Safeway Catering Menu Prices 2024 (Numerous Party Platters and Trays)

If you’re party-planning for a whole army and seeking delicious food platters at affordable prices, Safeway catering is your place to go.

They’ve got massive party platters specially designed for all occasions with customizable menus.

Their 25+ appetizer trays cover all the appetizers out there with fruit and fine cheese, fresh vegetable trays, club sandwich trays, antipasto, and much more.

These dishes serve from 10 guests up to 30, as per your choice.

Safeway offers a wholesome range of meat and cheese platters where the Meat Lovers tray (12-16 serves), Italian tray (with meat, cheese, olives, and veggies with 20 serves), and deli party packs are some of their all-time favorites.

They’ve got the build-your-own-tray option, too. Their sandwich platters are numerous, serving up to 15 depending on what you pick.

Some of their classic options are Pita Pocket Pleaser, All Rolled up, and Classic tea sandwiches.

Subway party trays are indeed a godsend with holiday party trays, sandwich trays, and Snack Square Trays.

You could happily order catering for all the events, including Halloween, Baby Showers, Super Bowl, back to school, and all the classic holidays.

They do have bakery platters and take cake catering orders, too. These cake orders range from cupcakes to shower cakes. Safeway also has got dessert trays, pastries, and cookie platters.

The best part is that you could happily order a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers and some balloons alongside your catering order to make your event a blast.

Safeway Deli

Safeway Party Trays Menu

Sliced Cheese $39.99 
Salad Sandwich’s 10-12$19.99 
Big Dipper16-20$49.99 
Mini Croissant Salad 12-16$39.99 
Vegetable & Dip 20-25$49.99 
Fresh Fruit $49.99 
Classic 15-20$59.99 
Meat Lovers 12-16$59.99 
Hoagie Sandwich 18-24$59.99 
Vegetable & Hummus 20-25$59.99 
Carving 18-20$69.99 
Croissant Sandwich 12-16$59.99 
Italian Sampler 15-20$99.99 
Holiday Sweet 15-20$69.99 

Chicken Tray & Party Pack

Fried Chicken $50
Bowl Caesar Salad 12-16$29.99
Wing Fling 12-16$59.99
Elegant Charcuterie 15-20$89.99 

Safeway Sandwich Platters

Finger Sandwich $49.99
Croissant Sandwich 12-16$59.99
Hoagie Sandwich 18-24$59.99

Sandwich & Wrap Platters

Pinwheel /Hye Roller12-16$49.99
Finger Sandwich $49.99
Pretzel Slider Roll  25-27$59.99

Meat & Cheese Platters

Meat Lovers 12-16$59.99
Classic Meat & Cheese 15-20$49.99
Italian 15-20$79.99
Classic 15-20$59.99
Deli 20-24$89.99

Safeway Seafood Platters

Kicked Up Combo 4-6$21.99
Alaskan 2 Lbs Snow Leg Surimi6-8$19.99
Bounty Shrimp 8-12$39.99
Admiral’s Feast 6-8$29.99

Event Catering Trays

Mini Croissant Salad 12-16$39.99
Classic 15-20$59.99
Vegetable & Dip 20-25$49.99
Hoagie Sandwich 18-24$59.99
Pretzel Slider Roll 25-27$59.99
Croissant Sandwich 12-16$59.99
Cocktail Condiment 15-20$79.99
Fine Cheese & Fruit 15-20$69.99
European Cheese 15-20$99.99
Elegant Charcuterie 15-20$89.99

