Jacks Breakfast Hours 2024 – Start Your Day Off Right

Get all the inside info about Jack’s breakfast hours to enjoy the best Southern morning goodness.

When exactly does Jack’s stop serving breakfast? Jack’s stops serving breakfast at 11.00 am throughout the whole week.

Just in case you’re wondering about their breakfast hours, Jack’s breakfast is available from 05.00 am – 11.00 am from Monday to Saturday.

You’ll have to wait a little longer on Sundays as they start serving breakfast at 06.00 am on Sundays till 11. 00 am.

These hours might undergo slight changes, depending on the location.

Similarly, you might need to check first, as public holidays might have a say in Jack’s breakfast hours.

DayWhen Jack’s Stop Serving Breakfast
Weekdays11.00 am
Saturday11.00 am
Sunday11.00 am
Holidays11.00 am

Jacks Breakfast Times Around The USA States

Jack’s Family Restaurant dates back to 1960 when it first opened in Alabama.

Though they were originally famous for the fries and hamburgers, people have grown fond of their comforting breakfast items over time. 

The typical Jack’s breakfast hours are between 05.00 – 11.00 am on all days except on Sunday when they start serving breakfast at 06.00 am.

However, you will only find Jack’s in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

Between all these states and their 200+ locations, there could be subtle variations in the standard breakfast hours.  

If you’re craving Jack’s, what’s ideal is to reach your local Jack’s to confirm their breakfast hours so you know when to show up for the breakfast menu.

StateBreakfast Hours
Alabama05.00 am – 11.00 am
Georgia05.00 am – 11.00 am
Tennessee05.00 am – 11.00 am
Mississippi05.00 am – 11.00 am

What Time Does Jack’s Serve Breakfast?

Generally speaking, Jack’s starts serving breakfast pretty early, at 05.00 in the morning.

05.00 am is also the time when the restaurant first opens, and you get to place a breakfast order as soon as their door opens.

Feel free to order their breakfast items starting from this time from Monday to Saturday across all most all their locations.

However, if you’re seeking to have breakfast at Jack’s on a Sunday, the hours are a little different.

On Sundays, Jack’s starts serving breakfast an hour later than their regular schedule, starting from 06.00 am.

What Time Does Jack’s Stop Serving Breakfast?

It is noted that 10.59 am is the last minute you get to order Jack’s breakfast on any day.

This is to say that after 11.00 am, there will be no more breakfast items to munch on.

This 11.00 am deadline applies to all days, including Sundays when they start serving breakfast a little late.

However, there could be certain locations that stop serving breakfast a little earlier.

For example, if you order Jack’s breakfast with Door Dash, you wouldn’t be able to order breakfast items after 10.30 in a couple of locations in Alabama and Mississippi.

What’s in The Jack’s Breakfast Menu?

Jack’s breakfast packs a hefty punch with multiple biscuits, wraps, and sandwiches.

Jack’s breakfast biscuits include biscuits with ham, chicken, bacon, sausage, and steak.

They do serve bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits and smoked sausage biscuits.

Jack’s traditional breakfast items consist of pancakes, crispy hash browns, and their big breakfast sandwich with eggs and cheese.

Jack’s breakfast deluxe is an all-time favorite with scrambled eggs, hash browns, grits, biscuits, and meat.

Jack’s even offers two online exclusive breakfast combos – Bologna biscuit breakfast for four and Dozen Biscuits and simply Orange, each coming with four Simply Orange juice.

Does Jack’s Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, you cannot have Jack’s breakfast all day. There’s a specific time when you can order breakfast at Jack’s.

Between 05.00 am- 11.00 am, Jack’s serves breakfast in all their locations.

However, right after clock strikes 11, there’s no ordering their breakfast, and you’ll have to go for their lunch options.

Can You Order Jack’s Breakfast After 11 am?

No, you cannot order Jack’s breakfast after 11.00 am. Jack’s stops serving breakfast sharp at 11.00 across all their locations.

This means after 11.00 am, breakfast is not available on the menu as they start serving lunch by then.

Find Out Jack’s Breakfast on Mobile Apps

Log into Jack’s mobile app on your phone. Once you add your preferred location, you should be able to view the breakfast hours upon ordering.

However, keep in mind that sometimes, breakfast hours and the breakfast menu will only be displayed during Jack’s breakfast hours.


Select the location of your closest Jack’s on Door Dash or Uber Eats site.

When you scroll down to the menu section, you’ll directly be able to view the breakfast hours and the corresponding breakfast menu.


What is The Healthiest Breakfast At Jacks?

Breakfast wrap seems to be the healthiest breakfast at Jack’s, counting only 310 calories.
It contains eggs, cheese, bacon, or sausages.

Does Jack’s Have Bologna Biscuits?

Of course. Jack’s serves the most authentic Southern bologna biscuit with fried bologna nestled inside a buttermilk biscuit that is made from scratch.

What Kind of Meat Does Jacks Use?

Jack’s uses 100% real beef on their burger patties.
The meat quality is guaranteed, and they taste the juiciest.

Who Makes Jack’s Food?

Everything that you order at Jack’s is carefully prepared by trained professionals.
Jack’s hires the best chefs possible to make all their menu items from scratch each day to ensure the quality of the food.

How Many Jack’s Restaurants Are in Alabama?

The majority of Jack’s restaurants are found in Alabama.
There are around 170 Jack’s locations in Alabama.
This is about 74% of their locations across the states. 

Are Jacks and Jack in The Box The Same?

No. Jack’s and Jack in The Box are not the same.
You really shouldn’t confuse Jack’s with Jack in The Box as Jack’s is mostly based in Alabama and three other southern states while Jack in the Box serves across 21 states.