Cracker Barrel Christmas Menu Dinner Prices 2023

As the days go by, Christmas is approaching us. What’s better than gathering all your loved ones for a special dinner?

With it, the jolly spirit, the decorations, and of course the food. Nothing can beat the Christmas spirit…but Cracker Barrel will try!

The Cracker Barrel offers fantastic deals for families trying to have some delicious Christmas dishes without effort.

The holiday catering menu offers their signature ham and mouthwatering ribs. The Christmas menu has all types of foods for every family member.

Just pop the food you received in the oven for around 3 hours and it’s good to eat! It’s up to you how to want to arrange the serving and decorating of the dinner, though.

Cracker Barrel has two types of menus you have to be aware of. First, we have the Feast which is made for big families or groups of people: 8-10, to be exact.

The next option is the Family Dinner which feeds four to six people.

There’s a total of 3 different food menus and one dessert special this restaurant offers during its Christmas special.

Two of the menus are called the Ham Heat & Serve (for 8-10 people or 4-6 people); as it is highly suggestive, their main dish is a whole ham (sugar-cured).

The third menu is called the Prime Rib Heat & Serve Family Dinner and is only for 4-6 (but don’t worry, you can order two!).

For the Ham (Holiday) Menu, you should know that you also get some fantastic sides, like: roasted gravy, the tasty cornbread dressing, a great cranberry relish, the classic favorite macaroni & cheese, and some sweet yeast rolls.

The Prime Rib Heat & Serve Family dinner includes sides like mashed potatoes and roasted gravy, horseradish sauce, 2 countrysides of your choice, and sweet yeast rolls.

The sweet Fresh baked holiday Pies are there for everyone that would like something dainty next to the Christmas tree.

Cracker Barrel offers Apple Streusel Pie, Pecan Pie, Chocolate Pecan Pie, and Cinnamon Roll Pie.

If their menus caught your attention and you would like to get them for your Christmas dinner, be aware that they are only available for pick and should consider ordering between 12/20 and 12/27.

Please note that the food should be used within 72 hours.

The cracker Barrel is also offering a great discount for you! You can order a free Bonus card which will be applied to its Christmas menus.

To receive this free Bonus card, the menus should be scheduled early for pickup on their specified dates. To know more you can go to their official website.

Cracker Barrel
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Cracker Barrel Christmas Holiday Offerings

Heat & Serve
Ham Feast (Dec 21 to Dec 28)8-1020950$159.99
Ham Family Dinner (Dec 21 to Dec 28)4-614210$109.99
Prime Rib Family Dinner (Dec 21 to Dec 28)4-610890$124.99
Pie: Cinnamon Roll 103340$12.99
Pecan Pie (Chocolate) (Oct 25 to Dec 24)104600$12.49
Pecan Pie (Oct 25 to Dec 24)104020$12.49

Holiday A La Carte Sides

Heat & Serve
Prime Rib (Dec 21 to Dec 28)5070$94.99
Loaded Hashbrown Casserole (Nov 19 to Dec 28)8-104450$29.99
Loaded Hashbrown Casserole (Nov 19 to Dec 28)4-62280$20.99
Mashed Potatoes4-61550$12.99
Mashed Potatoes8-103090$19.99
Loaded Mashed Potatoes (Nov 19 to Dec 28)8-104570$24.99
Loaded Mashed Potatoes (Nov 19 to Dec 28)4-62280$17.99
Roasted Gravy (Dec 21 to Dec 28)730$6.99
Sweet Potato Casserole (Nov 19 to Dec 28)8-103090$19.99
Sweet Potato Casserole (Nov 19 to Dec 28) 4-61540$12.99
Macaroni n’ Cheese (Nov 19 to Dec 28) 4-61780$12.99
Macaroni n’ Cheese (Nov 19 to Dec 28) 8-103560$19.99
Mashed Potatoes with Roasted Gravy (Dec 21 to Dec 28)8-103830$19.99
Mashed Potatoes with Roasted Gravy (Dec 21 to Dec 28)4-61910$12.99
Green Beans (Nov 19 to Dec 28) 8-10500$19.99
Green Beans (Nov 19 to Dec 28) 4-6250$12.99
Carrots (Nov 19 to Dec 28) 4-6480$12.99
Carrots (Nov 19 to Dec 28) 8-10960$19.99
Cornbread Dressing (Nov 19 to Dec 28) 8-101780$19.99
Cornbread Dressing (Nov 19 to Dec 28) 4-6890$12.99
Fried Apple (Nov 19 to Dec 28) 8-102060$19.99
Fried Apple (Nov 19 to Dec 28) 4-61030$12.99
Smokehouse (Nov 19 to Dec 28)
Sugar Cured Ham  6720$69.99
Country Ham  5950$69.99
Sweet Yeast Rolls (Nov 19 to Dec 28)3540$7.99
Pie (Apple Streusel)104350$12.49
Sweet Cranberry Relish (Nov 19 to Dec 28)270$5.49

