Walmart Deli Menu Prices in 2024

If you want to build the perfect meal for your guests, check out Walmart deli menu prices and add your favorite items!

The menu includes everything you can think of, from various meat types to snacks, healthy greens, and full platters, it’s all there.

8 sections are waiting for your order. These include specialty cheese, deli meat, chicken varieties, hot dogs and sausages, delicious sandwiches, and appetizing dips.

Fresh salads and hot soups, as well as prepared meals, are not missing from the menu.

The Charcuterie section available at Walmart is so varied that an article isn’t enough to describe it.

5 different party trays are perfect choices for catering a holiday event.

Regarding the specialty cheeses, the section includes everything you wish for, from blue cheese to parmesan, feta, cheddar, or classic mozzarella.

Next, you can shop for deli sliced meat, fresh pizza, pasta, or the perfect sandwich ingredients. Choose between pulled pork, chicken breast, roast beef, and 50 other meal options.

Walmart Deli’s menu is known for its appetizing rotisserie chicken.

Creating a category of its own, along with the pulled chicken, this item comes perfectly seasoned and fully cooked.

For a nutritious snack, sausages, hot dogs, and heavenly bacon are also available. What better way to start your day than the classic breakfast sausages?

For the first meal of the day, Walmart also offers 20 quick alternatives, such as scrambled egg kits and egg bites.

Besides fresh wraps and mouthwatering sandwiches, a popular meal category is kids’ lunches, including crispy snacks, protein sources, and a large variety of delicious cheese.

Sweet delights are also part of the list.

Walmart Deli Party Trays Menu

(Specialty Cheese & Charcuterie)

COLUMBUS Party Platter (12.5 oz.)$12.97
Pepper Jack, Asiago and Cheddar Jack, Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese Slice Variety Pack (48 ct)$8.92
Igourmet Grand Assortment
(Meat and Cheese Favorites) Ham, Prosciutto, Gouda, Cheddar, Chevre, Fromager Cheeses, 4 Types of Crackers, 4 Types of Incredible Salami, Stuffed Greek Olives
Charcuterie Roll + Hard Salami & Mozzarella, Formaggio$5.58
Hormel Gatherings
Hard Salami and Pepperoni$13.98
Honey Ham & Turkey$13.98
Snack Tray Honey Ham & Cheese (14 oz.)$7.98
Snack Tray Turkey & Cheese (14 oz.)$7.98
Supreme Party Tray$18.48
Snack Tray Pepperoni & Cheese (14 oz.)$7.98
Bella Rosa
Imported Varieties Sliced cheese (16 oz.)$8.98
Bridge Haven Farms Cheese Tray (16 oz.)$7.28

Walmart Deli Sliced Meat

Perdue Harvestland 
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (Perfect Portion), Free Range$7.98
Hormel Gatherings 
Snack Tray Hard Salami, 14 oz$7.98
Kentucky Legend 
Natural Juice Baked Honey Ham (Boneless) Quarter Sliced$11.95
Prima Della (Freshly Sliced) 
Hard Salami$4.99
Black Forest Ham$4.89
Medium Roast Beef$5.99
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast$5.99
Cracked Pepper Turkey Breast$5.99
Honey Ham$4.89
Cajun Turkey Breast$11.97
Prima Della (Deli Sliced) 
Sandwich Pepperoni$9.97
Cracked Pepper Turkey Breast$11.97
Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast$11.97
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast$11.97
Cajun Turkey Breast$11.97
Oven Roasted Chicken Breast$10.97
Buffalo Chicken$5.49
Hard Salami$9.97
Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast$11.97
Sara Lee (Deli Sliced) 
Turkey Breast, Honey Roasted (Lunch meat)$9.94
Turkey Breast, Oven Roasted (Lunch meat)$9.94
Honey Ham, Premium Meats$8.47
Del Duca Italian Style Sausage, 7 oz 
Hard Salami Chub (Uncured)$5.48
 Sopressata Salami Chub (Uncured)$5.48
Genoa Salami Chub (Uncured)$5.48

Walmart Deli Sliced Cheese

Land O Lakes 
American Cheese (Yellow Deli)$8.48
American Cheese (White Deli)$8.48
Prima Della 
Provolone Cheese (Freshly Sliced)$4.24
Colby Jack Cheese (Deli Sliced and Freshly Sliced)$4.24
Mild Cheddar Cheese (Deli Sliced)$8.48
Swiss Cheese (Deli Sliced)$8.48
Provolone Cheese (Deli Sliced)$8.48

