Jet’s Pizza Menu With Prices 2024 (Offering Special Pizza Hot Deals)

Pizzas are one of the ultimate hits among Americans. If you’re craving some hot and cheesy pizza right now, Jet’s Pizza is your place to go.    

Jet’s makes their pizza goodness in eight variants. These could go from thin or hand-tossed pizza to New York Style or Gluten—free ones for pizza lovers with dietary requirements.

Whatever the style you choose, your pizza is 100% customizable with your choice of sauce, crust, and fresh ingredients.

Jet’s Exclusives consist of 4 and 8 Corner Pizzas which are super popular among the crowds.

They’ve got a solid Signature Pizza menu with 11 options where you get to pick from BBQ Chicken and Veggie Pizza to All Meaty and Hawaiian style etc.

There’s always a Build-your-own-pizza option with top ingredients if you need a say in what goes into your pizza.

The best thing ever- is their option to favorite your crust for no cost with butter, Cajun, sesame, or something else.  

Their appetizing Sidekicks menu is to complement your meal with bread in many styles, hot wings, and boneless chicken with honey glaze.

Dips and dressings at Jet’s are extensive and finger-licking good with ultimate choices of Ranch, Greek, Italian, Catalina, and Raspberry Vinaigrette.

Jet’s got the freshest and the yummiest green salads for those who are conscious of their calorie intake.   Their salad options run from Greek and Antipasto to Garden style.

Deli and Jet’s Boats – Calzone-style menu is for true sandwich lovers. I’d say their Italian Deli Boat is defiantly a must-try.

Since no meal is complete without a drink and a dessert, Jet’s got you covered with Pepsi, sweet cookies & brownies, and STIX.

Jet’s Pizza Sizes

Pizza SizeInchesCrust Types
XL 12 piecesDeep Dish
Large8 piecesThin Crust, Deep Dish & Hand-Tossed Round
Large 6 piecesNY style thin
Small4 piecesHand-Tossed Round, Cauliflower, Thin Crust, Gluten-Free

Jets Deep Dish Pizza (Detroit Style)

(Price may vary depending on size and topping)

Build OwnLarge$16.42
Build Own Four CornerSmall$11.86
Build Own Eight Corner$19.18
Cheese Large $16.42
BBQ Chicken AlohaLarge$22.75
Chicken (BBQ)Large$22.75
Super SpecialLarge$22.75
All MeatyLarge$22.75
VeggieLarge $22.75
Bacon Ranch Chicken Large$22.75
Chicken Buffalo Ranch Large$22.75
Eugene SupremeLarge$22.75

Jets Pizza Lunch Special

(Price may vary depending on size and topping)

Super (Special) and Bread + 1 Dipping SauceLarge$20.99
Topping Pizza and Bread + 1 ToppingSmall$18.49
Topping Pizza and Bread + 1 ToppingLarge$22.99
Pizza and Bread (Eight Corner) + 1 Topping$25.99
Pizza and Cookie + 1 ToppingSmall$17.99
Pizza and Candy Cookie + 1 ToppingLarge$22.49
Pizza and Cookie (8 Corner) + 1 Topping and 8” Cookie$25.99
Pizza and Salad + 1 Topping Small$18.49
Pizza and Salad + 1 Topping Large$24.99
Pizza and Salad (Eight Corner) + 1 Topping$27.99
Four Corner Three Topping PizzaSmall$11.86
Detroit Style Three Topping PizzaLarge$16.42
Three Topping Pizza (Eight Corner)$19.18
Best of Jet’s + 1 ToppingSmall$10.99
Best of Jet’s + 1 ToppingLarge$14.99
Pizza (Eight Corner) + 1 Topping$17.99
Jet10 Small$15.49
Jet10 (Eight Corner)$25.99
Pizza (Specialty)Small$14.29
Pizza (Specialty)Large$18.99
Specialty Eight Corner Pizza$23.99
Combo (1 Topping + 2-liter Pepsi-Cola)Small$21.49
Combo (1 Topping + 2-liter Pepsi-Cola)Large$25.99
Combo (Eight Corner)$29.99
Pizza (NY Style) + 1 ToppingLarge$13.99
Combo Slice (2 Deep Dish Slices)$6.49

Jet’s Other Pizza

Thin CrustLarge$15.49
Hand Tossed (Round)Large$15.49
NY Style (Round)Large$15.49
Cauliflower CrustSmall$12.71
Crust (Gluten Free)Small$12.71
Pepperoni Slice$2.92
Slice (Cheese)$2.92
Combo Slice (with Pepsi 20oz)$6.88


Build Your Jet’s Boat710-1420$9.53
Cheese Deli Boat and Ham990$9.53
Deli Boat (Italian)1090$9.53
Deli Boat (Veggie)980$9.53


Jet’s Bread130$9.00
Bread (Deep Dish)140$9.00
Cheese (Triple) Turbo Stix150$9.00
Wings (Jet’s)$11.65
Chicken (Boneless)$10.59
Dipping Sauce (Jet’s Ranch)$1.06
Dipping Sauce (Blue Cheese)$1.06
Dipping Sauce (Butter Garlic)$1.06
Dipping Sauce (Pizza) $1.06
Dressing Bottle (Greek) $3.99
Dressing Bottle (Italian) $5.82
Dressing Bottle (Jet’s Ranch)$5.82
Dressing Cup (Italian)$1.06


Cinnamon Stix$8.47
Cookie (Chocolate Chip)$8.47
Cookie Candy$8.47
Brownie (Chocolate Chip)$8.47



