Porto’s Menu & Price in 2024 (Special For Bakery, and Cafe)

Are you craving sweet desserts and filling pastries? Porto’s Bakery is here for you. Porto’s Bakery offers an array of dishes, including desserts and pastries.

During this coming holiday season, please include the two seasonal pastries of Porto’s in your Christmas dinner menu: The Gingerbread cookie and the gingersnap cookie.

Under Porto’s bakery menu are 30 sweets: cake slices, tartlets, guava rose, empanadas, croissants, and quesadillas.

Ten savory dishes include meat-stuffed empanada, croquetta, croissant, plantain chips, tamale, and potato balls—eleven types of bread: sourdough, loaf, baguette, buns, and French roll.

Twelve signature cakes will also complete your meals; you can choose from various cheesecakes, tiramisu, tres leches, mousse cakes, tarts, and Porto’s pineapple Cuban cake.

Porto’s has a selection of 11 meaty and cheese sandwiches, 2 “platos’ which can be grilled chicken or slow-roasted pork, two creamy soups, and three salads.

For your beverages, you can have hot drinks such as coffee, espresso, tea, and cappuccino. Cold beverages include fruit shakes, cocktails, juices, and soda.

Plenty of must-try dishes include signature menus such as Refugiado or Guava and Cheese Strudel – a puff pastry filled with Porto’s own Guava Jam and Cream Cheese filling.

The patron’s favorite cheese roll – another puffed pastry filled with cream cheese filling sprinkled with sugar; and last but not least, the potato balls – which have two flavors the Papa Rellena, potato puree stuffed with Rosa’s picadillo covered with panko crust and the cheesy and spicy peppers potato balls loaded with four cheese and different peppers.

To grab these delicious Porto’s dishes, you can visit their store locations in the US. They also offer delivery services via FedEx and GLS. Just visit their website and order now!

Porto’s catering menu PDF

Cheese Roll $1.25
Refugiado (Guava & Cheese Strudel)$1.40
Breakfast Wrap$8.20
1 Dozen of Potato Ball (Papa Rellena)$16.55
Cubano $8.85
Dulce de Leche Besito$0.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.00
Iced Dulce de Leche Latte$5.79
Ham & Cheese Omelette $7.05
Guacamole & Cheese Omelette $7.05

Portos Breakfast Menu

(Available Until 11 am)

Ham & Cheese Omelette $7.05
Chorizo & Cheese Omelette $7.05
Guacamole & Cheese Omelette $7.05
Cheese Omelette $6.79

Portos Sandwiches

Cubano $8.85
Turkey & Cheese Croissant $7.75
Spicy Chicken Milanesa $9.90
Medianoche $8.49
Turkey & Candied Bacon$9.39
Pan con Lechon (Slow-Roasted Pork Sandwich)$9.15
Ham & Cheese Croissant$7.75
Feta Sandwich$7.99
Ropa Vieja Sandwich $9.15

House-Made Soup

Cuban-Style Black Beans Soup $5.65
Cauliflower & Broccoli Soup$5.65


Cilantro Caesar $8.59
Rustic Chopped Chicken $11.55
Grilled Chicken Cilantro Caesar $10.95


Sourdough Batard$4.90
Egg Bread$4.79
Multigrain Batard$4.90
Bag of 6 – French Roll$4.35
Walnut Raisin Batard$4.90
Sourdough Baguette$3.25
French Baguette$2.95
Country Bread$5.05
French Roll$0.75
Cuban Roll (Bolillo Cubano)
Bag of 25 $12.10
Bag of 6 $2.95


Cheese Roll$1.25
Cinnamon Coffee Cake$11.25
Guava Strudel (Pastelito de Guayaba)$1.29
Refugiado (Guava & Cheese Strudel)$1.40
Cranberry Orange Scone$2.89
Coconut Strudel$1.85
Apple Strudel$1.85
Pineapple Empanada$1.95