Lunch Meat

Smoked Turkey and Smoked Ham (Oscar Mayer) Sub Kit28 oz$8.57
Hard Salami (Hillshire Farm)13 oz$7.50
Turkey Breast, Roasted Sliced (Oscar Mayer)16 oz$7.47
Grilled Chicken Breast (Great Value)1 lb. 6 oz$8.98
Bone In Ham (Great Value)4.5- 15.8 lbs.$21.78
Turkey Breast, Oven Roasted (Land O’Frost)16 oz$5.67
Honey Ham (Hillshire Farm)1 lb.$7.50
Honey Ham (Sara Lee) $8.47
Honey Roasted Turkey Breast (Sara Lee) $9.94
Angus Seasoned Roast Beef (Great Value)16 oz$10.24
Seasoned Chicken Breast22 oz$8.47
Smoked Ham (Great Value)32 oz$8.67
Honey Ham (Hillshire Farm)22 oz$9.47
Honey Deli Ham (Hormel Natural Choice)14 oz$7.12
Oven Roasted Deli Turkey (Hormel Natural Choice)8 oz$4.72

Prepared Meals

Jack Daniel’s
Honey BBQ Boneless Ribs16 Oz.$9.27
Pulled Pork16 Oz.$8.94
Thinly Sliced Beef Brisket20 Oz.$13.87
BBQ Pulled Chicken16 Oz.$8.94
John Soules Foods
Chicken Breast Fajitas Strips16 Oz.$9.79
Grilled Chicken Breast Strips16 Oz.$9.79
Frozen Beef Steak Fajitas Strips24 Oz.$17.98
Steak Fajitas Beef Strips14 Oz.$9.97
Beef Steak (Frozen)12oz$8.98
Chicken Breast Strips8 Oz.$4.74
Chicken Fajitas Breast Strips8 Oz.$4.74
Freshness Guaranteed
Chicken Fried Rice$5.50
Orange Chicken (Heat and Eat)13 Oz.$5.50
Four Cheese Ravioli (Heat and Eat)12 Oz.$5.50
Chicken Alfredo (Heat and Eat)11 Oz.$5.50
Traditional Pulled Rotisserie Chicken (Fully Cooked)16 Oz.$11.84
Chicken Lo Mein (Heat and Eat)14 Oz.$5.50
Chicken Alfredo Ready Meal12.91 Oz.$5.50
Chicken Enchiladas Meal (Family Size)33 Oz.$11.00
Rotisserie Seasoned Pork$7.54

Fresh Pizza

ItemsWeightCrust TypePrice
Meat Trio (Medium)16 Oz.Thin$5.87
Pepperoni (Extra Large)44.6 Oz.Traditional$7.84
Supreme (Extra Large)48.6 Oz.Traditional$8.50
Chicken Bacon Ranch Flatbread12.4 Oz$5.87
Pepperoni  (Medium)25 OzTraditional$6.78
Ultimate Meat  (Medium)32.1 Oz.Traditional$8.00
Pepperoni & Mozzarella Flatbread11.9 Oz.$5.87
BBQ Recipe Chicken Flatbread11.5 Oz.$5.87
Cheese-Stuffed Crust Pepperoni (Large)46 Oz.$9.00
Supreme (Medium)27.1 Oz.Traditional$7.24
Extreme Bacon (Medium)16 Oz.Thin$5.87
Chicken Nacho Recipe Flatbread12.5 Oz.$5.87
Buffalo Style Chicken Flatbread11.9 Oz.$5.87
Pizza Buddy Pizza Dough (Bag)16 Oz.$1.78
Biscuit Crust Savory Breakfast (Medium)38.2 Oz.$8.44
Ultimate Meat (Extra Large)57.9 Oz.Traditional$10.64
Gf Cauliflower Crust Margherita15.9 Oz.$8.50
Mexican Style Street Corn Flatbread10 Oz.$5.87
Nashville Inspired Hot Chicken (Medium)25.8 Oz.Traditional$7.14
Italian Sausage Italian Style Street Inspired25.5 Oz.$7.42

Fresh Pasta

Freshness Guaranteed
Four Cheese Ravioli12 Oz.$5.50
Chicken Alfredo (Heat and Eat)11 Oz.$5.50
Family Size Chicken Alfredo (Heat and Eat)33 Oz.$11.00
Chicken Alfredo Ready Meal12.91 Oz.$5.50
Joseph’s Gourmet Pasta
Par-Cooked Egg Pasta Sheets10 Lb$99.69
Giovanni Rana
Family Size Mushroom Ravioli18 Oz$6.42
Solutions Pappardelle Pasta2.2 Lb$86.85
Sauce Pesto Premium Pasta Topping Jar12.5 Oz$6.50
Solutions Fettuccine Pasta2.2 Lb$87.92

