Shoprite Christmas Dinner in 2024

Great food and good conversations are the two things that make a holiday party enjoyable, and spending Christmas dinner with your loved ones makes the holidays even more meaningful and memorable.

What better way to celebrate your Christmas than ordering a feast at Shoprite? Come and join us to discover the delightful holiday dishes of Shoprite.

Shoprite offers a variety of food items under the Holiday entertaining menu. They have tasty starters, entrées, food platters, and decadent sweets.

Shoprite boasts 14 starters – a mix of cheese, cold cuts, shrimp, and vegetables; 13 main course food items include roasted turkeys, glazed ham, seafood, and pasta.

For dessert, Shoprite has 9, including strawberries dipped in chocolate, cannoli, Italian pastries, and candies.

They also have eight side dishes made of potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, rice, and much more.

If you have difficulty choosing which meal to choose since they are all delicious, you can try some 8-holiday platters featuring clams, crabs, seafood, shrimp, and flounder.

The two special bundles- a complete meal from appetizers to desserts are also a must-try for the upcoming Holiday.

Aside from the delicious dishes, the Christmas spirit would only be complete with the Shoprite holiday plants.

These plants are potted poinsettia, decorated Christmas wreaths, Holiday vases, and arrangements, herb plants, amaryllis plants, and a Lemon Cypress Novelty tree, which looks like a mini Christmas tree.

To make it more exciting, Shoprite has a surprise for you.

They offer free turkey or ham to customers who spend a minimum of $400.00 on their orders from October 16-November 24, 2022.

What are you waiting for? Order Now!

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Shoprite Christmas Holiday Entertaining Menu

ItemsServesPrice (Per Each)
Ham Bundle8$99.99
Turkey Bundle8$99.99

Feast of The Seven Fishes

ItemsServesPrice (Per Each)
Stuffed Flounder$9.99
Mussels Marinara10$29.99
Stuffed Mushrooms10$39.99
Clams Italiano10$49.99
Mini Crab Cake Appetizer Tray8$39.99
Seafood Salad Combo Platter20$49.99
Steakhouse Shrimp Cocktail Platter6$25.99
Shrimp & Seafood Salad Combo Platter40$99.99

Shoprite Main Course

ItemsServesPrice (Per Each)
Cheese Lasagna8$44.99
Cider Maple Glazed Ham (Applewood Smoked)8$44.99
Honey-Herb Roasted Pork Loin8$44.99
Turkey Bundle8$99.99
Ham Bundle8$99.99
Eggplant Rollatini8$49.99
Stuffed Flounder$9.99
Chicken Francaise8$49.99
Meatballs in Marinara8$44.99
Beef Tenderloin8$139.99
Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast8$49.99
Clams Italiano10$49.99
Mussels Marinara10$29.99


ItemsServes/SizePrice (Per Each)
Thanksgiving Turkey Gravy1/4$4.99
Roasted Vegetables8$34.99
Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes8$24.99
Country Stuffing8$29.99
Cheddar Scallion Au Gratin Potatoes8$29.99
Butternut Squash with Cranberries (Fall-Spiced & Roasted)8$34.99
Honey Thyme Roasted Carrots8$29.99
Wild Rice with Pecans & Cranberries8$34.99

Starter Platters

ItemsSizeServesPrice (Per Each)
Cinque Formaggio Platter10$59.99
Tuscan AntipastoSmall15$59.99
Spinach Dip Bread Bowl15$15.99
Hummus Platter15$54.99
Mezze Platter12$59.99
Bites Platter15$64.99
Panko-Coconut Shrimp8$24.99
Stuffed Mushrooms10$39.99
Seafood Salad Combo Platter20$49.99
Alaskan Snow Crab & Shrimp Platter8$29.99
Mini Crab Cake Appetizer Tray8$39.99
French Cheese Board10$39.99
Steakhouse Shrimp Cocktail Platter6$25.99

Special Occasion Cakes

ItemsServesPrice (Per Each)
Build Your Own (Filled Cake)
8″ Round 12$22.99
10″ Round 20$30.99
1/2 Sheet 40$42.99
1/4 Sheet 20$27.99
Full Sheet 80$81.99
Build Your Own (Unfilled Cake)
8″ Round 12$20.99
10″ Round 20$27.99
1/2 Sheet 40$36.99
1/4 Sheet 20$23.99
Full Sheet 80$67.99


ItemsServesPrice (Per Each)
Cupcake Celebration Platter16$26.99
Hand Dipped Strawberries3$12.99
Peppermint Candy Kiss Brownie Bites10$14.99
Filled Mini Cannoli Platter18$59.99
Mini Italian Pastries15$59.99
Ultimate Chocolate Bomb Cake with Chocolate Mousse8$15.99
Gourmet Apple Pie8$9.99
Crumb Cake Platter12$24.99
Holiday Message Cookie$10.99

How To Order The Dinner For Christmas?

