Jason’s Deli Catering Prices 2024 (Sandwich Trays + Event Packages)

Jason’s deli catering prices are the most affordable when it comes to ordering for a large gathering.

They offer 11 sandwich lunch boxes, 5 salad boxes, 8 breakfast, 7 meeting packages, 4 sandwich trays, and 9 hot meals.

They also offer 5 party food trays, 5 desserts, 11 salads & soups, 8 gluten-sensitive choices, and 10 vegetarian options.

The reason behind Jason’s deli’s popularity is its endeavors to offer the most nutritious, high-quality, and healthy meals.

They do so by cutting trans-fats, processed MSG, and artificial flavors from their menu while focusing on quality and nutrition.

Their most popular items include sandwich trays, party food, and salads as they are very tasty, aromatic, fresh, and nutrition-rich.

Jason’s Deli Breakfast Catering Menu

Hot Breakfast Boxes – Sunshine$9.97 
Hot Breakfast Boxes – Flatbread$9.79 
Hot Breakfast Boxes – Wrap$10.99 
Whole – Pumpkin Coffee Cake-New! 16$37.49 
(Minimum Order for 5 Person)
Continental Bakery Tray190-380$4.49 
Continental Bakery Package-With Coffee1$5.78 
Continental Bakery Package-With Fresh Fruit1$6.88 
Continental Bakery Package-With Fresh Fruit And Coffee1$7.98 
(Minimum Order for 5 Person)
Sunshine Hot – Breakfast Tray 1410-560$6.09 
Sunshine Hot – Breakfast Package-With Coffee1$7.38 
Sunshine Hot – Breakfast Package-With Fresh Fruit1$8.48 
Sunshine Hot – Breakfast Package-With Fresh Fruit And Coffee1$9.58 
Breakfast Sammy Box123000-4920$37.29 
(Minimum Order for 5 Person)
Hot Breakfast Tray Wrap 1510-650$6.09 
Hot Breakfast Package Wrap-With Coffee1$7.38 
Hot Breakfast Package Wrap-With Fresh Fruit1$8.48 
Hot Breakfast Package Wrap-With Fresh Fruit and Coffee1$9.58 
(Minimum Order for 5 Person)
Coffee Cake and Sampler Tray 1330-380$4.09 
Coffee Cake and Sampler Package-With Coffee1$5.38 
Coffee Cake and Sampler Package-With Fresh Fruit1$6.48 
Coffee Cake and Sampler Package-With Fresh Fruit and Coffee1$7.58 
Fresh Fruit Trays(Small)10-151890$38.79 
Fresh Fruit Trays(Large)16-303600$62.69 
Bakery Box2890$45.19 

Jason’s Deli Sandwich Trays Menu

Sandwich Tray-(Deluxe)84238-7990$96.99 
Sandwich Tray-(Signature)85410-5810$96.99 
Wrap Tray-(Southwest)811730-15490$100.79 
Sandwich Tray-(Traditional)83450-6980$83.89 

Jason’s Deli Box Lunch

(1 Meat, 1 Bread, 1 Cheese)

Traditional Box830-1230$10.59 
Deluxe Box880-1360$12.39 
Croissant – Club Box1120-1260$12.39 
Boardroom Box940-1710$13.59 
California – Club Box990-1170$12.49 
Deli – Club Box1160-1300$12.09 
Half Deluxe Sandwich and Nutty Salad  (+ Dressing Options)$13.29 
Half Deluxe Sandwich and Side Salad  (+  Dressing Options)$11.99 
Half Deluxe Sandwich and Caesar Salad  (+  Dressing Options)$11.99 
Deli Box730-1060$10.09 
The Vegetarian Box (Spinach Wrap)420$10.49 
Gluten Sensitive -(Traditional Box)
Roast Beef730-1060$12.99 
Roasted Turkey730-1060$12.99 
Smoked Turkey730-1060$12.99 
Tuna Salad730-1060$12.99 
Chicken Salad730-1060$12.99 
Italian – Pasta Salad350$2.59 
American – Potato Salad510$2.59 
Veggie Quinoa Salad370$2.59 
Green Chilli and Potato Salad-New!560$2.59 
Steamed Veggies60$2.69 
Roasted Corn and Black Bean Salad180$2.59 
Blue Corn Chips and Salsa250$3.19 
Fresh Fruit-(Cup With Dip)210$3.69 
Fresh Fruit-(Cup Without Dip)60$3.69 
Blue Corn Chips and Red Pepper Hummus440$3.19 
Blue Corn Chips and Red Pepper Guacamole480$3.19 

All Day – Meal Deal

(Minimum Order For 5 Person)

Everyday Breakfast Time $25.69 
Everyday Lunch Time$25.69 

Meeting and Event Packages

(Minimum Order For 5 Person)