Prepared Sides

Freshness Guaranteed
Rotisserie Seasoned White Meat Chicken Salad32 Oz.$12.92
Original Ready To Serve Potato Salad Family Tub32 Oz.$4.67
White Meat Chicken Salad + Cranberries, Celery, & Pecans32 Oz.$12.94
Lasagna Including Meat and Sauce96 Oz. 2/Pack$94.51
Classic Macaroni & Cheese6/Pack
Classics Macaroni & Cheese Meal (6 Boxes)12 Oz./Box$51.89
Bob Evans
Macaroni and Cheese, Refrigerated Sides20 Oz.$3.64
Original Mashed Potatoes, Refrigerated Dinner Sides32 Oz.$4.80
Panera Bread
Mac & Cheese16 Oz. Cup$5.57
Santa Barbara Bay
Crab Salad14 Oz.$5.50
Tatooed Chef
Plant-Based Egg Roll Bowl8.5 Oz.$70.30
Mac & Cheese Bowl10 Oz.$70.30
Hillshire Farm
Lit’l Smokies Smoked Sausage28 Oz.$7.23
Grilled Artichoke Including Stem In Oil4.4 Lb$55.48

Rotisserie & Pulled Chicken

Rotisserie Seasoned Pork$7.54
Fresh Chicken Breast Strips, John Soules Foods8 oz.$4.88
Pulled Rotisserie Chicken
Traditional Fully Cooked16 oz.$12.37
Fajita White Meat Chicken (Seasoned Grilled)16 oz.$12.37
Barbecue16 oz.$12.37
Chilled Fried Chicken (8 pcs)$7.97

Hot Dogs

Beef Franks, Nathan’s Famous (Bun Length Skinless)14 ct$9.98
8 ct$4.47
Beef Frank, Oscar Mayer (Kraft Frozen 5:1)6 inches$102.34
Uncured Wieners Hot Dogs (Classic), Oscar Mayer10 ct$2.84
Beef Hot Dogs, Ball Park16 ct$7.94
Bun Size Hot Dogs (Classic), Ball Park16 ct$6.14
Bar S Hot Links16 ct$8.66
Kielbasa, Gourmet Sausages,Tofurky14 ct$74.10
Angus Beef Frank, Eisenberg 8:15 lbs/ 2 per case$130.30
Hebrew National Beef Franks20 ct$12.58
Coney Island Hot Dogs Beef 16 Pack$99.95
Fix CURRYWURST Sausage, Knorr4 pack$19.81
Spanish Sausage, Chistorra3 pack$50.37
Eisenberg  All Beef Frank (6 inch)80 oz.$99.15
Merve Beef Sausage Butcher Halal (Kasap Sucuk)1 lb$24.00
Johnsonville Smoked Polish Kielbasa Sausage (10 per case)14 oz.$90.30


Thick Cut Hickory Bacon,Wright Brand (Real Wood Smoked)3 lbs$17.26
Thick Cut Bacon,Oscar Mayer (Naturally Hardwood Smoked)11-13 slices$6.68
Mega pack$9.86
BLACK LABEL Bacon Thick Cut, HORMEL16 oz.$5.98
Premium Thick Cut Bacon,Farmer John16 oz.$6.72
Sunnyvalley Hickory Smoked Bacon40 oz.$14.98
Kirkland Signature Crumbled Bacon Bits (20 oz.)2 pack$94.94
Original Fully cooked Bacon,Oscar Mayer (6.3 oz. Box)Mega pack$10.44
Oscar Mayer Real Bacon Bits 4.5 OzValue Pack$30.41


