Marie Callender’s Menu Prices 2024 (Speciality in Sweet Pies)

The most famous restaurant devoted to pies is Marie Callender’s. From traditional pies to modern tastes..this place has them all!

The Lemon Meringue Pie is their special dessert at the moment. Every customer and their siblings know of the dessert’s sweet and creamy taste.

Nevertheless, Lemon Meringue isn’t the only star at Marie Callender’s. When searching for something sweet, you can also get a Chocolate Cream Pie, some classic Banana Cream Pie, and even a Coconut Cream Pie.

Even though the known restaurant is mostly searched for their pies, they also contain different types of food menus (such as Breakfast food and classic dinner/lunch food).

There are around twenty-two different breakfast menus, thirty-seven classic food menus, and over 50 pies you can choose from.

Foods such as cheesecakes, burgers, salads, and chilis can all be found at Marie Callender’s.

Marie Callender’s Whole Pies Menu

The Prices for each menu at the Marie Callender are presented below.

Chocolate Cheesecake$39.99 
Custard 1163g2600$10.99 
Cheese Cake 6″$19.99 
Cheese Cake 9″$39.99 
Chocolate Satin 947g4060$13.99 
Banana Cream1393g3010$11.99 
Cream Cheese 1086g3720$13.99 
Cherry 207g680$10.99 
Apple Lite- Without Sugar1250g3000$10.99 
Chocolate Cream 1511g3370$11.99 
Pumpkin 1174g3100$11.99 
Peach 1250g3260$10.99 
Coconut Cream 1438g3860$11.99 
Kahlua Cream Cheese 1171g3960$13.99 
Lemon Meringue 1536g3250$10.99 
Razzleberry 1220g3800$11.99 
Double Cream Lemon1230g3080$11.99 
French Apple 1290g3400$10.99 
German Chocolate Cream1547g4120$11.99 
Double Cream Blueberry 1482g3880$11.99 
Lemon Cream Cheese 1200g3600$13.99 
Key Lime 984g3260$13.99 

Slice of Pie Menu

Double Cream Lemon206g520$5.59
Cream Cheese182g620$5.49
Razzleberry 207g650$5.49
Lemon Meringue 257g550$5.49
Banana Cream233g570$5.49
Chocolate Cream253g630$5.49
New York Cheese Cake215g750$7.49
Coconut Cream241g650$5.49
Apple Lite (without sugar)213g510$5.49
Double Cream Blueberry248g650$5.59
Pumpkin 199g530$5.49
Peach 213g550$5.49
French Apple216g570$5.49
Kahlua Cream Cheese196g670$5.99
Keylime Pie 169g560$5.99
Lemon Cream Cheese 203g610$5.99
Chocolate Satin161g690$5.49


Green Beans- Crispy299g810$10.49 
Sticks- Mozzarella 245g690$10.49 
Appetizer Combo Platter701g192014.99
Chicken Tenders- Crispy365g870$12.49 
Fresh Avocado & Stack of Shrimp309g590$12.49 

Original Pot Pie

Heartland Chicken with seasonings 636g1140$15.99
Chicken Combo with Caesar salad598g1270$14.99
Shepherds Combo545g910$14.99

Sandwiches Menu

Ham Stack- Grilled527g1270$13.49
Marie’s Meatloaf (grilled parmesan sourdough)498g1250$11.99
Open-face Hot Turkey 561g820$11.99
Dip- Classic French507g1000$14.49
Dip- French Supreme580g1110$15.49
Club- Roasted Turkey 526g1450$13.99

Burgers Menu

Traditional Frisco with Thousand Island Dressing518g1440$11.99
Knife & Fork Chili (smothered) with Jack Cheese$12.49
Breakfast- Crispy511g1420$12.49
Callenders Cheeseburger (aged American cheese)497g1450$10.99
Original Style485g1290$9.99
Bacon (smoked) Supreme with BBQ sauce $12.49
The Works Frisco (Grilled Parmesan)629g1840$13.49
Thick & Juicy Plant Base 215g590$13.99

