Hy-vee Catering Menus With Prices 2023 (Lunch, Breakfast & Business Catering)

Getting perfect catering at any event, like a party or wedding, can be very challenging when you are on a budget and still don’t want to compromise on quality and standard.

With Hyvee catering, you can get assorted food varieties that will take your event to the next level. They offer everything from the initial appetizers to the final course.

Hyvee catering offers a wide range of platters and trays of fruit and vegetables, sandwiches and subs, meat, cheese and charcuterie, chicken wings, meat bundle packs, and much more.

The best part about getting food service from Hyvee is that you can get all of it within your budget.

We will give you a brief yet descriptive overview of the Hyvee catering menu so that you can get an idea about their services and food options. So without any further ado, let’s begin.

Hyvee catering menu pdf is to see a close look before placing an order.

Hy-vee Catering Sandwich and Sub Trays

If you want food that is more like fast food and preferred by teenagers or young adults, sandwiches and sub trays can be a great option.

In this category, you can get skewers, subs, condiment trays, fiesta trays, the signature fantastic fixin’s platter, olive it up platters, the signature ring leader party pleaser, or the delicious Italian party platter.

You can also get awesome dips on the side that complement all these platters. You may order for many people as you want, and you’ll always get quality food delivered on time.

A single Signature Mini Ciabatta Party Platter offers 10 to 16 servings. They are made fresh and filled with Di Lusso meats, fresh and crisp lettuce leaf, and cheese.

Antipasti Skewers (Di Lusso hard salami)12$20.00
Ideal Condimento Tray10$20.00
Piccolo Panino with Di Lusso Ham12$15.00
Rotella with Di Lusso Ham Tray12$20.00
Di Lusso Super Sub with smoked Ham10-12$55.00
Fiesta (refried beans, ripe olives, tomatoes) Tray10$15.00
Party Tray: Italian (Sausage rolls) 12-18$14.99
Slider Tray of Kings Hawaiian Bun 12$20.00
Tray of Mini Croissant (filled with ham, turkey breast)12$20.00
Tray of Soft Pretzel Bites with Cheese Dip 12$15.00
Signature Platter: Fantastic Fixin’s 12$25.00
Signature Party Platter: Mini Ciabatta Rolls10-16$35.00
Signature Platter:  O-live It Up- 6 varieties of olive 15$45.00
Signature Party Pleaser: Ring Leader with Di lusso Ham and cheddar$55.00

Shrimp and Seafood Trays

Captain’s Trio (shrimp, salmon and crab)- 12“10-15$30.00
Captain’s Trio (shrimp, salmon and crab)- 16”15-25$50.00
Captain’s Trio (shrimp, salmon and crab)- 18”25-35$70.00
Platter- Nori Sushi: Duo$12.99
Party Tray- Nori Sushi (Large)$39.99
Nori Sushi: Combo- Living Green $22.99
Nori Sushi: Combo- Ocean Breeze $20.99
Platter- Nori Sushi Trio (choose 3 crispy or crunchy rolls) $18.99
Variety of Seafood- Seafarer’s Cocktail- 12″10-15 $40.00
Variety of Seafood-Seafarer’s Cocktail- 16″15-25$65.00
Variety of Seafood-Seafarer’s Cocktail- 16″25-35$80.00
Shrimp & Crab Cocktail- 12″8-12$20.00
Shrimp & Crab Cocktail- 16″12-18$30.00
Shrimp & Crab Cocktail- 18″18-24$40.00
Shrimp & Surimi Crab- Imitation Crab Legs & Natural Shrimp – (Small)12$25.00
Shrimp & Surimi Crab- Imitation Crab Legs & Natural Shrimp – (Medium)24$40.00
Shrimp & Surimi Crab- Imitation Crab Legs & Natural Shrimp – (Large)34$55.00
Shrimp Tray- shrimp with lemon slices – 12″8-14$25.00
Shrimp Tray- shrimp with lemon slices – 16″14-20$40.00
Shrimp Tray- shrimp with lemon slices – 18″20-30$55.00
Signature Platter:  Shrimp (All Natural) $45.00
Signature Platter: Shrimp (Asian)$45.00
Signature Platter- Smoked Salmon covered in Cracked Pepper – (Medium)10-15$35.00
Signature Platter- Smoked Salmon covered in Cracked Pepper – (Large)20-30$65.00
Signature Platter- Creole Style Shrimp $35.00
Signature Platter- Salmon (Hickory Smoked) $35.00
Signature Platter- Southwest Chipotle Shrimp $45.00
Supreme Shrimp (Premium Peeled)- 12″8-14$40.00
Supreme Shrimp (Premium Peeled)- 16″14-20$60.00
Supreme Shrimp (Premium Peeled)- 18″20-30$80.00
Surimi Crab- Imitation Crab Legs- (Small)12$25.00
Surimi Crab- Imitation Crab Legs- (Medium)24$40.00
Surimi Crab- Imitation Crab Legs- (Large)34$55.00

