Wawa Menu With Prices (Updated: 2024) – Hot Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

From convenience stores to gas stations to food catering, Wawa has successfully delivered its service to us.

Being in the industry for more than 50 years, they have experimented and concluded what the people need and found ways to give it to them.

Wawa Menu With Prices includes fresh food for breakfast, all day, and dinner. They also have coffee, salads, burgers, and their famous sandwiches. Almost everything you might need during a stopover.

Hot or cold, we are all for bread with a great quantity of filling inside. Wawa offers us built-to-order hoagies, sandwiches, paninis, quesadillas, and burritos with many varieties.

Let’s talk about the paninis. They have breakfast paninis and all-day ones.

The toasted bread with the grill marks. Classic, right? For breakfast, you can get the Chipotle bacon egg, the Cali-style cheesy turkey, and the bacon and egg.

For the all-day paninis, they have baked mac, chicken, and onion cheesesteak.

On the quesadillas, you have 8 options. With the burritos, you have 3. Chicken, beef, rice & beans.

With the cold sandwiches, they have 11 options for the hoagies and 12 for the club.

You can also make your deli sandwich. You can choose your bread from white, wheat, or rye.

We can also expect some snacks in little containers like mac and cheese, soft pretzels, buffalo chicken bites, and cookie dough parfait.

Coffee and frozen drinks are also popular because they’re good and refreshing.

They literally have everything. Did I mention the apple caramel dippers? That’s just cool.

Wawa Lunch & Dinner Menu (Hoagie, Sandwich & Quesadillas)

Hoagies & Sandwiches
Junior 4”150-480$4.19-$4.39
Shorti 6”300-790$5.89-$6.29
Classic 10”440-1340$7.49-$7.99
Double Meat Shorti420-940$7.49
Double Meat Classic620-1410$9.89
Club Sandwich550-770$6.99
Chicken or Beef640-770$6.29
Burritos & Burrito Bowls
Chicken Strips
3 Pcs250$3.89
5 pcs420$5.29
Freshly Made Salads390-790$6.99-$8.99
Heat & Eat Express Meals250$6.99
Burger & Fries
Double Burger with Bacon960-1410$6.99-$7.99

Wawa Menu With Prices For Breakfast

Sizzli (Double Meat and plant based)510-580$4.79
Breakfast Burritos290-520$4.69
Hoagies (Shorti 6”)320-920$5.89-$6.29
Hoagies (Classic 10”)740-1380$7.49-$7.99
Bagels with cream Cheese or Butter300-370$3.99
Oatmeal (Small)240$2.69
Oatmeal (Medium)330$3.39
Oatmeal (Large)450$3.99

Wawa Salads & Warps


Wawa Bowls, Soups, & Sides


On The Go

Stuffed Pretzels250-270$2.59
Chocolate Chip Cookie400$1.49
Bagel Melt and Croissant Melt490-760$4.99

Wawa Coffee & Beverages

Frozen Cappuccino16300-1300$4.09
Iced Latte1680-500$3.79
Hot Latte12280-570$3.39

Our Favorite Wawa Meal Items

Wawa’s menu is extensive, but like any other thing, we got our favorites. Here are the most liked sandwiches from Wawa:

01. Turkey Club Sandwich

With the chipotle sauce that is not too spicy yet has that kick, this turkey sandwich became the crowd’s favorite because even if it has so much inside, the white bread can still hold them together.

It’s full and flavorful. Turkey with bacon, tomato, lettuce, pepper, and a right sum of spicy chipotle. You can already imagine the taste, right?

02. Cheesesteak

One of the so-called “guilty pleasures.” This cheesesteak sandwich is so juicy and salty that it hits the right spot when you consume it.

It’s meaty, cheesy, and very mouthwatering. It’s best paired with potato chips.

03. Roast Beef Club Sandwich

With 3 layers of bread to hold the meat, vegetables, sauce, and cheese, this variety is one of the most ordered from Wawa’s menu.

Perfectly sliced and flavored meat, which is also tender, with lettuce, bacon, tomato, and a little bit of mayonnaise. Just ticks all that there is on your palate.

04. Roasted Veggie Hoagie

Of course, sometimes, we look for a healthier way to indulge in these tasty sandwiches. No need to worry, Wawa has this variant, roasted veggie hoagie.

The taste is a little unexpected because it just comes from spinach, tomatoes, and squash. It definitely satisfies and refreshes you after taking a bite.

05. Apple Caramel Dippers

Apples that are dipped in caramel. Simple yet perfect. The items you would find at Wawa are so plain yet appealing, and I would say somewhat genius.

06. Frozen Cappuccino

This refreshing drink comes in five flavors. Who doesn’t want a cold drink while on a stop for a road trip, right?  

Wawa Order & Delivery Options

There are a few options for ordering from Wawa. They have a mobile app named Wawa, where you can pay using Google and Apple Pay.

This app is easy to use and contains the information you’ll need. You can also drop by, or drive-thru.

You can also get Wawa from Uber Eats, Seamless, and other delivery partners.

Drive ThruAvailable
Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupAvailable

If you need more information about Wawa, these might help you:

Office addressRed Roof 260 West Baltimore Pike Wawa, PA 19063, United States
Official Websitehttps://www.wawa.com/  
Online Orderhttps://www.wawa.com/mobile-app  
Store Locationshttps://www.wawa.com/about/locations/store-locator  
Gift Cardshttps://www.wawa.com/gifts-and-gear  

Find Them on Social Media

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Service Reviews of Wawa

With reasonable prices and convenient locations, Wawa, as a gas station, convenience store, and coffee bar, ensures that they provide all of our needs.

They certainly sell tasty and fresh food that you get fast. They also have pretzels, chips, and other easy-to-grab snacks.

Rolls are made fresh in the store. The sandwiches and hoagies are built to order.

They assemble it in front of you. You can grab and eat fast because they make it convenient for the customers.

Specialty beverages are also extremely desirable. With dozens of choices, you can make your stop worth it with this food and drinks.

Since Wawa is known to offer quality food at low prices, they also make a comfortable place for you to eat and rest. The locations are clean and cozy.

Wawa Food Market location
Courtesy; Flickr.com, CC


How Can I Pay For My Order Online?

It has been made easy to order and pay without getting in long lines. You can use Google Pay, Apple Pay, Wawa Gift Cards, and Credit Cards.

Can I Set My Favorite Items For My Next Order?

Yes, absolutely. Wawa is all for your convenience. They want to make our lives easier. Go to your order page, press “edit” and choose your favorites. You can add up to 10.

How To Check My Wawa Gift Card Balance?

You can click here:


Or call their hotline at 1-877-217-5366.

How To Enroll in The Rewards Program?

Click “register now” in the mobile app and then follow the steps. On the website, click “sign up” and follow the steps.

Do They Have Cashback From The Coupons?

No. You can only use the reward points in purchasing anything from them and/or for discounts.

Final Words

Wawa is definitely one of the good ones. They have mastered the art of serving people. They obviously do it in many ways. It seems like they thought about it a lot.

Everything you need is already there. From breakfast meals to coffee trips. Did I mention the hoagies? Made fresh in front of you and served warm.

After shopping and indulging in cheap yet delicious treats, they give you rewards and cashback. I can’t stress it enough. Convenience store literally at its best.

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