Chuck E Cheese Menu Prices 2024 (Tasty 4 Regular & 3 Special Pizza)

Chuck E Cheese has a phenomenal reputation for being a brilliant place to hold children’s birthday parties and has an experience full of fun.

Specializing in pizza that will put a smile on your face, they offer the choice of 4 different pizzas and 3 special pizzas, including the option to make your own.

This allows the freedom to choose a Gluten Free option as well!

Their Menu also boasts the opportunity to add a stuffed crust to any pizza, and who wouldn’t want the addition of freshly-baked mozzarella to their crust?

If pizza isn’t your thing, then there is nothing to be worried about! The fabulous menu has five other categories to choose from.

There is a delicious selection of wings, with the option to have these boneless if you prefer, and you get a choice of three tasty sauces (hot buffalo, smoky BBQ, and sweet chili).

For dessert, you can have unicorn churros, dippin’ pots, giant warm cookies, or a cake!

They offer three assortments of appetizers, two salads, and an irresistible dessert menu.

With such a variety of food, it is no wonder that it is known as a beautiful place for birthdays.

If you are going in a group and someone prefers the meatless options, then there is also an all-you-can-eat Salad Bar, plenty of vegetarian options, and five different types of combo deals so you can’t go wrong!

Chuck E Cheese Pizza Menu

Cheese (Large)165$18.49
Cheese (Medium)165$15.49
Cheese (Extra Large)165$21.49
Cheese (Personal)165$9.49
Half Cheese, Half Pepperoni (Large)165-190$19.74
Half Cheese, Half Pepperoni (Medium)165-190$16.74
Pepperoni (Medium)190$17.98
Pepperoni (Personal)190$11.98
Pepperoni (Extra Large)190$23.98
Pepperoni (Large)190$20.98
Half Pepperoni, Half Sausage (Large)190$20.99
Half Pepperoni, Half Sausage (Medium)190$17.99
Half Cheese, Half Sausage (Large)165-190 $19.74
Half Cheese, Half Sausage (Small)165-190$16.74

Build Your Own Pizza

Large Traditional Crust135-185$18.49
Large Stuffed Crust135-185$21.49
Medium Traditional Crust155$15.49
Medium Stuffed Crust155$18.49
Personal Traditional Crust88-98$9.49
Personal Gluten Free Crust88-98$9.49

Chuck E Cheese Specialty Pizzas

Supreme (cheese pizza with red sauce) Medium130-220$20.49
Supreme (cheese pizza with red sauce) Large130-220$24.49
Veggie Pizza Medium100-180$20.49
Veggie Pizza Large100-180$24.49
5 Flavors of Meat Medium130-240$20.49
5 Flavors of Meat Large130-240$24.49

Family & Party Packs

Pizza with Traditional Crust Large$62.00
Pizza with Stuffed Crust Large80$65.00


App Sampler- Large453-497$25.99
French Fries420$3.49
Cheesy Bread140$7.19
App Sampler393-458 $16.99

Wings Menu

Regular 215-390 $15.99
Medium 215-390 $23.99
Large 215-390 $32.99
Extra-Large 215-390 $40.99

Salad Menu

Garden Salad100-600 $4.99

Boo-Tacular Specials

Slime Cookie$7.99
Family Pack$39.99
Pizza- Pumpkin Pepperoni $20.48


Cotton Candy200$4.00
Unicorn Churros138$4.99
Giant Warm Cookie200$6.99

Sides & Extras

Side- Blue Cheese260$0.40
Side- Buffalo Sauce35$0.40
Extra Celery5$0.50
Side- Lite Ranch110$0.40
Combo- Chips and Soda 240-480 $3.19
Side- BBQ Sauce90$0.40
Side- Marinara15$0.40
Chips (Bag)240-330$1.79


Apple Juice100$2.49
Pure Life Purified Water0$2.49
Mtn Dew170$1.50
Diet Pepsi$1.50

Short Overview of Chuck E Cheese Items

Chuck E Cheese is famously known for its pizza and the birthday cake options they offer.

The unanswered question is, what is unique in these pizzas and cakes that makes them so popular?

01. Five Meat Pizza

This is a favorite for any meat lover because it is jam-packed with meat.

The red sauce and mozzarella are melted on top of a beautifully baked dough, before being topped with five different types of meat.

This combination of meat comprises carefully cooked ham, sausage, bacon, beef, and pepperoni.

02. Veggie

This is a popular choice for those who are vegetarian or just love the taste of fresh vegetables working in harmony.

This pizza has a red sauce base with a mozzarella coating but is topped with various vegetables.

These vegetables include peppers, mushrooms, black olives, red onions, and tomatoes.

03. Cake

It is the desired option for birthday parties because it can be decorated with children’s characters such as Chuck E, Barbie, Paw Patrol, Batman, Hello Kitty, and PJ Masks.

It also currently comes in two sizes – 8” which serves approximately 12 people and a ¼ sheet cake which serves approximately 20 people.

Service Reviews of Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E Cheese is renowned for its birthday parties, arcade games, and lovable characters.

The majority of the menu consists of pizzas, wings, and desserts.

The ambiance is sparkling, the food is delicious and there is always a promise of fun.

The positives to a restaurant such as this are easy to see – any event is memorable, the parties are full of more entertainment than you could ever imagine, and the food has something for everyone.

With this in mind, it can initially be challenging to see any cons. However, with this fun environment, there also comes some sort of noise to be anticipated.

For this reason, the restaurant is perhaps not the restaurant you would have in mind when considering an intimate anniversary dinner or a personal occasion that requires a more subdued atmosphere.

Order Options

To order the fantastic food, you can book a reservation at your local restaurant or order food for home delivery. The table below details which order options are available:

Drive ThruNot Available
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupNot Available

If you would like to contact them, the following table contains the details that you will need:

Office Address1707 Market Place Blvd., Suite 200 Irving, TX 75063
Contact Number972-258-8507
Official Website
Order Online
Sign Up
Store Locator
Coupons and Deals
Gift Cards
Career With Them

Find Chuck E Cheese on Social Media

If you would like to find or follow them on social media, the information can be found in the table below:



Can Adults Eat At a Chuck E Cheese If They Don’t Have a Child?

Absolutely! It is not only for children’s parties, and anyone is welcome.

Are Credit Cards Accepted By Them?

Yes, credit and debit cards are both accepted at their store.

Which Item is Most Famous on Their Menu?

Chuck E Cheese is well known for its yummy pizza, with the five meat and veggie options particularly popular. Read above for the reasons why these items are so in demand.

How Many Calories Does a Small Pizza Have At Chuck E Cheese?

You can get all the nutritional information of all items here at their website.

Can I Eat At Their Restaurant If I Am Celiac?

There is a choice of a gluten-free pizza and other items that are free of gluten.

However, the pizza is prepared in a kitchen with different pizzas and they cannot guarantee that it can be free from gluten.

For this reason, it is essential to tell the restaurant of any allergen information before ordering.

Final Words

Chuck E Cheese has a fantastic reputation for hosting parties full of entertainment, activities, and cake.

It is also known for its pizza, wings, and all-you-can-eat Salad Bar – meaning that there is an option for anyone.

If you are looking for a lively atmosphere and a great place for a group, this is the place to go – especially considering the five combo deals they currently offer.

Which occasion can you mark next with Chuck E Cheese?