Kroger Deli Menu & Prices of 2023

Kroger is one of the supermarkets in the United States that retails a variety of deli meats, deli cheese, sandwiches, and salads.

The Kroger Deli section offers 41 fresh deli meat, 22 fresh deli cheese, and 19 grab-and-go meals, which can be sandwiches or salads.

They also provide 56 packed deli meat and 17 packed slices of cheese that are perfect for shipping or when going out on a picnic.

Fresh Deli meat is a staple in every celebration or casual dining.

It can either be consumed hot or cold or as an ingredient for pizza or pasta. Kroger deli meat starts at $5.99 up to $16.99.

Some deli meats include turkey pastrami, off-the-bone maple ham, Angus roast beef, mesquite turkey breast, chicken breast deli meat, beef bologna, old-world pepperoni, old-world hard, meatballs, and Greek kabob.

We all love cheese, and Kroger has deli cheeses that you should try.

They are perfect for cheese boards or for making sandwiches like Swiss cheese, Colby horn, provolone, muenster, Havarti, pepper jack, gouda, and American cheese.

If full-sized deli meat and cheese are too much for you, you can order the packaged deli meat and cheese packed in smaller portions.

These are best when going on a picnic or camping. They are easy to store and are not messy.

Aside from deli meat and cheese, Kroger also offers grab-and-go meals such as chicken salad croissants, chicken bacon Caesar wrap, Italian-style garlic panini, turkey pinwheels, caprese turkey wrap, and turkey sliders.

Salads include cranberry salad, chef salad, potato, Ceasar, chicken, garden, tuna, and tuna pasta salad.

Kroger Deli Meats Menu

ItemsServing SizeCaloriesPrice
Boar’s Head   
Turkey Breast Roasted20 oz.60$10.49
Turkey Breast – Maple Glazed Honey 70$12.99
Maple Glazed Honey Coat Ham 60$9.99
Smoked Ham2 oz.60$11.99
Blazing Buffalo Style Chicken Breast  $12.99
EverRoast Chicken Breast 60$12.99
Tavern Ham 30$11.99
Hard Salami 110$12.49
Grab & Go Mesquite – Smoked Turkey2 oz.60$9.74
Roasted Turkey Breast2 oz.60$12.99
Turkey Breast  $12.99
Oven Roast Beef 70$14.49
Turkey Breast 60$12.99
Cracked Pepper Mill Turkey Breast 60$12.99
Golden Classic Chicken Breast 60$12.99
Branded Deluxe Low Sodium Ham 60$11.99
Branded Deluxe Ham 60$11.99
Chipotle Savory Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast 60$12.99
Slow Smoked Turkey  $12.99
Cap-off Top Round Oven Roasted Beef  $15.49
Bone & Skinless Chicken Breast2 oz.70$12.99
Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast  $12.99
Beef Bologna 50$8.99
Pastrami Seasoned Turkey Breast 60$12.99
Cap-Off Top Round Pastrami  $15.49
Cap-Off Cooked Top Round Corned Beef  $12.99
Garlic Bologna 20$8.49
Blackened Oven Roasted Turkey Breast 60$12.99
Black Forest Ham20 oz.70$8.99
Wildflower Honey Turkey Breast  $11.99
Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast2 oz.60$11.99
Wildflower Honey Ham2 oz.70$10.99
Italian Trio1 lb. $12.99
Brown Sugar Ham2 oz.80$10.99
Low Sodium Chicken Breast2 oz.60$11.99
Angus Roast Beef  $14.49
Tavern Ham2 oz.80$10.99
Pepperoni  $10.49
Grab & Go American Combo1 lb. $12.99
Corned Beef Top Round2 oz.70$7.99
Hot Honey Chicken Breast Deli Meat2 oz.60$11.99
Off the Bone Maple Ham2 slices90$10.99
Genoa Salami  $7.87
Sweet Cherry Wood Smoked Ham2 oz.70$10.99
Deli Sliced Old World Hard Salami32 oz.120$16.99
Top Round Beef Pastrami2 oz.80$14.49
Mama Mary’s   
Pepperoni6 oz.140$4.79
Heritage Farm   
Fully Cooked Ham  $5.99
Sopressata Salami4 oz.100$9.99
Calabrese Sliced Salami4 oz.100$9.99
Genoa Salami4 oz.100$9.99