Safeway Deli Catering Trays

Honey Ham And Turkey (Hormel Gatherings) 28 Oz$18.99
Chicken Salad Include Cracker Duo$5.00
Hard Salami And Pepperoni (Hormel Gatherings) 28 Oz$18.99
Seafood Salad Include Crackers Duo$5.00
Tasting Board (Columbus Charcuterie) 12.5 Oz$16.99
Chicken Salad Duo$5.00
Brie Trio  $4.00
Spinach Dip Quad$5.00
Cut Salami And Cheddar Include Crackers Duo$5.00
Apple Celery Pretzel Peanut Butter Quad$4.00
Fruit & Cheese4-6 $24.99
Hormel Supreme 39.7 Oz$21.99
Sandwich Pinwheel 16 Inch(Tray)$39.99
Croissant Sandwich4-6 $19.99
Wing Fling12-1616 Inch (Tray)$54.99
Meat Lovers20-2416 Inch (Tray)$54.99
Classic Meat And Cheese20-2416 Inch (Tray)$64.99
Club Sandwich4-6 $19.99
Hye Roller4-6 $19.99
Tuna Salad Include Crackers Duo$5.00
Sliced Cheese30-3616 Inch (Tray)$54.99
Sandwich Roll 18 Inch (Tray)$54.99
Classic Meat & Cheese 16 Inch (Tray)$64.99
Fresh Cut Turkey Ham & American Cheese (Boars Head) Trio (0.50 lb)$12.99
Wing Fling 16 Inch (Tray)$59.99
Grape Cookie Cheddar Turkey Quad$4.00
Nibbler Meat Include Cheese 18 Inch (Tray)$64.99
Babybel Trail Mix Gummi Apple Quad$4.00
Wings Buffalo  $24.99
Party Pack  $79.99
Big Dipper 16 Inch (Tray)$49.99
Nibbler Meat And Cheese 12 Inch (Tray)$34.99
Salad 18 Inch (Tray)$54.99
Salad 12 Inch (Tray)$44.99
Turkey & Cheddar  $19.99
Spinach Dip Boule Large$14.99
Greek Hummus Trio$4.00
Seafood The Admirals Feast Medium (32 Oz)$29.99
Salami And Cheese Trio$4.00
Protein Trio$4.00
Pretzel Brownie Apple Peanut Butter Quad$4.00
Mediterranean Trio$4.00
Condiment 16 Inch (Tray)$19.99
Breakfast Trio$4.00
Hummus And Olive Trio$4.00
Sliced Cheese 12 Inch (Tray)$29.99
Meat Lovers 16 Inch (Tray)$54.99
Cheese Trio$4.00
Sliced Cheese 16 Inch (Tray)$49.99
Hoagie Sandwich 18 Inch (Tray)$49.99
Finger Sandwiches 16 Inch (Tray)$39.99
Produce-Fresh Sliced Fruit Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt Include Strawberries And Blueberries 13 Oz$6.00
Vegetable And Dip 16 Inch (Tray)$49.99
Turkey Picante Snacker Maple Provolone Cheese (Boars Head)- 530 Cal 0.50 lb$6.00
Spanish Chorizo  $14.99
Brie And Cracker 0.50 lb$16.79
Croissant Sandwich 18 Inch (Tray)$59.99
Elegant Charcuterie  $79.99
Salad Sandwich 16 Inch (Tray)$29.99
Cheese Platter (Boars Head)  $14.99
Finger Sandwiches 18 Inch (Tray)$59.99
Mini Croissant & Salad Sandwich 16 Inch (Tray)$39.99
Italian Nibbler  $16.79
Pretzel Sliders Roll 16 Inch (Tray)$49.99
Classic 16 Inch (Tray)$49.99
Cheddar Salami  $16.79
Cafe Hoagies & Heroes (Signature) Large$39.99
Caprese  $16.79
Mozzarella Tomato  $12.99
Cheese Ball  $32.78
Vegetable And Hummus 16 Inch (Tray)$49.99
Salad Sandwich 12 Inch (Tray)$19.99
Carving 16 Inch (Tray)$59.99
Cheddar Trio16.79
Classic Meat And Cheese 12 Inch (Tray)$39.99
Vegetable And Hummus 18 Inch (Tray)$59.99
Meat Lovers 12 Inch (Tray)$39.99
Cubed Cheese Include Garnish (Primo Taglio) 8 Inch (Tray)$13.99
Lox And Bagel 16 Inch (Tray)$69.99
Vegetable And Dip 18 Inch (Tray)$59.99
Italian 16 Inch (Tray)$69.99
Italian Sampler 16 Inch (Tray)$89.99
Meat Lovers 16 Inch (Tray)$59.99
Salad Caesar12-16 $21.99
Sweet Treat (Cheese)  $69.99
Mediterranean  $79.99
Harvest  $69.99