Holiday Deserts

Coca-Cola Cake (Double Chocolate Fudge)790$4.49
Peach Cobbler490$4.49
Pumpkin 450$4.49
Apple Streusel 720$4.49
Cinnamon Roll 560$4.79
Chocolate Pecan 770$4.49
Pecan 670$4.49
Whole Pie
Cinnamon Roll 3340$12.99
Pecan 4020$12.49
Pumpkin 2700$12.49
Chocolate Pecan 4600$12.49
Streusel 4350$12.49


Milk Chocolate Bar (Hershey)$2.49
Milk Chocolate Bar with Almonds (Hershey)$2.49
Pecan Log (3 oz)$2.79
Pecan Log (7 oz)$4.99
MoonPie Chocolate (2.75 oz)$6.99

Holiday Serving Start and Closing Date

Of course, we all need to know when to order these menus. Down below you will find a table with the dates for each meal, keep in mind the dates stands while the supplies last.

Holiday DinnerStartClose
Ham (Heat n Serve) Holiday Feast12.20.202212.27.2022
Ham (Heat & Serve) Holiday Family Dinner12.20.202212.27.2022
Prime Rib Heat & Serve Family Dinner12.20.202212.27.2022

How To Order

You can pre-order or order your meals from the catering – Christmas top menu.

After selecting which type of menu you want to get, you will be sent to a special tab where you will choose your location/ local restaurant.

After selecting your pick-up location, add your account and wait for the order to be processed.

Overview of Christmas Holiday Items

The Christmas at Cracker Barrel will be special with their amazing menus. It’s easy to order and you will receive them in no time!

Take a look at the following dishes the restaurant offers, each meal is well-thought

01. Ham (Heat & Serve) Feast

The pièce de resistance, the whole sugar-cured ham, is their best dish.

Along with this delicious ham, you can get their signature cornbread dressing that is accompanied by two country sides and a roasted gravy.

For the last dish, the whole family will gather for some apple pie/pecan pie and sweet yeast rolls. This dish is made for 8 to 10 people

02. Ham (Heat & Serve) Family Dinner

This meal differs from the Feast type of menu. The family Dinner Ham (Heat & Serve) feeds from 4 to 6 people.

Besides the modified portions, this menu has cranberry relish and just one choice of their country side. You can gen yeast rolls (sweet) and Macaroni & cheese for dessert.

03. Prime Rib (Heat & Serve Family) Dinner

This menu is for the people that love ribs! A menu for 4 to 6 people, this main dish comes with a horseradish sauce, mashed potatoes, roasted gravy, and 2 country sides of your choice.

For dessert, there’s only one choice but a good one nevertheless: yeast rolls (sweet).

04. Fresh Baked Holiday Pies

If you would like to add to the dessert, Cracker Barrel is offering a special pie menu.

For this, you will get Apple pie, pecan pie, chocolate pecan pie, and a cinnamon roll pie.

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People Also Search

What Sides Can You Get At Cracker Barrel?

You can get sides like hashbrown casserole, mashed potatoes, cornbread dressing, fries, dumplings, carrots, and many more at this restaurant.

How Many Servings Does Each Type of Meal Have?

For the Ham (Heat & Serve) Feast, they have served up to 10 people; for Ham (Heat & Serve) Family Dinner and Prime Rib Heat & Serve Family Dinner from four to six people.

How Do You Prepare The Meals To Be Served?

Upon receiving the food, you should heat them for around 3 hours in the oven. You can refrigerate the food and heat it later, but don’t let more than 72 hours pass.

What Dates Are Available For The Pickup of Christmas Menus?

The dates available for pickup are between 12.20 and 12.27, do think to order in advance and take into consideration pre-orders as well.

How Big of a Distance Can it Be Between The Arrival of The Food and Eating it?

As mentioned before, the food should be used within 72 hours of pickup. You can refrigerate the food during that period.

Final Words

The Christmas menu from Cracker Barrel should be on everybody’s mind.

They offer effortless dinners and do a great job with their delicious dishes, different sides, and amazing desserts.

These Christmas menus also offer everyone some extra special time with your loved ones.