Sonic Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024: (Mouth-Watering Breakfast Options)

Breakfast at Sonic is an experience in itself. Sonic breakfast consists of multiple burritos, to begin with.

These world-class burritos are served with bacon, sausage, meat, and cheese.

The traditional breakfast items on Sonic’s menu include French toast sticks, Cinnabon Cinnasnacks, and a bacon breakfast toaster.

Your little ones could dig into Sonic’s junior breakfast items – two junior burritos.

If you need something more to fuel you up, make a meal out of the items above, by adding iced coffee, and tots.

The ultimate hits on Sonic’s breakfast menu go from their SuperSonic breakfast burrito, loaded with veggies, and other toppings to deliciously sweet Cinnabon Cinnasnacks with a frosting cream cheese.

The honorable mentions would go to Sonic’s ultimate meat and cheese breakfast burrito, and bacon breakfast toaster for their superior fillings.

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Our Favorite Sonic Breakfast Items

Super Sonic Breakfast Burrito

It’s fully packed with nutrients and is made with a variety of ingredients such as veggies, cheese, sausage, jalapeno, tomato, and onions. 

The toppings are definitely of your choice, and you could even add bacon if you’re craving some.

Sonic Breakfast Sandwich

This giant breakfast toast is made with thick Texas toast, and sandwiched between them are super simple ingredients like bacon, cheddar cheese, and fluffy eggs.

Cinnabon Cinnasnacks

These fresh pastries, coated with cinnamon are the best-smelling and the most decadent ones. 

The pastries are bite-sized and the inside is filled with a thick and creamy cinnamon filling.

Sonic serves Cinnasnacks with a delicious cream cheese frosting to make it twice more fun.

Sonic Breakfast Menu – Entrees

Breakfast Toaster 
Included with crispy bacon, melty cheese, and fluffy eggs + 2 thick slices of Texas Toast.
Toast Sticks (French)
 with maple-flavored syrup.
Breakfast Burrito 
Fluffy scrambled eggs, melty cheddar cheese, a medley of savory sausage, diced onions, golden tots, ripe tomatoes and spicy jalapeños + warm flour tortilla.
cheddar cheese, Scrambled eggs and savory sausage + warm flour tortilla.
Jr. Bacon, Egg and Cheese
Fluffy eggs, crispy bacon, melty cheese and + warm flour tortilla.
Ultimate Cheese & Meat
Fluffy scrambled eggs, savory sausage, crispy bacon, zesty cheese sauce and golden tots + warm flour tortilla.
Jr. Sausage, Egg and Cheese
Fluffy eggs, savory sausage, melty + warm flour tortilla.
Cinnabon Cinnasnacks with Cream Cheese Frosting
buttery pastries + gooey cinnamon roll filling and served with real cream cheese

Choice of Toppings

Diced Onions5

Sonic Breakfast Favorites

Sausage, Egg and Cheese CroisSONIC540
Bacon, Egg and Cheese CroisSONIC450

Sonic Coffee

French Vanilla Cold Brew Iced Coffee300
Original Cold Brew Iced Coffee260
Green Mountain Coffee0
Choice of Flavor: 
Chocolate Syrup160
French Vanilla50

Count Sonic Breakfast Calories

Sonic’s breakfast menu items are delicious and nutritional. All the breakfast burritos at Sonic’s are between 290 – 860 cal.

The calorie count of bacon, and sausage breakfast toasters, on the other hand, are around 480 and 580cal respectively.

The junior breakfast items carry a little less calorie count as well.

When Does Sonic Breakfast Serves and Stop?

Sonic serves breakfast all day. Most Sonic restaurants start serving breakfast at 06.00 am when they first open.

Usually, Sonic stops serving breakfast around the time they close their restaurant.

This means the closing time is around 11 or 12 pm, depending on what day it is.

Please remember that opening and closing hours may vary according to the location.

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What is Good For Breakfast At Sonic?

SuperSonic breakfast burrito, the Cinnabon Cinnasnacks, and the bacon breakfast toaster are the best Sonic breakfast items.

What is in a Breakfast Bowl From Sonic?

Sonic’s breakfast bowl is made with bacon, cheese, egg, and other toppings of your choice.

What is All in Sonic Breakfast Burrito?

Sonic breakfast burritos come loaded with sausage, cheese, eggs, tots, and more.

What’s The Secret Menu At Sonic?

Sonic has a secret drive-in menu with Frito pies, purple sprites, salads, and more.

Does Sonic Have Egg Sandwiches?

Yes, Sonic serves Bacon, egg, and cheese brioche breakfast sandwich on their menu.

When Did Sonic Start Selling Breakfast?

Sonic started selling breakfast back in the early 80s.

Does Sonic Sell French Toast?

Yes, Sonic sells French toast sticks.

Does Sonic Have Sausage and Biscuits?

Yes. Sonic serves sausage, and biscuits for breakfast.

What Are Sonic Fries?

Sonic fries are made with Russet potatoes, and fried to perfection.