Bill Miller Menu Prices 2023 (Special Chicken Bar-B-Q Set Meals)

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q was established in 1950 and has now expanded to become a restaurant chain with famous breakfast meals, barbecue dishes, and sides. The most popular section is their breakfast menu.

The menu is divided into nine main parts namely Breakfast, Combos, BBQ, Fried Chicken, Sandwiches, Family Orders, Lite, Desserts, and  Buckaroos.

Apart from these, there are also sections for Sides and Iced Tea. Starting with their popular breakfast menu, Bill Miller offers six variations of the morning meal.

‘Bill Miller Breakfast’ is a hearty meal with hash browns, scrambled eggs, beans, sausage or bacon, and tortillas to go with.

Popular for take-away orders, the ‘Breakfast Bowl’ is the same as the Bill Miller breakfast, served all together in a bowl

The ‘Fresh-Baked Biscuit’ breakfast option can be ordered as is or with gravy, or in the Cowboy Breakfast version which comes with the addition of gravy and bacon slices.  

‘Griddle Cakes’ is Bill Miller’s version of pancakes which also come in a variation with sausage or bacon on the side.

‘Breakfast Sandwich’ has a choice of protein with eggs and cheese sandwiched in fresh-baked bread.

‘Breakfast Tacos’ is by far the most popular category of this menu.

With 14 different types to choose from, these tacos are served all day and a well-loved by customers wishing for breakfast tacos at any time of day.

Mains are included in BBQ, Fried Chicken, Sandwiches, and Lite menus.

BBQ menu features Regular, Rancher, Rodeo, and Wrangler Plates, differing in no of meat options and sides.

Meat options include beef brisket, sausage, chicken, turkey breast, and pork spareribs.

Fried Chicken menu offers either fried chicken breast, breast tenders, or the restaurant choice of pieces including drumsticks.

1-4 pieces may be ordered, all orders include fries and bread. Five types of sandwiches are available to choose from in the Sandwiches menu.

Choices include crispy chicken, and BBQ chicken, or three variations with meat choices from beef, sausage, or turkey.

Lite menu has salad or soup choices for those desiring to eat healthy.

Combo Meals come with the addition of fries and large iced tea to Bill Miller menu items.

Buckaroos is their version of a kid’s menu valid to order for guests aged 12 and under.

It comes with the addition of fries, small iced tea, and two brownies to the meal.

There are also four types of Family Meals customers may order; these include either Fried Chicken or BBQ items.

Desserts are freshly baked as part of their bakery items. They offer meringue, fruit, and pecan pies, and fudge pecan brownies.  

Bill Miller menu pdf

Bill Miller BBQ Menu – Combo Meals

Regular Plate and Large Tea (Add $0.70 for All White meat)$11.25
French Fries and Large Tea, Poor Boy$9.95
Three Pcs Fried Chicken Tenders, Large Tea and French Fries$8.25
Three Pcs Fried Chicken, Large Tea and French Fries$8.25
Salad De-Lite and Large Tea (Add $0.70 for All White Bar-B-Q Chicken)$9.00
Bar-B-Q Chicken Sandwich, Large Tea and French Fries (Add $0.70 for All White meat)$8.55
Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Large Tea and French Fries$7.25
Ten Pcs Fried Chicken, Five Jalapeños and Tea (1 Bucket)$27.45
Rancher Plate and Large Tea (Add $0.70 for All White meat)$15.90
Two Chopped BBQ Sandwiches, Large Tea and French Fries$8.10

Fried Chicken – Bill Miller Family Meal

All Breasts 
10 pcs$25.75
15 pcs$38.50
All White Meat 
10 pcs (up to 5 breasts)$23.00
15 pcs (up to 8 breasts)$34.90
Your Choice 
10 pcs (up to 3 breasts)$22.00
15 pcs (up to 5 breasts)$33.40
Our Choice 
10 pcs$21.75
15 pcs$32.35

Taco Box

Taco Box$23.00
(Three Potato and Egg, Three Bacon and Egg, Three Bean and Cheese)
The Choice Of
(Three Brisket or Three sausage and Egg, 3 Carne Guisada)

Bill Miller Tacos Served All Day

(Add Cheese For $0.45)

Egg and Cheese$1.85
Bacon and Egg$2.20
Potato and Egg$2.10
Bacon and Bean$1.85
Bean and Cheese$1.50
Sausage and Potato$2.90
Sausage and Bean$2.90
Brisket and Egg$3.85
Brisket and Bean$3.50
Brisket Taco$2.80
Carne Guisada$2.80
Bacon and Potato$1.85
Sausage Taco$2.20
Sausage and Egg$3.25
Brisket and Potato$3.50