Soups & Chili

Creamy Cheese with Potato -Bowl360g590$8.49
Bowl of Hearty Vegetable360g90$8.49
Bowl: Soup of the Day$8.49
Callenders Famous: Cup of Chili269g240$7.99
Cup: Soup of the Day$5.29
Creamy Cheese with Potato -Cup240g400$5.29
Cup of Hearty Vegetable241g60$5.29
Callenders Famous: Bowl of Chili & Cornbread595g110$10.99

Garden Salads

Cobb Salad (Classic) with Dressing (Blue Cheese)534g570$13.99
Crunchy Salad of BBQ Chicken$13.99
Dinner Salad134g110$4.99
Soup, Quiche, and Salad577g1190$13.29
Chicken Salad- Southwest Avocado680g830$13.99
Shrimp Salad- Southwest Avocado579g750$14.49
Chicken Salad- Thai450g730$13.99

Tacos Menu

Street Style: Grilled Shrimp 439g510$12.49
Street Style: Grilled Chicken $11.99

Comfort Classics

Beef Stroganoff- Home Style699g850$16.99
Braised and Pot Roast (Slow-Roasted)594g740$17.49
Chicken (Grilled) with Broccoli & Fettuccine690g1090$17.49
Turkey Dinner- Freshly Roasted topped with giblet gravy675g730$16.99
Salmon (Grilled) with Honey Ginger Glaze513g570$19.99
Marie’s Meatloaf (slow baked) with Angus ground Beef560g610$16.99
Shrimp (tender) & Chicken (grilled) Carbonara with crispy bacon605g1140$17.49
Atlantic Salmon: Grilled$19.99
Chicken pasta Dinner with Artichoke & Mushroom$17.49

Skillets Menu

Beef (Spicy) & Chicken Savory 590g790$14.99
Thai Shrimp with herb rice541g730$14.99

Kids Menu

Munchkin Burgers with fries$6.49
Oodles of Noodles (sprinkled with parmesan cheese)328g740$5.99
Cheese Sammy- Grilled$5.99
Kids Kraft- Macaronni & Cheese with garlic bread254g540$5.99
Strips: Chick-A-Doodle 262g660$6.49

Muffins and More

Muffin: Banana Flavor177g640$4.29
Muffin: Blueberry Flavor216g610$4.29
Muffin: Lemon Flavor172g620$4.29
Muffin: Triple Chocolate 200g740$4.29
Muffin: Pumpkin Spice $3.39
Muffin: Apple Spice $4.29
Muffin: Bran Flavor$4.29
Muffin: Carrot Flavor$4.29
Muffin: Coconut Flavor$4.29
Loaf of Blueberry Banana 330g1090$3.99
Cake- Coffee flavor $7.99
2 Coffee flavor Cakes$12.99
Sundaes- Junior $3.69
Sundae- Big Apple $7.99
Pint of Ice Cream450g970$4.99

About Marie Callender’s

It all started in 1940 with a passion and a way of living. The founder of this restaurant chain, Marie Callender, began baking pies for her own shop and quickly became popular among customers.

In 1948, when the business started booming, Marie moved her shop from home to a wholesale bakery.

In Orange, California, her son opened the first coffee shop and pie in 1964. It didn’t take long for the business to grow even more. Soon, even more, restaurants were built around the USA.

Since then, the restaurant chain began introducing numerous food menus, such as breakfast menus, dinner/lunch menus, and holiday menus.

The Reason Behind Marie Callender’s Popularity

This restaurant became famous after starting its business selling fresh and tasty pies. It is a simple concept, but everyone craves and doesn’t always have time for it.

With its stardom, the restaurant chain also started developing another menu.

You can also find different food menus, breakfast menus, and even a thanksgiving menu alongside the famous pies.

