Sonny’s BBQ Menu With Prices in 2023 (Slow-Smoked and Fire-Grilled BBQ)

Satisfy your saucy & smoky thoughts with the pit master Sonny’s BBQ in this hungry season!

Sonny’s BBQ is specialized in every corner of BBQ and offers a mouthwatering meaty menu that includes a range of appetizers to kick off, signature BBQ, pit-master platters, BBQ sandwiches, salads, desserts, beverages, and so more.

Be it chicken, beef, pork, or even turkey, you’re craving, and you may indulge in saucy, glistening mouthfuls of your favorite protein at Sonny’s BBQ.

If pork lovers can’t decide what to pick, you can savor every manner of cooking on one platter with the “pork in 3 ways” meal.

With pit-master platters, you can taste two types of meat together and bomb your taste buds.

If you think saucier the better, drizzle your favorite smoky sauce on top of your meal to get an extra shiny & saucy vibe.

Don’t worry; Sonny’s staff will accompany your flavorful table with extra sauces upon your request.

It’s worth noting that they also provide an array of tasty sidekicks to go with your gourmet barbecue.

No family member would say no to BBQ, so bring your family to devour this meaty feast.

Family bundles would be the perfect option to satisfy everybody’s preferences with one hefty platter.

Who said under 10-year-olds can’t enjoy smoky BBQ? Here at Sony’s BBQ, your kids can dig into some delicious meaty meals and you won’t have to pressure them to eat.

Did somebody say weekend BBQ party? No worries, Sonny’s BBQ got you covered with its hefty catering menu.

Looking for a spoonful of everything? Meaty or leafy, you got a Garden of Eating!

Pair fresh veggies with your slow-smoked meat on top and tempting sauce drizzled over it.

Wash down your saucy palate with Sonny’s BBQ Signature tea or any other beverage of your choice.

Time to wrap up your feast by treating your taste buds with some sweetness.

Everything from your go-to chocolate chip cookies to a hot batch of cinnamon donuts is baked in-house using their own recipes.

For arranging a party or event, you have to fill up a request form and send them away, they will contact you and arrange it for you, the link to the service form Sonny’s barbeque catering.

Sonny’s BBQ Menu

(Includes BBQ Beans, Coleslaw & Garlic Bread)

Pulled Or Sliced Pork$13.99
St. Louis Ribs$17.49
Beef Brisket$18.99
Half Chicken$13.99
Smoked Turkey$13.99
Baby Back Ribs$18.99
Pulled Chicken$13.99

Sonny’s Lunch Menu Plates

Sliced Pork Lunch$9.99
Pulled Pork Lunch$9.99
Beef Brisket Lunch$12.49
1/4 BBQ Chicken Lunch$9.99
Pulled Chicken Lunch$9.99
Smoked Turkey Lunch$9.99
St. Louis Ribs$12.49
Baby Back Lunch$13.99

Sonny’s BBQ Specials

(Includes Two Sidekicks & Bread)

Baby Back Ribs$18.99

Sonny’s BBQ Family Meals

Create Your Own Bundle – 3 Meats6 – 8$57.99
Create Your Own Bundle – 2 Meats4 – 6$39.99
Family Feast1-4$60.99
Create Your Own Bundle – 4 Meats8-10$75.99

Sonny’s BBQ Sandwiches

Pulled Chicken SandwichRegular$8.69
Regular Big Deal$12.19
Large Big Deal$14.19
Beef Brisket SandwichRegular$9.29
Regular Big Deal$12.79
Large Big Deal$14.79
Smoked Turkey SandwichRegular$8.29
Regular Big Deal$11.79
Large Big Deal$13.79
Pulled Pork SandwichRegular$8.29
Regular Big Deal$11.79
Large Big Deal$13.79
Brisket Grilled CheeseRegular$9.49
Regular Big Deal$12.99
Sliced Pork SandwichRegular$8.29
Regular Big Deal$11.79
Large Big Deal$13.79
Sweet Carolina SandwichRegular$8.99
Regular Big Deal$12.49
Sonny’s Cuban SandwichRegular$9.29
Regular Big Deal$12.79
Sonny’s SteakburgerRegular$9.49
Regular Big Deal$12.99
Whole HogRegular$8.99
Regular Big Deal$12.49
Grilled Chicken SandwichRegular$8.99
Regular Big Deal$12.49

