Publix Christmas Dinner Menu & Price in 2024

Christmas is that time with love and good food everywhere. That’s where Publix fits into the equation with its wonderful Christmas dinner.

This Christmas season, Publix prepares multiple fantastic meal offerings for each family size.

Small Boar’s Head Turkey and Sweet Slice Ham dinners are two of their small ones, fitting to serve a petit family of 2-4.  

When it comes to their Fully Cooked Turkey Dinner- deli style, that’s a monster, serving up to 10 people.

Though heating is a requirement here, it comes with some amazing sides and killer protein.

There is a turkey breast dinner with 7-10 serving while Publix’s largest holiday meal is its Large Turkey Meal- fully cooked that could serve up to a whopping 19 guests.

Yes, each of these holiday meals comes with several delicious sides, so you don’t have to make a fuzz about cooking more dishes.

For those who fancy some more meat, Boar’s head ham dinner- boneless and readily sliced would do wonders on your Christmas dinner table.

If you’re a little afraid that you’ll run out of sides, coming with the meal combos, the best thing is to order a few individual sides.

Creamed spinach, corn, sweet potato casseroles, mashed potatoes, and green beans are some of their star sides.

I’d say Publix cranberry relish and marshmallow delights are something that you can never get enough of.

Publix is familiar with individual meat dishes with different variants of turkey breast and ham.

Some are applewood smoked or boneless while the others are uncured and maple glazed.

You would find 5+ platters and charcuterie boxes at Publix for Christmas.

You get a build-you-own option, traditionalist charcuterie, fruit, vegetable, and devilled egg platters in small and large sizes.

Pies are the joy of your Christmas dinner table. Hence, the reason you should order one from Publix’s massive collection.

There is pumpkin pie for seasonal lovers, apple pie as a classic choice, and some delicious pecan pies.

Throw a dozen of dinner rolls or some mini croissants into your dinner order to make it all complete. 

There’s always room for something sweet at the end of the Christmas dinner.

This craving for something sweet is easily satisfied with their 10+ dessert options with cakes and cookie platters.

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Publix Christmas Holiday Meals Menu

ItemsCaloriesServes/ SizePrice
Publix Deli (Heating Required)
Fully Cooked Turkey Dinner7-10$64.99
Fully Cooked Breast Dinner7-10$69.99
Fully Cooked Turkey Dinner14-18$124.99
Garden Fresh Vegetable Platter2320/3660 Cal/PlatterLarge$34.99
Fresh Fruit Platter1770 Cal/PlatterLarge$44.99
Fresh Fruit Platter1300 Cal/PlatterMedium$34.99
Deviled Egg PlatterSmall$19.99
Boar’s Head (Heating Required)
Carve & Serve Turkey Dinner7-8$69.99
Ovengold Turkey Dinner2-4$39.99
Sweet Sliced Ham Gift Box4-6$38.99
Sweet Sliced Ham Dinner (Small)2-4$44.99
Carve & Serve Oven Roasted Turkey Breast4 lbs Each$10.99/lbs
Sweet Sliced Ham Dinner7-10$69.99
Baby Ovengold Turkey Breast1.5 lbs Each$10.99/lbs
Turkey Breast (Baby Maple Honey)2 lbs$10.99/lbs
Honey Ham (Baby Maple Glazed)2 lbs$9.99/lbs
Baby Sweet Sliced Boneless Ham3 lbs$9.99/lbs
Baby Black Forest Ham2 lbs$9.99/lbs
Sweet Sliced Uncured Ham (Smoked)5 lbs$9.99/lbs
Applewood-Smoked Ham Spiral Sliced4 lbs$9.99/lbs
Build Your Own Charcuterie Box$24.99
Traditionalist Charcuterie Box5$19.99
Spain to Italy Charcuterie Box5$24.99
ItemsServes/Weight (Per Each)Price (Per lb)
Fully Cooked Turkey16-18 lbs $3.99 
Fully Cooked Turkey10-12 lbs $3.99 
Fully Cooked Turkey Breast4-7 lbs $5.49

