Pollo Tropical Prices With Updated Menu in 2024

At Pollo Tropical you can for sure find what you are craving. They have numerous menus!

With the multitude of menus, you know you and your family can join in!

They actually have Kid’s Meals and Family Meals, so don’t worry, there’s something for everyone.

As menus you can get Party Bundles, Platters, TropiChop Bowls, Salads and Soups, Sandwiches and Wraps, Side Dishes, Drinks, Desserts, Kids Meals, Family Meals, Signature Sauces, and Limited Times Only Offers.

The Platters Menu is one of the most interesting menus to look at. They include marinated chicken, chicken breasts, pork chunks, and numerous side ideas.

For example, you can get the Fire Grilled Chicken, and the citrus-marinated chicken (you can choose the ¼ portion or the ½ one).

You can also find Pork Chunks Platter, Grillmaster Trio – this is a citrus-marinated chicken, churrasco with chimichurri, an amazing grilled chicken.

The Family Meal contains meals with whole grilled chicken, rice, black beans, and bread rolls.

The Family Meal also has meals like Pollo and Pork Family Meal, TropiChop, and the Chicken Trio Meal for 4.

For the gluten-free and vegetarian options you can browse pollo tropical nutrition PDF

Pollo Tropical Family Meals

Whole Chicken (Grilled)
With 4 Rolls1570$13.99
With 2 Sides1570$20.99
With 1 Sides1570$16.49
With 3 Sides1570$24.99
Family Meal Original
(Whole Chicken, white rice, black beans & 4 rolls)

Family Meal Duo
Rice, Black Beans, Sweet Plantains, 4 rolls, a Whole Grilled Chicken & Mojo Roast Pork / Half Chicken / 2 Boneless Breasts.)

Chicken Trio for 4 Bundle
(3 Grilled Chicken breasts, 2 crispy chicken breasts, & 2 chicken chorizos, rice, beans, & Caesar Salad / sweet plantains)

Family Pork – Ala Carte
(Mojo juice, pork & tender marvel crowned with sauteed onions.)

TropiChop Bar for 4 Bundle
(Grilled Chicken breast with rice, beans, 2 toppings, & sliced avocado, with four 1 oz. sauces Caesar Salad / sweet plantains)


Pollo Tropical Sandwiches & Wraps

Crispy Chicken Cuban
(Crispy chicken breast & sliced ham with potato sticks, Gouda cheese, pickles & a creamy mustard)

Grilled Chicken Cuban
(Grilled chicken breast & sliced ham with Gouda cheese, pickles, potato sticks & a creamy mustard)

Cuban Sandwich
(Pork & sliced ham with Gouda cheese, pickles & a creamy mustard)

Quesadilla Wrap
(Grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, cheese & chipotle dressing.)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich
(Grilled juicy chicken breast with a soft bun & a chipotle mayo)

Crispy Chicken Sandwich
(Crispy chicken breast served on a bun with chipotle mayo, Juicy, Crispy & tasty!)


Pollo Tropical Salads & Soup

Pollo’s Chicken Soup – Bowl
(A chicken soup made with corn, pumpkin, yuca, plantains & grilled chicken.)


Chicken Caesar Salad
(Caesar & lettuce, Parmesan cheese & grilled chicken breast.)


Crispy Chicken Avocado Salad 
(Crispy chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, cheddar cheese, mix of fiesta bean, avocado slices & sauce made from avocado & cilantro.)

Grilled Chicken Avocado Salad
(Grilled chicken, diced tomatoes, lettuce, mix of fiesta bean, cheddar cheese, avocado slices & sauce made from avocado & cilantro.)


Pollo Tropical Specials (Limited Time)

Chicken With Rice & Beans1/2580-720$8.49
Family Meal (Choose Your Whole Chicken Meat)Original2940-3080$15.99

