Wegmans Christmas Dinner in 2023 (Juicy Turkey Meal Deals)

Are you busy this Christmas season? How to prepare a delicious Christmas dinner for the family with your busy schedule?

Wegmans has introduced a brand-new recipe for you. You can now order a healthy and high-quality Christmas dinner from them.

They allow you to choose the meal of your choice and try different kinds of items.

Juicy Turkey, Hams and Roast, side dishes, Appetizer ideas, cookies and desserts, and cocktails & beverages are all part of Wegmans’ Christmas dinner.

You can try their meals to beautify the Christmas dinner table according to your needs. They offer you the opportunity to try different types of Roast options.

Wegmans offers you Turkey, Garlic Studded Rib Roast, Trimmed & Tied Tenderloin Roast, Rib Roast, and Sirloin Roast under Roast.

Do you like to fill your Christmas dinner with many delightful dishes? They have provided you with Christmas side dishes with various recipes.

Grab & Go sides and Artisan slices of bread are the most popular side dish items among Wegman’s lovers.

You can find any type of Grabs in their menu and they offer you different types of meals under this category.

People always try to find simple delicious food for their dinner. Everyone likes to enjoy shareable bites during the Christmas party, so you can also use appetizers to set the dinner table.

Wegmans have included Gold Pan Appetizers, Frozen Appetizers, Sushi & Shrimp, and Cheese & chips as Appetizers on the Christmas dinner menu.

There are numerous Christmas Cookies and Desserts offered at Wegmans. A lot of customers love to enjoy Cutout Cookies.

They are ready to serve you Desserts as per your taste and requirement. Everyone wants to have fun during the Christmas season.

Adding Cocktails & Beverages to your Christmas dinner table will be a delicious experience. You can order various types of Cocktails from them.

They have included Next Door Cranberry Harvest Recipe, Premium Mixers, and Sparking on their Christmas dinner menu.  Christmas supper is reasonably priced.

A lot of people have favorable opinions of Wegmans Christmas dinner meals.

The main goal of the Wegmans is to serve you a delicious recipe for Christmas dinner. You also can identify the difference between Christmas meals and other meals.

Additionally, Customers can get many benefits by downloading their mobile app. You can get a special discount for items ordered online from Wegmans during the Christmas season.

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Wegmans Holiday Dinners Menu

Turkey 6$185.00 
Turkey 12$325.00 
Hand Carved Turkey  
Green Beans   
Herb Stuffing   
Potatoes (Whipped)  
Homestyle Gravy  
Craisins and Spinach   
Classic Turkey 10$175.00 
Potatoes (Whipped)  
Green Bean  
Mashed Potatoes    
Signature Ham10-12$185.00 
Glazed Ham  
Gratin Potatoes   

Wegmans Christmas Menu

(Only Limited Time) 

Turkey Meal (Individual Packaged)710$16.00
Juicy Turkey (Roasted)
Herb Stuffing
Butternut Squash
Signature Potatoes (Whipped)
Baby Spinach And Cranberries
Homestyle Gravy
Pumpkin Roll SliceTwo Pack$5.00
Pumpkin Pie(7 Oz) Mini2902$6.00

Wegmans Weekday Favorites

Kung Pao Tofu Include Szechuan Sauce660$12.00
Peruvian Chicken Include Green Sauce 600$12.00
Lemon Garlic Chicken Include Szechuan Sauce 500$12.00
Cilantro Lime Chicken Include Salsa Verde550$12.00
Sushi Roll (Crunchy) Family Pack30 Pcs30-60$29.00
Create Own One Topping Pizza Large$16.00
Rigatoni Bolognese670$12.00
Sweet And Spicy Shrimp Poke (Bowl)550$12.99
Brown Rice Macaroni And Cheese (Gluten Free)450$11.00
Brown Rice Penne Include Meatballs (Gluten Free)510$12.00

