Marie Callender’s Thanksgiving Dinner 2024

Thanksgiving is that time of the year when you celebrate gratitude and affection.

Why not treat your family to a hearty thanksgiving dinner with Marie Callender’s to make beautiful memories?

Marie Callender’s has their 10 iconic Holiday Feasts specially designed to cater to your thanksgiving dinner needs.

This includes some of their most sensational packages, including Turkey breast feast with apple pie or pumpkin pie and Ham and Turkey Breast Feast with apple or pumpkin pie as per your choice.

These serve up to 8 guests. The trimmings might consist of fire-roasted yam, cornbread, a whole pumpkin pie, and more.

Of course, Marie Callender’s Ultimate Ham and Whole Ham and Whole Turkey feast with apple pie is a thanksgiving sensation with mashed potatoes, veggies, and many sides to complete your thanksgiving dinner menu.

All 4 variants of their ultimate feasts come with special items that need to be reheated for up to 3 hours.

Of course, it’s not a dinner party with add-ons and yummy sides, and Marie Callender’s has plenty to offer in this field.

Since no thanksgiving is complete without the turkey, they do offer the best meat with Whole Roasted Turkey, Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast, and Bone-in Spiral Ham options in various potions.

Marie Callender’s mashed potatoes, apple-sage stuffing, and One turkey gravy are the ultimate best-sellers, and they even offer a combo of Ultimate Sides Trio of them for obsessed food lovers.

Never forget the other counterparts of yummy sides that vary from cornbread and cranberry juice to Five Cheese Macaroni casserole and Chef’s veggies.

Thanksgiving dinners without warm pies are dishearting and unimaginable. Hence Marie Callender’s ginormous menu of Holiday pre-ordered whole pies.

This included delicious apple NS, apple pies, banana cream pies, and magnificent cherry pies. Their cheesecake comes in two sizes of 6 and 9 inches to make it twice the fun.

No, they haven’t forgotten fall’s fresh pumpkins. They’ve got excellent pumpkin pies, pumpkin cream cheese pies, and pumpkin cheesecakes. And that’s a lot of pumpkins.

However, if you fancy individual dinners to-go on Thanksgiving Day, this amazing place got you covered.

The adult thanksgiving package is a three-course meal with a starter, entrée, and a dessert of your choice.

The kid’s version is served with either warm soup or salad, turkey or ham dinner, and of course, dessert.

The best part is that you get to place group orders as well.

Best Items From Marie Callender’s Thanksgiving Dinner

Marie Callender’s is known for their affordable price. But this doesn’t mean that their food is average. They are the yummiest of all, with unique flavors.

01. Marie Callender’s Apple Pie

This is one of their iconic best-seller pies for its otherworldly flavors and authenticity. It contains the freshest ingredients and is baked to perfection with a golden crust.

The filling smells of home with fresh apples, butter, and brown sugar. Trust me; this is the one dish that you need on Thanksgiving Day that gives the ultimate American vibes.

02. Whole-Roasted Turkey

The indispensable Thanksgiving bird! It’s is toasted to golden perfection with the best-ever seasonings to give it a fantastic flavor.

When you cut in, you get the view of the juiciest meat ever with a divine smell that will fill your belly with hearty meat.

03. Marie Callender’s Bone-in Spiral Ham

Precisely cut into a perfect spiral shape, this quarter ham comes with the chipotle pineapple, creating the most fanciful flavor ever.

The juicy bones here lock the flavors within and regulate the moisture making sure it remains perfect and not dry at all until eaten.

After all, it’s so appealing on the table and will make your mouth water as soon as you see its glory. 

04. Banana Cream Pie

Another of their numerous and yummy pies. This one hides inside the freshest ripe bananas and snatches flavors from rich vanilla cream.

It’s got the freshest whipped cream or the fluffiest meringue. Of course, little almond slices on the top add up to its taste as well.

05. Five Cheese Macaroni Casserole

Here comes the cheesiest and creamiest casserole ever. The perfectly cooked macaroni drenched in cheesy and creamy goodness with perfect spices is just what you need to complete your thanksgiving dinner plate.