As diverse as its holiday feast selection, there are plenty of ways to order Christmas Dinner from Shoprite.

First, you can order any of their Holiday entertaining dishes at the Shoprite store near you.

As of November 2022, there are about 313 Shoprite stores in the US where you can buy your Christmas Dinner.

Second, if you have a hectic schedule or are just not in the mood to go to their store yet you need to get meals for Christmas, you can order online through this link or their mobile app. Then get it later via curbside pick-up.

Lastly, for those who prefer to stay at home while buying their meals and are too busy to pick them up, you can use their delivery service through Instacart.

As for payment, you can pay your order at Shoprite through the following method:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Cash
  • ShopRite gift cards
  • Personal Checks
  • EBT
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay

What Dinner Meals Should You Shop Right For Christmas?

There are plenty of choices when you visit Shoprite stores for Holiday food items.

You might need clarification about what to buy since all dishes on their menu are delicious and festive. Here we have put up a list of Christmas Dinner you must try:

01. Turkey Bundle

This turkey bundle will complete your Christmas Dinner menu.

It is a complete set of meals from Roasted Turkey breast kneaded with a generous amount of thyme, sage, and rosemary, giving it an aromatic and mouthwatering smell.

This turkey has three (3) side dishes: the creamy Yukon mashed potatoes, the fresh and nutty roasted butternut squash with cranberries, and the classic country stuffing.

This Christmas dinner also comes with sweet gourmet apple pie and turkey gravy, perfect for eight people.

02. Ham Bundle

Another must-have at every Christmas dinner table is the Ham Bundle.

This bundle includes baked smoked ham – the union of two opposite ingredients gives this ham its unique taste: sweet from the maple syrup and sour from the apple cider.

Its three (3) side dishes are cheesy au gratin potatoes, saccharine and aromatic roasted carrots, and wild rice with pecans and cranberries.

The “bomb” for this bundle is a decadent chocolate bomb cake. This bundle serves eight people.

03. Cheese Lasagna

Who would say no to a cheesy lasagna for the holiday dinner? No one, of course.

This dish is lasagna noodles layered with a perfectly seasoned marinara sauce made – from fresh tomatoes, olive oil, and herbs, with the triple cheesy flavor of the nutty ricotta, stretchy mozzarella, and grated cheese.

Remember to heat it before serving it to 8 people.

04. Seafood Salad Combo Platter

No one would miss this platter. This Seafood platter combines fresh fruit de mar, sour yet creamy seafood salad, a refreshing calamari salad, and the earthy and spicy Cajun seafood salad in one plate.

05. Honey Roasted Pork Loin

You can never go wrong with pork loin. This dish is an entrée rubbed with fresh herbs such as thyme, rosemary, and sage, glazed with sweet honey, and slowly roasted to perfection.

06. Chocolate Bomb Cake

This chocolate is truly a bomb in every Christmas Dinner. It is a dessert rich in antioxidants and with less sugar since its main ingredient is dark chocolate.

This cake is moist chocolate filled with silky and chocolatey mousse perfectly glazed with dark chocolate ganache. It is so rich and decadent that you won’t stop eating it.

Shoprite Information Database

Here is a table containing vital information that you must remember about Shoprite:

Official Website
Online Order
Mobile Apps
Store Locator
Gift Cards
Office 775 US-1, Edison, NJ 08817, USA
Contact +1 732-819-0140 732-906-5275

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ShopRite Have a Holiday Promotion?

Yes, ShopRite has a holiday promotion in which you are entitled to a free turkey or ham if you spend $400 using your price-plus card.

Do note that the valid date of purchase should be from October 16 to November 24, 2022. Only one free item is allowed per family.

Does Shoprite Have a Home Delivery Service?

Yes, ShopRite has a home delivery service through Instacart. Depending on your location, they can deliver your items in as fast as an hour.

The delivery costs start at $3.99 and may incur additional charges if you have yet to reach the minimum order amount, which is $35, and the distance of the delivery area to the store.

How Many Turkeys Should I Buy For Christmas Dinner?

If the turkey you ordered is enough, the general rule of thumb in serving turkey is that each person should have 1 to 1.5 pounds.

Can I Eat Turkey For Christmas Dinner If I Am on a Weight-Loss Diet?

Turkey is a healthy option for people on a weight-loss diet and is rich in protein and low-fat content.

Who Owns Shoprite?

ShopRite is a subsidiary of Wakefern Food Corporation. It has over 300 stores in the US and is considered the largest affiliate of Wakefern.

Final Words

There are plenty of dishes that you can prepare for during this holiday season, especially at Christmas Dinner.

You can cook your dinner menu at home or buy them at a ShopRite store near you, already cooked and ready to serve.

Let your Christmas be merry and stress-free. Serve great food on your Christmas dinner table, and come and try Shoprite’s Holiday Dinner menu.

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