Kroger Deli Cheese

ItemsServing SizeCaloriesPrice
Boar’s – Head   
White Whole Milk Cheese1 oz. $9.99
Yellow American Cheese1 oz. $9.99
Muenster Cheese1 oz.100$9.49
Jalapeno Pepper Jack Cheese  $10.99
Baby Swiss Cheese1 oz. $8.99
Cream Havarti Cheese  $10.49
Vermont Yellow Cheddar Cheese1 oz. $9.99
Baby Swiss Cheese  $9.99
Gold Label Imported Swiss Cheese1 oz. $8.99
Sharp Picante Provolone Cheese  $10.99
Smoked Gouda Cheese1 oz.90$10.99
3-Pepper Colby Jack Cheese1 oz.100$9.49
Lacey Swiss Cheese 90$10.99
Colby Jack Cheese  $9.99
Vermont White Cheddar Cheese1 oz. $9.99
Havarti Cheese with Dill  $10.49
Horseradish Cheddar Cheese1 oz. $9.99
Longhorn Colby Cheese1 oz. $9.99
Havarti Cream Cheese with Jalapeno  $10.49
Chipotle Gouda Cheese1 oz.100$10.99
Grab & Go Yellow Cheese1 slice50$6.74
White American Cheese 100$8.99
Yellow American Cheese 100$8.99
Mega Meatless   
Yeeros  $11.57
Greek Burger  $10.98
Spiral Pie with Feta Cheese 450gr  $15.58
Grab & Go Italian Trio1 lb. $12.99
Swiss Cheese  $9.99
Colby Jack Horn Cheese  $7.99
American Combo1 lb. $12.99
Colby Horn Cheese  $9.99
Provolone Cheese  $9.99
Pepper Jack Mini Horn Cheese  $9.99
Muenster Cheese  $8.49
Mild Cheddar Cheese  $8.99
Havarti Cheese  $9.49
Havarti Cheese with Dill  $10.49
Natural Smoked Gouda Loaf 190$4.49
Pimento Colby Cheese1 oz.110$5.99
Sharp Cheddar Cheese  $8.99
Gouda Aged Cheese1 oz.110$9.99

Kroger Deli Party Trays

ItemsServing SizePrice
Hard Salami & Pepperoni Party Tray28 oz.$14.99
Hormel Gatherings  
Honey Ham Turkey & Cheese Party Tray28 oz.$14.99
Supreme Party Tray2.48 lb.$20.99
Private Selection  
Gourmet Sliced Cheese16 oz.$9.99
Charcuterie Tasting Board12.5 oz.$16.99
Fresh Creative  
Savory Pretzel Party Tray18.5 oz$9.99
Small No Dip Vegetable Tray19.5 oz.$9.99
Pepperoni Cheese Tray23.5 oz.$16.99
Cheddar Cheese & Crackers Tray23.5 oz.$16.99
Ham & Turkey & Cheese Tray23.5 oz.$16.99
Charcuterie Meat & Cheese Tray12 oz.$14.99

Delivery Methods

Drive ThruNot Available
Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupAvailable

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People Also Ask

Does Kroger Sell Sandwiches?

Yes, Kroger makes and sells sandwiches and wraps in the Deli department.

How To Order Kroger Deli Meat?

You can order Kroger deli meat by shopping in-store and calling online, which can be picked up or delivered to your doorstep.

You can also pre-order deli meats if you want.

What is The Shelf Life of Kroger Deli Cheese?

Kroger deli cheese should continually be refrigerated, not frozen.

It is best to consume it within three to five days after opening.

Who Makes Kroger’s Deli Cheese?

Kroger has dairy processing plants, and about 40% of its store brands are in-house.

Is Tuna Salad Available At Kroger’s Deli Department?

Yes, Kroger has tuna salad. They have three variants of tuna salad, the tuna white bean salad bowl, tuna pasta salad bowl, and tuna bean and corn salad bowl.

Final Words

Kroger has lots of great things to offer, and one that you should try is the items in their deli department.

Deli meat and cheese are your perfect partner when hosting a party.

The grab-and-go Italian trio combines provolone cheese, pepperoni, and salami and is a great base when making a charcuterie board.

You can add slices of ham or Swish cheese to complete your board.