Pomegranate Lime Bundt Cake Recipe

Deck your holiday dessert table with bursts of color and flavor! Try this delicious pomegranate lime Bundt cake recipe & shout, "It's Yummi!"

Welcome to DAY 5 of the 12 Cakes of Christmas!     Amy of Crumbs in my Mustachio came up with the idea of a group of bloggers creating a cake a day from December 1st through the 12th. She put together a diverse and talented group, each of whom chose a day and created... 

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Blackberry Linzer Cookies

Blackberry Linzer Cookies from ItsYummi.com

I've been cooking and baking like nobody's business over the past 2 weeks, but it seems like I don't have much to show for it here on the blog. That's going to change VERY soon, though. I was just hired for seasonal employment at a big department store, but once the December holidays are over,... 

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Simple Snowmen Cookies

Simple Snowmen Cookies from ItsYummi.com ~ A fun winter baking #recipe you can make with the kids!

HEY, everyone! We made it through another grinding week, so it's time to FEED YOUR SPIRIT! #FeedYourSpirit  I'm gonna tell you what's goin' on around my kitchen, including a fun winter cookie craft for simple snowmen cookies!   First off, a HUGE thank you and welcome to all of my new readers. You guys have... 

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Peppermint Meringue Pillow Cookies

Peppermint Meringue Pillow Cookies from It's Yummi!

Christmas cookies! I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but last year, I procrastinated SO badly that the lovely trays full of cookies that I envisioned sending to my friends just never happened. That will NOT be happening this year! Who wants to be on my delivery list for these bundles of meringue goodness?  ... 

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