Walmart Catering Menu Pricing Details 2024 (Party Trays + Platters + Deli Menu Prices)

Walmart’s catering menu pricing and catering services are mesmerizing people through excellence and affordability.

From offering platters to trays, Walmart wins the competition by offering a taste-rich menu at low prices compared to competitors.

In pursuing its mission of offering quality products and services at least prices, Walmart started the initiative to offer the most reliable and affordable catering services to people.

In the beginning, Walmart started its catering services by offering sandwiches and subs trays only.

After its huge acceptance from the public and great positive feedback, it brought more variety. Now, you can easily access their following catering menu.

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Walmart Party Trays

Party Tray MenuNo. of Servings Price ($)
Snacks trays15-18$34
Kids Party Trays8-12$24
12” Slider Tray6-8$14
16” Slider Tray12-16$26
18” Slider Tray15-18$34
Veggies trays15-18$37
Veggies tray large20-25$48
16” Chicken Trio Trays15-20$28
18” Chicken Trio Trays20-25$44
Wings Trays12-16$18
Pinwheel Tray (Small)12$21
Pinwheel tray (medium)16$36
Pinwheel tray (large)18$42
  • Walmart’s party snack trays include smoked turkey, cheese, crackers, olives, salted almonds, etc
  • You can also opt for kids’ party trays that include cheese sticks, corn dogs, dipping, and any other seasonal snack
  • The slider trays include a combination of meat, cheese, and rolls
  • Walmart’s vegetable tray allows you to choose up to six vegetables per tray. The options for vegetables include carrots, broccoli, celery, cherry tomatoes, etc
  • Chicken trio trays are also a great option for parties. In this option, you are free to mix and match your favorite chicken items with ranch dressing. The available options include chicken Buffalo wings, chicken tenders, popcorn chicken, etc
  • Party wings trays include barbeque wings, Buffalo wings, and other flavored wings with celery, carrot, and dipping
  • Walmart’s pinwheels trays are another top picks that include a mix of meat, cheese, and vegetables

Walmart Sandwich Trays

Sandwich Tray MenuNo. of Servings Price ($)
16 inches medium sandwich tray16-20$32
18 inches large sandwich tray20-24$42
Mix n match sandwich rolls18-24$8.99

These sandwich trays from Walmart are life savers while throwing up a large party. You can choose your favorite sandwiches from Walmart for these trays.

For example, you may choose chicken sandwiches, ham, beef, or turkey sandwiches, etc.

The sandwich rolls tray includes different varieties of rolls such as ciabatta rolls, Bolillos rolls, dinner rolls, etc.

 Walmart Party Subs

Party Subs Menu No. of Servings Price ($)
Sub sandwich tray, 4’16-20$40
Sub sandwich tray, 2’8-10$30
Sub sandwich tray, 6’25-30$32

Walmart makes subs from fresh bread, meat, cheese, and vegetables. The quality of the ingredients and freshness make them the best subs in the era.

In addition, Walmart offers its customers to choose the ingredients for their subs from the available options.

Customers have the freedom to choose different varieties of meat (ham, beef, and turkey) and cheese (swiss, cheddar, etc.).

Walmart Deli Trays Prices

Deli Trays Menu No. of ServingsPrice ($)
Meat and cheese Deli trays8-12$24
Meat and cheese Deli tray15-20$42
Cheese Deli trays15-18$34
Deli Meat trays15-18$34
Large deli meat tray20-25$48
16” Swiss cheese tray15-18$34
18” Swiss cheese tray20-25$48

The Walmart deli trays are super hit and most demanded among people. Here is what they offer.

  • Meat n cheese deli trays include turkey, roast beef, ham, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes, and olives
  • Cheese deli trays include a great variety of cheese for cheese lovers. Swiss cheese trays include cheddar cheese slices, swiss cheese, Colby jack, provolone, etc
  • Deli meat trays include a variety of meats coupled with a cup of cherry tomatoes and olives

Here is a table showing the Walmart deli tray’s prices.

Why Walmart Chicken Platter is Different?

Walmart’s chicken platter is not only different from others but also more popular. On this platter, you will get more variety of chicken along with ranch dipping.

The chicken variety includes boneless flavorful barbeque chicken wings, popcorn chicken, and spicy buffalo chicken wings, etc.

Walmart’s chicken platter is different from the chicken platter of its competitors, Target and Costco, in the following ways.

  • Walmart chicken platter includes more variety of chicken than that of Target and Costco chicken platters
  • It comes with ranch dressing in which buttermilk is the secret ingredient to uplift the taste. In contrast, the other two offer blue cheese dressing with the chicken platter
  • As compared to Costco and Target, the serving size of Walmart’s chicken platter is greater than its price
  • Walmart allows building our own platter from our chicken favorites while others lack this option

Details of Walmart Fried Chicken Catering

a) Description of Item

Walmart fried chicken catering is one of its best offerings for everyone. It promises the quality of the chicken by using dairy fresh chicken for its catering menu.

The catering team properly cleaned and tastefully marinate the chicken by following the chef’s guidelines.

Also, they change the oil daily that they use for frying the chicken to assure quality, taste, and hygiene.

b) Price

It offers several options to cater to the needs of all types of its customers. The most selling option is the 50 pieces of fried chicken that easily serve approx.

18-20 guests. You can get this package at the cost of only $40 which is very economical compared to other stores.

c) What it’s Suitable For!

Their fried chicken catering menu is suitable for all types of events, especially for parties.

Delight your guests with Walmart’s fried chicken catering at your birthday party, graduation party, anniversary celebration, etc.

