Chicken Express Menu With Prices 2024 (Taste Best Chicken Tenders at Fast Delivery)

The Chicken Express menu is divided into five broad categories. These include Combo Meals, Family Meals, Fried Fish Fillets, Sides & Extras, and Drinks & Tea.

Combo Meals serve one person and come with a drink that can be switched out for a side.

They are chicken meals with a variety of cuts offered, such as chicken tenders, wings, liver, and drumsticks.

Chicken tenders are the most widely sought-after chicken meal on the menu.

Family meals offer larger portions, with 8, 12, 16, 20, 25, or 30 pieces of chicken, depending on customer requirements.

Fish Fillet meals can also be ordered as a single-person combo or multiple fillets for serving a family.

Many sides are offered by Chicken Express, which can add an extra flavor to the meal.

Amongst some of the most popular sides offered are French fries, coleslaw, cheese sticks, Mac & Cheese, and fried okra.

For those wanting to enjoy an after-meal sweet bite, the menu also offers apple and cherry pies. Extras include a kid’s meal combo, as well as various servings of chicken pieces.

Chicken Express only serves cold drinks in 16, 32, and 44 oz. Beverages can be selected from iced tea, soft drinks, or simple bottled water.

Iced tea is one of the most ordered menu items of Chicken Express.

Chicken Express Prices (Combo Menu)

(Chicken Item + Bread With Drinks, Side & Sauces)

7 Express Tender$13.69
4 Express Tender$9.69
2 Pcs Mixed Chicken$8.69
3 Pcs Chicken$9.99
8 Boneless Hot Wings $9.69
3 Pieces Fish $11.49
2 Pieces Fish $9.69
Kids Meal $6.29

Chicken Express Spicy Tenders (Dinner Menu)

(Chicken Item + 2 Side With Bread & Sauces)

7 Express Tender$13.69
4 Express Tender $9.69
3 Pcs Mixed Chicken$9.99
2 Pcs Mixed Chicken$8.69
8 Boneless Hot Wing$9.69
3 Piece Fish $11.49
2 Piece Fish $9.69

Chicken Express Family Meals

With Bread & Sides

12 Pcs Chicken12$30.99
8 Pcs Chicken8$23.99
16 Pcs Chicken16$38.99
30 Pcs Express Tender30$53.99
25 Pcs Express Tender25$43.99
8 Pcs Express Fish8$32.99

Extras With Chicken Items & Bread

4 Tenders$7.59
15 Tenders$23.99
7 Tenders$11.49
3 Pieces Chicken$7.29
2 Pieces Chicken$6.09
8 Hot Wings$7.59
12 Livers$9.99
6 Livers$6.99
18 Gizzards$9.99
9 Gizzards$6.99
2 Pcs Fish$7.49
1 Piece Fish$4.49
8 Pcs Fish$25.99
3 Pcs Fish$9.99

Chicken Express Sides

FriesFamily $4.59
Regular $2.39
OkraFamily $4.59
Regular $2.39
Cole SlawFamily $4.59
Regular $2.39
Green BeansFamily $4.59
Regular $2.39
Macaroni & CheeseFamily $4.59
Regular $2.39
Mashed PotatoesFamily $4.59
Regular $2.39
Mashed Without GravyFamily $4.59
Regular $2.39
Corn on the Cob4$4.59
Cheese Sticks6$4.59
Corn Nuggets24$4.59

Extras & Sauces Menu

Rolls + Biscuits$2.29
Honey Mustard$0.35
Jalapeno Ranch$0.35
Tartar Sauce$0.35
Cocktail Sauce$0.35
Serendipity Hot Sauce$0.35

Drinks Menu

Coke32Oz. $1.99
Sprite32Oz. $1.99
Diet Coke32Oz. $1.99
Diet Dr Pepper32Oz. $1.99
Dr Pepper32Oz. $1.99
Lemonade32Oz. $1.99
Root Beer32Oz. $1.99
Powerade32Oz. $1.99
Sweet Tea32Oz. $1.99
UnSweet Tea32Oz. $1.99
Arnold Palmer32Oz. $1.99
1/2 & 1/2 Tea32Oz. $1.99
Water32Oz. $0.79
Cup of Ice32Oz. $0.79
Coke44Oz. $2.39
Sprite44Oz. $2.39
Diet Coke44Oz. $2.39
Diet Dr Pepper44Oz. $2.39
Dr Pepper44Oz. $2.39
Lemonade44Oz. $2.39
Root Beer44Oz. $2.39
Powerade44Oz. $2.39
Sweet Tea44Oz. $2.39
UnSweet Tea44Oz. $2.39
Arnold Palmer44Oz. $2.39
1/2 and 1/2 Tea44Oz. $2.39
Water44Oz. $0.99
Cup of Ice44Oz. $0.99
Bottled Water$1.00
Sweet Tea1 Gallon$4.59
UnSweet Tea1 Gallon$4.59
1/2 and 1/2 Tea1 Gallon$4.59


Chocolate Chip Cookie1$0.92
Cherry Pie1$0.92
Apple Pie1$0.92
Cherry Pies4$3.99
Apple Pies4$3.99
Apple + Cherry Pies2+2$3.99

Story of Chicken Express

The first Chicken Express was established in 1988 in Texas. The owners previously worked for a different food franchise before deciding to open up their own venture.