Deluxe Client Presentation(Package)1870-1650$16.79 
The Working Lunch1860-1900$12.19 
Side Salad and Sandwich (Combo)1012480$138.39 
Caesar Side Salad and Sandwich (Combo)1011260$138.39 
Nutty Mixed-Up Salad and Sandwich (Combo)1011710$144.89 
The V.I.P Meeting1950-1700$19.39 
All Day – Meal Deal-(Breakfast Time)$25.69 
All Day – Meal Deal-(Lunch Time)$25.69 
Wrap Package-Southwest11210-1560$17.29 

Party Food Menu

Fresh Fruit Tray (Small)10-151890$38.79 
Fresh Veggie Tray (Small)10-15$43.29 
Beefeater Sliders Tray124990$61.09 
Fresh Fruit and Cheese Tray (Small)10-152610$50.19 
Modern Meat and Cheese Tray1011140$81.79 
Deli-Sliders Tray123750$53.89 
Meatballs In Marinara102960$25.09 

Fruit, Cheese and Veggie Trays

Fresh Fruit and Cheese Tray (Small)10-152610$50.19 
Fresh Fruit Tray (Small)10-151890$38.79 
Fresh Veggie Tray (Small)10-151210$43.29 

Salad Boxes

Chicken Caesar 1280-1410$12.49 
The Big Chef1350-1480$12.89 
Mesa Chicken-(With Chicken)1230-1360$12.99 
Mesa Chicken-(Without Chicken)1230$11.99 
Chicken Club-(With Chicken)1230-1570$12.99 
Chicken Club-(Without Chicken)1230$11.99 
Half Deluxe Sandwich and (Nutty Salad)$13.29 
Half Deluxe Sandwich and (Side Salad)$11.99 
Half Deluxe Sandwich And (Caesar Salad)$11.99 
Nutty Mixed-Up-(With Chicken)1070-1200$12.99 
Nutty Mixed-Up-(Without Chicken)1070$11.99 

Salad Trays

(Minimum Order For 5 Person)

Nutty Mixed-Up-(With Chicken)1620$11.79 
Nutty Mixed-Up-(Without Chicken)1620$10.79 
Chicken Club-(With Chicken)1610$11.79 
Chicken Club-(Without Chicken)1610$10.79 
The Big Chef1470$11.09 
Mesa Chicken-(With Chicken)1500$11.79 
Mesa Chicken-(Without Chicken)1500$10.79 
Side House103240$28.09 
Side Caesar102580$30.59 
Side Nutty Mixed-Up102480$39.19 
Chicken Caesar-( With Chicken)1660$11.09 
Chicken Caesar-( Without Chicken)1660$10.09 
Homemade Sides – Italian Pasta61560$12.09 
Homemade Sides – American Potato61990$12.09 
Homemade Sides – Roasted Corn and Black Bean61140$12.09 

Hot Pasta and Potato Bars

(Minimum Order For 5 Person)

Chicken Alfredo-( With Chicken)1480$10.89 
Chicken Alfredo-( Without Chicken)1480$9.79 
Pasta Feast11090-1590$15.89 
Penne Pasta and Meatballs1600$10.39 
Chicken Pasta Primo-( With Chicken)1420$10.79 
Chicken Pasta Primo-( Without Chicken)1420$9.89 
The Plain Jane(Potato Bar)1590-110$8.69 
Zucchini Garden Pasta1460$10.29 
Grand Package-Potato Bar11260-2090$13.89 
Sterno & Disposable Chafing Dish (No Minimum Order)  $6.29 

Soup For The Group

Soup For Group Box8$33.39 
Mini Cornbread Muffins840$4.49 


Assorted Dessert Tray (Minimum Order for 5 Person)1300-550$2.79 
Whole- Pumpkin Coffee Cake New!16$37.49 
Strawberry Shortcake-Party Size10-156710$50.69 
Cookie Box3760$16.19 
Mini Gingerbread Muffins420$4.49 
Brownie Duo Tray103940$31.39 

Snacks Menu

Homemade Guacamole Dip (4oz)260$8.29 
Bag Of – Potato Chips$5.99 
Roasted – Red Pepper Hummus (4oz)220$8.29 
Homemade Salsa Dip (4oz)25$7.39 
Bag Of – Blue Corn Chips220$7.79 


Water Bottled$2.09 
Gallon Of Lemonade8-101600$7.89 
Assorted Sodas – Can$1.59 
Can Of Coke$1.59 
Can Of Diet Coke$1.59 
Can Of Sprite$1.59 
Can Of Dr. Pepper$1.59 
Can Of Dr. Diet Pepper$1.59 
Fresh Brewed Coffee(Gallon)10-12$14.69 
Fresh Brewed Tea(Gallon)8-101100$6.29 
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea(Gallon)8-10$6.29 
Fresh Brewed (Wild Berry Hibiscus Tea Gallon)8-10390$6.29 
Fresh Brewed Black Currant Tea(Gallon)8-10$6.29 

Some Delicious Meal Items From Jason’s Deli Catering

Popular items from Jason’s deli catering include a variety of breakfasts, salads, sandwiches, trays, lunch boxes, and sliders.

Every single item contains a variety of veggies, roasted meat, cheese, and sauces for an enhanced flavor. Let’s have a brief look at their popular items.