Fruit Tray

Fresh Fruit20-2516″$49.99
Fresh Fruit25-3018″$59.99

Snack Square Tray

Spinach & Boule$19.99
Fruit & Cheese6-8$14.99
Hot Wings$19.99
Hye Roller /Pinwheel$19.99
Croissant Sandwich Snack (Ten Mini Sandwiches)$21.99

Appetizers Party Trays

Square Snack Spinach & Boule $19.99
Alaskan Snow Leg Surimi (2 Lbs)6-8$19.99
Kicked Up Combo 4-6$21.99
Square Snack Club Sandwich $19.99
Sliced Cheese $39.99
Admiral’s Feast 6-8$29.99
Big Dipper16-20$49.99
Bounty Shrimp 8-12$39.99
Pinwheel /Hye Roller12-16$49.99
Finger Sandwich $49.99
Holiday Sweet 15-20$69.99
Wing Fling 12-16$59.99
Fine Cheese & Fruit 15-20$69.99
Lox & Bagel 10-12$69.99
Harvest 15-20$79.99
Cocktail Condiment 15-20$79.99
Mediterranean 15-20$89.99
Pack Deli 20-24$89.99
European Cheese 15-20$99.99
Italian Sampler 15-20$99.99

Cakes Menu

Sheet Cake (Disney Princess)16 – 241/4$36.99
Sheet Cake (My Little Pony)16 – 241/4$36.99
Sheet Cake (Super Mario)16 – 241/4$36.99
Sheet Cake (Batman)16 – 241/4$36.99
Crown & Scepter Sheet Cake16 – 241/4$36.99
Sheet Cake (Spider-Man)16 – 241/4$36.99
Enchanting Unicorn Sheet Cake16 – 241/4$36.99
Ariel And Scuttle Sheet Cake (Little Mermaid)16 – 241/4$36.99
Happy Helpers Sheet Cake (Minnie Mouse)16 – 241/4$36.99
Sheet Cake (Cars 3)16 – 241/4$36.99
Unicorn Creations Sheet Cake16 – 241/4$36.99
Mickey And The Roadster Racers Sheet Cake (Mickey)16 – 241/4$36.99
Mystical Mermaid Sheet Cake16 – 241/4$36.99
Unify Sheet Cake (Avengers)16 – 241/4$36.99
Disney Pixar – Team Toy Sheet Cake (Toy Story Four)16 – 241/4$36.99
Mythical Journey Sheet Cake (Disney Frozen Two)16 – 241/4$36.99
Sheet Cake (Paw Patrol)16 – 241/4$36.99
Lightup Pikachu Sheet Cake (Pokemon)16 – 241/4$36.99
Happy Sheet Cake (Trolls)16 – 241/4$36.99
Dinosaur Pals Sheet Cake16 – 241/4$36.99
Hat Graduate Sheet Cake (Mega)16 – 241/4$36.99
Shark Creations Sheet Cake16 – 241/4$36.99
Sheet Cake (My Little Pony)24 – 481/2$52.99
Birthday Balloons Sheet Cake (Edible Image)16 – 241/4$36.99
Sheet Cake (Batman)24 – 481/2$52.99
Sheet Cake (Disney Princess)24 – 481/2$52.99
Sheet Cake (Spider-Man)24 – 481/2$52.99
Mario Kart Sheet Cake (Super Mario)24 – 481/2$52.99
Ariel And Scuttle Sheet Cake (Little Mermaid)24 – 481/2$52.99
Crown & Scepter Sheet Cake24 – 481/2$52.99
Sheet Cake (Cars 3)24 – 481/2$52.99
Enchanting Unicorn Sheet Cake24 – 481/2$52.99
Sheet Cake (Mickey)24 – 481/2$52.99
Happy Helpers Sheet Cake (Minnie Mouse)24 – 481/2$52.99
Unify Sheet Cake (Avengers)24 – 481/2$52.99
Unicorn Creations Sheet Cake24 – 481/2$52.99
