Carl’s Jr Breakfast Hours 2024 (Start Your Morning Right Away)

Carl’s Jr. is a popular breakfast spot with hearty meals with lots of biscuits, sausage, and eggs.

But when does Carl’s Jr. stop serving breakfast exactly? 10.30 am is the last moment to snag their breakfast as they stop serving breakfast at that time.

If you’re hungry and looking for a hearty morning meal, walk to Carl’s Jr. between 06.00 am – 10.30 am to enjoy their breakfast goodness.

the breakfast hours are most likely to change during the weekend and on holidays.

DayLast time to order Carl’s Jr. breakfast
Weekdays10.30 am (depends on the location)
Saturday11. 00 am (depends on the location)
Sunday11. 30 am (depends on the location)
Holidays10.30 am / 11. 00 am (depends on the location)

Carl’s Jr Breakfast Hours in Different States

Carl’s Jr., dating back to the 1940s is a popular breakfast spot across the states for their ultimate breakfast items.

Typical Carl’s Jr. breakfast hours are between 06.00 – 10.30 am from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, you could keep enjoying breakfast till 11.00 am, and on Sundays, the breakfast period is even longer, stopping at 11.30 am. 

However, these hours could change. For example, there are a couple of Carl’s Jr. restaurants that start serving breakfast at 08.00 or 08.30 am.

StateBreakfast hours
Oklahoma06.00 am- 10.30 am
California06.00 am- 10.30 am
Texas06.00 am- 10.30 am
Nevada06.00 am- 10.30 am
Alaska06.00 am- 10.30 am
Wyoming06.00 am- 10.30 am
Colorado06.00 am- 10.30 am

What Time Does Carl’s Jr Serve Breakfast?

Generally, across many locations, Carl’s Jr. starts serving breakfast at 06.00 am as soon as they open their doors.

However, these hours may change when you cross the border and visit another Carl’s Jr. in a different state.

For example, one Carl’s Jr. in Alaska starts serving breakfast at 07.00 am. In rare instances, there could be a handful of Carl’s Jr. restaurants, serving breakfast from 08.00 am. Sometimes, it could even be 08.30 am when they will let you order breakfast.  

This is why it is advised to inquire ahead of time to make sure you’re not confusing the breakfast hours.

What Time Does Carl’s Jr Stop Serving Breakfast?

Carl’s Jr. stops serving breakfast at 10.30 am from Monday to Friday.

However, if you happen to drop by on a Saturday, 11.00 am is the last moment you may order their breakfast delicacies. There’s even more wiggle room on Sundays as Carl’s Jr. stops serving breakfast at around 11.30 am on Sundays.

Keep in mind that the breakfast hours might not be the same during specific holidays.

What is in Carl’s Jr Breakfast Menu?

The Carl’s Jr. Breakfast Menu consists of 9 different meal options which include the following:

  • Loaded Breakfast Burrito Combo
  • Grilled Cheese Breakfast Sandwich
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Combo
  • French Toast Dips Combo
  • Monster Biscuit Combo
  • Steak & Egg Burrito Combo
  • Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Combo
  • The Breakfast Burger
  • Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Burrito Combo

Does Carl’s Jr Have Breakfast All Day?

No, all-day breakfast is not a thing at Carl’s Jr. Their breakfast hours are between 06.00 – 10.30 am during the weekdays and it’s a little longer on the weekends.

While ordering outside the breakfast hours is not possible, certain restaurants including some in Oklahoma will let you order selected breakfast options till 02.00 pm. 

Can You Order Carl’s Jr Breakfast After 11 am?

You could order from Carl’s Jr. breakfast menu after 11.00 am depending on what day of the week it is. For example, if it’s Sunday, feel free to order breakfast till 11.30 am.

This means, unless it’s a Sunday, you cannot order Carl’s Jr. breakfast after 11.00 am. However, certain locations will serve selected breakfast items till 02.00 pm.

Carl’s Jr Breakfast Through Mobile Apps or Online

Mobile app – upon selecting your preferred Carl’s Jr. location, there’s a menu page with breakfast options and hours. Occasionally, you will only be able to find the breakfast hours and the menu during the agreed breakfast hours.

Online – Grubhub, UberEATS, and Door dash will display the breakfast hours on the ordering page. The breakfast hours of certain Carl’s Jr. are also mentioned on their official website, under the standard hours of the particular location.


What Time Does Carl’s Jr Stop Serving Breakfast California?

Carl’s Jr. California location/branch stops serving breakfast time at 10:30 am daily.

How Many Calories in a Carl’s Jr Breakfast Sandwich?

The Carl’s Jr. Grilled Cheese Breakfast Sandwich Combo has 940-1910 calories per order because it has a side of Coffee and Hash Rounds.

Does Carl’s Jr Sell Biscuits and Gravy?

Yes. Biscuits and Gravy is part of Carl Jr.’s Breakfast Menu.

How Many Calories in a Carl’s Jr Breakfast Burrito?

Carl’s Jr., Breakfast Burritos’ calories are mentioned below:
Steak and Egg Burrito has 600 calories.
Loaded Breakfast Burrito has 760 calories.
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Burrito has 680 calories.

Does Carl’s Jr Have Scrambled Eggs?

Yes. However, Scrambled Eggs are included in its Breakfast Burritos and Sandwiches.

Is Carl’s Jr Owned By Mcdonald’s?

No. Carl’s Jr. is owned by Carl Karcher Enterprises which is the parent organization of American Fast Food Corporations that also include Hardee’s, Green Burrito, and Red Burrito brands.

Does Carl’s Jr Toast Their Buns?

No. Carl’s Jr. does not toast their buns, however, they keep the buns freshly baked and new.

Is Carl’s Jr Better Than Burger King?

In all fairness, both Carl’s Jr. and Burger King are great competitors in the market for a reason, their good quality burgers.
However, Carl’s Jr., is amazing, according to the market ratings.
Additionally, all of their sides, especially their sides and drinks are of great quality and taste amongst any other fast foods in the market.

What is Carl’s Jr Called in America?

Carl’s Jr. is known also as Hardee’s, which is a widely popular Fast Food Chain in America. They are almost identical two siblings with the same parents.