How to Oven Cook Steak to Perfection

Learning how to oven cook steak isn’t difficult, but it definitely needs attention and some TLC that it doesn’t need when you’re grilling it outside.

While I’m away on vacation, I’ve got wonderful blogging friends covering my kitchen. Today, Reesa, from, will show you her special secrets on how to oven cook steak to juicy, delicious perfection!

Reesa is a fantastic person with a heart full of glittery gold, and I’m so grateful that she offered to help me out this week.

Without further delay, here’s Reesa to explain how to oven cook steak!

How to Oven Cook Steak to Perfection, EVERY time! - Get the tips on
Learn the secrets on how to oven cook steak to juicy perfection, EVERY TIME! Guest post on from @mommalewsblog

Living in a condominium, we unfortunately miss out on grilling in the summer time. Over the years, we’ve compensated with traditional grilling options by making them on the stove top. But, steaks? Steaks were a problem. They never came out perfect.

I spent a long time not buying steaks because I just couldn’t figure out how to make them tender and juicy. I recently decided to give them another shot and I am glad I did! I finally figured out how to oven cook steak to perfection!

I used T-bone steaks. I asked the butcher what cut of meat I should buy that wouldn’t break my budget. He recommended the T-bone steaks.

How to Oven Cook Steak to Perfection

  • The first step is let them come to room temperature after thawing or being refrigerated. This usually takes about an hour or so.
  • After the hour, you want to coat your steaks on both sides in about 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Sprinkle seasoning salt and pepper on both sides.
Learn the secrets on how to oven cook steak to juicy perfection, EVERY TIME! Guest post on from @mommalewsblog
  • Pre-heat a cast iron skillet or heavy pan on your stove top to get it very hot.  Add your steaks to the pan after it has heated and sear them on both sides, for 1 minute each.
  • Set your oven to broil.
  • After they have seared, put your steaks onto a jelly roll pan or a cookie sheet. I like to wrap the pan in aluminum foil so nothing ruins my pans. I then pour whatever juice was in the stove top pan onto the meat.
  • You want to cook your meat until it reaches approximately 140 degrees. Be sure to flip the steaks every 2-3 minutes of cooking. How long your steaks need to cook will depend on how thick they are. Usually my half inch steaks cook to my liking at around 15 minutes. After taking them out of the oven, make sure to let them rest for a few minutes before cutting and serving.


These are great tips on how to oven cook a steak perfectly EVERY time!

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I just finished reading Reesa’s recipe for Gluten Free Banana Poke Cake, and I’m super excited to try it when I’m back from vacation next week!

See what Reesa’s up to on Google+ Reesa Lewandowski or check out her amazing Pinterest boards!


These are great tips on how to oven cook a steak perfectly EVERY time!


  1. I live in a condo where they don’t let us grill!!! WAH!
    So, this pretty much just saved my life, since me and my hubby LOVE a good steak! Pinned 🙂

    1. I used to live in an apartment complex that didn’t allow grilling, so I feel your pain, Taylor!
      Have you ever used a stove top smoker? It’s a great way to get the smokey grilled taste without the fire 🙂

  2. I’m shocked and thrilled that someone has taught me to cook a steak in the oven. I do grill a lot but when I have steaks ready and a storm comes through I never know what to do. Now I do!

  3. Awesome tips! It’s always such a challenge to make delicious steaks in the oven. And now I’m craving steak…and it’s not even noon-o’clock yet!

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