Bush’s Chicken Menu With Prices 2023 – Family-Friendly Meal Sets & Bundles

Have you ever felt hungry and wanted to eat the most delicious fast foods at a reasonable price range?

We know you did. And to satisfy such hunger with the most delicious foods, we recommend exploring this article Bush’s Chicken Menu With Prices which will give you an idea of the overall menu prices of Bush’s Chicken restaurant.

This amazing American fast-food chain is decked up with one of the most versatile chicken menus you have ever come across.

From crispy, crunchy chicken and tenders to special French fries, green salads, and beverages, the menu of this food joint will never fail to amaze you.

We can assure you that! So, what’s on their menu?

Well, Bush’s Chicken Menu consists of 4 different mains, tasty tenders, scrumptious chicken, appetizing sides, and beverages to serve to their eaters.

Among these, the tasty tenders have 4 different items, including meal deals, and the delicious chicken has 5 items (with kids’ meals) to cater to their customers’ demands.

That’s not all. To go with the mains, this food chain also has 11 different sides, 1 amazing dessert item, cold beverages, and the famous iced tea so that you can enjoy a satisfying meal without any problems.

If you want to indulge in such delicious foods at a reduced price, wait for the “Tender Thursdays”.

On each Thursday, Bush’s Chicken offers a meal deal with 16 juicy tenders, family gravy, and 4 rolls at a super reduced price.

Another interesting thing about Bush’s Chicken is that they have a “happy hour” to make their eaters happy!

Every day from 2:00 – 5:00 PM, they offer discounts on their iced tea and beverages to make sure you go home with a happy soul.

Bush’s Chicken Prices (Family Meals Menu)

20 pcs Tenders$38.99
30 pcs Tenders$52.99
15 Pcs Chicken$45.99
10 Pcs Chicken$37.99

Bush’s Chicken Tenders & Rolls

16 pcs Crispy Tenders$27.99
4 pcs Crispy Tenders$7.99
20 pcs Crispy Tenders$33.99
Tender Roll$1.99
6 pcs Crispy Tenders $9.99

Individual Meals Menu

Kid’s Meal$6.49
Tender Roll$7.99
Mix Chicken$10.49
2 pcs of Baked Chicken $10.49

Bush’s Chicken & Rolls

Three Pieces and 1 Roll$9.99
Two Pieces and 1 Roll$7.99
Ten Pieces Mixed with 5 Rolls  $26.99
Fifteen Pieces Mixed with 8 Rolls $37.99
Eight Pieces Mixed with 4 Rolls $21.99


Mashed Potatoes$2.99
French Fries$2.99
Green Beans$2.99
Country Cole Slaw$2.99
Jalapeño Peppers$0.35
Dipping Sauces$0.35
Corn Nuggets$2.99


Bottle of Water $1.89
Famous Iced Tea$1.39

Bush’s Chicken Buffalo Fries


Bush’s Chicken Delivery Methods

Drive Thru Yes
Home Delivery Yes
Curbside Pickup Yes

Important Links to Bush’s Chicken Menu

Official Websitehttp://www.bushschicken.com/  
Online Orderhttp://www.bushschicken.com/menu/  
Mobile Apps https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bushs-chicken-atx/id1584817703
Store Locatorhttp://www.bushschicken.com/locations  
Contact  888-827-8369

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bush’s Chicken Menu With Prices

How Much Does The Bush’s Chicken Buffalo French Fries Cost?

The delicious Buffalo French Fries is one of the most popular items of The Bush’s Chicken.

While medium Buffalo fries cost around $7.74, the larger one is $10.80.

Does Bush’s Chicken Menu Offer Bags of Ice?

Surprisingly enough, Bush’s Chicken sells bags of ice to their customers to keep them chilled in times of need.

However, you must remember that ice bags are not available in all their locations.

What is The Most Expensive Bush’s Chicken Item?

Bush’s Chicken menu is relatively affordable. However, their mixed chicken and the crispy tender item are quite expensive.

It cost around $27, which also makes it the most costly item on their menu.

What Are The Bush’s Chicken Menu Specials?

The menu specials of the Bush’s Chicken restaurant are quite interesting.

For each day of the week, they offer different meal deals to satisfy the versatile appetite of their eaters.

Final Words

Even though Bush’s Chicken specializes in chicken items, its menu is widespread and versatile.

Unlike many other food joints, they don’t only serve fried chicken with sides.

Their wide-ranging menu offers a whole lot of different chicken items, including baked chicken, to satisfy your hunger completely.

Try these items and get into the juicy world of mouthwatering Bush Chicken. We are sure you won’t be dissatisfied, as weren’t we?