Burger King Breakfast Hours 2024: What Time Does Burger King Stop Serving Breakfast?

Unlike other restaurants, Burger king breakfast hours are the same for all days of the week.

Whether it is Sunday, Monday, or Friday, you can enjoy breakfast at Burger King during 06:00-10:30 am every morning.

Even on holidays, the breakfast hours at Burger King remain the same.

Currently, Burger King offers the same timings for breakfast hours at all of its locations.

No matter whether you are in California, Texas, or Florida, the most scrumptious BK breakfast is here for you!

They also offer occasional coupons for price reductions and discount vouchers.

Many of these are also valid during breakfast hours at various Burger King Locations.

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What Are Burger King Breakfast Hours in 2023 Around Different States?

At burger king, the breakfast hours are the same in 2023 around different states i.e., from 06:00-10:30 am.

However, there are some variations in the menu depending on the states and locations they serve during their breakfast hours.

Whether you are in California, Texas, or Alabama, you can enjoy breakfast at Burger King during the same hours.

The menu may not be the same at all locations as some serve a full breakfast menu while others don’t.

Some locations offer more variety of burgers and burritos during breakfast while others offer a limited selection.

Similarly, there are also variations in the prices of breakfast menus among different states.

For example, you can also enjoy all premium burgers during breakfast hours at Oklahoma at fewer prices.

A simple beef whopper is $5.49 during breakfast hours.

In contrast, Burger King Locations in Texas offer the same whopper at $6.29 during breakfast hours.

Similarly, the prices also differ at other locations along with little variations in the breakfast menu.

However, the timings for breakfast are the same at all locations.

StateBreakfast Hours
West Virginia06:00am-10:30am

What Time Does Burger King Stop Serving Breakfast?

Exactly at 10:30 am, Burger King stops serving breakfast.

Even if you enter the Burger King Location only a minute late after 10:30 am and ask for breakfast, they apologize.

It is their policy to switch from the breakfast menu to the regular menu strictly on time.

As they have to generate invoices from their system for every order, their auditors track the time.

If the staff serves breakfast after 10:30 am, it would breach the terms.

It might get them in trouble, so they immediately stop serving it at 10:30 am sharp.

Therefore, make sure you visit the nearest Burger King location on time to enjoy the breakfast menu.

What Time Does Breakfast End At Burger King Near Me?

In 2023, Burger King’s Breakfast closing hours are the same at all locations. They have decided to end breakfast time at 10:30 am.

However, you must also visit their website if you are planning to go to your nearest Burger King for breakfast.

It is because if they make any changes in the breakfast timings, you must know that before visiting. 

To check if the timings are the same or changed, do the following steps:

  1. Visit the Burger King website.
  2. At the top right corner, enter your location.
  3. Click on the “Order” menu.
  4. A menu page will open for your nearest location. At the top of this page, you will see the latest breakfast hours.

What is Burger King’s Best Breakfast Item?

Burger King serves a large menu for its breakfast hours. All of the items on this menu are delicious, aromatic, freshly prepared, and serve hot.

However, the best item on its breakfast menu is the Sausage Cheese and Egg croissant meal for $5.49.

In this meal, the sizzling hot sausages coupled with fluffy eggs are served with toasted croissant with premium American cheese.

You also get a cup of BK café hot coffee along with hash browns in this meal.

It is the most popular meal on the breakfast menu because it is full of nutrition along with incredible taste.

Also, the addition of the BK café drink and the most tempting hash browns double the happiness.

Does Burger King Serve Everything in The Morning?

No, Burger King’s regular menu differs from burger king’s daytime menu.

For example, Burger King’s breakfast menu includes croissants, biscuits, and hash browns.

In contrast, the daytime menu doesn’t offer these items.

Similarly, the breakfast menu doesn’t include all varieties of burgers, onion rings, cheese sticks, family meals, and many other items. 

Does Burger King Serve Normal Food During Breakfast?

Burger king serves normal food with some variations during its breakfast hours.

You can enjoy burgers, croissants, sandwiches, biscuits, and sides & drinks during its breakfast hours.

However, the breakfast menu lacks many items from the all-day menu.

You can’t order items from the daytime menu during breakfast hours at Burger King Locations.

When Did Burger King Add Breakfast?

Burger king first introduced its breakfast in 1978.

In the beginning, the breakfast only included a variety of sandwiches along with the morning drinks, i.e. coffee.

Initially, only a few BK locations started serving breakfast. 

With time, they increase their breakfast to a full-fledged menu and now they serve it at all of their locations.

How To Find Out Burger King Breakfast Hours and Location Through Mobile Apps or Online?

If you are using Burger King’s website to find out its breakfast hours and location, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the website (https://www.bk.com/)
  2. Click on the “Menu” at the top left corner. At the top center of the menu page, you can see breakfast hours.
  3. To see if your nearest location serves this menu, add your location at the top right corner and check.

If you are using a mobile app, then do the following.

  1. Open the mobile app.
  2. Go to my “Account” at the bottom side.
  3. Add your address/location there.
  4. Click on the menu at the bottom bar and see the hours there along with menu items.


Does Burger King Have Eggs For Breakfast?

If you are looking for separate eggs for breakfast, Burger King doesn’t serve them.
However, eggs are included in their breakfast items such as breakfast sandwiches, croissants, and biscuits.

Does Burger King Have a Big Breakfast?

Currently, Burger King doesn’t has a big breakfast.
However, you can mix and match items from all over its breakfast menu to make your own big breakfast.
Burger king may bring more deals or big breakfast options to its breakfast menu in the near future.

Does Burger King Use Real Eggs?

At Burger King, they say that they prepare the liquid egg-pasteurized blend by using whole eggs.
They add several other ingredients to this blend and then use it in their different breakfast items.
The ingredients in this blend include whole eggs, citric acid, water, and some other secret items to boost the taste.

Is Burger King Older Than McDonalds?

Yes, Burger King is older than Mcdonald’s with a one-year difference.
Burger King started in 1954 in Miami, Florida.
On the other hand, Mcdonald’s started in 1955 in San Bernardino, California.

Does Burger King Make Pancakes?

Yes, Burger king makes pancakes but they are not available at all locations.
For example, pancakes are not available at Burger King locations In California.
To check, if they are available at your nearest BK location, please visit their website.

Are Burger King Pancakes Frozen?

Yes, Burger King uses frozen pancakes in their breakfast menu.
They don’t make it fresh upon receiving an order but the taste of the pancakes is good.
Also, the syrup they add to pancakes further enhances the taste and aroma.

Does Burger King Make Fries in The Morning?

Burger King doesn’t offer fries in the morning but you can buy other sides.
For example, you can buy hash browns in the morning.
You can also enjoy burritos and French toast sticks during breakfast hours.  

Is Burger King Made Fresh?

Almost all items at Burger King are fresh, delicious, aromatic, and worth buying.
Their pancakes are frozen but they bring their new stock almost every other day.
Besides it, they prepare all other items fresh in the morning during their breakfast hours.