Sandwiches, Salads and Soup

Roast Beef On Kimmelweck440$11.00
Holiday Turkey (Sandwich)Whole490$12.50
Holiday Turkey (Sandwich)Half350$7.00
Large Vegan Salad Include Tofu620$12.00
Danny’s FavoriteSmall410$4.99
Danny’s FavoriteMedium820$7.99
Danny’s FavoriteLarge1630$13.99
Tomato Soup (Omg!)8 Oz (Small)130$5.99
Tomato Soup (Omg!)16 Oz (Medium)130$7.99
Tomato Soup (Omg!)32 Oz (Large)130$13.99
Wedding Soup Include Meatballs (Italian Style)8 Oz (Small)130$5.99
Wedding Soup Include Meatballs (Italian Style)16 Oz (Medium)130$7.99
Wedding Soup Include Meatballs (Italian Style)32 Oz (Large)130$13.99
Garlic Tuscan (Roll)150$1.25

Must Try Wegmans Christmas Food Meals

Wegmans is popular among customers. They have recently included the Christmas dinner option on their menu for Wegman’s lovers.

Everything from ham and roasts to cocktails is served at the Wegmans Christmas feast.

Take a look at Wegmans’ popular Christmas dinner items on the menu,

01. Roasts

Those who like Roasts can try this recipe of theirs. They serve it to you in four ways.

Garlic Studded Rib Roast, Trimmed & Tied Tenderloin Roast, Rib Roast, and Sirloin Roast are available under this item.

  • Garlic Studded Rib Roast: This is made entirely of garlic and cloves. It is very deliciously prepared
  • Trimmed & Tied Tenderloin Roast: This has 35% less waste than a whole tenderloin
  • Rib Roast: This roast is in many flavors. Those who like a bone-in roast can try this
  • Sirloin roast: It offers flavor and softness at a fantastic price

02. Sushi & Shrimp

Wegmans Sushi Lover’s Family pack is the most popular item. It includes spicy tuna roll, king salmon, yellowtail, and shrimp nigiri. It’s a perfect meal for Sushi lovers.

03. Wegmans Savory Chees Potatoes Gratin

It is creamy and savory Emmenthaler cheese stacked between thinly sliced tender potatoes. It’s free from artificial colors.

04. Cutout Cookies

The cutout is a famous cookie among cookie lovers and it comes in different ways.

05. Gold Pan Appetizers

Gold Pan Appetizer comes in various flavors. Salt & Pepper Seasoned Calamari is the most popular item.

How To Order Dinner

You can find the nearest Dutch Bros from locations or Customers who have an account with Wegmans can place an order through their website or the Meals 2GO app.

You can use any payment methods they have approved below.

  • Valid credit / Debit card
  • Wegmans Gift Cards
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express Credit cards
  • Apple pay

Important Links of Wegmans

Online orderhttps://www.wegmans.com/holiday-menus/
Store locationshttps://www.wegmans.com/stores/
Career withhttps://jobs.wegmans.com/
Office 1500 Brooks Ave, Rochester, NY 14624, USA.
Contact +1 800-934-6267

People Also Ask

What is The Procedure To Sign Up For Wegmans App?

At first, search and download the app from the App store/Google Play. Then click sign up. Use your email. You can download the app by following the link.

What Additional Wegman Sites Have They Introduced?

They have introduced Wegmans Meals 2GO, The Burger Bar, Amore, Next door, Wegmans pharmacy, Custom cakes, and Wegman’s veggies to customers as additional Wegman sites.

How Do I Order Christmas Side Dishes?

You can find the nearest Wegmans from locations or visit their website and place your order there or download the Wegmans app.

If you already use the Wegmans app or Wegmans Meals 2Go app, you can place your order easily by signing in.

Then you can order online and go to the Christmas menu. Then choose your favorite item and any payment method and delivery option, then confirm your order.

Is There Any Way To Use The App As a Guest?

If you are visiting their menu through the website or phone app as a guest, no need to sign in.

If you want to shop without signing in then you can use the website or app for in-store shopping.

It is an easy method and you will see an icon as in-store, click that and you can add items to the cart.

What Does Wegmans Offer Under Vegetable Recipes For Christmas Dinner?

They offer Truffled Green Beans, Simple Sauteed Greens, Simple Sauteed Mushrooms, Creamed Spinach with Cauliflower, Green beans Casserole, and Cauliflower Puree “Rice” Risotto for veg lovers.

Final Thoughts

Wegmans is well-liked by the general public because of its high-quality meals and friendly customer service.

The newest addition to the Wegmans menu is the Christmas dinner. They have introduced you to various types of delicious meals through it.

If you’re looking for a Christmas feast, Wegman Christmas dinner is a fantastic choice.

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