Publix Catering Menu Platters Price 2024 (Deli+Subs+Seafood+Salad+Desserts)

Searching for the perfect appetizers for your birthday? Or maybe you’d prefer some delightful dessert platters for the big occasion.

Either way, Publix’s catering menu is a great place to start looking. The restaurant provides an impressive number of dishes, fitted for catering. 

Their main catering options are platters, including appetizers, sandwiches, chicken, and of course, dessert platters.

Even more, Deli party bowls, Deli boxed meals, kid-friendly platters, and even seafood platters are all available for ordering

Their website allows the customers to search the catering menu by event, and contact the restaurant for adjustable menus and useful suggestions.

Publix Party Trays (Chicken Platters)

ItemsSizeServing Price
Tender Sampler Small, Medium, Large10, 18, 28$26.99, $39.99, $49.99
Popcorn Chicken  Small, Medium, Large10, 18, 28$26.99, $39.99, $49.99
Plain Breaded Fried Chicken Wings (50-Piece) $36.99 
Wing Small, Medium, Large10, 18, 28$26.99, $39.99, $49.99
Mixed Fried Chicken (150 Pc)$129.99 
Box  of Chicken Tender Large28$59.99 
Popcorn Chicken Small, Medium, Large10, 18, 28$26.99, $39.99, $49.99
Chicken Tender Small, Medium, Large10, 18, 28$26.99, $39.99, $49.99
Box of Popcorn Chicken Medium, Large18, 28$39.99, $49.99
Wing Sampler Small, Medium, Large10, 18, 28$26.99, $39.99, $49.99
Plain Non-Breaded Fried Chicken Wings (50-Piece) $36.99 

Publix Sandwich Platters

Cubanitos Small, Medium, Large10, 18, 28$26.99, $32.99, $39.99
Vegetable Sub Small, Medium, Large8-12, 16-20, 26-30$23.99, $35, $48.99
Ultimate RingleaderSingle size10$19.99 
Ringleader HamSingle size10$19.99 
Ringleader TurkeySingle size10$19.99 
Ham – Meal Wheel Single size5$13.99 
Ultimate and Cheese – Meal Wheel Single size5$13.99 
Italian RingleaderSingle size10$19.99 
Sliders – Meatball Marinara (Hot)Small5$15.99 
Entertainer Mini Mini5$14.99 
Chicken – Meal Wheel Single size04-Jun$13.99 
Pinwheels Small, Medium, Large10, 18, 28$39.99, $56.99, $69.99
Turkey – Meal WheelSingle size5$13.99 
Italian and Cheese – Meal WheelSingle size5$13.99 
Veggie RingleaderSingle size10$17.99 
Veggie – Meal Wheel Single size5$9.99 
Sub Selections Medium18$42.99 
Roast Beef – Meal Wheel Single size5$13.99 
Wrap of VarietySmall, Medium, Large10, 18, 28$32.99, $42.99, $62.99
Entertainer Small, Medium, Large10, 18, 28$25.99, $33.99, $39.99
Vegetable Wrap Small, Medium, Large8-12, 16-20, 26-30$28.99, $38.99, $48.99
Ringleader Roast BeefSingle size10$19.99 

Deli Appetizer Platters

Deviled EggSmall, Medium, Large10,18,28$19.99, $29.99, $34.99
Chipotle Deviled EggSmall, Medium, Large10,18,28$19.99, $29.99, $34.99
Publix Deli Antipasti  $45.99 
NibblerMini, Small, Medium, Large5, 10, 18, 28$15.99, $29.99, $39.99, $49.99
Fresh FruitMini, Small, Medium, Large5, 10, 18, 28$14.99, $25.99, $34.99, $44.99
Finishing TouchesSmall, Medium, Large10,18,28$19.99, $24.99, $29.99
PinwheelsSmall, Medium, Large10,18,28$39.99, $56.99, $69.99
Fresh Fruit & Cheese PlatterMedium, Large18,28$44.99, $64.99
Pumpernickel Round with DipMedium18$22.99 
Vegetable, Fresh from the Garden Mini, Small, Medium, Large5, 10, 18, 28$13.99, $19.99, $24.99, $34.99
Dip VarietySmall, Medium8-12, 16-20$19.99, $29.99
Jeweled BrieMini, Medium5, 10$17.99, $46.99