Publix Deli Salad & Sides 

Cranberry Orange Relish$4.49
Marshmallow Delight$3.59
Heating Required
Green Bean Casserole8-9$12.49
Homestyle Mashed Potatoes8-9$12.49
Cornbread Dressing$12.49
Green Bean Casserole$12.49
Corn Casserole4-6$12.49
3 Cheese Pasta4-5$12.49
Cornbread Dressing2-4$6.99
Homestyle Gold Mashed Potatoes Sm8-9$12.49
Cream Spinach8-9$12.49
Broccoli Augratin8-9$12.49
Sweet Potato Casserole Sm2-4$6.99
Gold Mashed Potatoes (Yukon Homestyle)2-4$6.99
Mashed Cauliflower8-9$12.49
Sweet Potato Casserole8-9$12.49
Harvest Vegetable Risotto8-9$12.49
Green Bean Casserole Sm2-4$6.99
Holiday Gravy$4.49

Christmas Dinner Serving Dates and Times

If you need the help of Publix for Christmas dinner, you need to make an order now and pick it up before Christmas day.

That’s because it’s closed on the big day. Yet, for any last-minute shopping, it will operate under usual hours on Christmas eve though they’ll close early at 7 pm.

How To Order

Dial Publix

You can phone the closest Publix to order your Christmas dinner

Place an Order Online

Visit their official website

  • Check-out
  • The Christmas dinner orders are for pick-up. The deliveries are done with the Instacart store and could be priced higher
  • Payment methods vary from gift cards to credit and debit cards. Contactless payment including Apple, Google, and Samsung pay is accepted

Perfect Christmas Meals To Order From Publix

If you are wondering what could be the best items to order, look no further. Here’s the list of the yummiest meal options.

01. Boar’s Head Ham Dinner

This sweet slice dinner with the juiciest ham dinner will serve around 7-10 guests of yours.

Ham, the main protein here is boneless and smoked. It comes sliced to your table as well.

There are two sides tagged with the protein – two casseroles of green beans and sweet potatoes.

As for the dessert, there’s the fan favorite marshmallow delight.

02. Boar’s Head Turkey Dinner- Oven Gold

It’s a small yet delicious dinner, fitting for a small group of 2-4 people. The turkey is fully cooked and needs to be reheated before going on the table.

This one though small is packed with three side essentials. There are classic mashed potatoes and your favorite holiday dressing.

Cranberry-orange relish is part of the deal here with marshmallow delight as the sweet treat.

03. Publix Turkey Dinner

If you require food for a group of 7-10 people and prefer to have white meat over red, this is your ideal dinner meal.

The butterball turkey tastes and smells heavenly, weighing up to 12lb. this contains four different side dishes with thick gravy, mashed potatoes, dressing, and the customary cranberry relish.

Of course, marshmallow delight has once again found its way to the menu as well.

04. Carve and Serve Turkey Dinner -Boar’s Head

The turkey breast in carve-and-serve style is well-seasoned and quite juicy within. Feeding up to 8 guests, the sides come up next in 3 variants.

You get your relish, mashed potatoes, and the typical dressing here. It’s the same dessert option here as the other meal combos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Order Christmas Dinner At Publix?

Absolutely. Publix offers so many Christmas dinner meals this season.

There are complete meals, individual meat and side dishes, pies and dishes- all in one place.

Is There Any Pre-Cooked Turkey At Publix?

Of course, Publix has several turkey meals with the turkey already cooked.

There are cooked individual birds as well. All you have to do is to reheat the bird.

Are There Cheese or Meat Trays To Order Alongside Christmas Dinner?

Yes, there are several. You could order vegetable, fruit, and egg platters with charcuterie boxes with your dinner order.

Does Publix’s Holiday Meal Come With Dessert?

Yes, it does. If you order any of their dinners, it comes with the signature marshmallow delight.

 May I Know The Price of The Turkey Dinner For Christmas At Publix?

There are many turkey dinners to choose from. They can cost anywhere between 55-100$.

Final Words

Publix is your best shot at delicious and affordable Christmas meals. Their menu is extensive, offering everything you need to throw the best Christmas dinner.

They’ve got you covered with yummy meat, exquisite sides, sweet dessert, and pies. There’s no other place like Publix for Christmas dinner.

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