Tell Me Tuesday – Sweet Heat Chefs – Apple Pie Rolls

If you were around this blog or my Facebook page last week, you may have heard me mention that I was going to implement a couple of exciting changes to the format of my blog posts. One of those changes involves today’s topic: TELL ME (ABOUT IT) TUESDAY!

Tell Me Tuesday is an opportunity for you to meet the awesome people behind some of my favorite websites. Today’s featured site happens to be a food blogger, but that may not always be the case. There are some incredible authors, retailers, couponers, and other small businesses out there that I think you might be interested in, so I’ll be giving them a few minutes in the Yummi spotlight. That way, you can learn about why I adore them so much and who knows…maybe you’ll find that they’re right up your alley, too! Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Monica from Sweet Heat Chefs!





Monica started her site as a result of a mother/daughter cooking competition on the Rachael Ray show that she entered…and ultimately WON, with her daughter, Jasmine.  Look how adorable they are!


Monica cooks with her heart and it definitely makes her dishes shine. Everything she makes is so warm and comforting. One of her recipes that stands out for me is her Apple Pie Rolls. Look at this yumminess!

Apple Pie Rolls from @SweetHeatChefs


After seeing how great the recipe looked and realizing how easy they were to make, I just knew that I needed to make a batch for myself.

Apple Pie Rolls from

If you like the looks of these apple pie rolls, check out these other apple desserts:

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