01. Hot Wrap Breakfast

Hot wrap breakfast with 510-620 calories is the most popular in Jason’s deli breakfast catering.

In it, you get your choice of breakfast meat, veggie breakfast wrap, eggs, mushrooms, spinach, cheese, and roasted tomatoes.

02. Sunshine Breakfast

With 410-560 calories, sunshine breakfast includes nitrite-free ham, fresh and crispy bacon, sausage, butter croissants, and buns.

The addition of melted cheese and eggs further boosts its taste and aroma.

03. California Club Box

For sandwich lovers, this box contains a butter croissant topped with roasted turkey, cheese, veggies, and bacon.

The box also includes a dessert of your choice, chips, or fresh-cut seasonal fruits.

04. Deluxe Sandwich Tray

The deluxe sandwich tray comes with lots of stuff to serve a large party.

It includes meats of your choice, salads with tuna and egg, buns, bread, butter wraps, chips, sauces, pickles, and veggies. 

05. Signature Sandwich Tray

It is also the best option for covering a larger event with up to 18 people.

The tray includes every top item from the deli menu such as California club, grain buns, turkey, chips, and pickles.

06. The Big Chef Salad

It is from the deli specialty menu with amazing taste, quality, and freshness.

It includes chunks of roasted turkey, cheese, olives, tomatoes, green flavorful veggies, hard-boiled eggs, and ranch dressing.

07. Continental Bakery Tray

The continental bakery tray is also a popular pick from Jason’s deli breakfast catering.

It includes a mix of coffee cakes, chocolate hazelnuts, beignets, and a variety of assorted pastries.

08. Deli Sliders Tray

The Deli sliders tray is among the famous Jason’s deli catering trays with 3750 calories that serves 12 people.

With this, you will get 12 roasted turkey sliders and ham sliders, melted cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and sauces.

How To Order Food From Jason’s Deli Online

For this follow the steps,

  • Visit the website’s order page. Choose either the pickup or delivery option and fill in the zip code or address. Create an account or continue as a guest
  • Choose the items you want to order and verify your order details
  • For the payment, you can choose either pay at delivery, pay at the deli counter, or pay online. Whatever option you choose, complete its steps
  • Hit “continue to checkout” and review your order summary. Place your order

For placing an order on phone, simply call them and visit deli to make the payment. For physical orders, you will have to visit the deli counter to place your order.

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How Does Jason’s Deli Franchise Begin?

Joe Tortorice, a kind-hearted and dedicated person, laid the foundation of Jason’s deli in 1976 in Texas.

It was formed with the mission of providing quality-based, hygienic, and nutrition-rich food to the community.

It was actually a family-owned business that kept on growing rapidly over years.

Now, there are approx. 294 Jason’s deli stores effectively operating in about 28 American States.

Jason’s deli team is still growing every day and doing its best to serve the community with healthier meal options.

Nutrition Factshttps://www.jasonsdeli.com/nutrition
Catering Menuhttps://www.jasonsdeli.com/catering

Which Bread Choices Does Jason’s Deli Offer?

At Jason’s deli, you will find multiple bread options to couple with your meals/trays.

The options include traditional multigrain bread, wheat bread, white bread, wheat wrap, butter croissants, grain bun, and organic wheat wrap.

The chefs bake these bread every day to assure freshness, softness, taste, and aroma.

Through this, Jason’s deli creates greater value for its customers and assures that the customers get healthy and fresh food.

What Are The Best Meal Options For a Diabetic Person At Jason’s Deli?

Luckily, Jason’s deli offers several meal options for diabetic people too. For example, their salad options are a perfect pick for diabetic people.

Besides salads at Jason’s deli catering, diabetic people may also opt for roasted and smoked turkey breast.

These options are not only healthy and tasteful but are also perfectly good for all diabetic people.

Why Jason’s Deli Ice Cream Has a Different Taste and Texture?

The core reason behind this is that Jason’s deli team prepares ice cream from the ice-milk, instead of using cream/milk.

The use of ice milk in ice cream gives it a different taste and texture as it is a low-fat dairy.

Jason’s deli claims that their ice cream is a lighter and healthier option for everyone with fewer calories (210/serving). 

Why Do Jason’s Deli Dressings Taste So Good?

Dressings are Jason’s deli have a unique but superb taste. They never reveal the real recipe of their dressings and keep it a secret for customers.

However, the dressings are freshly-made with quality ingredients such as olive oil, cream/mayonnaise, buttermilk, lemon, and fresh herbs.

What is The Best Salad in Jason’s Deli?

At Jason’s deli, the best salads include Chicken Caesar Salad, The Big Chef Salad, and Nutty Mixed-up Salad.

The other salad options at Jason’s deli are also good and a great value for money.

Final Thoughts

Jason’s deli catering is the best pick for all types of parties and gatherings.

Now, you can rock your day with not only quality food but something that is fresher, tastier, and nutrient-rich.

Want to offer an outstanding lunch experience to the guests at your upcoming event? Let’s do it by choosing Jason’s deli catering menu!