Deli Seafood Platters

Surimi & ShrimpSmall, Medium10, 18$19.99, $29.99
Shrimp: Captain Choice Small, Medium, Large8, 16, 24$19.99, $36.99, $54.99
Seafood Claw Small10$109.99 
Surimi Small, Medium10, 20$17.99, $32.99
Shrimp Small, Medium, Large4, 7, 14$10.99, $18.99, $29.99

Publix Salad Platters

Platters SizeServesPrice
Southern Cobb Small, Medium10, 18$27.99, $44.99
Strawberry Small, Medium10, 18$24.99, $42.99
Turkey Cobb Small, Medium10, 18$27.99, $44.99
Chef style Small, Medium10, 18$27.99, $44.99
Caprese Small, Medium10, 18$24.99, $42.99
Seven Layer Small, Medium10, 18$27.99, $44.99
Greek Style Small, Medium10, 18$24.99, $42.99
Wild Caught Salmon Small, Medium10, 18$27.99, $44.99
Caesar Small, Medium10, 18$27.99, $44.99

Kid-Friendly Platters

Roll-Up: Fruit and Nut Small, Medium, Large10, 18, 28$16.99, $22.99, $27.99
Hot Pepperoni Pizza Sliders Small5$15.99 
Roll-Up: Pizza Small, Medium, Large10, 18, 28$16.99, $22.99, $27.99
Roll-Up: Meat and Cheese Small, Medium, Large10, 18, 28$16.99, $22.99, $27.99 
Roll-Up: Honey and Banana Small, Medium, Large10, 18, 28$16.99, $22.99, $27.99
Hot Meatball Marinara Sliders Small5$15.99 
Roll-Up: Peanut Butter and Fruit Small, Medium, Large10, 18, 28$16.99, $22.99, $27.99

Bakery Dessert Platters

Platters SizeServesPrice
Bakery Cookie Medium20-25$22.99 
Breakfast Medium, Large20-25, 30-35$22.99, $38.99
Cannoli Platter (Mini)Medium15-20$20.99 
Mini Muffin Medium, Large8-10, 20-25$18.99, $28.99
Football Brownie Bite (15-Count) 8-10$13.99 
Tart of Fresh Fruit Small, Medium, Large15, 22, 30$21.99, $30.99, $44.99
Assorted Cookie with IcingLarge46$29.99 
Creme Cake (Assorted)Medium, Large16, 32$18.99, $31.99
Dessert Kit: Cookie Lovers  20-22$28.99 
Classic Petit Fours Small8-10$15.99 
Mini Croissant (Assorted)Large16-20$18.99 
Brownie Treat Small, Medium, Large8-10, 10-15, 15-20$17.99, $22.99, $37.99
Chocolate Covered Strawberry  10-15$24.99 
Vegan Cookie Small10-15$15.99 
Cookie Platter with IcingMedium22$18.99 
Decadent Sweets Small, Medium, Large10-15, 15-20, 25-30$21.99, $25.99, $45.99
Brownie – GreenWise Brookie Medium, Large8-10, 20-25$16.99, $24.99
Cookie: Mini Yo-Yo Small, Medium, Large12, 20, 36$11.99 $17.99, $27.99
Pastry Bites Medium, Large18, 28$14.99, $22.99
Cookie: GreenWise Medium, Large $18.99, $33.99
Gw Mini Muffin Large15-20$28.99 
Macaron Strawberry Medium15-20$32.99 
Gourmet Cookie Bite Medium22$16.99 
Cookie: Gourmet Large46$30.99 
Mini Scones Medium, Large18, 28$16.99, $27.99
Mini Tart Small, Medium, Large15, 22, 37$21.99, $30.99, $44.99
Pastry Delights Medium, Large12, 20$17.99, $27.99

The Publix catering menu is always expanding, as the chefs come up with new, creative platters to delight your taste buds. If you’ve not yet decided on what to order for the next event, here’s a list of some loved Publix platters that might help: 

01. Deli Wrap Variety 

Wraps are simply delicious, even when they’re not made by Publix catering.

They are easier to eat compared to sandwiches, come in a larger variety of tastes, and are welcomed at any time of the day!

The stylish lettuce & tomato arrangement fits in with any decor, and the ingredients can be chosen separately for every wrap type.

Customize 3 different wrap types with 6 different meat and cheese options! You can even choose a vegetarian alternative! 

02. Deli Dip Variety Platter 

This platter is the perfect snack at any event! Best fitted for parties and non-formal events, the platter comes with 3 tasty dips, two different snacks, and two vegetable options.