Johnsonville Sausage Link (23 oz.)Family pack$6.43
Chicken & Maple Breakfast Sausage, Applegate30 ct$11.32
Field Roast Breakfast Sausage, Apple Maple6 pack$114.71
Spicy Breakfast Sausag, Pedersons Farms5 pack$39.99
Organic Breakfast Plant Sausage, Plant Boss6 pack$48.17
Robert Irvine Fully Cooked Smoked Sausage12 oz.$5.18
Johnsonville Cheddar & Bacon Bratwurst (19 oz.)5 Links$4.97
Great Value Mild Italian Sausage (1 lb 3 oz.)5 links$4.47
Eckrich Natural Casing Smoked Sausage Rope (39 oz.)Family pack$6.96
Maple Breakfast Sausage Sandwich Link, Jimmy Dean (Fully Cooked)6 inch/ 6 per case$85.93
Plant-Based Spicy Breakfast Sausage Patties, Beyond Meat (7.4 oz)Pack of 12$93.58
Mild Breakfast Sausage Links, Pederson’s Farms (Fully Cooked)4 Pack$54.98
Smoked Garlic Summer Sausage, Wisconsin’s Best (12 oz.)1 ct$15.99
Cheddar Smoked Sausage, Bar-S (Family Pack)14 ct$7.77
 Smoked Sausage, Hillshire Farm (42 oz.)Family pack$10.98
Original Breakfast Sausage Link, Johnsonville (12 per case)12 oz.$94.34

Kids Lunches & Snacks

Cheesy Mix Variety Pack (Frito-Lay)18 bags$10.98
Sweet Treats Variety30 packs$11.38
Boneless Chicken Bites, Honey BBQ (Tyson Any’tizers)1.5 lb. bag$9.98
Buffalo Style Bites, Gluten Free (Golden Platter All Natural)24 ct bag$7.12
Buffalo Frozen boneless Chicken Bites (Frank’s RedHot)15 oz pack$6.98
Snack Tray, Honey Ham and Cheese (Hormel Gatherings)14 oz pack$7.98
Snacking Cheese (BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella)10 oz pack$6.44
Boneless Chicken Bites, Honey BBQ (TGI Fridays)15 oz box$6.44
Frozen Chicken Bites (Southern Style)3 lb. pack$11.48
Snack Tray, smoked Turkey and Cheese (Hormel Gatherings)14 oz pack$7.98
Snack Tray, Pepperoni, and Cheese (Hormel Gatherings)14 oz pack$7.98
Boneless Barbacoa Chicken Bites (Hot Ones)$18.6 oz$9.48
Turkey Almonds Colby Jack Cheese (P3 Portable Protein Pack)5 ct Box$8.66
Classic Mix Variety Pack (Nabisco)
Ritz Bits, Chips Ahoy!, Oreo, Nutter Butter Bites
20 packs  $8.68
Cookies and Cracker Variety Pack (Nabisco)
Ritz and Chips Ahoy!, Oreo
30 packs$11.98

Fresh Sandwiches & Wraps

Great Value  
Bacon Egg and Cheese, Biscuit Sandwiches4 count$5.78
Sausage Egg and Cheese, Biscuit Sandwiches4 count$5.78
Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich5.1 oz, 4 count$5.88
Sausage Egg and Cheese, Croissant Sandwiches4 count$5.78
Bacon Egg and Cheese, Croissant Sandwiches4 count$5.78
Turkey and Cheddar Sub1 count (Half)$5.00
BBQ Chicken Wrap6 pcs$5.50
Southwest Chicken Wrap1 count$5.50
Turkey and Cheddar Sub1 count, Full$6.50
Rotisserie Chicken Salad, Croissant Sandwich1 pc$4.50
Italian Style, Deli Pinwheel Sandwich6 pcs$3.67
Sub Sandwich  
Italian HeroFull$6.50
All AmericanFull$6.50
Chicken Bacon Ranch8 oz, 1 count$4.47
All American1 count (Half)$5.00


Chicken Tortilla16 Oz. Cup$3.87
Broccoli and Cheddar Cheese16 Oz. Cup$3.87
Loaded Potato16 Oz. Cup$3.87
Chicken Noodle16 Oz. Cup$2.87
Lobster Bisque Fresh Deli16 Oz. Cup$2.87
Creamy Mushroom and Herb16 Oz. Cup$2.87
New England Clam Chowder16 Oz. Cup$3.87
Creamy Chicken And Wild Rice16 Oz. Cup$3.87
Kickin’ Chicken Chowder16 Oz. Cup$3.87
Creamy Cauliflower Parmesan16 Oz. Cup$3.87
Creamy Tomato Bisque16 Oz. Cup$2.87
Broccoli And Cheddar Cheese32 Oz. Cup$5.57
Panera Bread
Gf Baked Potato16 Oz. Cup$5.57
Broccoli Cheddar$5.57
Balsamic Tomato & Rice (12 pcs Per Case)15 Oz.$90.35
Split Pea (12 pcs Per Case)15 Oz.$93.95