Soon it became a pioneer in delivering fried chicken to people’s doorsteps by introducing a delivery option.

The slogan that helped them become popular during this time was ‘Our Chicken Can’t Fly, So We Deliver.’

The success of the restaurant took off owing largely to the batter mix used on the chicken. It has been a family-owned secret recipe throughout the years.

Loyal customers crave the spicy and juicy chicken served by  Texas-based Chicken Express, making it stand out from other restaurants.

Chicken Express
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Reason Behind Their Popularity

Chicken Express has a long-standing principle of always serving fresh food.

When it comes to fast food chains, there are many that use frozen chicken products, which are fried according to order.

However, Chicken Express’ ‘Always fresh now frozen’ motto attracts many customers.

Two significantly popular menu items-Express Tenders and Chicken Express Sweet Tea- also helped the restaurant garner a name for itself.

The branding of the restaurant also plays a role in its popularity.

It has been part of media coverage due to events such as selling Crocs in affiliation with a former employee, now popstar Post Malone.

This led to many customers rushing in to buy the $6 ‘Posty Special’ meal.

The Chicken Express menu is quite large and offers a wide range of options. However, the upside to this is that they have perfected the items that the menu does offer.

Depending on the choice of the customer, most of the menu items are quite popular, but there are some that are worthy of special mention.

01. Express Tenders

The chicken tenders from Chicken Express are patented as Express Tenders.

Customers claim them to be the yummiest fried chicken offered by any fast food restaurant, with many trying to recreate the recipe at home.

The chicken is first marinated and then dipped into a secret hot batter, and then fried to create these famous tenders. What sets them apart is the freshness, spiciness, and crunch in every bite.

02. Fried Fish Skillets

Catfish fried fillets are another hot menu item. Again the batter coating on top of the fish gives it a tantalizing crunch.

What makes it unique is that they are served with hushpuppies which customers love. They also come with dipping sauces to elevate the taste of the meal. 

03. Sides

It is very common for customers to place orders along with sides. Chicken Express has one of the largest side menus with a variety of options.

Customers usually prefer fried side items, including okra, potato chips, and pickles. Corn on the cob and Mac & Cheese are also popular.

04. Iced Tea

Although a simple iced tea, this menu item has found its way into the heart of loyal Chicken Express customers.

Many like to enjoy this tea either with their meal or alone on a hot summer’s day.

It is freshly brewed and comes in both sweetened and unsweetened versions. Sweet Iced Tea is more popular and one of the most ordered items on the whole menu.

Chicken Express Order Process

Drive-through and dine-in orders can be placed directly by telling restaurant personnel what you would like to eat.

For online orders, there is a tab on the website in the upper right corner called ‘Order Online.’ The delivery option is only available in select locations.

The main delivery partner is Grubhub. Deliveries can also be made through couriers such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Seamless. 

Delivery Methods

The delivery method is quite straightforward. Customers can enter their location to check whether delivery is available in their area.

Following this, they can add menu items to their cart and choose a payment option. Once everything is complete, they simply have to wait for the order to arrive.

Drive ThruAvailable
Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupAvailable

Payment Methods

Chicken Express accepts payments in the form of credit/debit cards and cash. There are also some Gift cards available for Chicken Express.

In select locations, cash on delivery (COD) is also a viable option. Payment methods are listed below:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Cash
  • Gift cards

Contact Information of Chicken Express

Useful links, such as contact information and store locations of Chicken Express, are provided in the table below.

Corporate Office 130 NE Wilshire Blvd, Burleson, TX 76028, USA
Contact No8172958886
Order Online
Store Locator
Their Story

Find Chicken Express on Social Media

Social Media links of Chicken Express are given below. Chick Express is active on limited social media platforms.



How Can I Find Out If Chicken Express Delivers in My Area?

Chicken Express offers delivery in limited areas. One can find out by entering their location after clicking the ‘Order Online’ tab on their website.

What Are The Options If Delivery is Not Available in My Area?

You can choose the nearest Chicken Express branch for pick-up. You still place your order online as you would go for a delivery, and it is expected to be ready by the time you go to pick it up.

Chicken Express is partnered with Grubhub for delivery. An option is to check other courier websites, such as Uber Eats; there is a possibility of them providing delivery to your area.  

What Type of Fish is Used in The Fried Fish Skillet Meals?

Chicken Express fried fish skillets are made using catfish.

Does Chicken Express Provide a Catering Service?

Yes, Chicken Express offers catering for office lunches or family events. The catering menu caters to a large number of people. For example, one of the items is 56 pieces of Rotisserie chicken.  

Are There Any Healthy Food Choices At Chicken Express?

Some of the items, especially from the side menu, are keto-friendly. Amongst these, fried okra and fried chicken wings are popular.

The website also has a nutritional information tab for those wishing to eat healthily and watch the carbs.

Final Thoughts

Chicken Express is a restaurant for fried chicken lovers. It has many competitor restaurants but has made a name for itself due to its spicy batter-coated chicken.

Their menu is not very large, but the food offered is good in quality and taste, as well as packs a punch of flavor.

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