Meat with Cheese and Charcuterie Trays

If you prefer Charcuterie boards instead of fruit and veggie platters, this category is great to choose from.

You can also get a variety of options, including a Caprese tray, custom charcuterie board for 5/10 people, Di Lusso entertainment tray, Di Lusso Festo tray, Hummus tray, and many other delicious options. They’ll make your event much fancier.

If you are looking for an all-in-one or multiple-option board, this is the perfect one.

It might be pricier, but it is a win-win as you get Wensleydale & Cranberries, a display of  Brie,  red and green seedless grapes,  red pepper jelly, Emmi Le Gruyere, Sartori MontAmore, Marcona almonds, blueberries, strawberries, and sweet oatcakes along with Zöet dark chocolate.

Combination of Manchego, Buttermilk Blue and Gruyere Cheese Board 6-8$30.00
Fresh Caprese with Mozarella Tray$30.00
Charcuterie Grazer (Deluxe) Board 12-16$75.00
Columbus Charcuterie Sampler with Swiss Cheese Board6-8$30.00
Custom Charcuterie- Build your Own Board20$100.00
Anthony’s Choice Tray- Di Lusso10$25.00
Entertainment Tray- Di Lusso10$25.00
Festo Tray- Di Lusso10$15.00
Formaggio Tray- Di Lusso10$15.00
Everything English- Proper Charcuterie Board 12-16$75.00
Formaggio Snacking- Ultimate Cheese Snacking Tray10$20.00
Columbus Genoa Salame, Speck Prosciutto & Finocchiona Salami Board 6-8$30.00
Smoked Paprika Sprinkled HummusTray Small$15.00
Assortment of Prosciutto, La Quercia Borsellino & Salami Americano Board 6-8$30.00
Party Pleasing Snacking- Cubed Di Lusso & Genoa Salami TraySmall$25.00
Midwest Pride- Charcuterie Board 12-16$75.00
Signature Torte: Apricot Jam smothered Brie 8-10$20.00
Signature Tray: Classic Hostess- Manchego and Fontina cheeses8$30.00
Signature Torte: Cranberry topped Brie 8-10$20.00
Signature Platter: Terrific Trio 15$35.00
Signature Platter: Tuscan Harvest 15$35.00
Sparkling Fruit (almond, grapes) and Cheese (Emmi le Gruyere) Charcuterie Board12-16$75.00
Summer Charcuterie (with Mild Goat Cheese) Board 8-10$100.00
Parrano, Tickler Cheddar & Espresso Sartori Cheese Board6-8$30.00
MontAmoré Cheddar, Triple Crème Brie & Aged Gouda Cheese Board 6-8$30.00
World Tour- flavors from around the world- Charcuterie Board 12-16$75.00

Chicken Wings

The chicken wings that Hyvee offers are second to none. You can get bone-in or traditional bone-in wings, according to your choice.

You can get a boneless wing tray, buffalo wing platter, Signature Asian Chicken platter, and signature wing platter in this category.

You can get blue cheese or ranch dips along with the wings.

