First Watch Menu Prices 2024 (Lunch, Brunch & Fresh Breakfast)

A healthy breakfast is all you need for a good start on any day. First Watch is a food place, where you can find perfect food on their menus for breakfast.

They have egg-inspired food, appetizers, foods for vegetarians, cocktails, and just everything!

Want some breakfast food? Get the Classic favorites the trifecta – which is pancakes, omelets, and bacon or some salads, or even some full-in protein salads.

For menus, you can expect the Healthier Side, Egg-sclusives, Omelets, and Frittatas, From the Griddle, Power Bowl, Salads, and Sandwiches.

For the food items that are on the Healthier Side menu, we can say they are really tasty.

You can get the classic avocado toast, a superfood bowl, a sunrise granola bowl which is a healthy cereal bowl with peanut butter and jam, and classic oatmeal.

Let’s get to the extremely delicious meals that include eggs- the Egg-sclusives.  

Just think you can get a classic benedict, a Florentine benedict, a farm stand Breakfast taco, and their classic market hash which is a mix of mushroom, salad, tomato, and beans with two eggs on top.

You can also get some amazing omelets: the Bacado omelet, ham, and gruyere omelet, the inspired Italian omelet, the works omelet, the vegetarian omelet, the smoked salmon, and roasted vegetables. First Watch Menu PDF

First Watch Breakfast Menu

Seasonal Specials Menu

Pork Green Chile Hash1120$13.49
Cinnamon Chip Pancake Breakfast1150$12.29
Barbacoa Breakfast Burrito1260$12.89
Cranberry Crush150$4.79
Million Dollar Bacon250$5.49
Gingerbread Spiced Donuts1120$5.99

Classic Favorites

The Trifecta660-930$11.79
The Traditional930-1390$11.79

From The Griddle

Belgian Waffle440$9.79
Lemon Ricotta 680$10.99
Multigrain 520-670$6.39
Two Multigrain 1050-1340$8.49
Floridian French 790$12.29
French Toast600$10.29

Omelets & Frittatas

Chile Chorizo730$11.89
Bacado Omelet740$12.29
Ham & Gruyere610$11.89
The Works Omelet720$12.29
Morning Market Veg500$11.89
Inspired Italian780$11.89
Smoked Salmon & Roasted Vegetable Frittata680$12.69
Frittata Rustica720$11.89

Power Bowls

Quinoa Bowl
Pesto Chicken 650$11.49
Power Breakfast 860$11.49

First Watch Lunch Menu


Elevated Egg Sandwich1050$11.99
Turkey Sausage Gravy and Biscuits with Eggs930$11.29
Farm Stand Breakfast Tacos970$11.99
Parma Skillet Hash1400$12.99
Market Hash1250$12.99
Farmhouse Hash1350$12.99


Roast Beef & Havarti 1000$12.89
Monterey Club 1000$11.29
Market Veggie 790$10.89
Baja Turkey 810$10.99
Ham & Gruyere 830$11.29
Chicken Salad600$10.99

The Healthier Side

Healthy Turkey550$11.79
Avocado Toast640$11.79
Sunrise Granola Bowl930-1070$9.99
Power Wrap590$10.29
AM Superfoods Bowl960$11.79

Families, Groups & Grocery

The “Good Morning” Pack 44070$38.99
The “Good Morning” Pack 22040$21.99
Loaf of Seed’licious Bread$7.29
Project Sunrise Coffee Tote 96 Oz.30$19.99
First Watch Cookbook$25.99
Project Sunrise Retail Coffee$8.29
House-made Granola$5.29

Fresh Juice Bar

Purple Haze110$4.79
Cranberry Crush150$4.79
Kale Tonic130$4.79
Morning Meditation140$4.79

Kids Menu

Bacon & Egg500$7.29
Granola Bowl630$7.29
French Toast470-620$7.29
Chocolate Chip Pancake720-870$7.29
Grilled Cheese780$7.29


Chicken Avocado Chop 790$11.39
Superfood Kale 820$11.39
Sweet Honey Pecan 860$11.39
Cobb 690$11.39


Seasoned Potatoes320$3.59
Million Dollar Bacon (4 pieces) baked with brown sugar250$5.49
Biscuits and Gravy420$5.29
Seasonal Fruit160$4.29
Pork Sausage460$4.49
Hardwood Smoked Bacon160$5.29
Chicken Apple Sausage180$4.49
Turkey Sausage220$4.49
Organic Mixed Greens (Lemon-Dressed)70$2.99
Smoked Ham160$4.49
Muffin: English 330$1.99
Side Toast$1.99
Muffin: Blueberry460&2.99
Gluten-Free Toast200$1.99
Avocado (Sliced)110$2.29
Tomato Basil Soup Bowl 140$4.49
2 Eggs190$4.29
Bob’s Red Mill
Cheese Grits180$2.99
Grab & Go
Gluten-Free Marshmallow Treat250$2.99
Caramel Cookie (Salted)350$2.99
Gluten-Free Brownie340$2.99


Hot Chocolate150$3.69
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea (Unsweetened)$3.59
Fountain Beverage0-110$3.69
Grapefruit Juice190$3.79
100% Cold Squeezed Orange Juice210$3.79
Apple Juice210$3.79
Project Sunrise (Decaf)10$3.29
Project Sunrise10$3.49
Iced 160$3.29
Project Sunrise Tote30$19.99
Cold Brew 0$4.19

Delivery Methods

Drive ThruNot Available
Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupAvailable

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Contact Number(908)768-3447

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What is The Trifecta Made of?

The Trifecta has as ingredients eggs, waffles, and some bacon, chicken sausage, turkey, or pork sausage.

What Does The Restaurant First Watch Put on its Toast?

Their famous avocado toast is made of whole grain toast, a very healthy choice of smashed avocado, lemon, and sea salt. This toast is served with two fried eggs.

What is The Vera Cruz Sauce From The First Watch Made of?

The Vera sauce is used in their burritos and is a mixture of tomato, onion, and pepper.

This sauce is used in the south of America and is traditionally one of the healthiest and tastiest sauces.

Are There Some Vegan Options At First Watch?

They have a variety of meals for the vegan friends of First Watch.

You can get their cooked potatoes, kale juices, avocado toast, superfoods bowls, veggie sandwiches, and veggie burgers. Before ordering check the ingredients on their menus.

What Are Some of The Most Widespread Food Items You Can Get At First Watch?

Between the amazing options, you can get for breakfast, there are some meals that stand out.

You should get accustomed to the farm stand breakfast tacos, the avocado tacos, the eggs benedict, and the fresh fruit crepes as they are the most famous!

Final Thoughts

First Watch has a great variety of breakfast meals that we invite you to scroll through and decide for yourself.

We also would like to recommend you to try the most popular food items from their menu: the farm stands breakfast tacos, avocado toast, and Egg benedict.

Try their menu and let us know if they should be considered that popular!

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