Shipley Donuts Menu Prices 2024 (Select From Over 60 Do-Nuts Varieties)

If you are planning to indulge in some incredible delicacies with delightful desserts, this Shipley Donuts Menu with prices would definitely come to your help.

These incredibly amazing and tasty food items would not only satisfy your cravings but are also an affordable choice to feed a large crowd.

The options are endless, from fresh-made donuts to kolaches and beignets and a variety of beverages. What else can you ask for?

As the name suggests, donuts are Shipley’s signature item. They serve freshly-made fried donuts with different toppings, glazing, and filling to meet their customers’ demands.

From classic glazed, and chocolate glazed to iced bites and filled ones, this menu consists of 10 different donuts with several sub-categories to choose from. That’s not all.

Shipley Donuts also has 12 different pastries in their Pastry menu that you can try.

If you are craving hot and spicy items, check out the Kolaches menu. Containing 12 items, it will never miss satisfying your salivating appetite.

The menu has a kids’ meal and 12 hot and cold beverage options to go with your meal perfectly.

Besides these, Shipley Donuts also offers Catering Menus and Coffeehouse Menus to provide choices to their customers.

From a wide range of hot and cold beverages and platter options, you can easily pick the one that perfectly fits your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Know more about the Shipley Donuts menu and decide which one you would try first!

Shipley Donuts Menu (Iced & Sugar)

Chocolate 200$1.09
Maple 190$1.09
Chocolate (Iced) with Sprinkles240$1.09
White with Sprinkles230$1.09
Cherry with Sprinkles230$1.09
Strawberry with Sprinkles230$1.09
Chocolate with Coconut230$1.09
Chocolate with Walnuts240$1.09
Bullseye Chocolate$1.09
Plain Sugar160$1.09
Cinnamon Sugar190$1.09
Sugar White220$1.09

Shipleys Donuts Filled Do-Nut

Boston Cream$1.09
Cream 260$1.09
Apple 220$1.09
Strawberry 220$1.09
Raspberry 230$1.09
Devils Food380$1.09

Shipleys Kolaches

Sausage & Cheese440$2.63
Sausage with Cheese & Jalapeño440$2.63
Ham & Cheese360$2.63
with Cheese$3.07
Cheese and Jalapeño$3.07

Cake Do-Nut

Buttermilk 160$1.09
Blueberry Glazed$1.09
Glazed Plain180$1.09
Glazed Buttermilk180$1.09
Chocolate (Iced)190$1.09
Maple Iced190$1.09
Cherry (Iced)190$1.09
Strawberry (Iced)190$1.09
Chocolate (Iced) with Sprinkles240$1.09
Cherry (Iced) with Sprinkles230$1.09
Chocolate (Iced) with Walnuts210$1.09

Classic Glazed Do-Nut

Classic 190$1.05

Shipley Donut Holes 

Classic Glazed750$1.99
Chocolate Glazed740$1.99

Assorted Specialty Rolls

Apple Fritter360$2.08
Cinnamon Roll320$2.08
Cinnamon Twist340$2.08
Chocolate (Iced) Twist$2.08
Filled Bar Bavarian410$2.08
Filled Bar Crème310$2.08
Butterfly Roll320$2.08
Old Fashioned Roll310$2.08

Donuts Boxes

Classic Glazed Do-NutsDozen 190$9.89
Bold (Cheese Kolaches)Dozen $33.54
Classic Glazed Do-Nuts1/2 Dozen190$6.27
Do-Nuts (Mixed)1/2 Dozen190-380$6.53
Bold (with Cheese Kolaches)1/2 Dozen$17.59
1/2 Glazed 1/2 Chocolate Do-NutsDozen 190-380$10.89
1/2 Glazed 1/2 Chocolate Do-Nuts1/2 Dozen190-380$6.53
Mixed Do-NutsDozen 190-380$10.89
Create Your Own
Do-Nuts (Mixed)Dozen 160-380$10.89
Do-Nuts (Mixed)1/2 Dozen160-380 $6.53
Mixed KolacheDozen 380-440$28.04
Mixed Kolache1/2 Dozen380-440$5.94

Hot Beverages

Coffee (Regular) Small$1.65
Coffee (Decaf)Small$1.65
Hot ChocolateSmall$1.65
Cappuccino (Vanilla)Small$1.65

Cold Beverages

Coffee (Cold Brew)Medium$2.99
Orange Juice$2.25
Apple Juice$2.25
Bottled Water$1.85
Bottled Sodas
Coke Zero$2.39
Diet Coke$2.39

All the donuts from the Shipley Donuts Menu are delicious. However, some have gained immense popularity among them because of their unique taste.

