Bob Evans Catering Menu Prices in 2024

The Bob Evans restaurant is among the oldest eateries in America.

If you are from Ohio, you have probably come across and spent considerable time at a Bob Evans.

Their work ethics and culture have persevered through the years. Bob Evans’ catering menu is all-inclusive.

They have five dining options that include a mix of various dishes; six breakfast varieties, two lunches, five salads and soups, and twelve side dishes. There is something for everyone!

If you are looking for a luncheon for a large family gathering, a thanksgiving dinner, snacks for a business meeting, or dessert for a party – Bob Evans has you covered.

Here is a comprehensive list of deals for their catering menu

Menu ItemsDescription
BreakfastLight breakfasts with oatmeal or a heavier breakfast with sandwiches and brioche french toast.
Complete BundleA mix of fan-favorite breakfast items, like eggs, fruit, sausages, hot cakes, etc.
DinnerThanksgiving meals or grilled chicken dinners for 10.
SidesPlenty of sides to choose from mac & cheese, coleslaw, bacon strips, blueberry hotcakes, and more.

Apart from the above list they also have Salads & Soups, Pie & Desserts, and baked bread.

Bob Evans is famous for its nostalgic, homely style of making and serving large portions of meals. Their breakfast-for-dinner deal is a popular one.

Aside from its catering menu, it also serves plenty of meal options for kids, diet-specific deals, family meals, beverages, and more.

Bob Evans Catering Menu (Complete Bundles)

Best in Class Breakfast
25 Bacon, 30 Scrambled Eggs, 25 Sausage Links, Fruit, Home fries, 64oz. Sausage Gravy, 30 Mini Hotcakes Including 12 Biscuits, Orange Juice (Gallon) & Coffee (Bulk)

Bob Evans Breakfast Catering

(Premium Breakfast Meat, Farm-Fresh Scrambled Eggs & 1 Dozen Freshly-Baked Biscuits)
7000 – 810010$69.99
(Premium Breakfast Meat, Farm-Fresh Scrambled Eggs, Home Fries, Fresh Fruit, Sausage Gravy & 1 Dozen Freshly Baked Biscuits)
10900 – 1200010$99.99
Veggie Delight
(Farm-Fresh Veggie Scrambled Eggs (Green & Red Peppers, Onions, Cheddar Cheese, Mushrooms), 1 Dozen Biscuits & Fresh Fruit)
Oatmeal Bar
 Served With Milk, Brown Sugar, Pecans (Honey-Roasted), & Dried Cranberries Toppings & Seasonal Fresh Fruit
Brioche French Toast
(Dipped In Real Egg Batter, Griddled Brioche Bread, Cinnamon & Vanilla)
(Personal Choice of Premium Breakfast Meat, Over-Hard Egg On Biscuit, Breakfast Sandwiches Served With Fruit)
4900 – 660010
10 Ham Biscuits$59.99
10 Bacon Biscuits$59.99
10 Sausage Biscuits$59.99

Bob Evans Lunch Catering

Burger Bar
(Grilled Chicken or Burgers Served with Lettuce, American Cheese, Pickles, Tomatoes, Ketchup, Onion, Mustard & Mayo. Served With Coleslaw & Brioche Buns)
Grilled Chicken$89.99
Fried Chicken Tender Platter (Homestyle)
(Platter Of Twenty-Five Chicken Tenders Served With 2 Sauces)
5300 – 770010$50.99