Jet’s Pizza Catering Party Trays

Pizza (Party Tray)350$43.45
Party Bread (36 pcs)130-150
Party Wings (Jets) 80-90$34.95
Party Chicken (Boneless)50-70$31.77
Party Brownie (Chocolate Chip)150
Party Cookie (Chocolate Chip)130
Party Cinnamon Stix (36 pcs)120
Party Salad (Antipasto)70-120$46.63
Party Salad (Garden)70-120$46.63
Party Salad (Greek)70-120$46.63


Pepsi (Cherry)2 liters$9.85
Pepsi2 liters$9.85
Pepsi (Diet)2 liters$9.85
Mountain Dew2 liters$9.85
Sierra Mist2 liters$9.85

Best Items on The Jet’s Pizza Menu

Pizzas are the ultimate explosion of flavors in the culinary world. That’s why Jet’s Pizza puts so much thought into its pizzas and dishes, serving its customers the very best.

01. 4 Corner Pizza

This Detroit-style entirely customizable pizza from Jet’s is truly iconic.

The four-corner pizza slices are the marvel here with the perfect crust and your portions don’t get any better than this wonder right here.

You decide your crust and the baking level making them uniquely flavorful.

02. 8-Corner Pizza

If there’s anything better than the 4-corner pizza, this is it. It’s large enough to feed an army and is considered the most delicious and authentic, loved by locals.

The customizations are the same as 4-corner pizza in Detroit style.

Since corners are the best of the best, you get 8 slices of them in their cheesy and buttery nature. It’s still pretty hot when it reaches your table as well.

03. Jet’s Wings

Jet’s makes the crunchiest wings with an unparallel flavor. It’s crunchy, crispy, and super flavorful.

After all, it goes perfectly with whatever pizza you’re having, adding more protein to your plate.

Here you get to pick your sauce to go with the wings and their crispiness.

04. Jet’s Super Special

I think this meaty pizza with tons of vegetables at Jet’s is a clear winner. The toppings are numerous with onions, mushrooms, pepperoni, and ham.

It’s layered with their delicious pizza sauce and some cheesy mozzarella. It’s crunchy with fresh meat and makes an exceptional addition to your order. 

05. Buffalo Ranch Chicken Pizza

This savory pizza with a slightly sweet taste and zero vegetables is best for meat lovers.

The toppings vary from grilled chicken to onions and bacon and they are the best.

The combination of two sauces-Buffalo and Ranch tastes amazing on this deep-fried pizza.

How To Order From Jet’s Pizza

Online Ordering

  • Go to the official website of Jet’s Pizza
  • Enter your location to find the closest Jets
  • Start your order, picking the items
  • Add the delivery or pick-up option and check out

Text Ordering

  • Text your order to Jet’s and get 20% off your pizzas

Delivery Services

  • You could order your Jet’s items with Door Dash, Uber Eats, or Grubhub
  • Log into their app, order, and pay

Payment Methods

You get to pay for your food at Jets with many options. PayPal, Apple, or Google Pay aren’t accepted though. Payment can be done through the following methods:

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards (Discover, MasterCard, Amex, Visa cards)
  • Gift cards

Jet’s Pizza Delivery Methods

For the safety and convenience of customers at Jet’s Pizza, you get to take your pick from several delivery methods. Here’s the summary.

Drive Thru                                        No, not available
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupYes

Online order
Mobile app
Store Locator
Sign up
Gift cards

These links will help you to contact Jet’s Pizza for any inquiry.

Jet’s Pizza’s Social Media

Here are the links to all their social media platforms.


History of Jet’s Pizza

It all started with a man whose love for pizza made him sign a lease for a pizza shop instead of his new home.

Eugene Jetts, in 1978 opened Jetts Party Shoppe and Pizzeria (now, Jet’s Pizza) in Sterling Heights with quality pizza in his mind.

Jet’s Pizzas passed through many remarkable milestones in the following decades to come.

The change of their original name in 1985, using a conveyor oven in their second shop in 1986, and first franchising in 1998 are some of their historical landmarks.

Today, in 2022 Jet’s Pizza works in 402 locations, baking fresh pizzas daily with top-notch ingredients.

People across the States love it for the exquisite flavors of its products, its thousand-and-one deals when ordering, value for their money, and the extensive menus with food to feed a whole party.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Slices Are in The 8-Corner Pizza At Jet’s?

Jet’s super-popular 8-corner pizzas come with 8 pieces and many customizations to choose from.

What Can I Get As Toppings At Jet’s Pizza?

There are quite a few toppings to pick from. These include Ham, onion, bacon, pepperoni, black and green olives, cheese, tomatoes, and more.

Jet’s 8-corner pizza by far is the best hit among the people. They adore the deep-dish pizza with a thick buttery crust and a certain crunchiness.

You get to choose your baking style from regular baking to well-done and light bite to make the crust even more customized.

What Comes in Super Special Pizza At Jet’s?

This delicacy of Jet’s comes to your table with top-quality mozzarella, delicious pizza sauce, mushroom and ham, and indispensable pepperoni, and peppers to taste.   

What Does “Turbo Crust” Mean in Jet’s Pizza?

Turbo crust is a crust that is made out of garlic, Romano, and premium butter.

Final Words

Jet’s Pizza is the ultimate rock in the pizza world. With them, you get nothing but top-notch, exquisite, and creative.

You get to pick your pizza and make it unique and super flavorful with lots of toppings. Ultimately, it’s exactly what you need for a lazy chilling night.

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