Meat Pie $1.49
Chicken Empanada$1.65
Spinach Feta Empanada$1.40
Ham (Croqueta de Jamon)$1.39
Chicken (Croqueta de Pollo)$1.49
1 dozen of Spinach Feta Empanada$15.65
1 dozen of Meat Pie $16.55
1 dozen of Chicken Empanada$18.29
1 dozen of Potato Ball (Papa Rellena)$16.55
1 dozen of Ham Croquette (Croqueta de Jamon)$15.09
1 dozen of Chicken Croquette (Croqueta de Pollo)$16.55
1 dozen of Potato Ball (Papa Rellena)$1.49

Portos Cake Menu

Round Cake
Milk’N Berries $42.95
Tres Leches $28.05
Parisian Chocolate $34.95
Chocolate Raspberry $35.15
Tiramisu $35.15
Red Velvet $35.15
Carrot $29.95
Fresh Fruit Tart$35.25
Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake$35.15
New York Cheesecake$28.35
Roll Cake (Dulce de Leche)$13.59
Tres Leches Cake Loaf$12.10


Chocolate Twist$2.85
Chocolate $2.85
Butter $2.49
Churro $2.49
Almond $2.70


Chocolate Chip $2.79
Mixed Berry $2.79

Cold Sweets

Parisian Chocolate Cake $4.19
Carrot Cake $4.19
Napoleon $4.79
Fruit Tartlet$4.70
Tiramisu Cup$4.69


Dulce de Leche Besito$0.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.00
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$1.00
Chocolate Hazelnut Besito$0.99

Cold Brewed Coffee

Porto’s House $6.15
Horchata $6.15

Fresh Fruit Juice & Handcrafted Tea

Guava Lemonade $5.19
Orange Juice $5.55
Strawberry Mojito$4.95

Hot Coffee

Latte (Cafe con Leche)$5.45
Dulce de Leche Latte$5.45
Mocha Latte$5.45
Matcha Green Tea Latte$5.45
Hot Chocolate$4.45
House Brewed Coffee$2.59
Hot Tea – Earl Grey$2.95
Hot Tea
Turmeric Ginger$2.95
English Breakfast$2.95

Iced Coffee

Latte (Cafe con Leche)$5.55
Dulce de Leche Latte$5.79
Cold Brew$4.35
Matcha Green Tea Latte$5.79
Strawberry Matcha Latte$5.89

Iced Blend Coffee

Dulce de Leche Latte (Blended)$5.89

Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Guava $5.89
Strawberry Banana $5.89
Passion Colada (Mango, Coconut, Passion Fruit)$5.89
Mango $5.89

Signature Shakes

Mamey $5.89
Oreo $5.89

Bottled Beverage

Apple Juice$2.35
Malta India$2.95
Sparkling Water$4.15
Bottled Water$2.35

Porto’s Bakery Delivery Methods

Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupAvailable

Get To Know Porto’s Bakery

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People Also Ask About Porto’s

How Should I Bake My Porto’s Bakery-Delivered Goods?

You can bake your ordered pastries until golden brown or about 35-40 minutes in a conventional or 30-35 minutes in a convection oven.

What Are Two Must-Tries At Porto’s Bakery?

The two dishes to try at Porto’s are the Papa Rellena and the Refugiado.

What Kind of Meat is Inside Porto’s Potato Balls?

Porto’s Potato balls are stuffed with Cuban-style ground beef sauteed with mushrooms and onions seasoned with Spanish seasonings.

What Are The Porto’s Pastries With Lard?

The Porto’s pastries that contain lard are Cuban crackers and bread, Tamal, Bolillo, and Ham Croquetta.

How Should I Stock Porto’s Pastry?

Once your package from Porto’s Bakery arrives, you can bake them immediately or store them in the freezer for 3-5 days.

Who is The Owner of Porto’s Bakery?

Porto’s Bakery & Café is a family-owned diner which serves the US for 40 years.

Its president is Raul Porto, who operates the business with his siblings Margarita and Beatriz.

Final Thoughts

The aromatic goodness of freshly baked pastries will surely welcome you once you enter Porto’s Bakery.

The smell of the baked pastries alone is mouth-watering; indeed, they will melt in your mouth once you bite one.

What are you waiting for? Come and grab your favorite baked goods at Porto’s.

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