Marie Callender’s Thanksgiving Menu

(Included With Trimmings)

Turkey Breast Include Apple Pie4-6$149.99
Turkey Breast Include Pumpkin Pie4-6$149.99
Ham Include Apple Pie6-8$179.99
Ham Include Pumpkin Pie6-8$179.99
Ham & Turkey Breast Include Apple Pie6-8$209.99
Ham & Turkey Breast Include Pumpkin Pie6-8$209.99
Whole Turkey Include Apple Pie (The Ultimate)6-8$174.99
Whole Turkey Include Pumpkin Pie (The Ultimate)6-8$174.99
Ham & Whole Turkey Include Apple Pie (The Ultimate)6-8$219.99
Ham & Whole Turkey Include Pumpkin Pie (The Ultimate)6-8$219.99
Sage Stuffing (Apple)
Roasted Yams (Fire)
Cranberry Sauce
Fresh Potatoes (Mashed)
Turkey Gravy
Chefs Vegetables
Apple Pie (Whole)
Fresh Cornbread

Add On & Sides

Turkey Breast Oven-Roasted-(A La Carte)3.5-4 lbs$59.99
Roasted Turkey (Whole)-(A La Carte)$74.99
Sides Trio- Turkey Gravy, Stuffing And Mashed Potatoes (Ultimate)$39.99
Bone In Spiral Quarter Ham-(A La Carte)$84.99
Turkey Gravy32 Oz6-8$13.99
Mashed Potatoes3 lbs6-8$14.99
Greens Salad (Field)6-8$17.99
Roasted Yams (Fire)2 lbs6-8$16.99
Casserole-5 Cheese Macaroni 2.5 lbs6-8$14.99
Stuffing Apple Sage 2 lbs6-8$14.99
Cornbread Round Include Honey Blend9”6-8$8.99
Cranberry Sauce16 Oz6-8$8.99
Whipped CreamPint$5.00
Chefs Vegetables1.5 lbs6-8$13.99
Whipped CreamQuarter$9.00

Whole Pies

(Pre-Ordered items)

Apple pie$16.99
Apple Ns$18.49
Cheesecake 6″$23.99
Banana Cream   $18.49
Chocolate Cheesecake (Marbled Triple) 9″$44.99
Cheesecake 9″$44.99
Chocolate Cream $18.49
Cherry $16.99
Coconut Cream $18.49
Chocolate Satin $21.99
Custard $16.99
Cream Cheese $20.99
Cream Lemon (Double)$19.49
Cream Blueberry (Double)$19.49
Chocolate Cream (German)$18.49
French Apple$17.99
Key Lime$21.99
Kahlua Mocha Cream Cheese$20.99
Lemon Meringue$17.49
Lemon Whipped Cream Cheese$20.99
Pecan (Caramelized)$24.99
Cream Cheese (Pumpkin)$20.99
Pumpkin Cheesecake 6″$23.99+
Pumpkin $16.99
Razzleberry Ns$19.49
Whipped Cream Pint$5.00
Rhubarb $16.99
Whipped CreamQuarter$9.00

Thanksgiving Dinner Serving Dates

All the above items are available for pick-up during the Thanksgiving week. That means from 21-24 November.

However, Thanksgiving Day is a hard buzzing day, so please expect to wait sometimes up to an hour. (Yes, even to collect your pre-ordered items) 

Marie Callender’s Thanksgiving DinnerNovember 21 November 24

How Do You Order Dinner At Marie Callender’s

Online Ordering

Group Ordering

  • There’s an icon on their holiday website as Group order
  • Add your name and create the group order

Unfortunately, phone orders aren’t available for any store at that moment when collecting data from their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Marie Callender’s Serving Thanksgiving Dinner This Year?

Yes, they are serving Thanksgiving dinner from November 21 to November 24.

Can I Order Pies For Thanksgiving At Marie Callender’s?

Of course, you can place the order online before. Holiday pies need a notice of 24 hrs. and must be paid beforehand. You could still drop by without pre-ordering.

However, pies will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. They don’t take orders on Thanksgiving Day itself.

Is Dine-in Available During Thanksgiving Week?

Unfortunately, no. From 21st to 24th November, they will only open for takeout as they are busy with making pies and feasts.

At What Time Should I Pick Up My Thanksgiving Order?

All the orders of feasts and pies can be collected from Monday to Thursday at your local store.

Since Thanksgiving Day is pretty busy, there could be delays of an hour even to picking up the pre-ordered items. It’s better to pick them up on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Is Marie Callender’s Available For Reservations?

It’s closed in for dine-in and reservations during Thanksgiving week. They only offer takeout at this time.

How Many Does a Holiday Feast Feed?

They’ve got one that serves 4-6 people and another one that feeds up to 6-8 guests.

Final Thoughts

It’s the holiday season, and you need the best food to serve your loved ones.

Let Marie Callender’s handle your thanksgiving dinner and enjoy the yummiest dishes in the country with a worry-free mind.

Order now to give your loved ones unforgettable memories this year.

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