Tray of Boneless Wing 8-10$12.95
Buffalo Wing- With choice of 2 sauce Platter10-12$29.95
Boneless Wing Tray: Pick 3 types of sauce 15-20$24.95
Signature Platter: Asian Chicken (combination)8-10$27.00
Signature Platter: Winging It – Bone-In$29.99
Signature Platter: Winging It – Boneless$24.99

Meat Bundle Packs

Race Day $34.99
Bundle Type 1$40.00
Bundle Type 10$55.00
Bundle Type 2$80.00
Bundle Type 3$65.00
Bundle Type 4$30.00
Bundle Type 5$100.00
Bundle Type 6$125.00
Bundle Type 7$90.00
Bundle Type 8$100.00
Bundle Type 9$90.00

Buffets and Specialty Bars

Asian Style Bar – choice of 2 Entrée$13.00
Asian Style Bar – choice 3 Entrée$15.00
Original Recipe Brat Bar$13.00
Build Your Own Big Bowl Salad Bar$10.00
Cheesecake (choice of 4 flavors) Bar$12.00
Crowd Pleaser Buffet – With 1 Entrée$12.00
Crowd Pleaser Buffet – Choice of 2 Entrées$16.00 – $19.00
Hickory House Meal (Pulled pork) – With one Entrée$13.00 – $16.00
Hickory House Meal (Pulled pork) – With two Entrée$18.00 – $21.00
Hickory House Meal (Pulled pork) – With three Entrée$19.00 – $22.00
Hot Cereal- Oatmeal Bar$8.00
Pasta Bar- Choice of 2 Pastas$12.00 – $14.00
Pizza Bar- Choice of 3 Pizzas$11.00
Baked Potato Bar$10.00
Sandwich Bar- with choice of 3 Side dishes$11.00
3 Varieties-Slider Bar$13.00
Soup & Sandwich Bar- Choice of 2 soups$11.00
Taco Bar- 2 Tacos $12.00
The Tailgater- Choice of 2 sandwiches, 2 Side dishes$13.00
Yogurt Bar- Strawberry/ Blueberry$8.00

Hyvee Fruit and Veggie Trays

When it comes to budget catering at gatherings and events, you can get Hyvee platters that not only look very appetizing but are also prepared from high-quality food.

The most prominent thing you’ll see on the catering menu of Hyvee is the assorted fruit and vegetable platters.

Within the fruit-veggie platter category, you further get many options.

You can get many options, including a sparkling berry hostess tray, the 50/50 fruit vegetable tray, melon tray, signature fruit tray, signature vegetable tray, and signature vegetable platter.

The price of each platter varies between $20-$70 on average and one tray can serve 20-50 people.

The Sparkling Berry Hostess Tray comes with fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

If you have a family that loves berries, you can get this one for your event.

Sparkling Berry Hostess (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry)2-4$17.00
Tray of 50% Fruit and 50% Vegetable (Large)24-35$50.00
Tray of 50% Fruit and 50% Vegetable Extra Large32-48$60.00
Fresh Baked Fruit Pizza (Small)2-3$9.99
Fresh Baked Fruit Pizza (Large)4-6 $17.99
Arranged Fruit Tray (Small)7-11$22.00
Arranged Fruit Tray (Medium)11-16$26.00
Arranged Fruit Tray (Large)29-43$55.00
Arranged Fruit Tray (Extra Large)34-51$65.00
Freshly Sliced Melon Medley Hostess 2-4 $15.00
Signature Classic Hostess with Manchego and Fontina cheese8$30.00
Signature Creamy Dill Dip Appetizer$35.00
Signature Fantastic Hand Selected Fruit Platter (Medium)8-12$30
Signature Fantastic Hand Selected Fruit Platter (Large)12-18$50
Signature Premier Fresh Crisp Vegetable Platter (Medium)6-10$25.00
Signature Premier Vegetable Platter (Large)12-16$45.00
Sparkling Berry Tray (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and kiwi)6-8$30.00
Juicy Strawberry Tray (Small)$22.00
Juicy Strawberry Tray (Medium)$26.00
Juicy Strawberry Tray (Large)$55.00
Juicy Strawberry Tray Extra (Large)$65.00
Arranged Vegetable Tray (Small)5-7$20.00
Arranged Vegetable Tray (Medium)8-12$25.00
Arranged Vegetable Tray Large21-32$48.00
Arranged Vegetable Tray Extra (Large)26-39$58.00