Therefore, Marie Callender is now famous for its delicious desserts and the fantastic dinner dishes they serve.

Even though the restaurant became popular due to its pies, other dishes are at the top at the moment.

That proves the fact that this restaurant has become timeless and knows how to adapt to the different wishes of different generations of people.

The top 3 foods currently at Marie Callender are:

1) Cheesy Chipotle Rice & Beans Bowl

This easy-to-make but hard-to-get-rid-of afterward dish is on everyone’s mind lately.

This dish combines rice with corn, spicy and roasted peppers, and olives – all topped over with the famous cheesy chipotle sauce.

2) Peanut Butter Cream Pie

A creamy pie with its recipe made by Marie Callender herself has remained a popular find.

This dessert is a mixture of a peanut butter filling with a solid chocolate cookie crumb crust and a whipped topping.

3) Turtle Pie

This dessert is for the ones in love with chocolate! This pie is made from a chocolate cookie crumb crust, finished with caramel, whipped cream, and pecans. A delicious bite indeed!

How To Order Online

Step 1

Log in to their official website or download any mobile apps like Uber Eats/Door Dash/Postmates from the respective app stores of Apple and Google.

Step 2

Look for the “Find my Menu” Button and click it. Provide your location and then press the “Order Now Button.”

Step 3

Choose to pick up your order personally from Order now or choose home delivery by choosing Uber Eats or DoorDash Buttons.

Step 4

When you see “the order is being processed!” It is time to get to your store for pick up.

If you have chosen Uber Eats or Doordash, then get into the app, and choose what you want to order.

Input the preferred address and wait for the courier to arrive at your door! Log in or create a new account to finish the order.

Delivery Options

As the restaurant wants to keep up with its customers’ needs, there are a lot of delivery options. The options a client can choose from are:

Drive ThruNot Available
Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupAvailable

Payment Methods

If you have decided to get your favorite food from Marie Callender, then you should know the payment options available.

Because the store tries to satisfy each client, they have an extensive diversity of payment methods:

  • Gift Cards
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card – if you are in a hurry, then you can use something used most often: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Credit Cards; all of them are accepted
  • Cash  – is also acknowledged in all the branches of Marie Callender restaurants
  • Apple Pay/Google Pay – you can pay through the apps or in the respective stores

Contact Information of Marie Callender

Here is the contact information from the restaurant chain Marie Callender:

Office Address27101 Puerta Real, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, USA
Contact Number+1 949-448-5300
Official Website
Store locations
Gift Cards
Their Story

Presence in Social Media

Where To Find Marie Callender on Social Media:

Marie Callender’s
Photo Credit;, CC


What Are Some of The Frozen Meals Marie Callender Offers?

Marie Callender has all kinds of dishes: from delicious sweet pies to meals like lasagna, chipotle rice, Spaghetti, and even plant-based chicken pies.

Are The Marie Callender Meals Considered Healthy?

The meals are healthy and according to it’s limitations tasty & good.

Besides that, Marie Callender isn’t a restaurant that should be visited by someone who is on a diet, their meals are high in calories and fat.

What is The Founder of Marie Callender Known For?

The actual founder who carried the name of the restaurant chain is known for opening the first-ever pie shop right off her home.

She first started the business by selling freshly made pies from her home with the help of her husband and son.

Do The Marie Callender Restaurants Make Freshly Baked Pies?

Everything served at the Marie Callender Bakery is handmade and freshly baked. No pie is frozen.

Is it Possible To Eat Marie Callender Pies After they Stayed in The Fridge?

Yes, it is possible to keep the pies in the fridge and still eat them 1or 2 days later. Just do not expect the pies to keep their original fresh taste.

Final Words

With its history and years of involvement, we may state that Marie Callender is one of the only restaurant chains popular for their excellent, tasty pies.

The pies’ recipes date back to 1940′ so we know that we get the original taste with every dish.

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