Shoprite Thanksgiving Dinner in 2024

Thanksgiving is a time when most of us get excited about it, and feasting is a significant part of the thanksgiving celebration that connects all of us. So, if you want to make your dinner feast easy and legendary, rest assured, Shoprite has you covered!

Shoprite offers a variety of Thanksgiving dinner menus & new offers this year, making it super special and affordable. The menu includes 3 main courses, 3 side dishes, and desserts. You can also buy Shoprite savory & sweet platters to add more flavor to your dinner table.

The main course range includes a fully cooked Thanksgiving meal with a premium turkey, stuffing, gravy,  side dishes, mashed potatoes & desserts that will please even the fussiest eaters. Also, applewood-smoked cider maple-glazed ham and herb-roasted turkey breast are to be ordered separately.

Yukon gold mashed potatoes, green beans with roasted garlic, white cheddar mac ‘n’ cheese for side dishes, and gourmet apple pie, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie desserts to choose from to round out your Thanksgiving dinner table.

Too many guests? No time to cook? Because sometimes washing dirty dishes after an event can be so exhausting. As usual, Shoprite’s catering with a meal is a simply great option that can make you feel at ease and serve the whole party.

You can customize the catering of your choice with 1 starter, 4 delis, 6 main courses, 8 salads, 9 side dishes, 10 desserts, brunch, & floral arrangements.

There is also a wide selection of discounted Thanksgiving dinner items that you can pick from, including a frozen turkey, sliced/unsliced ham, and lasagna in various flavors and sizes to fit your budget.

Guess what? You can win a free turkey this holiday season with Shoprite or even dinner items like ham, lasagna, and kosher chicken. All you need to do to be eligible for a free Shoprite Thanksgiving dinner is to spend $400 at Shoprite with your Price Club card.

If you don’t have a Price Club card, sign up today to be a member and win a free item for your family. Visit to see the complete list of items & discounts you can receive.

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Complete Shoprite Thanksgiving Dinner (Main Course)

A mouthwatering, cooked turkey dinner serves 8-10 people for just $74.99. It includes a fully-cooked “A” Grade Premium Turkey with sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, holiday stuffing, and turkey gravy. All you have to do is heat it and enjoy it! 

Complete Thanksgiving Dinner8-10$74.99
Fully Cooked Premium Turkey10-12 lbs
Mashed Potatoes3 lbs
Sweet Potatoes2 lbs
Holiday Stuffing1.75 lbs
Turkey Gravy2 lbs
Green Bean (Casserole)1.75 lbs
Turkey Breast Herb Roasted8$49.99
Applewood-Glazed Ham Smoked Cider Maple8$44.99

Shoprite Friendsgiving Bundle

Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, Shoprite has the best deals for you! Enjoy traditional Thanksgiving favorites with Shoprite’s Friendsgiving Bundle, which keeps you out of the kitchen and at the table while saving you time and money.

This bundle includes an herb-roasted turkey breast, a maple glazed ham, 6 sides, and a dessert serving 15 people, which is super worthwhile.

Maple Glazed Honey Ham is the best-selling item at Shoprite due to its quality and taste of goodness.

Friendsgiving Bundle15$159.99
Turkey Breast Herb Roasted
Applewood-Glazed Ham Smoked Cider Maple
Green Beans Include Garlic Roasted
Yukon Gold Potatoes (Mashed)
Butternut Squash Roasted Include Cranberries (Fall-Spiced)
Mac ‘N’ Cheese White Cheddar
Country Stuffing
Turkey Gravy
Apple Pie (Gourmet)

Shoprite Turkey Sides Menu

One of the best-selling holiday side dishes is the sweet squash and tangy crannies, it has both sweet and savory elements. It is just $34.99 at Shoprite. 

Turkey Gravy$4.99
Yukon Gold Potatoes (Mashed)8$24.99
Butternut Squash Roasted Include Cranberries (Fall-Spiced)8$34.99
Green Beans Include Garlic Roasted8$29.99
Mac ‘N’ Cheese White Cheddar8$34.99

Shoprite Dessert Pie For Thanksgiving

Apple Pie (Gourmet)8$9.99

For many reasons, this year’s Shoprite Thanksgiving Dinner ranks among the most popular Thanksgiving feasts. Shoprite’s Thanksgiving dinner is affordable, easy to prepare, and delicious.

You don’t need to worry about cooking in the kitchen for hours because Shoprite has everything you need to prepare a fantastic Thanksgiving meal.

Shoprite guarantees that the food it delivers is both clean and freshly prepared. Although all traditional recipes are flavorful, roasted turkeys and juicy ham are particularly popular.

How To Order Your Dinner Package

Shopping at Shoprite has never been a difficult task because you’re covered with plenty of options. You can simply find the nearest Shoprite Store from Find a Store and walk in or use their official website to shop online.

You can also place your order using other platforms such as Order Express App, Doordash, and others. 

If you want to shop hassle-free, you can shop online and either pick up from the store or deliver it to your doorstep.

Step 1: 

Visit Shoprite’s official website or download Shoprite mobile app from the Apple/Google Play store.

Step 2: 

Select a store & reserve a timeslot. 

Step 3: 

Browse and fill your cart to proceed with checkout.

Step 4:

Get your groceries, thanksgiving items delivered or curbside picked up. 


How Long Does Shoprite Thanksgiving Dinner Promotion Valid?

The promotion starts on Sunday, October 16, and is valid until Thursday, November 24, 2022.

How Much is Shoprite Thanksgiving Dinner?

Shoprite offers you a vast array of thanksgiving dinner items from fully cooked meals to single items to buy as per your choice. Visit to check the full menu & prices.

How Many Gifts Can I Receive on The Thanksgiving Dinner Promotion?

You will receive ONE free item for your family or get discounts for selected items.

How Can I know if I’m Qualified For a FREE Item?

You’ll find your current purchase total at the bottom of your checkout receipt, letting you know when you’ve spent enough to get your freebie. 

What is the Shoprite Friendsgiving Bundle?

Shoprite Friendsgiving bundle includes 2 entrees, 6 sides, and a dessert just for $159.99 while serving for 15. Visit Shoprite/Friendsgiving to check the complete menu. 

How Can I Redeem My Digital Coupons? 

First, you must sign in to Shoprite and Click “Load to Card” under each offer. Secondly, to see qualifying products, Click “View Products”. Finally, you can use your coupons during checkout by putting your phone number.

Final Thoughts

Shoprite’s Thanksgiving Dinner is just another item to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday. Selecting right Turkey would be tricky but it is the key item on your dinner table.

There’s a wide brand range of juicy & smoky turkey, ham, and even deliciously cooked sides & desserts to choose from at Shoprite. 

So, without waiting get delivered mouthwatering menu items for affordable prices to your doorstep to make your holiday memorable and hassle-free. 

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