Choose every item and delight your guests with a crunchy, healthy surprise. 

There are 7 different dips available, including hummus, 4 types of snacks, and 7 types of nutritious vegetables to complete de meal. Of course, baby carrots are the customers’ favorite! 

03. Boar’s Head Mix and Mingle Charcuterie Box 

Charcuterie Boxes are those Instagram platters that simply look too beautiful to be eaten. Besides their aesthetic, the platters are also a gourmet delight!

All the ingredients are fresh and the large variety of food items satisfies anyone’s preferences: from dark chocolate-covered almonds to salami and gouda cheese, the charcuterie box has it all. 

04. Deli Tender Sampler Platter 

Of course, nothing is more delicious than the classic chicken! Served fresh and chilled, the tender sampler platter includes crispy, boneless chicken that can be enjoyed with 4 different sauces.

One platter contains between 13150 and 19350 calories, so that alone should be a description of its worth. 

To finish with something sweet, the gourmet cookie platter is one of the most advantageous options out there.

With an average $16.99, you can add 22 cookies of three different kinds to offer your guests a tasty treat at the end of the party. 

Deli Dip Fresh Variety Platter 

Publix Catering vs Other Catering 

The Publix Catering menu has become one of the most successful options out there, and there is more than a valid reason behind its fame.

Here are some noticeable differences in how Publix offers its customers a better catering experience: 

# Unlike many other catering brands, it provides its customers with both pick-up and delivery options. 

# Publix has a wide variety of items. Opposite to other restaurants, it doesn’t only have one delicious, perfect dish to offer its customers.

It has everything you’ve ever needed for catering an event, from appetizers to desserts. 

# It provides full-service catering, starting with suggestions and adjustable meal plans and finishing with the cleanup 

# Clients can search the catering menu by event to explore what best fits their needs

Photo Credit; wikimedia.orgCC

Reviews of Publix Catering

Publix is surely situated on the affordable end of the price list when it comes to catering.

Its menu is so varied that it can cover an event of any budget, from a kid’s birthday party to a wedding.

It includes anything, from gourmet cookies to extravagant cakes and from simple sandwich platters to new England boiled seafood platters. 

Regarding nutritional values, Publix Catering keeps itself at the top of the list.

Of course, some delicious food items are not the healthiest choices, like the honey maple turkey and brie sandwich.

However, it’s impressive that the restaurant manages to include vegetarian, low-carb, and even full salad platters and salad bowls on its menu. 

Catering Menu

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People Can Eat From a Publix Ringleader?

The Publix ringleader is a sandwich platter created in the form of a ring, for both practical and aesthetic purposes.

It’s one of the classic party choices, available for turkey and ham sandwiches, One platter serves about 10 people, and contains about 360 calories per serving.

The number can, of course, vary, depending on the appetite of your guests. 

Full-Service Catering, What Does it Mean? 

On the official website, Publix affirms that it can offer full-service catering.

This service consists of all the steps that are necessary for a successful catering, from planning the platters and adjusting the ingredients and sizes to the event to delivery, set up, service during the event, and cleaning up after.

What makes it stand out is the liquor bar arrangement and service. 

When Should I Place The Catering Order For Delivery/Pick-Up? 

Preparing quality dishes takes time, so the catering orders should be placed at least 24 hours before and picked up/delivered right before the event, so they are warm and tasty. 

Is There a Minimum Order If I Choose Delivery? 

The delivery option can be applied for orders that are less than $150, but with some additional fees.

Keep in mind that the delivery process itself charges extra fees, so if your order is not that large, picking it up from the closest Publix location is the wise thing to do.

What Are The Procedures To Postpone or Cancel The Event? 

Emergencies can take place at any time. The best thing to do is contact the catering consultant you were working with/ the Publix location where you placed the order and explain the situation.

Details may be changed and a solution will be found, so everyone is pleased. Obviously, it depends on how close to the event you call. 

Final Thoughts 

All things considered, Publix’s catering menu is one of the best options out there. Its variety, cost, and customizable ingredients truly give it an authentic spark.

Both delivery and pick-up options are available, and the order can easily be placed physically, online, or on the phone. 

Try the delicious Deli menus, the sweet dessert platters, or the sophisticated seafood along with impressive catering services! 

The restaurant even uploads its recipes on YouTube so everyone can challenge their creativity and cooking skills! 

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