Moe’s Catering Prices 2024 (Check Out For Real Mexican Party Platters)

If you are looking for a place with many stories surrounding it, Moe’s Southwest Grill is the place to go.

A good story starter is Moe, which isn’t anyone’s name but an acronym for Musicians, Outlaws, and Entertainers.

Its nickname “the home wrecker” comes from its signature Homewrecker Burrito.

It isn’t hard to see how well the nickname fits as their meals lure taste buds to a new taste of home.

Moe’s offers 12 menu options: bowls, meal kits, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, stacks, kids’ menu, salsas, salads, sides, and drinks.

They prepare all items on the menu with the Mexican touch for which they are famous.

They use the freshest ingredients with a good customer service experience to leave you constantly feeling welcome.

Moe’s Catering Bundles

Bundles let you choose different combinations from the assorted queso, desserts, and drinks dishes available.

You can get them delivered in a buffet style which can be helpful for your guests.

Healthy Salad Bar1 person$13.75
Fajita Bar- bigger portions1 person$15.75
Taco Bar with corn shells 1 person$12.75

Moe’s Burrito Price

Junior Burritos – a mini version of Donut burritos1 person505 – 595$7.00
Original Burritos- Donut burritos1 person365 – 1165$8.00
Burrito Box – with cookies, chips, and salsa1 person985 – 1165$10.95

Moe’s Catering Bars

Moe’s bars are perfect for small events, can feed ten people comfortably, and all contain fresh ingredients.

Also, everyone gets only what they want, as the bars are customizable. This bars section is further divided into four: the nacho bar, salad bar, taco bar, and fajita bar.

Each comes with your choice of protein, black or pinto beans, pico de gallo, chips and salsa, and slight variations to give you your desired taste.

Fajita Bar- tortillas with a choice of protein1 person985-1245$12.95
Taco Bar- tortillas with corn shells1 person555 – 915$9.95
Nacho Bar- famous queso with chips and salsa1 person1,545 – 1,705$11.95
Salad Bar- with lettuce and a choice of protein1 person605 – 1,205$11.95

Individually Packaged Catering Items

If you want something other than an all-you-can-eat buffet, you can get individually packaged meals for your occasion.

The packages contain a burrito, a chocolate chunk cookie, and chips & salsa. The box on its own is a whole meal, requiring only a drink to complete it.

This package works best for informal events; if you are aware of the exact number of guests.

Burrito Bowl- with seasoned rice & choice of protein1 person$10.95
Grab & go- Burrito Box1 person985 – 1165$10.95
Taco Box- with 2 soft tacos & choice of protein1 person$10.95
Moe's Catering
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Dips & Sides Menu

The dips and salads area bursts with taste and is excellent for picnics and as an addition to the other options. Moe offers guac, its famous queso, and salsa as dips for the crisp chips.

Moe’s southwest salad is unlike any other; it contains shredded cheese, southwest vinaigrette, beans, pico de gallo, chopped romaine, and any protein you choose. Items on this menu are great meal starters.

Fiesta Any Bar package1 person$2.50
Southwest Salad (with chopped lettuce)10-15 persons148 – 333$29.99
Queso (Moe’s Famous) & chips1 person$1.65
Salsa- Additional1 person$1.09
Fresh Guacamole1 person$1.65

Cookies Menu

For dessert, Moe serves a tray of fresh cookies. The sweet cookie is made with graham chocolate chips and mini marshmallows and is perfect for ending any meal.

Oatmeal Raisin165 – 195$0.59
Cinnamon Chips445$1.00
Chocolate Chip165 – 195$0.59
Variety Of Cookies165 – 195$0.59
Snickerdoodle165 – 195$0.59

Drinks Menu

Moe offers three healthy and chilled drink options – tea, lemonade, and Moe-Rita. After all that food, one of these would do.

Sprite – 2L8-10 $4.50
A gallon of Unsweet Tea10$6.95
Diet Coke – 2L8-10 $4.50
A gallon of Sweet Tea10$6.95
Coca Cola – 2L8-10 $4.50
Gallon of Lemonade10305 – 435 $6.95
Bottle of Water1$1.00
Soda- Can1$1.00

How Do Your Order From Moe’s Southwest Grill

To get the whole experience, you can walk into one of Moe’s centers to place and wait for your order.

If you are somewhat far or do not have the time to go there and wait, you can order by simply going through their website.

After clicking the “order now” button, you will see four options:

  • Delivery
  • Pickup
  • Curb-side and
  • Drive-thru

You pick the one that’s more convenient for you and select the time you want your order to be ready.

Then, choose the items you want available for your event and proceed to checkout. Moe delivers on time.

Moe's Southwest Grill
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About Moe’s Southwest Grill

The first Moe location opened in 2000 in Atlanta GA. Moe came about to give a new meaning to sitting out to eat.

Their philosophy centers on providing the best and pioneering music pieces with welcoming arms, so you can eat freely no matter who you are.

This fact presents itself in the meaning of the name Moe – Musicians Outlaws and Entertainers.

Moe also prides itself on originality; customers can customize a dish to their taste.

Now 22 years and still going, they stand firm, offering a unique experience and outstanding Mexican food.

Today, they serve the southwest fare at over 700 locations within and outside the US.

Moe’s Additional Information

Nutrition Facts
Catering Menu
Head Office5620 Glenridge Drive NE, Atlanta, United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chipotle and Moe, Who’s Better?

They are both tasty Mexican brands. And though Chipotle covers more places in the US, Moe makes up for that with their famous burrito quality and extra menu options.

What is The Meaning of Moe?

Moe stands for Musicians Outlaws and Entertainers. That is why you always hear carefully picked music streaming in the background at every Moe’s canter.

Why Do They Shout Welcome To Moe’s To Every Customer?

That is their way of making every customer feel welcome, and it is a shock to most people, but it eventually gives the desired result.

Children, most significantly, like the welcoming “Welcome to Moe.”

Does Moe Handle Catering For Weddings?

Yes, Moe offers catering services for weddings. The total cost depends on the number of people you are expecting, and Moe’s employees can help you pick the best options for your kind of wedding regardless of the number of guests.

What is Moe Monday?

Mondays at Moe are famous because of Moe Monday. Moe celebrates Mondays with slash-price special deals on the house, where a burrito would go for as low as $5.99.

Are Chips and Salsa Free At Moe?

Yes, chips and salsa are free for every order on the catering menu. You can order other servings from the catering menu and get complimentary chips and salsa.

Do I Need To Bring My Plates and Cutlery To My Event After Ordering From The Catering Menu?

No, you need not bring anything connected to food and cutleries to your event, and Moe will provide the food, cups, plates, and peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

Moe’s is one place to go if you are looking for the ultimate eating experience.

Aside from their incredibly delicious meals, they give quite a grand welcome, too, and you can rely on them to spice up your events with their fresh foods that will satisfy your gums and guests.

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