Red Lobster Menu With Prices 2024 – King of Seafood

Red Lobster is the appropriate place for you if you’re not just confined to regular fast-food items but also have a strong desire for seafood.

Red Lobster Catering serves the greatest seafood dishes; as each food item tastes shockingly good, it’s ideal for your celebrations and occasions. 

Several Red Lobster catering menu options are available For children and young people; Box lunches, family dinners, classic entrees, perfect party platters, biscuits, salads, soups, desserts, and drinks are all available.

Hand-breaded prawns, seafood stuffed mushrooms, Triple-Chocolate Brownie, Cheddar Bay Biscuits, and parrot isle jumbo coconut shrimp are some of their most popular product items.

There are 22 various sorts of meals to choose from, including lunch boxes, three different types of party platters, several soups, and desserts. You may select between soda, tea, or lemonade as a beverage.

Seafood dishes

Red Lobster Signature Feasts Menu

Boxed lunch with wood-grilled sirloin- A variety of lunch boxes are included in the red lobster catering menus. Wood-grilled sirloin is the most desirable one among them.

A wide range of foods is included in each lunch box, including rice, salad, side dishes, shrimp, chips, and other items (It depends on the kind of food you choose for your gathering).

Every box has a 7-ounce sirloin that has been wood-grilled. You can decide the amount of food according to your number of guests.

You can also specify how you want your meat to be prepared (rare, medium, and well).

A choice of side dishes to go with your taste are available from mashed potatoes, broccoli, rice, french fries, and others. Each lunch box will also include a cheddar bay biscuit.

Steak & Lobster Wednesday700$24.99 
Ultimate-Feast 1070$39.99 
Seaside-Trio (Shrimp)1500$24.49 
Shrimp, Salmon & Lobster (Grilled)930$35.49 
Rock Lobster and Shrimp920$35.99 
Surf, Turf Walt’s Shrimp with Sirloin 7 oz560$25.49 
Surf, Turf Walt’s Shrimp with Filet Mignon 6 oz550$33.48 
Surf, Turf Walt’s Shrimp with NY Strip 10 oz880$33.48 
Surf, Turf Lobster Tail with Sirloin 7 oz680$32.99 
Surf, Turf Lobster Tail with Filet Mignon 6 oz620$40.98 
Surf, Turf Lobster Tail with NY Strip 10 oz95040.98
Create-Own-Combination 750-2880$27.49 
Date Night Feast For Two3290$75.99 
Ultima te Endless Shrimp To Go940-2520$21.99 

Starters Menu

Calamari-(Hand Breaded) 1000$12.99 
New-Green Beans (Crispy)720$6.49 
Jumbo-Shrimp (Cocktail)130$10.99 
Parrot-Isle-Jumbo Coconut Shrimp Appetizer610$11.49 
Langostino & Lobster-Pizza700$14.99 
Langostino (Artichoke)-Lobster and Seafood-Dip 890$12.49 
Shrimp -Rangoon (Stuffed Crab)660$11.99 
White-Wine & Garlic-Mussels (Roasted)880$12.99 
Mozzarella-Cheesesticks 700$8.99 
Seafood-( Mushrooms Stuffed)390$10.99 

Red Lobster Bowls & Sandwiches

Bacon Cheeseburger750$13.99 
Chicken Sandwich Nashville 1180$11.99 
Fried Crunch Sandwich1000$12.99 
Salmon with Sesame Soy Bowl 930$16.99 
Shrimp Baja Bowl1190$14.99 
Salad Caesar Classic 520$9.99 
Salad Caesar Classic & Grilled Chicken720$12.24 
Salad Caesar Classic & Seasoned Shrimp660$13.24 
Salad Caesar Classic & Grilled Salmon830$15.24 

Classics Menu

Atlantic salmon- with this item you will receive 2 large salmon filets, 4 delicious cheddar biscuits, and your choice of two sides. 

Filets of Atlantic salmon are topped with shrimp mixed in a Cajun butter sauce and a tomato relish. Like any other classic entree, you can select your pair of sides.

Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp- This dish includes hand-dipped, coated in flake coconut, and deep-fried shrimp.

This well-known dish is recognized as “Served Walt’s Favorite Shrimp,” and these Crispy Shrimp are arranged on a tray with cocktail sauce, pina colada sauce, and also dragon sauce. The platter comes with four dozen of fried shrimp.

New Red Argentinian Shrimp Grilled  740$19.99 
Endless Shrimp-(Ultimate) 940 – 2520$21.99 
Atlantic Salmon Today’s Catch630$23.99 
Salmon New Orleans-Today’s Catch (Full)890$28.49 
Salmon New Orleans-Today’s Catch (Half)580$22.99 
Rainbow Trout-Today’s Catch490$19.99 
Stuffed Flounder Lobster 510$20.49 
Favorite Walt’s Shrimp 550$16.99 
Jumbo Coconut Shrimp (Parrot Isle) 1220$18.99 
Shrimp-Skewers (Garlic) 330$17.99 
Fish & Chips 1230$15.49 
Snow-Crab-Legs(Wild caught)440 $36.49 
Dungeness- Crab (Wild caught)440$36.49 
Maine Lobster Live (1.25 lb)440 – 610$36.99 
Sirloin 7 oz290$17.99 
NY Strip 10 oz580$26.49 
Filet Mignon 6 oz270$26.49 
Chicken Tenders (Hand-Breaded)1150$14.49 

Hot Platters Menu

Favorite Shrimp Walt’s Platter1290$26.99 
Jumbo-Coconut-Shrimp-Platter (Parrot Isle) 2870$32.49
Popcorn-Shrimp Platter250030.49

Family Meal Deals

Create-your-own-feast- This family-style meal on their menu is the most popular one. It is visible on the website that this meal has received the most orders.

The meal comes with cheddar bay biscuits, two sides, three entrees of your choice, and beverages. A feast meal package serves 4 people.

ItemsCaloriesPricesNo. of Serving
Family-Feast-Create Own 3890 -11750$59.99 4
Family Feast Trio (Seaside Shrimp) 6910 – 9850$59.99 4
Linguini (Alfredo)-Family Meal (Shrimp)427047.994
Linguini (Alfredo)-Family-Meal (Cajun-Chicken)476044.994
Family Feast (Ultimate)6030 – 8970$118.99 4
Family Feast (Admiral’s)7020 – 9960$59.99 4

Red Lobster Kids Menu

Grilled Shrimp (Garlic)80$7.99 
Popcorn-Shrimp 250$7.49 
Macaroni & Cheese280$6.99 
Tenders (Chicken) 620$7.99 
Chicken (Grilled)320$7.99 
Golden-Fried-Fish 560$8.49 

Red Lobster Pastas Menu

Family meal of Cajun Chicken Linguini Alfredo- The chicken is cut into bigger pieces and put around the edge of the pasta rather than chopped and mixed in so that the amount of chicken could be seen.

The sauces are rich, thick, and delectable. There was just enough Cajun flavor to make it spicy without being overwhelming.

This meal also includes cheddar bay biscuits, drinks, desserts, and a stereo-speed heat pack.

Lobster Bake- (Bar Harbor)1100$34.49 
Noodles (Kung-Pao) with Crispy Shrimp 1360$18.49 
Noodles (Kung-Pao) with Chicken 1330$17.49 
Shrimp (Linguini- Alfredo)990$18.49 
Linguini Alfredo (Cajun Chicken)1070$17.49 
Alfredo Linguini (Crab)1110$22.49 
Linguini (Lobster)1120$28.49 

Soups & Sides

Clam Chowder New England (Cup)240$5.99 
Clam Chowder New England (Bowl)470$7.49 
Bisque Lobster (Cup) 310$7.49 
Bisque Lobster (Bowl) 600$8.99 
Cheese with Bacon-Mac (New)630$5.49 
Rice-Orzo 230$3.49 
Sprouts (Brussels Crispy)380$4.49 
Potato-(Baked) 210 – 315$3.49 
(Baked) Potato with Creamy-Lobster 350$7.49 
Potatoes-Mashed  170$3.49 
Potatoes-Mashed with Creamy-Lobster 320$7.49 
French-Fries (Sea-Salted)  510$3.49 
Clam-Chowder-Family (New England) (serves 6)1390$12.99 
Lobster Bisque-Family (serves 6)  1710$16.99 
Colada Sauce Pina (8 oz)0$3.99 
Sauce Cocktail (8 oz) 0$2.99 
Sauce Tartar (8 oz) 0$2.99 

Biscuits & Extras

Cheddar Bay Biscuits- The website states that it is their famous biscuit. These biscuits are appetizing and soft, with a strong cheddar taste.

