Safeway Deli Sandwiches Menu & Prices 2024

Safeway Deli sandwiches menu is an all-in-one solution for lunch, dinner, or for a special event.

The most surprising thing about Safeway Deli is that they offer around 120 different varieties of sandwiches and wraps. Is not it great? It is!

Some of its most famous and the most popular sandwiches include the following.

  • All-American sub sandwich
  • Cheese melt sandwich
  • Croissant tuna salad sandwich
  • Chicken club sandwich
  • Cheese & ham sandwich
  • Colby & turkey sandwich
  • Ham with the turkey sandwich
  • Bacon & turkey croissant sandwich
  • Beef and cheese sandwich
  • Honey maple ham sandwich
  • Croissant egg salad sandwich
  • Italian-style sandwich
  • Smoke-master sandwich
  • Roasted beef sandwich, etc.

In short, it is a long list of flavorful, scrumptious, and tasty sandwiches at Safeway Deli.

Whether you are a meat person or a vegetarian, you will find your desired sandwich at Safeway Deli.

Safeway Deli is also famous for its sandwiches because it offers a great variety of flavors under each category.

For example, there are so many turkey sandwiches for those who love to have turkey.

Similarly, there is a great variety of ham, chicken, and beef sandwiches for those who love having these.

Even for those who don’t like meat, Safeway Deli offers them cheese sandwiches and veggie sandwiches.

Along with the already available options, Safeway Deli also offers to make your customized sandwich. You can pick up the ingredients to make your sandwich.

For example, they allow you to choose the type of meat, cheese, eggs, salads, and sauces to make your desired sandwich.

However, this option is only available in stores and they don’t allow you to order customized sandwiches from their website.

Along with the sandwiches, the Safeway Deli sandwich menu also includes wraps and burritos.

For example, bacon breakfast burrito, ham breakfast burrito, roasted beef wrap, Mediterranean chicken wrap, and a signature breakfast burrito, etc.

To view the complete Safeway Deli Sandwiches menu, visit their website.

Safeway Catering

Safeway Deli Sandwiches & Wraps

Ready Meals Sandwiches

ItemsServing SizeCaloriesPrice/each
Ham and Swiss Pretzel Duo4.5 oz.280$7.99
All American Sub 900$10.99
Classic Egg Salad Croissant6 oz.410$7.99
Turkey Bacon Croissant8 oz.550$7.99
Pan Roasted Turkey & Cheddar9 oz.470$7.99
Roast Beef & Cheddar Cheese8 oz.470$7.99
Pepper Turkey & Pepper Jack Cheese7 oz.360$7.99
Ham & Turkey Club on Everything Roll9 oz.510$7.99
Boars Head Everything Super Suboz. $12.99
Italian Style Sandwich9 oz.600$7.99
Ham & Cheddar Cheese8 oz.470$7.99
Boars Head Turkey Bacon & Cheddar Pretzel Duo10 oz.430$7.99
Peppered Turkey & Smoked Gouda9 oz.460$7.99

Boar’s Head Deli Sandwiches

ItemsServing SizeCaloriesPrice/each
Cranberry Turkey Wrap8 oz.740$7.99
Ovengold Pinwheel Self Serve9 oz.490$7.99
All Natural Roast Beef Sandwich Gng8 oz.490$7.99
Pastrami & Swiss Artisan Sandwich Gng8 oz.650$7.99
Ovengold Turkey Slider 3 Count2 oz.490$7.99
Cracked Pepper Turkey & Smoked Gouda Artisan Sandwich8 oz.470$7.99
London Broil Roast Beef Slider 3 Count7 oz.510$7.99
Honey Maple Ham & Havarti Artisan Sandwich Gng8 oz.490$7.99
Smokemaster Ham Slider 3 Count7 oz.580$7.99
London Broil Black & Blue Wrap9 oz.870$7.99
Ovengold Turkey Sandwich7 oz.460$7.99
London Broil Sandwich Gng Cold7 oz.470$7.99
Chipotle Wrap Self Serve9 oz.820$7.99
Pit Craft Turkey Wrap8 oz.510$7.99
All Natural Tuscan Turkey Sandwich Gng8 oz.530$7.99
Bourbonridge Ham Wrap9.15 oz.480$7.99
London Broil Pinwheel Gng7 oz.510$7.99
Smokemaster Black Forest Ham Sandwich Gng8 oz.440$7.99

Signature CAFE Deli Sandwiches

Breakfast Burrito Sausage Hot940$5.99
Breakfast Burrito Sausage Cold940$5.99
Build Your Own Sandwich Regular Hot $8.99
Sandwich Wrap Chicken Chipotle – 9.5 Oz $6.99
Wrap Turkey Cranberry (7.5 oz.) $6.99
Build Your Own Sandwich Regular Cold $8.99
Build Your Own Breakfast Sandwich Hot $5.99
Build Your Own Sandwich Large Hot $16.99
Build Your Own Sandwich Large Cold $16.99
Breakfast Burrito Bacon Cold (4.5 oz.)380$5.99
Breakfast Burrito Bacon Hot850$5.99
LTO Sandwich Cold $8.99
Primo Taglio Ham & Cheddar Hoagie Self Serve520$5.99

Others Safeway Sandwiches

ItemsServing SizeCaloriesPrice/each
Primo Taglio   
Ham Lavosh0.50 Lb.620$14.69
Roast Beef Lavosh0.50 Lb.640$14.69
Deli Sandwich   
Deli Sandwich Regular With Add on Hot  $8.99
Deluxe Combo Sliders Sandwich6 oz.440$7.99
Sandwich Regular With Add On Cold  $8.99
Deli Sandwich Large With Add On Cold  $16.99

Safeway Delivery Methods

In StoreYes
Drive ThruNo
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupYes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Sandwiches Does Safeway Deli Offer?

Safeway Deli offers a variety of sandwiches including a turkey club sandwich, ham & Swiss, chicken club, bacon croissant sandwich, etc.

How Many Calories Are in Safeway Deli Sandwich?

It depends on which sandwich you choose from Safeway Deli. The calorie count in its deli sandwiches ranges from 470 to 900 cal.

What is The Best Deli Sandwich At Safeway?

All America sub sandwich at Safeway is the most popular and the best one in taste.

How Much is The Turkey Club Sandwich At Safeway?

It costs $8.99 each.

What’s in Safeway’s All-American Sub Sandwich?

It includes thin sliced-cut ham, cheese slices, greens salads, premium sauces, and freshly baked buns.

Final Thoughts

For lazy days or any occasion, ordering delicious sandwiches from Safeway Deli is a lifesaver.

Not only the taste, but the freshness, quality, and prices of Safeway Deli sandwiches are also great.

Moreover, they offer a great variety of fresh-made and flavorful sandwiches to assure fulfilling everyone’s demands.

So, let’s order the most appetizing Safeway Deli sandwiches for you and your family/friends to cherish the moments together.