Golden Corral Menu Prices 2023 (Explore Yourself With Buffet Style Items)

Golden Corral is the ultimate household name when it comes to a buffet-style menu for all three meals.

Their hot breakfast favorites have over 20 different choices with all kinds of pancakes, French toast, and sausage links.

You get to make your own omelet at their Omelet Station. Cold Breakfast Selection offers you freshly-squeezed juices and fruits.

Their lunch buffet comes with 30+ hot lunch mains and sides with steakburgers, fried chicken, pizzas, and pot pies. You get to customize your salads, too.

Dessert options and various beverages are part of their buffet menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Golden Corral Lunch Prices & Holiday Meals

Turkey (Whole-Roasted) 6-8$135.00
A-La-Carte (Favorites)
Carved ham (lbs.)$7.99
Carved Turkey (lbs.)$7.99
Fried chicken (Each One)$1.99
Buttered-Corn (1/4)$8.99
Green Beans (1/4)$7.99
Steamed-Broccoli (1/4)$8.99
Steamed-Carrots (1/4)$5.99
Mashed-Potatoes (1/4)$9.99
Gravy (One Pint )$5.99
Cheese and Macaroni$9.99
Potato-Casserole (Sweet)$9.99
Stuffing (1/4)$9.99
Apple Pie$15.99
Pecan Pie$8.99
Pumpkin Pie$8.99
Chocolate Cake$11.99
Carrot Cake$11.99

Buffalo Wings & Tailgate Favorites

Buffalo Wings
Traditional wings36 pcs$31.99
24 pcs$21.99
12 pcs$13.99
Street-Chicken (Bourbon)20 Pcs5350-10700$35.89
Fried Chicken (Crowd Pleaser)$27.99
Roast (Pot)1190-2390$39.49
Pulled-Pork (By-Pound)565-1130$9.89
Carved-Ham (By-Pound)320-640$7.69
Pizza (Pepperoni)1970$8.99
Pizza (Cheese)1960$7.99
Tailgate Sides
Cheese and Macaroni4055$24.99
Tailgate Desserts
Pudding (Banana)$12.99
Pudding (Bread)$12.99
Cookies1 Dozen$2.49

Golden Corral Dinner Prices – Individual Meals 

Fried-Chicken (irresistible, Crispy-fried & southern-style )933-1253$15.99
Roast (Pot)597-917$16.85
Street-Chicken (Bourbon)826-1146$14.99
Pulled-Pork (Smoked)966-1286$13.75
Chicken (Baked)816-1146$13.75
Chicken (Caesar-Salad)510-880$9.99
Blue-Berry (Pie)280$1.50

Golden Corral Family Meals Menu

Street-Chicken (Bourbon)65174-6975$40.69
Street-Chicken (Bourbon)43450-4675$35.00
Roast (Pot)63800-5583$49.29
Roast (Pot)42534-3759$38.89
Sirloin-Steak (5 oz.)63032-4815$47.29
Sirloin-Steak (5 oz.)42022-3247$31.89
Pulled-Pork (Smoked)66014-7797$47.29
Pulled-Pork (Smoked)44010-5235$31.89
Baked Fish63389-4101 $40.69
Baked Fish42266-3491 $27.49
Fried Fish63518-5301$50.69
Fried Fish42364-3571$37.49
Fried Chicken200-325$1.69
Baked-Beans24 oz.890$5.99
Buttered-Corn 24 oz.790$5.99
Green-Beans 24 oz.560$5.99
Cheese and Macaroni 1010$6.99
Gravy and Mashed Potatoes24 oz.970$6.99
Steamed-Broccoli 24 oz.80$5.99
Rice (White) 24 oz.610$3.99
Yeast-Rolls1 Dozen2130$5.75
Yeast-Rolls1/2 Dozen1070$3.25
Coleslaw24 oz.540$5.99

Fried Chicken 

Fun-Box6 pcs1950-2150$10.00
Bird-Box8 pcs3320-3480$13.99
Family-Box12 pcs4980-5220$18.99
Crowd-Pleaser20 pcs8300-8700$27.99

Pizza Menu

Pepperoni Pizza1970$8.99

Golden Corral Sides Items

Coleslaw24 oz.540$5.99
Buttered-Corn24 oz.790$5.99
Cheese and Macaroni 24 oz.1010$6.99
Green-Beans24 oz.560$5.99
Gravy and Mashed Potatoes24 oz.970$6.99
Steamed-Carrots24 oz.380$5.99
Rice (White) 24 oz.610$3.99

Kids Meals 

Fried-Chicken (irresistible, southern-style & Crispy-fried )1 pcs200-325$1.69

Desserts Menu

Carrot Cake13640$11.99
1 Slice240$1.99

Beverage Menu

Items (Large)SizeCaloriePrice
Sweet Tea (Gold-Peak)32 oz.340$2.79
Unsweet-Tea (Gold Peak)32 oz.10$2.79
Lemonade (Minute-Maid)32 oz.430$2.79
Barq’s-Root-(Beer)32 oz.430$2.79
Coca-Cola32 oz.430$2.79
Diet-Coke32 oz.$2.79
Dr. Pepper32 oz.360$2.79
Fanta-Orange32 oz.430$2.79
Sprite32 oz.370$2.79
Lemonade (Minute-Maid)1 Gallon1490$8.99
1/2 Gallon750$4.99
Sweet Tea (Freshly Brewed)1 Gallon1350$4.99
1/2 Gallon675$3.99
Unsweet-Tea (Freshly Brewed)1 Gallon35$6.99
1/2 Gallon20$3.99

Popular Items of Golden Corral

We all agree that it’s a mission impossible to pick your favorites from Golden Corral’s larger-than-life breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet menus.