A small amount of melted butter is poured on the top to add moistness, which is essential for gluten-free baked items because they tend to be a little dry. A pack of biscuits is adequate for 3 people.

Bay Biscuits-Cheddar (1/2 Dozen)970$3.99 
Bay Biscuits-Cheddar (1 Dozen)1940$5.99 
Shrimp-Skewer (Garlic)90$6.49 
Classic-Lobster(Maine) Tail 370$14.49 
(Argentinian) Shrimp Red Skewer (1 skewer)590$7.99 
Favorite Walt’s Shrimp300$6.49 
Shrimp Scampi with Garlic430$6.49 
Shrimp-Popcorn 430$6.49 
Alfredo Linguini (Garlic)540$6.49 
Legs (Crab-Snow) (1/2 lbs)370$16.99 
Legs (Crab-Dungeness)440$16.99 


Cheesecake Bean Vanilla700$7.99 
Lemon Cake Meyer 470$7.99 
Wave Chocolate1110$8.49 
Overboard Brownie1020$8.99 


Mtn Dew Can 12 oz170$2.00 
Mtn Dew  Pack 2340$4.00 
Family Pack Mtn Dew (4 cans 12 oz)680$5.00 
Red Lobster
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History of Red Lobster

Since 1968, Red Lobster is dedicated to providing customers with a unique seafood experience.

Before Red Lobster, there was Bill Darden, a guy dedicated to making excellent, high-quality seafood accessible and inexpensive to everyone.

The company began as a small, family-owned restaurant in Florida, and now it has grown to over 700 locations worldwide. 

They are available around the United States, giving them a handy treat for seafood fans.

The meal is similar across the board, and the portion sizes are considerable.

How To Order Online

The ordering procedure is straightforward. One of the advantages of Red Lobster is that they provide catering services at your preferred locations.

You just need to place your order over the phone. You may also order your food through their official website.

The online ordering procedure offers you two options: go and pick up or request home delivery.

  • Visit
  • Choose between- pick up or delivery option whichever suits you
  • Enter your address
  • Select the nearest Red Lobster restaurant
  • Customize and add the desired items to your cart
  • Modify item quantity depending on the number of guests
  • Select delivery/pickup time and date
  • Place order

Disclaimer- Although their meal is excellent, I have seen several reviews in which people have complained about late delivery. To avoid danger, set your order time an hour sooner.

Nutrition Facts
Catering Menu

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Senior or Military Discount At Red Lobster?

Red Lobster is a well-known restaurant company in America that provides senior discounts to make it easy for the elderly to enjoy their cuisine without worry.

What Should I Do If My Food Order is Incorrect and I Have Some Other Queries?

Simply notify the restaurant and ask to speak with a manager if you placed your delivery order on our US website or through their app.

What Are The Delivery Charges?

Delivery rates may vary depending on the region. Once you place an order, the delivery charge for your area will be displayed during the payment process.

Is There Anything Complimentary At Red Lobster on Your Birthday?

Enjoy a free dessert with the purchase of two adult dinners at participating Red Lobster restaurants on your birthday.

Is Red Lobster Thought To Be Pricey?

Red Lobster is well renowned for providing seafood in a cozy, hygienic environment but not overly pricey.

Final Thoughts

The Red Lobster catering menu contains a wide choice of family platters as well as some great Red Lobster party platters, and the price is substantially lower when compared to other seafood restaurants.

Since delivery is free in most places, it can be a fantastic advantage for you to order on every small and big occasion.

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