We have listed these popular donuts so that you can have them before the others.

01. The Classic Glazed Donuts

The soft and fluffy glazed donuts will never miss hitting right on your taste buds.

This super delish delicacy comes with a thin layer of glaze but it is just the right amount.

Enjoy it with a coffee or alone, the classic donut will always make you happy.

02. The Super Delicious Donut Holes

The pillow-y, pop-able donut holes are just a little pop of sweetness in your mouth.

Made in bite-size, these desserts are perfect for lazy, relaxed evenings.

To fulfill your sweet appetite, these donut holes come in a packet of 12 rather than a single piece.

03. Sweet and Scrumptious Sprinkled Donuts

Sprinkled donuts have to be one of the top favorite donuts from Shipley’s. The choice is yours from white to pink, red, and chocolate sprinkles!

Dipped in thick icing, these fried donuts come with different sprinkle choices to meet your cravings perfectly.

04. Heavenly Iced Bites

The iced donuts from Shipley are as tasty as you imagine them. As these fried donuts are glazed end to end with some super tasty icing, they will never fail to satisfy your sweet tooth.

05. Yummy Donuts With Fillings

If you want to taste something different, the various fillings of donuts will meet your needs.

These fillings like lemon, chocolate, white cream, and berries are perfect for every occasion all around the year.

Shipley Donuts Delivery & Payment Methods

How To Order

Ordering from Shipley Donuts Menu is easy and not time-consuming at all. Just visit any of their locations and get the foods you want in no time.

However, if you want to order some coffee cakes, make sure to order them beforehand to get delivery on time.

Also, if you are not in the mood to visit the stores, you can always call 1-713-636-5417 or order online ( to enjoy your favorite delicacies.  

What Delivery Methods Do Shipley Donuts Use?

To let you enjoy the tastiest, freshly-made donuts, Shipley Donuts offers a whole lot of delivery options for you.

All you need to do is just choose the way you want your food to get delivered, and the rest is taken care of by Shipley.

Drive ThruYes
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupYes

What Payment Options Does Shipley Donuts Accept?

One thing about Shipley Donuts’ payment method is that they only accept cash or major credit cards.

They won’t accept if you wish to pay through prepaid or debit cards. So be mindful when you are making an order at Shipley’s.

Let’s make finding Shipley Donuts even easier for you.

Corporate Office2225 Westheimer Road, Suite A, Houston, TX 77077, United States
Contact 1-713-636-5417
Store Locator
About Them

Find Out Shipley Donuts on Social Media

With all the social media links gathered below, we have made it even easier for you to find the delicious Shipley Donuts.


Shipley Donuts History

Founded by Lawrence Shipley, Shipley Donuts first opened its doors in 1936 with a special gourmet recipe for Do-Nuts.

This recipe was created by the founder himself to withstand the time and is still popular in the newer era.

Cut by hand and served warm, it didn’t take time for these donuts to grab the attention of their customers.

Even though they initially sold these amazing donuts wholesale, over time (precisely in the 40s), they started to sell retail keeping in mind the convenience of their customers.

Now, with more than 190 stores around the country, Shipley Donuts is one of the most popular donut stores in the country.

Photo Credit;, CC

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Donuts does Shipley Serve, Baked or Fried?

All the donuts from Shipley’s are fried. They only serve perfectly-fried ones to ensure that you enjoy a light, delicious and non-greasy dessert.

Why Shipley’s Donuts Are Famous?

Shipley’s Donuts serves the most amazing glazed donuts in the country. And they are famous for these mouthwatering glazed.

How To Order Shipley’s Coffee Cakes?

Shipley’s Coffee Cakes are made to order. You have to pre-order them to get your food delivered on time.

From a collection of apple cinnamon, cream cheese, and blueberry coffee, you can mix and match your favorite ones while making an order.

Also, remember that the minimum order quantity is 1 dozen. They won’t place the order if you don’t want 1 dozen cakes.

Final Words

Shipley Donuts will always satisfy your sweet cravings completely.

They not only serve some amazing donuts to their customers but also offer other foods like kolaches, cakes, pastries, kids’ meals, and various beverages for a complete meal.

Just get the car keys or order online to enjoy some of the best menus in town!

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