Mythical Journey Sheet Cake (Disney Frozen Two)24 – 481/2$52.99
Mystical Mermaid Sheet Cake24 – 481/2$52.99
Lightup Pikachu Sheet Cake (Pokemon)24 – 481/2$52.99
Disney Pixar – Team Toy Sheet Cake (Toy Story Four)24 – 481/2$52.99
Dinosaur Pals Sheet Cake32-481/2$52.99
Sheet Cake (Paw Patrol)24 – 481/2$52.99
Shark Creations Sheet Cake32-481/2$52.99
Happy Sheet Cake (Trolls)32-481/2$52.99
Birthday Balloons Sheet Cake (Edible Image)32-481/2$52.99
Hat Graduate Sheet Cake (Mega)32-481/2$52.99
Sheet Cake (Disney Princess)48 – 96Full$79.99
Sheet Cake (My Little Pony)48 – 96Full$79.99
Mario Kart Sheet Cake (Super Mario)48 – 96Full$79.99
Sheet Cake (Batman)48 – 96Full$79.99
Crown & Scepter Sheet Cake48 – 96Full$79.99
Sheet Cake (Spider-Man)48 – 96Full$79.99
Enchanting Unicorn Sheet Cake48 – 96Full$79.99
Ariel And Scuttle Sheet Cake (Little Mermaid)48 – 96Full$79.99
Happy Helpers Sheet Cake (Minnie Mouse)48 – 96Full$79.99
Sheet Cake (Cars 3)48 – 96Full$79.99
Unicorn Creations Sheet Cake48 – 96Full$79.99
Sheet Cake (Mickey)48 – 96Full$79.99
Mystical Mermaid Sheet Cake48 – 96Full$79.99
Unify Sheet Cake (Avengers)48 – 96Full$79.99
Disney Pixar – Team Toy Sheet Cake (Toy Story Four)48 – 96Full$79.99
Mythical Journey Sheet Cake (Disney Frozen Two)48 – 96Full$79.99
Sheet Cake (Paw Patrol)48 – 96Full$79.99
Lightup Pikachu Sheet Cake (Pokemon)48 – 96Full$79.99
Happy Sheet Cake (Trolls)48 – 96Full$79.99
Dinosaur Pals Sheet Cake48 – 96Full$79.99
Hat Graduate Sheet Cake (Mega)48 – 96Full$79.99
Shark Creations Sheet Cake48 – 96Full$79.99
Birthday Balloons Sheet Cake (Edible Image)48 – 96Full$79.99

Salads Menu

Bowl Caesar Salad 12-16$29.99 

Fresh Flowers

Rose Bunch (Dozen)$14.99 
Tulip Bunch Fresh Cut $9.99 
Bouquet Fragrant Rose $16.99 
Bouquets Mixed Spring $14.99 
Bouquet Debi Lilly Grass Chic Rose $21.99 
Spring Arrangements Mixed $39.99 
Rose Arrangements (Dozen)$39.99 
European Garden$69.99 

Our Favorite Safeway Catering Food Meals

It’s no secret that Safeway catering platters are iconic for their freshness and delicious flavors. Yet, the items below are especially loved by people for their uniqueness.

01. Wicked Good Wings

Nothing goes wrong with golden chicken wings that are fried. Safeway’s wicked good wings come in different varieties including home style, buffalo, BBQ, honey, teriyaki, and good old salt and vinegar.

If you do fancy them in a large batch, just order a platter with all these types that will serve up to 16 mouths.