Walmart’s extensive variety of party trays and platters is becoming popular among people. The reason is the quality, taste, variety, and packaging.

Among the most popular items, cheese, meat, olives, crackers, and salads are the most famous ones. Besides these, Walmart’s subs and sandwiches are everyone’s favorite.

Some of the most selling and popular party trays and platters from Walmart are as follows:

01. Party Platters

Meat and cheese platters and sliced cheese platters are the best of all. Besides this, you can also mix and match items to make your desired platter.

02. Walmart Cheese Trays

In this category, Turkey and cheese platters are the most famous ones. Along with them, pepperoni and cheese, and olives with cheese and crackers are the people’s favorites.

Walmart Cheese Trays

03. Sandwich Trays

These trays are large enough to serve 16-24 people at one party. The fresh and tasty sandwiches specifically include chicken, beef, or turkey as per your demand.

04. Subs Trays

It includes subs with meat, ham, turkey, roast chicken, cheese, fresh veggies, and/or other ingredients.

05. Fruit Trays

Seasonal fresh-cut fruits make these trays more appealing.

06. Trio/Sliders Trays

For this, options include different varieties of chicken (buffalo chicken, wings, etc.) with sauces, rolls, and other options.

Overview of Walmart Catering

Due to the global increase in prices after Covid-19, everyone is struggling to save money while living a better life.

People prefer to get daily groceries and household stuff from stores that are budget-friendly.

Among such stores, Walmart comes at the top of the list, especially when we talk about its catering services.

Walmart’s catering services bring new hope to people by offering quality food within their budget. Here is how Walmart’s catering services benefit the customers.

01. Quality and Hygienic Food

Walmart promises its customers to offer them quality and hygienic food. The quality of meat, fruits, vegetables, and cheese they use in their catering menu, is up to the mark.

Also, their team perfectly maintains hygiene while preparing and packing the food.

02. Freshly Prepared and Packed

At Walmart, you will see that they buy new stock for catering every day and freshly cook and pack them.

They never sell a day-old menu and this is the reason why their food items are so fresh.

03. Best Prices

Another benefit for the customers is that Walmart offers the most affordable prices for its catering menu.

Through this, Walmart fulfills its mission of saving money for people while making them live better lives.

04. Greater Taste and Variety

When it comes to taste, Walmart never compromises on it. They build up the taste by following their secret recipes while using fresh and quality products. Also, they offer a large variety of menus to choose from.

How To Order

From 8 am to 8 pm, Walmart deli catering services are open for you. To buy anything from their catering menu, you need to place an order first, either in person, online or on call.

Here is how to order from Walmart Catering.

Step 1: Visit any nearby Walmart store.

Step 2: Visit the deli counter and ask the deli clerk if you need any information.

Step 3: Choose the trays, platters, and anything you want. Tell the quantity to the deli clerk and ask him to make the bill.

Step 4: Make the payment and take your items home.

For online orders, here is the procedure.

Step 1: Visit Walmart’s website and look up the catering menu.

Step 2: Choose whatever you want to order from the menu/brochure.

Step 3: Submit your order either via the website or by calling them.

Step 4: Choose if you want store pickup or delivery. Whatever you choose, make payment and get your items.

History of Walmart

Walmart, being the largest chain of retail stores, started to sell its groceries in 1988. Since then, Walmart keeps on bringing innovations into its grocery stores or supermarkets to serve people better.

In the early 21st century, Walmart started its Deli and catering services that are now progressing rapidly.

By assuring quality food at economical prices, Walmart wins the hearts of people.

However, it is still struggling to further improve its catering services to meet the needs and expectations of people.

Now, you will find a great variety in its catering menu due to greater sales and higher demand.

What Goes With Walmart’s Subs/Sandwiches Party Trays?

With Walmart’s subs trays or sandwich trays, you can easily serve a couple of other options.

For example, coleslaw salad and pasta salad are the best options to serve with sandwiches and subs.

Similarly, you can also opt for finger-cut steamed veggies, or chicken wings, or buy veggie trays from Walmart.

What Should You Serve With Walmart’s Sliders Platter?

As the slider trays mainly include different varieties of chicken, you can pair them with other items besides chicken.

The best combination of sliders is the French fries and differing dressings for the dipping. You can either serve homemade French fries or buy from Walmart in bulk.

Besides this, serving sandwiches, veggies, and snacks are also good options.

What Number of People One Can Easily Serve With a Single Catering Menu?

It depends on the catering menu size you choose. There are three sizes of Walmart’s catering menu.

The first one serves 6-8 persons, the second one serves 12-16, and the third size serves up to 20 persons.

However, you would still find variations in the serving sizes on the basis of which option you choose.

For example, their fried chicken catering with 50 pieces of chicken is ideal for serving 18-20 people.

What Vegetables Can You Pair With Walmart’s Sandwich Tray?

The best options include onions, olives, cherry tomatoes, celery, and broccoli. In addition, lettuce and cucumbers are also the best picks to serve with the sandwiches.

Many people also prefer to serve mashed potatoes and steamed carrots or peppers.

For greater ease, you can simply buy a veggie tray from Walmart’s catering and serve it with a sandwich tray.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying fresh, premium quality and taste-rich items, Walmart’s catering service wins the competition.

Not only their food is fresh and delicious, but they also offer a great variety to choose from. From platters to trays, there is enough variation to perfectly go with your event.

Also, the prices are very economical to serve a large number of people at any event.

So what are you waiting for? Go through Walmart’s catering menu and choose the best options for your upcoming event.

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