Salad Kits & Bowls

Santa Fe Style Salad
 (Including Chicken)
6.35 Oz. Bowl$3.47
Cobb Salad With Turkey & Uncured Bacon Salad7.25 Oz. Bowl$3.47
Chef Salad Including Uncured Ham & Turkey7.25 Oz. Bowl$3.47
Caesar Salad With Chicken6.25 Oz. Bowl$3.47
Caesar Salad Kit11.55 Oz.$3.37
Avocado Ranch Salad (Including Chicken)7.45 Oz. Bowl$4.16
Ranch Cobb Salad12 Oz$5.27
Cranberry Walnut Salad4.5 Oz. Bowl$3.47
Chicken Caesar Salad12.1 Oz.$5.27
Caesar Chopped Salad Kit8.8 Oz.$3.43
Spinach Dijon Salad4.9 Oz. Bowl$3.47
Taylor Farms
Caesar Salad5.75 Oz.$3.47
Screaming Hot Salad7.45 Oz. Bowl$3.47
Apple And Walnut Salad5.5oz$3.47
Fiesta Chicken Salad5.5 Oz. Bowl$3.47

Potato Salads

Freshness Guaranteed Ready To Serve
OriginalFamily Tub$4.67
Small Tub$3.27
AmishFamily Tub$4.67
Small Tub$3.27
Premium Deviled EggFamily Tub$5.97
Small Tub$4.54
OriginalPicnic Tub$5.67
AmishPicnic Tub$5.67

Chicken Salads & Protein Salads

ItemsSize/ WeightPrice
Freshness Guaranteed
White Meat Chicken Salad
(Including Cranberries, Celery, & Pecans)
12 Oz.$5.94
32 Oz.$12.94
3 Oz. (4 Pcs)$5.97
White Meat Chicken Salad
(Rotisserie Seasoned)
12 Oz$5.94
3 Oz. (4 Pcs)$5.97
32 Oz.$12.92
White Meat Chicken Salad
(Southern Style)
12 Oz.$5.94
Premium Ready To Serve Deviled Egg Potato SaladFamily Tub$5.97
Small Tub$4.74
Bumble Bee
Snack On The Run Ham Salad (Including Crackers Kit)3.5 Oz.$2.13
Tuna Salad Sandwich In Seconds2.5 Oz.$1.16
Snack On The Run Ham Salad3.5 Oz.$34.44
Tuna Salad and Chicken Salad$17.99
Santa Barbara Bay
Crab Salad14 Oz.$5.50

Pasta Salads

ItemsSize/ WeightPrice
Freshness Guaranteed
Garden Pasta Salad14 Oz$3.74
Premium Deviled Egg Macaroni SaladSmall Tub$3.74
AmishSmall Tub$3.27
AmishFamily Tub$4.67
OriginalFamily Tub$4.67
Small Tub$3.27
Taylor Farms
American Style Pasta Salad9.75 Oz.$3.47

Coleslaws & Baked Beans

Freshness Guaranteed
Original Cole SlawFamily Tub$4.67
Small Tub$3.27
Premium Heatable Baked Beans
(Including Brisket Salad)
Family Tub$7.97
Angel Hair Cole Slaw10 oz.$1.83
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Is a 6ft Sub From The Walmart Deli Menu Expensive?

A 6ft sub from Walmart costs around $30 but is large enough to be enjoyed by as many as 18-30 people. Considering the quantity, its price is fantastic.

What’s The Price of a Walmart Pick 3 Bucket?

This delicious bucket can be shared with one or two friends. It includes 2 appetizing entrees and one side for the cost of $12.88.

How Much Does Walmart Charge For a Rotisserie Chicken?

Walmart has always been compared to Costco when it comes to delicious, yet wallet-friendly rotisserie chicken.

Well, this year, the charts show that Walmart is the winner, selling the traditional chicken of 29 ounces at only $4.97.

Are Chicken Boxes From Walmart Profitable?

The short answer is yes. Not only does Walmart offer its clients incredibly large chicken boxes to please up to 100 guests, but it also sells them at a great price!

Choose between the 50-piece or 100-piece packages and create a memorable meal.

Final Thoughts 

All in all, Walmart Deli Menu prices are more than profitable! The store offers flavorful meal choices for all ages and for any time of the day.

From snacks to fully cooked meals and even salads, your favorite dish is one click away.

Just choose delivery options, complete the payment details and share a delicious meal with the whole family.

Chicken, turkey, beef, or pork, there’s nothing that Walmart can’t get to you.