Nothing beats a juicy rib roast. This rib is of premium quality, juicy, tender, and packed with fat.

It’s perfectly seasoned and finely roasted to grace your dinner table. I dare say that this dish of Safeway is undeniably gourmet and tastes like heaven.

02. Safeway Spiral Ham

It’s the freshest and most flavorful ham dish ever. It’s cut into this appealing spiral shape to make it unique.

This comes fully cooked to your table though you could always reheat it to make it warm. This sensational dish has got the perfect looks to make your event a blast, too.

03. Club Sandwiches

There’s nothing special about a good-old club sandwich, right? Yet Safeway club sandwiches are the best with the freshest bread of all time.

This comes with a range of fillings. You could go from tuna to chicken salad and again come back to egg salad.

Potato rolls and leafy lettuce here are part of its appeal. Ultimately, it’s classic and, therefore, fantastic. 

04. Hoagie Sandwiches

Here are the fresh hoagie rolls sandwiches inside loads of ham, turkey, and roast beef with pickled veggies and mustard. This is the perfect filling dish to make you feel so good.

Ordering At Safeway Catering Menu

Order Online

  • Reach their website and select the menus
  • Select quality, add to order, enter location details, and Pick-up from the selected Store

Reach To Them

  • Visit their official website
  • Reach out to your closest Safeway store to place your order. Click on catering service to do this

Some orders require 24/48 hrs. to be prepared.

Safeway Payment Options

Safeway being the convenient store that it is accepts many payment methods. However, PayPal is not an option.

  • Credit cards (Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard)
  • Debit cards (with Visa and MasterCard logos)
  • Cash
  • Gift cards
  • Personal checks
  • Apple pay (accepted only for in-store payments in certain locations)

Safeway Delivery Methods

At Safeway, you can get your food delivered in many ways. The delivery guide is just below.

Drive-thruNot available
Home DeliveryNot available
Curbside pickupNot available

If you’re ever seeking to reach Safeway, the following table will be a massive help to you.

Contact us
Official website
Online order
Mobile app
Store Locator
Gift Cards

Follow Safeway’s online presence to know more.


Story of Safeway

It all started with an ambition to succeed. M.B Skaggs, the aforesaid young man purchased a grocery store in 1915 in American Falls.

In just under 10 years, he managed to open 438 more stores across 10 states. Later, after a merger with Safeway, Safeway, Inc was born.

Today, more than a century later, it’s one of the household names for grocery shopping, providing daily necessities at a fair price.

Safeway, in 2024 operates in 917 locations across 18 major states of the country.

Safeway, in my opinion, is a jack of all trades, selling dairy, bakery, grocery items, liquor, flowers, and pharmacy.

It’s one of the biggest employers in American history with 250 000+ employees working for them.

It’s such a well-loved name across the nation for offering such a variety of household items, all within the same space with cheap price tags that help you with the bills. 

Photo Credit;, CC

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Can I Place Catering Order?

Catering orders could be placed online at Safeway’s official website and they need to be picked up at your intended store.

Can I Get My Catering Order Delivered?

Unfortunately, no. Safeway does not home deliver the catering orders. So, you need to pick up your order.

Do I Get an Email Confirmation When My Catering Order Goes Through?

You should receive a confirmation email sometime time after placing a catering order.

This will contain your order number and the details of your order. If you don’t get any mail, please contact your local Safeway by phone.

Is There Any Notice Time For Placing an Order?

The notice time depends on the catering items. Some require a 24-hr notice, while some other platters may need up to 48 hours to be ready.

What Should I Show To My Local Safeway To Pick Up My Catering Order?

Please show your confirmation email with the order number and the details on your smartphone to pick up your order. You could alternatively print it out.

Final Words

You might only know Safeway as a grocery store. But they sure are a giant in the catering game with humongous menus to choose from.

Just give them a chance at your next event to grace your party with the yummiest dishes ever. 

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