Pollo Tropical Platters Menu

Chicken with Gravy
 (½Chicken with gravy & served with rice & beans.) 
With 1 Side1/2$8.99
With Rice & Beans1/2$8.99
With Rice & Beans & 1 Additional Side1/2$10.19
With 2 Sides1/2$10.19
Pork Chunks 
(Fried Pork Chunks with sauteed onions served with rice & beans or regular sides)
With Rice & Beans$11.99
With 2 Sides$13.19
With 1 Side$11.99
With Rice & Beans & 1 Additional Side$13.19
Fire Grilled Chicken 
(Citrus juices & spices)
Entree Only1/4290/360$6.19
With Rice & Beans1/4290/360$7.19
With 1 Side1/4290/360$7.19
With 2 Sides1/4290/360$8.39
With Rice & Beans & 1 Additional Side1/4290/360$8.39
Entree Only1/2580-720$8.29
With Rice & Beans1/2580-720$8.99
With 1 Side1/2580-720$8.99
With 2 Sides1/2580-720$10.19
With Rice & Beans & 1 Additional Side1/2580-720$10.19
Boneless Chicken Breast
(Skinless, Boneless all-white meat chicken breast, grilled for a super tasty, low-fat meal)
Entree Only120$4.49
With Rice & Beans240$8.99
With 1 Side240$8.99
With 2 Sides240$10.19
With Rice & Beans & 1 Additional Side240$10.19
Mojo Roast Pork 
(Mojo juice, pork & sauteed onions)
Entree Only370$6.99
With Rice & Beans370$8.99
With 1 Side370$8.99
With 2 Sides370$10.19
With Rice & Beans & 1 Additional Side370$10.19
Churrasco Steak
(Churrasco Steak & Chimichurri sauce, along with 1 or 2 of sides)
With Rice & Beans$11.99
With 1 Side$11.99
With 2 Sides$13.19
With Rice & Beans & 1 Additional Side$13.19
Chk & Pork Duo
(Marinated chicken & Mojo Roast Pork)
With Rice & Beans1/4$9.69
With 1 Side1/4$9.69
With 2 Sides1/4$10.89
With Rice & Beans & 1 Additional Side1/4$10.89
Whole Chicken Only
(Choice of meat)
Grillmaster Trio
(Churrasco Steak & chimichurri sauce, ¼ Chicken marinated in Citrus & grilled Chicken, Rice, Beans & Plantains)


Crispy Chicken Platter
(Tender, marinated chicken & rice & beans)
With Rice & Beans$8.29
With 1 Side$8.29
With 2 Sides$9.49
With Rice & Beans & 1 Additional Side$9.49

Party Bundles

Classic Pollo
(A ¼ Chicken /person (or Extra Meat for an Upcharge), Rice & Black Beans.)


(Boneless Chicken Breast, Pollo Bites / Mojo Roast Pork, 2 Base Choices, 3 toppings & 2 sauces.)



Tropichop Bowls

Create Own
 (Pick base, protein & favorite toppings to Create Own TropiChop Bowl)


Pork Chunk Set
 (Fried Pork Chunks, sauteed onions, rice & beans.)

Grillmaster Trio
 (A ¼ Chicken marinated in Citrus, Churrasco with chimichurri & a fire-grilled Chicken Chorizo, rice, beans & plantains)

Grilled Chicken Avocado Cilantro
(Rice, beans, grilled chicken, avocado slices & new avocado cilantro)

Crispy Chicken Avocado Cilantro
(Rice, beans, crispy chicken, avocado slices, & sauce made from avocado & cilantro)


Kids Meals

Grilled Chicken Breast Strips 
(Served with 1 side, apple juice or fountain drink & Grilled breast strips)


Grilled Drumstick & Thigh
(Served with 1 side, apple juice/fountain drink & grilled drumstick & thigh)


TropiChop Bowl
(Fountain drink & white/brown rice & beans, mac & cheese (where available) / mashed potatoes & gravy (where available) with kernel corn – & grilled chicken / crispy chicken.)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Price For a Small Tropichop?

The average price for a small TropiChop is 4.99$.

What Ingredients Are Found in a Tropichop?

This meal has some really delicious and tasty ingredients.

It contains chicken marinated with citrus, churrasco with chimichurri, and grilled chicken chorizo.

You can accompany this meal with beans, rice, or potatoes.

What is The Reason Behind Pollo Tropical’s Popularity?

The restaurant chain first became popular with its classic citrus-marinated chicken.

Due to its flavorful meal with fried yuca, sweet plantains, and slow-cooked beans, it is an irresistible bite!

How Healthy is Eating The Pollo Tropical Meals?

They are as healthy as you can get! Their meat and food are always fresh and tend to be healthy!

How Many Calories Can Be Found in Black Beans?

They are an attraction at the Pollo Tropical, they are known for their delicious taste and how healthy it can be for the customers.

The meal can vary in calories: according to the portion you get they are 2,820-14,090 Cal.

Final Words

If we haven’t really convinced you yet, then we would let you in a secret! Try the fried yucca and/or the fire-grilled chicken platter.

They are thought to be the best meals you can get at Pollo Tropical. They are extremely delicious and we know you will approve too!