Jack in The Box Breakfast Hours 2024: (Discover The Joy of All Day Breakfast)

Jack In The Box has been one of the go-to places for Americans to grab breakfast meals.

Breakfast hours are the primary concern of their patrons, who always gets their breakfast meals at Jack In The Box.

Generally, Jack in the Box breakfast hours is all day.

Their locations are open from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day. However, it varies in different states.

So, if you think it is already way past your morning meal, fret not because Jack in the Box serves breakfast meals all day.

Still asking when Jack in the Box stops serving breakfast, they do not stop.

Jack in The Box Breakfast Hours For Different States in 2024

Breakfast Hours in different Jack In The Box locations throughout the United States vary.

As Jack in the Box’s standard breakfast hours is all day, all you need to know is the operational hours from the different states.

In every State, Jack in the Box has two service types with different breakfast hour schedules – the Lobby Hours and the Drive Thru Hours.

Most states like Texas, Illinois, Washington, Louisiana, and Tennessee have their drive-thru breakfast hours open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Their lobby breakfast hours start at six in the morning and end at 10 in the evening, while Louisiana has eight lobby hours from ten in the morning to six in the evening.

You won’t be confused with Arizona because they only have the daily drive-thru and lobby breakfast hours, from 6 AM to 10 PM.

On the other hand, California has a complicated breakfast hour.

You must remember that the drive-thru breakfast hour from Monday until Wednesday is from 6 AM to 3 AM, Thursday is until 4 AM, Friday and Saturday are 24 hours, and Sundays are from 4 AM to 3 AM.

The lobby breakfast hours remain the same every day, beginning at 8 AM up to 6 PM.

You can grab your breakfast whenever you want to.

StatePick-up TypeBreakfast Hours
OklahomaDrive-Thru Hours4 AM to 4 AM, Daily
OklahomaLobby Hours7 AM to 12 AM Daily
ArizonaDrive-Thru Hours6 AM to 10 PM, Daily
ArizonaLobby Hours6 AM to 10 PM, Daily
CaliforniaDrive-Thru Hours6 AM to 3 AM, Monday to Wednesday 6 AM to 4 AM, Thursday 4 AM to 4 AM, Friday and Saturday 4 AM to 3 AM, Sunday
CaliforniaLobby Hours8 AM to 6 PM, Daily
TexasDrive-Thru Hours4 AM to 4 AM, Daily
TexasLobby Hours6 AM to 10 PM, Daily
IllinoisDrive-Thru Hours4 AM to 4 AM, Daily
IllinoisLobby Hours6 AM to 10 PM, Daily
LouisianaDrive-Thru Hours4 AM to 4 AM, Daily
LouisianaLobby Hours10 AM to 6 PM, Daily
WashingtonDrive-Thru Hours4 AM to 4 AM, Daily
WashingtonLobby Hours6 AM to 10 PM, Daily
TennesseeDrive-Thru Hours4 AM to 4 AM, Daily
TennesseeLobby Hours6 AM to 9 PM, Daily
NevadaDrive-Thru Hours4 AM to 4 AM, Daily
NevadaLobby Hours5 AM to 12 AM, Daily
Jack in the Box breakfast combo

What Time Does Jack in The Box Serve Breakfast?

Typically, most early risers are concerned about whether Jack in the Box serves breakfast early in the morning.

Worry not because most of their locations start serving breakfast at 4 AM.

While other sites will open at 6 AM or 10 AM as it is their daily opening time. Please refer to the table above or check their official website.

Fortunately, as long as their store is open, you can grab a plate or two of breakfast meals at Jack In The Box all day. May it be the weekends or holidays.

What Time Does Jack in The Box Stop Serving Breakfast?

Have you ever craved a plate of pancakes, hash browns, and fried eggs after your afternoon meeting or during a walk in the park at night?

Sometimes you feel unlucky when you go into a restaurant and cannot get the breakfast you want.

Jack in the Box is the place to go.

It is different from your ordinary restaurant. They are one of the few to satisfy your breakfast meal craving.

They do not stop serving breakfast for 24 hours in most of their locations, while in some states like Arizona, breakfast hours are only for eleven hours – from 6 AM to 10 PM.

Does Jack in The Box Serve Breakfast All Day?

Much to the satisfaction of all Jack In The Box patrons, you can order breakfast meals all day in most restaurants.

However, you should remember there is also a limit on when you can get breakfast at Jack In The Box because some diners close at 10 or 3 in the morning.

So, if you are in California at 7 AM and want to dine inside the nearest Jack in the Box restaurant, unfortunately, their lobby hours start at 8 AM.

However, you can still grab breakfast through their drive-thru since it is usually open 24 hours.

Indeed, you can enjoy your breakfast at Jack in the Box anytime.

Can You Order From Jack in The Box Breakfast 24/7?

The good thing about dining at Jack in the Box is the Breakfast hour does not end as it lasts all day, and you can order their breakfast menu to your heart’s content.

Breakfast hours stop when it is their closing time, and their dine-in services are usually the first to close.

But, lucky for you, they have drive-thru services that are open all day and all night until they close. That is if they have a closing time.

How To Get Jack in The Box Breakfast Hours and Restaurant Location Using Mobile App/Website?

You can find Jack in the Box Breakfast Hours and Location by logging in to their official website, clicking the locations tab, and inputting the State that you are in.

You can also download their mobile apps from google play and apple store, then find your desired restaurant location from the app.

When craving delicious Jack in the Box breakfast meals, you can order through their website or mobile apps.

You can grab your meal at the nearest location or deliver it to your doorstep.


Does Jack in The Box Serve Hash Browns All Day?

Yes, hash browns are available at Jack in the Box daily at $2.39 per serving.
It is so crispy and buttery that one piece is not enough.
Go on and order one any time of the day.

Does Jack in The Box Serve Tacos in The Morning?

Two tacos for $0.99 is available in the morning and all day here at Jack in the Box.
This taco is a must-try – a serving of this crunchy taco has shredded lettuce, melted American cheese, and Jack in the Box’s taco sauce.

Does Jack in The Box Have Pancakes?

A good source of carbohydrates during breakfast is pancakes.
One Jack in the Box serving has eight bite-sized fluffy golden-brown pancakes drizzled with syrup at $2.39 per order.

What’s in a Breakfast Jack Combo?

At $5.19 for each serving of Breakfast Jack Combo, you have a toasted bakery bun filled with fried fresh egg, grilled ham, and melted American cheese.
It is also served with hash browns and piping hot coffee. It has about 380 to 1480 calories.

Does Jack in The Box Have Oatmeal?

In 2013 Jack in the Box introduced the blueberry muffin oatmeal, but their menu changed for the best dishes there, and unfortunately, they ceased serving it.

Does Jack in The Box Have a Breakfast Biscuit?

Jack in the Box does not serve a breakfast biscuit, but you can order various breakfast meals.

How Many Eggs in a Breakfast Jack?

Jack in the Box breakfast jack only has one fried egg, one grilled, and one American cheese in a toasted bakery bun which is about 350 calories.

What Has The Most Calories At Jack in The Box?

Jack in the Box offers delicious meals, and some have a lot of calories.
The breakfast meal with the most calories is the Sausage Breakfast Burrito Combo with 2190.
This meal has grilled sausage, cheddar cheese, pieces of bacon, hash browns, fried eggs, Sriracha, and cheddar cheese sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla.
It is also served with a hash brown and hot coffee.