Cowboy Breakfast
(Three Slices of Bacon with Biscuit and Gravy)
Bill Miller Breakfast
(Sausage or Bacon with Scrambled Eggs, Beans and two Tortillas, Hash Browns)
Breakfast Bowl
(Sausage or Bacon with Scrambled Eggs, Hash Browns and Beans)
Breakfast Sandwich
(Bacon or Brisket with Egg and Cheese, Sausage)
Griddle Cakes
(Homemade Syrup and Butter)
Three To an Order$4.50
With Sausage or Bacon$6.85
Freshly Baked$1.95
With Gravy$2.30

Fried Chicken

(Served with French Fries and Bread)

Leg, Wing or Thigh (1 Pc)$3.05
Breast (1 Pc)$3.60
2 Pcs 
Your Choice (Maximum 1 breasts)$5.25
All Breasts$5.75
Our Choice all dark$4.70
4 Pcs 
All Breasts$10.15
Your Choice (Maximum 3 breasts)$9.65
Our Choice all dark$8.05
3 Pcs 
All Breasts$8.00
Your Choice (Maximum 2 breasts)$7.45
Our Choice all dark$6.35
Chicken Breast Tenders 
2 Pcs$5.25
3 Pcs$6.95
4 Pcs$8.75


Bar-B-Q Chicken (Add $0.70 for White Meat)$6.45
Chopped Bar-B-Q (6)$11.75
Chopped Bar-B-Q (1)$2.25
Crispy Chicken$4.45
Poor Boy Plus,   Meat (Extra) + a side order$8.70
Poor Boy (Turkey or Sausage, Beef)$6.60

Bill Miller Turkey & Bar-B-Q Plates

(Add $0.70 for All White Bar-B-Q Chicken on any plate)

Sausage, Beef Brisket, Pork Spareribs, Turkey, Chicken 
Rancher Plate
(Choice of Two Meats and Three Side Orders)
Regular Plate
(Choice of one Meat and Three Side Orders)
Wrangler Plate
(Choice of One Meat and Two Side Orders)
Rodeo Plate
(Choice of Three Meats and Three Side Orders)

Buckaroo Menu

One Chopped Sandwich, 2 Brownies and Sm. Tea, Fries$5.70
Half Link, 2 Brownies and Sm. Tea, Fries$5.70
Two Pcs Tenders, Fries, Two Brownies and Sm. Tea$5.95
One Pcs Chicken Leg, 2 Brownies and Sm. Tea, Fries$4.85

Bill Miller Salad

(One Pound Sliced Beef with Potato Salad, Coleslaw and Pinto Beans and One Loaf Bread)
(One and half Pounds of beef with Potato Salad, Coleslaw and Pinto Beans, 2 Loaves Bread)

On The Lite Side

Garden Fresh Salad$5.45
Salad De-Lite
(Choice of Bar-B-Q Chicken or Fried Chicken Tenders, Turkey)

From Our Pit

Bar-B-Q Chicken$13.75 ea.
Bar-B-Q Beef Brisket$19.70 lb.
Delicious Sausage Links$4.55 ea.
Turkey$19.70 lb.
Meaty Pork Spareribs$19.70 lb.
Quarter Chicken$4.55
Quarter Chicken (All White)$5.25 ea.
Half Chicken$6.90
Half Chicken (All White)$7.60 ea.

Side Orders

Hash Browns, Pinto Beans, Cole Slaw, Spanish Rice, Green Beans, Potato Salad 
Mac and Cheese 

French Fries


From Our Bakery

Bread (Loaf of French)$0.80
Fudge Pecan Brownies 


Orange Juice$2.40
Coffee 20oz (Refills)$1.50
Chocolate Milk$1.20
White Milk$1.20
Iced Tea (Small)$1.20
Sweet or Unsweetened 

Bill Miller Delivery Methods

In StoreYes
Drive Thru Yes
Home Delivery Yes
Curbside Pickup Yes

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People Also Ask

Does Bill Miller Have a Catering Menu?

Yes, they also have a catering menu which can be found on their official website.   

Are There Any Healthy Food Options?

Yes, the Lite section of the menu offers Salad De-Lite, Garden Fresh Salad, and Vegetable Beef Soup for those wanting to cut down on calories.

Can I Purchase a Whole Pie?

Dessert pies can be ordered as a slice or whole pies.

What Are Some Popular Menu Items To Order?

The breakfast tacos and lean brisket BBQ options from Bill Miller are popular order choices.

Is There Any Beverage on The Menu Other Than Iced Tea?

The Breakfast Menu section offers some additional beverages such as coffee, orange juice, and milk.

Final Thoughts

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q offers a variety of food items on their menu and can be a good choice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

With breakfast tacos served all day, it competes with other American diners that offer all-day breakfasts.

The barbecue options from their menu are popular amongst those wishing to enjoy barbecue meals on a budget.

Sides such as beans, hash browns, coleslaw, and Spanish rice are those that perfectly complement a barbecue meal.

Customers wishing to order takeout with options other than fast food should definitely give a try.