediterranean fast-food can cater for any event, small or large, family or corporate, adapting to your needs.

Enjoy the fresh ingredients and healthy dishes and give your event a spark of creativity.

With both pickup and delivery options, online ordering, and easy payment methods, there’s nothing to stop you from placing the order. 

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