Hors D’oeuveres- Salads and Sides

Strawberries (Chocolate Covered)$25.00
Eggs: Deviled $10.00
Fried Chicken- 30 pc$60.00
Fried Chicken- 40 pc$80.00
Chicken Wings – 12 pc bone-in or 20 boneless$8.00
Chicken Wings – 24 pc bone-in or 40 boneless$16.00
Chicken Wings – 36 pc bone-in or 60 boneless$24.00
BBQ Smokies- Cocktail $10.00
Bulk Meat: Sloppy Joe/ Taco $9.00
Fried Chicken- 10 pc$20.00
Fried Chicken- 20 pc$40.00
Chicken Tenders: Hand Breaded – 50 pc$100.00
Chicken Tenders: Hand Breaded – 75 pc$150.00
Fried Chicken- 50 pc$87.50
Fried Chicken- 75 pc$131.25
Chicken Tenders: Hand Breaded – 10 pc$22.50
Chicken Tenders: Hand Breaded – 20 pc$45.00
Fried Chicken- 150 pc$225.00
Fried Chicken- 175 pc$262.00
Ham & Dill Pickle Pinwheels (Small)$15.00
Ham & Dill Pickle Pinwheels (Medium)$30.00
Ham & Dill Pickle Pinwheels (Large)$45.00
Chicken Tenders: Hand Breaded – 30 pc$67.50
Chicken Tenders: Hand Breaded – 40 pc$90.00
Chicken Tenders: Hand Breaded – 100 pc $175.00
Chicken Tenders: Hand Breaded – 120 pc$210.00
Fried Chicken- 100 pc $150.00
Fried Chicken- 120 pc$180.00
Signature Tray: Italian Tomato Basil Bruschetta $19.99
Dip: Spinach and Artichoke $12.00
Meatballs- BBQ/ Swdish$10.00
Pick Four Appetizers- Mix & Match$12.00-$14.00
Pick Six Appetizers- Mix & Match$18.00-$20.00
Chicken Tenders: Hand Breaded – 150 pc$262.50
Chicken Tenders: Hand Breaded – 175 pc$306.25

Sides & Salads – Cold

Bacon Ranch Potato  $39.99
Zesty Tortellini $39.99
BLT Pasta $44.99
Feta Bowtie Pasta $44.99
Spring $34.99
Tomato Mozzarella$34.99
Green Onion & Egg Potato $44.99
Caesar $34.99
Garden Salad with Dressings $39.99
Macaroni Style$39.99
Turkey (Smoked) & Pasta (Jarlsberg) $39.99
Coleslaw $34.99
Yukon Gold Potato$34.99
Salad: Chop Chop$44.99
Creme & Cookies$44.99
Seven-Layer $49.99
4 Bean $44.99
Napa Valley Cashew Chicken$49.99
Mixed Fresh Fruit $44.99
Rainbow Rotini $44.99
Watergate $44.99
Wild Rice $44.99
Roasted Corn and Edamame  $49.99
Broccoli Supreme $49.99

Sides & Salads – Hot

Rice Pilaf $34.99
Seasoned Green Beans$39.99
Cheesy Corn Bake $44.99
Parmesan Potatoes $34.99
Smoked Baked Beans- Hickory House $34.99
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy$34.99
Party Potatoes $44.99
Green Bean Casserole $34.99
Vegetables- Oven Roasted$39.99
Green Beans Almondine $39.99
Smoked or White Cheddar Mac & Cheese$54.99
Buttered Corn $34.99
Au Gratin Potatoes $44.99
Hashbrown Casserole $44.99
Potatoes- Oven Roasted$44.99
Roasted Brussels Sprouts $54.99
Glazed Carrots $39.99