Bob Evans Dinner Catering

Premium Turkey and Dressing
(Slow Roasted Turkey With Celery Dressing & Bread, Chicken Gravy & Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans With Macaroni & Cheese, Ham, Buttered Corn & 1 Dozen Dinner Rolls)
Every Day Thanksgiving
(Slow-Roasted Turkey with Celery Dressing & Bread, Chicken Gravy & Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans with Macaroni & Cheese, Ham, Farmhouse Garden Salad, Buttered Corn, With Choice of Dressing & 1 Dozen Dinner Rolls, 2 Gallons Of Lemonade Or Iced Tea & A Platter Of Cookies)
22300 – 2670010$159.99
Fork-Tender Pot Roast
(With Caramelized Onions & Carrots, Homemade Beef Gravy & Mashed Potatoes, Dozen Dinner Rolls & Choice Of Side)
10950 – 1410010$124.99
Slow Roasted Turkey & Dressing
(With Celery Dressing & Bread, Mashed Potatoes, Rolls & Personal Choice Of Side)
10450 – 1360010$109.99
Grilled Chicken
(Grilled Chicken Breasts, Chicken Gravy & Mashed Potatoes, Dozen Dinner Rolls & Choice Of Side)
6950 – 1010010$114.99

Salads & Soups Catering

Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad
(Greens with Grilled Chicken or Fried Chicken, Bacon, Blue Cheese, Honey-Roasted Pecans, & Dried Cranberries. Pairs Well with Colonial Dressing. Served With Dinner Rolls)
8700 – 1170010$54.99
Wildfire Chicken Salad
(Pan of Fresh Greens Topped with Homestyle Grilled Chicken or Fried Chicken, Corn, Cheddar Cheese, Diced Tomatoes, & Wildfire Sauce Drizzled Tortilla Strips.With Dinner Rolls)
4600 – 760010$54.99
Cheddar Baked Potato Soup
(Large Cuts Of Potato Blended Together In A Perfectly Seasoned, Cheddar Cheese Base, Satisfying, Sharp, Topped With Bacon)
Chicken and Noodles
 (Tender Chicken, Old-Fashioned Egg Noodles, Hearty Vegetables & Fragrant Herbs In A Rich & Savory Broth)
Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup
(Tomato Broth cooked with Tender Beef, Including Corn, Carrots, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Onions & Celery)


25 Slices Of Bacon1600$26.99
25 Sausage Links2700$26.99
30 Mini Blueberry Hotcakes3400$29.99
30 Mini Buttermilk Hotcakes3200$19.99
 Mashed Potatoes and Gravy3500$20.99
30 Mini Cinnamon Hotcakes3600$29.99
 Green Beans + Ham350$20.99
 Golden Brown Homefries3000$20.99
 Macaroni and Cheese (Special Recipe)2900$24.99
Buttered Corn1200$20.99
Signature Coleslaw2000$20.99

Pies & Desserts

Double Crust Apple Pie (Whole)
(Filled with Tart Apples, Cinnamon)
Ct Chocolate Chunk Cookie Platter
(Contains Twelve Chocolate Chunk Cookies)

Baked Breads

Buttermilk Biscuits1/2 Dozen$3.29
Freshly Baked Rolls1/2 Dozen$3.29

Bob Evans Delivery Methods

Your Bob Evans Catering orders can be received through these means,

Pick UpAvailable
Drive ThruNot Available

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Founded Bob Evans?

The Restaurants were founded by Robert Lewis Evans in the year 1948.

From a small restaurant with merely 6 bar stools, it has found its way into the heart of America.

How Many Branches Are Located in The USA?

There are 439 locations across America in 18 of its States, with 42% based in Ohio.

Which Oil is Usually Used By Them For Cooking?

Bob Evans uses Soybean Oil for frying, which is not an allergen.

If you are sensitive to any food items, make sure to inform the manager beforehand.

What is Bob Evans Famous For?

They are most famous for its hearty and delicious breakfast meals.

However, they are high in sodium and protein, so you will want to check their nutritional values before deciding on your order.

How Many People Do The Catering Deals Serve?

Each deal serves up to 10 people. You can increase quantity based on the number of guests.

Final Words

Bob Evans is one of the few restaurants that stayed true to their culture and practices even after 70 years.

Their meals have continued to wow customers with their consistent taste and reliable service.

Some of their more nutritious options are soups and salads, with breakfast being the highlight of the menu.

From kids’ menus to family-style meals, to steaks and drinks, Bob Evans’ menu is diverse and serves all their customers inclusively.