Crumbl Cookies Catering Menu & Prices in 2024 (Regular & Mini Size Cookies)

Crumbl cookies catering is ideal for birthday parties, weddings, or any kind of event either office parties or private programs; just one call is needed to get ordering.

The specialty of Crumble cookies is offering a wide range of flavors even they have weekly changes in flavors. For those who love to taste different flavors one of the best choices for them.

Do you want to add a sweet taste to your next important event? A cookie buffet sounds like just the right solution!

Crumble cookies offers 4 or 6-pack boxes and a party box including 12 large, delicious cookies. This option is great for small events! 

Moreover, the bakery can take large catering orders, with the condition of buying at least 10 cookies/ per weekly flavor and 100 cookies /per catering flavor, with a minimum of 50 ordered cookies.

The options seem infinite, with creative recipes that will satisfy anyone and nutritional values provided for each flavor type!

Crumbl Cookies
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Crumbl Cookies Regular Size Weekly Flavors (Changes Every Week)

(Minimum of 10 Cookies Per Flavor & Order 50 Cookies Minimum)

Mention price is based on a single cookie.

Pink Velvet CakeRegular140$2.80
Milk Chocolate ChipRegular140$2.80
Pink DoughnutRegular120$2.80
Raspberry LemonadeRegular170$2.80
Classic Pink SugarRegular130$2.80
Cake Batter BlondieRegular140$2.80

Crumbl Cookies Regular Size Catering Flavors

(Minimum Order of 100 cookies per flavor)

Menu NameSizeCaloriePrice
Birthday CakeRegular160$280.00
Berry CrunchRegular140$280.00
Buckeye BrownieRegular200$280.00
Brownie BatterRegular150$280.00
Chocolate Cookies and CreamRegular120$280.00
Chocolate CaramelRegular170$280.00
Oreo -Chocolate Peanut Butter ft.Regular120$280.00
Oreo – Chocolate Crumb Cake ft.Regular150$280.00
Cinnamon RollRegular150$268.00
Classic Peanut ButterRegular120$280.00
Classic OatmealRegular130$280.00
Classic PumpkinRegular100$280.00
Cookie Butter White ChipRegular120$280.00
Dirt CakeRegular200$280.00
Dark DreamRegular140$268.00
Nutella – Hazelnut Churro ft.Regular190$280.00
Double Fudge BrownieRegular170$280.00
Teddy Grahams Honey Cake ft.Regular180$280.00
Honey BunRegular120$268.00
Kentucky Butter CakeRegular140$280.00
Iced OatmealRegular120$280.00
Molten LavaRegular130$280.00
Midnight MintRegular140$268.00
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip MuffinRegular110$268.00
Oatmeal Chocolate ChipRegular140$280.00
Candies – Original featuring M&M’sRegular130$280.00
Oatmeal RaisinRegular130$280.00
Reese’s Pieces -Peanut Butter ft.Regular130$280.00
Peanut Butter BrittleRegular230$268.00
Reese’s Pieces – Shipping Peanut Butter Chip ft.Regular100$268.00
Sugar – Green FrostingRegular $268.00
Sugar – Blue FrostingRegular $280.00
Sugar – Purple FrostingRegular $268.00
Sugar – Orange FrostingRegular $280.00
Sugar ft. Mother’s Circus AnimalRegular160$280.00
Yellow SugarRegular130$268.00

Crumbl Cookies Mini Size Weekly Flavors (Changes Every Week)

(Minimum of 10 Cookies Per Flavor & Order of 50 Cookies Minimum)

Menu NameSizeCaloriePrice
Pink Velvet CakeMini140$1.25
Milk Chocolate ChipMini140$1.25
Pink DoughnutMini120$1.25
Raspberry LemonadeMini170$1.25
Classic Pink SugarMini130$1.25
Cake Batter BlondieMini140$1.25

Crumbl Cookies Mini Size Catering Flavors

(Minimum of 100 cookies per flavor)

Menu NameSizeCaloriePrice
Birthday CakeMini160$125.00
Berry CrunchMini140$125.00
Chocolate CaramelMini170$125.00
Brownie BatterMini150$125.00
Oreo – Chocolate Crumb Cake ft.Mini150$125.00
Chocolate Cookies and CreamMini120$125.00
Classic OatmealMini130$125.00
Cinnamon RollMini150$125.00
Classic PumpkinMini100$125.00
Classic Peanut ButterMini120$125.00
Cookie Butter White ChipMini120$125.00
Dark DreamMini140$125.00
Double Fudge BrownieMini170$125.00
Dirt CakeMini200$125.00
Honey BunMini120$125.00
Nutella – Hazelnut Churro ft.Mini190$125.00
Iced OatmealMini120$125.00
Teddy Grahams Honey Cake ft.Mini180$125.00
Molten LavaMini130$125.00
Kentucky Butter CakeMini140$125.00
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip MuffinMini110$125.00
Oatmeal Chocolate ChipMini140$125.00
Candies Original featuring M&M’sMini130$125.00
Oatmeal RaisinMini130$125.00
Reese’s Pieces – Shipping Peanut Butter Chip ft.Mini100$125.00
Reese’s Pieces -Peanut Butter ft.Mini130$125.00
Sugar – Blue FrostingMini $125.00
Sugar – Orange FrostingMini $125.00
Sugar – Green FrostingMini $125.00
Sugar ft. Mother’s Circus AnimalMini160$125.00
Sugar – Purple FrostingMini $125.00
Yellow SugarMini130$125.00
NullMini $125.00

Most Loved Crumbl Cookies Flavor

Starting with their first success in the business: the delicious, fresh milk chocolate chip cookies, and finishing with the most impressive, distinctive taste combinations, Crumble Cookies certainly has sweets loved by all customers! Here are the most popular choices: 

01. Milk Chocolate Chip 

As the first successful cookie sold, and the one flavor that’s available at any store any given week, The Milk Chocolate Chip is probably the most popular option and will keep this place for a while.