Appetizers Menu

BBQ Wings (Dry-Rubbed / Sauced)$13.49
BBQ Pork Egg Rolls$8.59
Corn Nuggets$5.59
Fried Okra$5.59
Smoked Wings$13.49
Loaded Tots
Pulled Pork Loaded Tots$12.29
Loaded Tots Without Meat$8.29
Brisket Loaded Tots$12.29
Pulled Chicken Loaded Tots$12.29

BBQ By The Pound

Pulled Pork Lb$14.99
Brisket Lb$21.99
Smoked Turkey Lb$14.99
Sliced Pork Lb$15.99
Rubbed Ribs from House Dry Lb$17.99
Sweet And Smokey Ribs Lb$17.99
Whole Chicken$14.99
Baby Back Ribs$18.99
Pulled Chicken Lb$14.99
Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage Lb$14.59
Medium 6–8$9.29
Broccoli Small3–4$6.99
Medium 6–8$10.99
Macaroni & CheeseSmall3–4$6.99
Medium 6–8$10.99
Coleslaw Small3–4$6.99
Medium 6–8$10.99
BBQ BeansSmall3–4$6.99
Medium 6–8$10.99
Potato Salad Small3–4$6.99
Medium 6–8$10.99

Pitmaster Picks

Pork 3 Ways$15.99
Sonny’s Sampler$17.99
Pick 3 Combo$15.99
Pick 2 Combo$13.99

Kids Meals

Kid’s Ribs$6.99
Kid’s Chicken Tenders$5.99
Kid’s Hamburger$5.99
Kid’s Mac & Cheese$5.99
Kid’s Hot Dog$5.99
Kid’s Grilled Cheese$5.99
Kid’s Pork Sandwich$5.99
Kid’s Turkey Sandwich$5.99

Garden of Eating

Smokin Caesar Salad No Meat$7.99
Smokin Caesar Salad With Meat$11.99
BBQ Salad No Meat$8.29
BBQ Salad With Meat$12.29
Side Salad$3.99
BBQ Cobb Salad without Meat$8.29
BBQ Cobb Salad added Meat$12.29


Crinkle-Cut Fries$3.29
Original Recipe BBQ Beans$3.29
Homestyle Mac N’ Cheese$3.29
Homemade Coleslaw$3.29
Baked Sweet Potato$3.29
Green Beans$3.29
Potato Salad$3.29
Tater Tots$3.29
Corn Bread$1.49
Garlic Bread (3 Pcs)$1.99


Chocolate Chip Cookies$2.99
Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes$4.99
Homestyle Banana Pudding$3.99


Coke Zero$2.99
Barq’s Root Beer$2.99
Diet Coke$2.99
Unsweetened Tea$2.99
Sweet Tea$2.99
Arnold Palmer Sweet$2.99
Half Sweet & Half Unsweet Tea$2.99
Arnold Palmer Unsweet$2.99
Gallon Unsweet Tea$5.99
Gallon Sweet Tea$5.99
Gallon Lemonade$5.99

Sonny’s BBQ Delivery Methods

Without further ado, let’s savor these kickin’ sights!

Check out these delivery methods to make a mouthwatering BBQ order from Sonny’s.

Dine inAvailable
Drive ThruAvailable
Take OutAvailable
Pick UpAvailable
Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside Pick UpAvailable

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FAQs About Sonny’s BBQ Menu With Prices

Are Sonny’s BBQ Ribs Pork Or Beef?

Both Baby Back Ribs and Spare Ribs are made of different cuts from the pork rib cage.

Is Sonny’s BBQ Available Only in Florida?

No. The headquarters is located in Florida; however, you can enjoy Sonny’s BBQ at 113 locations.

What Size of Pork Does Sonny’s BBQ Use?

Every dish is made of different cuts of meat and different styles & techniques of cooking.

What is The Most Popular Dish on Sonny’s BBQ Menu?

Baby Back Ribs is everybody’s cup of tea. The meat is perfectly moist and juicy, a hallmark of BBQ perfection.

What Are The Sauce Options Available At Sonny’s?

Sonny’s BBQ has an array of sauces from sweet to medium spicy to very spicy to drizzle over your meal.

Final Thoughts

In this cold season, Sonny’s BBQ experts are readier than ever to offer you finger-smoking good BBQ to your dining table!

If you haven’t had the standout star: Baby Back Ribs with Homestyle Mac n Cheese, it’s now the time to stop the further glazing over and try this evenly smoked- evenly juicier meaty platter.

Check out Sonny’s BBQ Menu with prices and start devouring!