The Habit Burger Menu Prices 2024 (Special Grill Charburger & Sandwiches)

As for the hungriest bellies out there, Habit Burgers has the most tantalizing meal items ever.

Let’s start with their seasonal features menu with three amazing creations. Their pumpkin shake and the roasted cauliflower are worth your money.

If you’re a petite family, you can save some dollars by ordering one of their three meals.

With these meals, you can pick your cheese, bread, sauce, onions, and dressings.

There are nine flavorful cheeseburgers on their menu with an extra patty to add and several signature sandwiches. Their Charburger and the double charburger are both iconic.

If you’re a big fan of chicken, their crispy chicken sandwich and chicken club sandwich would be the best for you. There’s a veggie burger option for vegans as well.

You have 10 popular meal combos at Habit Burger. Each one comes with fries, a drink, and a burger.

We all need something green on the side to feel less guilty about eating lots of carbs.

That’s why there are six salad options at Habit Burgers. Their superfood salad is amazing BTW.

As for their amazing side options, you get to pick some of their 10 dishes. Everyone loves their tempura green beans and chicken bites in 5, 10 pcs.

As for your little ones, Habit Burger offers 3 kids’ favorites. Kids grilled cheese on this menu is off-charts.

Since you need a drink with your meal, they’ve got a separate menu for that as well. There are both regular and large-size drinks with bottled water as drinks.

Habit Burger has got an iconic frozen treats menu. You get sundaes and shakes with the sweetest flavors.

There’s a mini menu for the extra condiments including ranch, BBQ, and teriyaki if you wish to order them.

Habit Burger Nutrition

(Comes with Fries & Drink)

Original Charburger910-1114$10.39
Original Double Char1080-1284$11.79
Teriyaki Char950-1154$10.59
BBQ Bacon Char1070-1274$12.19
Portabella Char1380-1584$11.89
Santa Barbara Char1370-1574$13.69
Veggie 910-1114$12.39
Grilled Chicken 1280-1484$13.39
Chicken Club 1170-1374$14.89
Tenderloin Steak 1400-1604$15.29
Ahi Tuna Filet 830-1034$15.29
Crispy Chicken $13.39

Habit Hamburger Menu – Charburgers 

(#1, #2 Includes Fries & Drink)

Original Charburger910-1114$10.39
Original Double Char1080-1284$11.79
Portabella Char940$6.49
With Cheese540$5.79
Without Cheese470$4.99
Original Impossible Burger
With Cheese$7.99
Without Cheese$7.19
Double Char
With Cheese710$7.19
Without Cheese640$6.39
Teriyaki Char
With Cheese580$5.99
Without Cheese510$5.19
Santa Barbara Char930$8.29
Extra Patty225$1.40
BBQ Bacon Char
With Cheese700$7.59
Without Cheese630$6.79

Habit Sandwiches

Chicken Club730$9.49
Ahi Tuna Filet390$9.89
Tenderloin Steak Sandwich960$9.89
Grilled Chicken840$7.99
Grilled Cheese500$5.29
Crispy Chicken Sandwich$7.99
Veggie Burger
With Cheese540$7.79
Without Cheese470$6.99

The Habit Salads

Grilled Chicken410$9.19
Grilled Chicken Caesar690$9.59
Santa Barbara Cobb690$9.99
BBQ Chicken 550$9.99
Caesar 470$5.79

Habit Burger Family Meal

Family Char Meal4110$30.00
Chars And Bites Bundle$30.00
Variety Meal4830$35.00

Kids Favorites 

(Kids Includes Fries/Applesauce & Drink)

Grilled Cheese650$5.99
Extra Crispy Chicken Bite$1.09
Crispy Chicken Bites$5.99

Seasonal Feature

Pumpkin Shake630$4.99
Roasted Garlic Cauliflower$3.99
Original Impossible Burger
With Cheese$7.99
Without Cheese$7.19


French Fries440$2.99
Roasted Garlic Cauliflower$3.99
Tempura Green Beans250$3.69
Onion Rings500$3.59
Sweet Potato Fries374$3.69
Side Caesar Salad220$3.59
Side Salad70$3.59
Crispy Chicken Bites (Five Pieces)$5.59
Crispy Chicken Bites (Ten pieces)$7.49
Half and Half Sides
Sweet Potato Fries And Fries407$3.69
Onion Rings And Fries445$3.59
Tempura Green Beans And Fries345$3.79

Frozen Treats

Pumpkin 630$4.99
Coffee 680$5.29
Chocolate 820$4.99
Strawberry 760$4.99
Mocha 760$5.29
Cookies And Cream 990$4.99
Vanilla 710$4.99

Condiments (On Side)


Habit Burger Drinks

(Lemonade, Pibb, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Powerade, Barq’s, Iced Tea, Tropical Tea, Vitamin Xxx)

Large Drink0 – 296$2.99
Regular Drink0 – 204
Bottled Water
17 Oz. Dasani$2.39

Habit Burger Delivery Methods

Drive ThruYes
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupYes
Official website
Online orderHabit Burger Online order
Mobile App
Store Locator
Sign upHabit Burger Sign up
Gift Cards 


Can I Still Order a Superfood Salad At Habit Burger?

That’s a no, unfortunately. Since superfood burger is discontinued you can no longer order them.

What Oil is Used At Habit Burger To Fry Their Items?

All the fries and onion rings are fried in soybean oil to be free of trans-fat.

Does Habit Burger Beef Have Preservatives?

No, they don’t. Habit Burger uses pure ground beef with zero preservatives or addictive in their meals. 

Are There Any Meals For Vegetarians Or Vegans?

Of course, there are many choices. You can pick any of their salads, veggie burgers, or some of their salads even as a vegan. (Tempura green beans, apple sauce)

What Are The Best Sellers At Habit Burger?

Their onion rings, green beans, and chicken sandwiches are the best.

Final Thoughts

Habit Burger is an amazing place to drop by if you need to have the juiciest burgers and good deals for your money.

They prepare everything with care and vegans have lots of options to choose from.

I’d suggest you taste their amazing tempura beans if you’re a first-timer at Habit Burger.

Their double charburger and portabella charburgers will be forever in your mind for their otherworldly flavors.

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