But trust me, the dishes below are straight from God’s table to your mouth!

01. Golden Delicious Shrimp

Never say never to this seafood goodness until you taste a shrimp or two.

It’s finely breaded and rightly seasoned with the freshest herbs to give these shrimps an amazing flavor.

Yes, it’s quite the crunchiness with a mild flavor that will pair up with any of your picks to make an explosion of perfect flavors.

02. Fried Chicken At Golden Corral

You can never go wrong with a fat and juicy piece of fried chicken. It’s one of their classics made with perfectly seasoned premium chicken.

It’s juicy, crunchy, and quite flavorful with a fine texture and an amazing smell to make you come back for more.

03. Signature Sirloin Steak

Never feel intimidated by steak at the buffet. This tender meat leans on salt to give its signature flavor with perfect seasonings.

It’s juicy, tender, and salty and will make an excellent addition to your lunch order.

04. Awesome Pot Roast

This is the absolute best choice for anyone who’s famished. This dish is spicy and full of baked meat and juicy vegetables.

The beef is tender, the broth is comforting and the carrots and potatoes are quite well-cooked.

05. Scalloped Potatoes

This is the ultimate potato dish with finely sliced potatoes dipped in the creamiest cheese sauce ever!

This indulgent dish is extra flavorful with the right moisture to make the perfect addition to your dinner order to keep you filled.    

History of Golden Corral

Their story dates back to 1973 when James Maynard and William F. Carl opened the very first Golden Corral in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Judging by their now ginormous success, you would never believe how hard it was to turn the idea of Golden Corral into reality in 1971.

Today, nearly 50 years later, Golden Corral shines as America’s #1 buffet and grill across 397 locations.

It’s a well-loved giant in the restaurant world with more than 9000 employers, who are the silent heroes behind those delicious dishes they serve. 

Today, in 2022 it’s more popular than ever for the ginormous menus that they have and the sensational dishes they serve at every location.

People love Golden Corral for being thoughtful and catering to everyone’s dietary needs and for their excellent customer service.

Their dishes are iconic and their ordering process is a dream come true. After all, who says NO to the handsome offers they’ve got for you?

Golden Corral Menu Ordering Process

 Now, let me walk you through the ordering process at Golden Corral. 

Physical Ordering

You could always drop by your local Golden Corral, ask for the menu, and order at the cashier.

Online Ordering   

  • Visit / Download the Golden Corral app on the apple store or play store
  • Scroll through their 100+ dishes, select your food, and add the location
  • Collect your order – with curbside pickup, delivery, or weigh and pay (pay by the pound by filling a container with what you’re craving)

Ordering With Delivery Apps

  • Visit Door Dash/ Uber Eats website or downloads their mobile app
  • Locate your closest Golden Corral, order, and pay

Golden Corral Delivery Methods

Golden Corral is the best when it comes to convenient delivery methods.

They’ve got a few delivery options for you to choose from, making the delivery process easier than ever.

Drive-thruYes (available in certain locations)
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside pickupCurbside pickup

Golden Corral Payment Options

Gold Corral accepts several payment options to make sure their food is accessible to all. Listed below is what you can pay for and have the sensational food at Golden Corral.

  • Visa cards
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Golden Corral gift cards (You can purchase this card)

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Golden Corral’s Social Media

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Golden Corral
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Frequently Asked Questions About Golden Corral Menu Prices

Is Golden Corral Buffet Sensitive To Dietary Requirements? 

Of course, it is. More than sixteen diet-friendly options at Golden Corral accommodate nearly every dietary plan.

This includes glutton-free, plant-based, vegan, vegetarian, low-carb, weight watchers, keto options, and much more.

Is The Golden Corral Salad Bar Open Only For Lunch?

Absolute NO. The salad bar is open for all three meals of the day, and you can order a salad pretty much at any meal of the day.

Customizable salads are available with fresh veggies, fruits, cheese, meats, and toppings of your choice. Pre-made salads are also available, including seafood salad. 

What Hot Food is Available on Breakfast and Lunch Menus?

Golden Corral’s hot breakfast menu consists of over 15 warm dishes. The dishes vary from classic French toast to sausage gravy and delicious breakfast casserole.

As for lunch, they offer you several hot lunch options like meatloaf, fried fish, and pot roast with over 15 hot sides to match with.

Is Breakfast Served During The Weekend?

Short answer: That depends on the location. Weekend breakfast is available in certain franchised locations of Golden Corral.

The dishes and their availability could also vary depending on the location. Make sure to check with your local store to avoid any mishaps.

When Does The Lunch Buffet Close At Golden Corral?

Golden Corral serves lunch until 4 pm. Lunch is served from Monday to Saturday.

Final Words

If you are a veritable foodie like me who enjoys a delicious meal with minimum effort, I suggest you give Golden Corral a chance.

You’ll never look back once you realize how iconic their food is with an amazing quality that you never expect a restaurant to have. Trust me on this, they are the best!