Albertsons Catering Party Trays Prices in 2023

Albertsons catering is your one-stop solution for all party needs.

No matter whether you want a single thing or a complete meal tray for your catering needs, Albertsons is all set to cater to your needs.

Albertsons catering offers 12 different categories to choose from.

You can go with deli cheese, deli sides and meals, salads, hummus, catering trays, snacks, sushi, and pizza.

Catering trays are one of the most comforting options to go with.

One of the most versatile catering trays that you can go with is the honey ham and turkey party tray.

The items included in this platter comprise Hormel honey ham, Colby jack cheese, mild cheddar cheese, Hormel smoked turkey, and crunchy and crispy crackers.

In addition to that, it will also have water added to the broth.

All these things from Albertsons catering are freshly packed to give you the best and most phenomenal taste delivered to you.

If you want to avail yourself of the benefits of their catering services, you need to place your order at least 48 hours before your need.

You can also try their croissant sandwich tray that has 4-6 servings.

This tray will have croissant sandwiches prepared with fresh ingredients from scratch.

Moreover, if you want a large number of servings, going with the classic meat and cheese tray is just the best choice for you.

This tray can easily cater needs of 20-24 servings. It will have a variety of meats and cheese available that can make your day.

The best part is that they serve nutritional food for your needs. They also have gluten-free options to stand by your dietary needs.

Therefore, this is just the best place to sneak for any requirements that can accomplish your daily needs.

Albertsons Deli Sandwiches Tray

ItemsWeight/ SizePrice/each
Party tray  
Hormel Gatherings Honey Ham and Turkey28Oz.$14.99
Hormel Gatherings Hard Salami and Pepperoni28Oz.$14.99
Deli Catering Tray  
Sandwich Pinwheel16”$49.99
Fruit & Cheese (serves 4-6) $16.99
Turkey & Cheddar (1940 Cal) $14.99
Croissant Sandwich (serves 4-6, 2190 Cal) $14.99
Sandwich Hoagie16”$44.99
Fruit & Cheese16”$64.99
Nibbler Fruit & Cheese12”$24.99
Classic Meat & Cheese (serves 20-24)16”$54.99
Sandwich Party Roll16”$44.99
Nibbler Fruit & Cheese18”$49.99
Wing Fling16”$49.99
Classic Meat & Cheese12”$29.99
Big Dipper16”$49.99
Sandwich Croissant16”$49.99
Sandwich Finger16”$39.99
Nibbler Meat & Cheese12”$24.99
Party Pack $64.99
Sandwich Submarine All American3”$44.99
Sandwich Pita Pocket18”$49.99
Sliced Cheese12”$18.99
Italian Meat & Cheese16”$54.99
Sandwich Club Salad18”$39.99
Meat Lovers12”$27.99
Str Finger Sandwich Small $14.99

Albertsons Catering Trays

Party Tray  
Gatherings Hard Salami & Pepperoni28 oz.$14.99
Honey Ham & Turkey28 oz.$14.99
Tray Hard Salami14 oz.$9.99

Albertsons Seafood Deli

Ready Meal Tray Duo   
Duo Seafood Salad with Crackers8 oz.590$4.99
Tuna Salad with Crackers8 oz.600$4.99


Ready Meal Tray Duo   
Sliced Salami & Cheddar with Crackers8 oz.590$4.99
Chicken Salad with Cracker8 oz.550$4.99

Ready Meal

Spinach Dip Quad12 oz.490$4.99
Chicken Salad Duo8 oz.720$4.99

Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Tasting Board12.5 oz.$17.99

Ready Chef Go

Deli Catering Tray Hye Roller4-6$16.99

Old Croc

Variety Pack12 oz.$12.99

Albertsons Delivery Methods

Drive ThruYes
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupYes

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People Also Ask

Does Albertsons Offer Cooked Chicken Options?

Yes, you can grab signature whole rotisserie hot chicken from Albertsons.

Can I Get a Boars Head From Albertsons?

Albertsons is all set to provide you with the boars head ham perfectly smoked for your needs.

Is it Possible To Get Instant Catering Services From Albertsons?

No, you can’t get instant catering services from Albertsons.

If you want to avail of the benefits of their services, you need to book your order at least 48 hours in advance with them.

Is Albertsons Only Famous For Deli Food?

Albertsons is one of the most famous food and drug retailers.

Therefore, you can get every type of food with drug essentials at this place.

Does Albertsons Offer All The Food Options At Their Different Locations?

The food availability varies according to the location. Therefore, it is not sure that you will get all the food items at every place.

Final Thoughts

Albertsons catering will flood you with its diverse set of options.

If you order from them for the very first time, don’t miss out on their honey ham and turkey party tray.

Apart from that, you should also give a shot to their chicken salad duo, sandwich pinwheel tray, and croissant sandwich tray.

All these options will add a new dimension to your taste game.