Cocoa- Hot$2.00
Juice: Apple $2.00
Iced Tea (with sugar)$2.00
Coffee: Caribou $2.00
Bottled Water $2.00
Hot Tea$2.00
Iced Tea (without sugar)$2.00
Can of Soda $2.00
Juice: Orange $2.00
Fruit Punch$2.00

Catered Meals

Lunch Box- Old Fashioned$10.00
Executive Lunch Box – Choice of Sandwich/ Wrap with 4 Side dishes$12.00
Pick Six Breakfast- Choose any six items$12.00
Continental Breakfast with Bagels & Pastries$9.00
Hometown Favorite- Choice of Breakfast items & Beverage$10.00
Classic Picnic- Choice of Sandwich & Beverage$10.00

How To Place an Order From Hyvee Catering

Ordering at Hyvee is very easy. No matter how fast you want the food delivered, Hyvee has your back. Before ordering for the event, you must first analyze and calculate the number of servings you want.

After that, you may go to the next step, which is ordering. You simply have to choose the tray or platter of your choice and the shop options based on the serving size.

Then simply add to the cart and check out. You’ll get the options for a delivery location that you have to select accordingly and the food will be catered for you at the venue.

Alternatively, you can stop by the deli or bakery department of your local Hyvee store and personalize your order.

You can also get a gift card of any amount, and they’ll send it your way.

Hyvee Franchise Beginning

Hyvee is basically a supermarket chain with more than 280 locations throughout the US. Hyvee was founded in 1930 as a small store.

After a decade, they expanded and offered the shopping cart to their customers.

Later they kept on opening new stores at different locations and had 66 stores at the end of 1960.

In the 2000s, they focused on expanding their social media network to communicate with their clients. Then they started offering catering services, deli, and bakery items.

They can even help you plan any event and allow you to choose from various catering options.

The fact that makes them prominent among other services s that they can help you get the best at very low costs.

Important Links of Hy-vee Catering

Catering Menuhttps://www.hy-vee.com/shop/Catering-C10.aspx
Photo Credit; Flickr.comCC

Frequently Asked Questions About Hy-vee Catering Menu

What Does Hyvee Stand For?

The name Hyvee was formed as a result of the contraction of the names of the co-founders of the marketplace.

Hyvee stands for Hyde and Vredenburg, which were the sir names of Charles Hyde and David Vredenburg, who founded the small store that later resulted in a great success that is now known as Hyvee.

Is Hyvee Really Employee Owned?

Yes! Hyvee is actually employee-owned. It is owned by direct stakeholders, including officers, executive staff members, district store directors, and executive staff members.

Why Do You Need To Create An Account in Hyvee?

Having an HyVee account make your experience much more convenient here.

You can easel order online and even customize your order according to your choice, whether it is a small order or you want their catering services.

Where Does Hyvee Deliver and Offer its Services?

In order to know if HyVee offers their services at your place, you have to enter your Zip code on the Aisles Online website.

Using your location, you will be notified if they offer catering and other services.

If The Weather is Bad, Will The Order Still Be Delivered on Time?

Hyvee offers excellent services, and they will try their best items to deliver every order on time.

But if they are unable to deliver on time, they will contact you and let you know beforehand.

How many discounts Do Employees Get At Hyvee?

Hyvee offers its employees a 10 percent discount on their purchases and up to 20 percent discount on their din-ins.

Does Hyvee Offer Specialty Bars and Buffets?

Hyvee catering has got your back if you are looking to have a buffet or specialty bars at your event.

They’ll help you set up a buffet of your choice and offer excellent service too.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to special events such as weddings or parties, we do not want to compromise on the food at all.

And it is a win-win situation when we get high-quality premium options within our budget.

That is why Hyvee will always be the wise choice for you if you want to make your special moments even more special.

You can get the platter of your choice, whether you want healthy options like meat, fruits, veggie, or a fancy Carcutiere platter.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit them now and get your events covered without any effort.