It’s a classic enjoyed by everyone, but of course, in moderation, as it holds 560 calories per cookie, so split it with a friend and enjoy! 

02. Peanut Butter Creme & Snickers 

The classic Peanut Butter cookie combined with a crunchy, sweet, caramel element: Snickers.

Similar to the classic Nutter Butter, this creation has gained the hearts of many customers.

Just make sure to test your peanut allergy before trying this one out

03. Snickerdoodle Cupcake 

Surely, the name of this one is way more complicated than its recipe, but it adds to its charm.

Combining a classic foundation with the delightful taste of creme cheese, the cookie tickles your taste buds and puts a smile on your face. 

Even more, the cinnamon sugar sprinkled generously on top reminds me of the unique taste of autumn. 

04. Chocolate Cake

The Chocolate Cake brings us back to the taste of fudgy, simple chocolate dough with more rich chocolate cream on top.

With 190 calories per serving (about ¼ a cookie), this dessert will satisfy your pure chocolate craving and will imprint in your memory for a long time.

No matter how colorful, creative, and wild are some flavors, sometimes you only wish for a classic. 

Take some baked cookie dough, ice cream buttercream, and raw cookie dough and combine them all!

The result is the heavenly taste of this dessert. Just imagine creating a sandwich from 2 of these delicious cookies! 

Online Order Process of Crumbl Cookies

Besides the old-fashion physical or phone ordering, Crumble Cookies has one of the best-structured and easiest ordering online pages.

However, to make things even easier, here are some simple steps: 

  • Access their official website: 
  • Click on “Place a catering order”. A small window will pop up 
  • Enter your phone number and click on “Send the confirmation code”. Now, simply wait to receive the code via SMS and enter it on the website 
  • Select the cookie size for your order: regular or mini. Only one size is available per order 
  • Choose your flavor! Weekly flavors require a minimum of 10 cookies, while special, catering flavors require a minimum of 100 cookies per flavor
  • Choose your packaging option 
  • Review the order, add a payment option and you’re done! Pick it up at the established time 

Crumbl Cookies Beginning Story

The story of Crumble Cookies and its founders is proof that there’s no harm in trying new things and following your dreams, no matter the failures!

What started as a shared bakery passion between two cousins slowly transformed into the heavenly menu of Crumble Cookies. 

In 2017, the first store of Crumble Cookies was established in Logan, Utah. Where one of the cousins, Sawyer, was attending University.

The sweet taste of their delicious milk chocolate chip cookies became then popular, and the restaurant opened new stores to share their delights!

At the moment, Crumble is one of the most popular cookie catering firms, with as many as 300 bakeries spread all over 36 states. 

With new locations came new ideas, and the bakers enjoyed creating inventive, delicious recipes.

Now, the 4-cookie pink box is an Instagram sensation and the menu that rotates every week attracts anyone’s curiosity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Customize My Catering Order The Best?

First, research all the flavors available at the store that’s closest to you. For smaller events, weekly flavors are recommended, as you can order 50 cookies of different types.

Catering flavors are a great choice for complex events. Even more, you can send a photo of your fantasy dessert buffet and get guidance from the bakery! 

What Packaging is Available For Catering?

There are three main packing options: catering boxes, sleeves, and single boxes. Catering boxes are offered by the bakery without charge.

For packing individual cookies, sleeves are the middle, elegant option. The cost depends on the size of the order. 

How Many Different Varieties of Crumble Cookies Exist?

Coming up with the idea of a weekly rotation menu, flavors at all Crumble locations are constantly changing.

Four to five different cookie flavors are available. Some of them remain, while other unpopular choices are traded for new, exciting recipes.

With more than 200 varieties now available, Crumble is constantly growing.

Is Crumble Cookies Offering Refunds To Unpleased Customers? 

The short answer is no, not exactly. If the event you’re planning is further in the future and you changed your mind, you can simply cancel the order and get a refund.

However, if the cookies have been already carefully designed and picked up by you, the chances to get a refund are close to 0. 

Does Crumble Cookies Catering Deliver The Order? 

No. While delivering is available for individual orders, including party packs, large catering orders must be picked up from a specific place.

The location and time will both be selected according to your needs. 

Can an Existing Catering Order Be Modified?

Up to two weeks before your scheduled pickup date, adjustments to orders with a minimum quantity of two dozen can be made.

Final Words

Crumble catering is just the touch of sweetness needed at any event. Although in the higher price range, the bakery offers a unique, tasty experience to the guests.

Even more, the cookies are works of art, completing any decor perfectly with a touch of joyfulness, romanticism, or elegance.

Choose the size and flavor for a minimum of 50 cookies and enjoy. Lastly, keep in mind that 12-cookies party packs are always available!

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