Jollibee Menu Prices in 2023 (Chickenjoy & Family Bucket Meal Sets)

If you love crunchy fried chicken and some juicy fast-food, head to Jollibee for the tastiest options in the market.

Starting with their family bucket meals, large enough to feed a small army, it comes in 7 choices.

Each has got a bucketful of crunchy chicken and other options from Jolly Spaghetti to chicken sandwiches.

Their chicken sampler deal is a true joy to bag though. Jollibee is quite famous for its crispy fried chicken.

Their menu consists of 10 chicken options, from Chickenjoy buckets (10, 6 pc.) to fried chicken served with a side or some delicious spaghetti.

Heading towards their spaghetti and Palabok fiesta, you’re offered 6 dishes of gourmet quality that you never expect from a fast-food chain.  

Their Filipino Palabok fiesta is authentically yummy while jolly spaghetti is plain amazing. These come in family and party sizes as well.

Chicken sandwiches and burgers are a thing at Jollibee with 8 juicy varieties. Their Yumburger is the definition of yumminess and their deluxe chicken sandwich is a close second.

Their chicken tenders come in different quantities while their 5-burger steak options, including burger steak (family pack), taste amazing.

Of course, sides are that essential component of any of the meals that you order. This is why Jollibee has a dedicated side menu attached to their kids’ meals.

There are 10 different dishes on this particular menu ranging from regular or large mashed potatoes to steamy or adobo rice and French fries.

Kids’ meals vary from chicken tenders, Chickenjoy to Jolly Spaghetti. We can never forget the beverages or the something sweet part in all our meals.

Jollibee has got several drinks from Pepsi to root beer while their peach mango pie is an ultimate hit among Jollibee fans.

Jollibee Chickenjoy Fried Chicken

Items (Choose From Regular & Spicy)CaloriesPrice
6 pcs bucket (Three legs, Three thighs)1270-2350$12.99
10 pcs bucket (Five thighs, Five legs)2140-3940$20.99
2 pcs with 1 side and drink$8.49
2 pcs with 1 side595-11Two5$6.99
Two pcs with Two sides and drink$10.49
Two pcs with Two sides765-1465$8.99
Three pcs with 1 side and drink$10.99
Three pcs with 1 side795-1505$9.49
Three pcs with Two sides and drink$12.99
Three pcs with Two sides965-184$11.49
One pc with spaghetti and a drink$9.49
One pc with spaghetti860-1020$7.99
Two pcs with spaghetti and drink$11.99
Two pcs with spaghetti1060-1400$10.49
One pc with palabok fiesta sauce & drink$10.49
One pc with palabok fiesta sauce660-820$8.99
Two pcs with palabok fiesta sauce & drink$12.99
Two pcs with palabok fiesta sauce860-1200$11.49

Jollibee Family Bucket Meal Prices

 Chickenjoy and Pies Deal10 Pcs$25.00
Chicken Sampler Deal3510$25.00
Family Deal One10 Pcs2650-5470$25.00
And Sides Deal10 Pcs$25.00
Family Deal Two10 Pcs2950-4750$25.00
Bucket Treats   
A6 Pcs3140-4220$34.99
B6 Pcs3910-4990$29.99
C6 Pcs3320-4400$32.99
D10 Pcs4340-6990$38.99

Chicken Tenders

Three Pcs Chicken Tenders with Side and Drink$10.49
Three Pcs Chicken Tenders575$6.49
10 Pcs Chicken Tenders1915$18.49
6 Pcs Chicken Tenders1150$11.49
16 Pcs Chicken Tenders3090$29.49


with 1 Side and Drink$7.99
Cheesy Yumburger410$4.49
with 1 Side and Drink$8.49
Yumburger (Big)670$7.99
with 1 Side and Drink$11.99
Aloha Yumburger770$8.99
with 1 Side and Drink$12.99

Jolly Spaghetti & Palabok Fiesta

Jolly Spaghetti with Drink$6.99
Jolly Spaghetti610$5.49
Palabok Fiesta410$6.99
Jolly Spaghetti Family Pack (Serve to 3-5)1830$15.99
Palabok Fiesta Family Pack (Serve to 3-5)1240$19.99
Palabok Fiesta with Drink$8.49

Jolly Spaghetti & Palabok Party Packs

Jolly Spaghetti48908-10$40.00
Palabok Fiesta33008-10$52.99

Chicken Sandwiches

Original Chicken620$4.99
with 1 Side and Drink$8.99
Deluxe Chicken630$5.49
with 1 Side and Drink$9.49
Spicy Chicken570$4.99
with 1 Side and Drink$8.99
Spicy Deluxe580$5.49
with 1 Side and Drink$9.49

Burger steaks

Burger Steak (Two Pcs)  with 1 Side & Drink$9.49
Burger Steak (Two Pcs) with 1 Side550-720$7.99
Burger Steak (Two Pcs) with Two Sides and Drink$11.49
Burger Steak (Two Pcs)  with Two Sides720-1060$9.99
Burger Steak (Three Pcs) with 1 Side and Drink$11.99
Burger Steak (Three Pcs)  with 1 Side730-900$10.49
Burger Steak (Three Pcs)  with Two Sides and Drink$13.99
Burger Steak (Three Pcs)  with Two Sides900-1240$12.49
Family Pack (Served to 4-6)1060$19.99

Sides and Jolly Kids Meals

Mashed Potatoes (Large)$3.99
Mashed Potatoes (Regular)170$2.69
Adobo Rice230$2.69
Steamed Rice190$2.69
Baked Cheddar Mac & Cheese$3.99
Biscuits (Two pcs)$2.69
Kids Meal  
Chicken Tenders (Two Pcs), Includes Rice & Drink555-1170$5.99
1pc Include Rice & Drink435-875$5.99
Cheesy Yumburger, Fries (Small) & Drink550-830$5.99
Jolly Spaghetti Include Drink610-890$5.99

Drinks and Desserts

Pineapple Quencher180$2.99
Peach Mango Pie270$2.99
Drinks (20 oz.)  
Diet Pepsi$2.29
Root Beer (Mug)$2.29
Sierra Mist$2.29
Raspberry Brisk Iced Tea$2.29
Brisk Iced Tea$2.29
Tropicana Pink Lemonade$2.29
Mountain Dew$2.29
Tropicana Fruit Punch$2.29

Jollibee Delivery Methods

Drive ThruYes
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupNo

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Relevant Asked Questions

How Many Chicken Pieces Do You Get in a Chickenjoy bucket?

A Chickenjoy bucket comes in 6- and 10-piece options.

Can You Order Fries At Jollibee?

Of course, you can order fries. Jollibee fries come in both regular and large sizes as per your choice.

Does Jollibee Have a Side Menu?

Absolutely. You get to order several sides with them. Some of the sides include white rice, creamy macaroni, and fries.  

What Are The Most-Loved Items on Jollibee’s Menu?

That would be their Chickenjoy and the peach mango pies. Apart from them, their chicken tenders and chicken sandwiches are also a hit among people.

What is The New Dessert Item At Jollibee?

Their latest dessert creation is a coco crumble sundae with KitKat.

Final Words

I wouldn’t be lying if I say Jollibee prepares heavenly food that has great value on the money spent.

It would be a shame not to try their Chickenjoy in a 10-piece bucket with your whole family.

Their dessert choice of peach mango pies deserves a try while if you’re still a little hungrier, you should go for their Jolly Spaghetti which is legendary in taste.