Best Sonic Drinks Menu (Secret Drinks, Slushes, Lemonades & Iced Tea)

A hot sunny day calls for a refreshing cold drink to cool down. If you are looking for a variety of cooling freshness then the Sonic drinks menu is what you need to see.

This old food chain of America has a ton of flavors to choose from and its mind-blowing combinations of drinks.

Although fast-food items like burgers, hotdogs, and sandwiches are available here, we will dive deep into their drinks section only. 

A restaurant that is famous mainly for its drinks rather than its food is rare to find. Their exceptional drinks menu consists of 12 savors of slushes, 2 types of coffee, and 9 soft drinks.

Made with natural fruits and magical recipes, the slushes taste tangy and surprising. The piquancy of slushes includes cherry, raspberry, mango, strawberry, etc.

When it comes to the most popular drinks then, Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, Coconut Slush, Iced Peach Tea, and Cherry Limeade make their way to the top of the long list. We will get to know more about the popular items in a while.

Everyone craves a lemonade when temperatures hit high. And when you visit Sonic, you may choose your favorite from 9 flavored lime and lemonades like cherry, cranberry, and strawberry, other than their renowned all-natural lemonade. Individuals gripped with tea can pick the half tea/ half lemonade drink.

Even if you are not thirsty, you can try any of their two relishes of coffee, Cold brew iced coffee and green mountain coffee. Their iced coffee has two more choices to select from.

Iced coffee poured with sweet cream or Vanilla flavor. Toppings of caramel or chocolate syrup are available to make your coffee delicious.

The most exciting part is the customization level offered with every uplifting fluid you order. Along with a base flavor, you can add ingredients such as blue coconut, cherry, mountain berry, vanilla, etc. Wait, add-ins do not end here.

Some more optional elements like sugar-free blackberry, peach, etc., can also be added. Moreover, natural fruits like cherry, lemon, lime, and strawberry can also be added as ingredients.

Last but not least are candies to make your drink more fascinating. This unmatched customization of elements creates an excellent cocktail for every thirsty customer.

Famous Sonic Slushes Drinks Menu

(RT 44)610$4.50
Blue Raspberry
(RT 44)580$4.50
(RT 44)630$4.50
(RT 44)670$4.50
(RT 44)550$4.50
(RT 44)540$4.50

Sonic Limeades & Lemonades

Cherry Limeade
(Mini) 110$1.45
(Small) 150$2.43
(Large) 370$3.89
(RT 44)490$4.26
Diet Cherry Limeade
(RT 44)30$4.26
Strawberry Limeade
Cranberry Limeade
(RT 44)450$4.26
(RT 44)360$4.26
Diet Limeade
(Mini) 5$1.45
(Small) 5$2.43
(Medium) 10$3.28
(RT 44)15$4.26
Sonic Lemonades

Soft Drinks Menu

(Rt 44) 360$3.53
Diet Coke
(RT 44)0$3.53
Coca-Cola -Without Sugar
(Mini) 0$1.21
(Medium) 0$2.55
(RT 44) 0$3.53
Dr Pepper
(Rt 44)330$3.53
Dr Pepper- Diet
(Mini) 0$1.21
(Small) 0$1.82
(Large) 0$3.16
(RT 44) 0$3.53
Barq’s Root Beer
(Rt 44)400$3.53
(Rt 44)350$3.53
Sprite -Without Sugar
(Small) 5$1.82
(Rt 44)10$3.53
Fruit Punch- Hi C
(Mini) 70$1.21
(Medium)  180$2.55
(Large) 280$3.16
(RT 44) 380$3.53
Fanta Orange
(Large) 280$3.16
(RT 44)380$3.53
Ocean Water
RT 44)400$4.01

Sonic Drinks Slushes

Cherry Limeade
(RT 44)680$4.50
(RT 44)600$4.50
(RT 44)600$4.50
(RT 44)630$3.64

Iced Tea Menu

Sweet Tea
(RT 44)360$3.53
Tea Without Sugar
(RT 44)0$3.53
1/2 Tea Without Sugar & 1/2 Lemonade
(Mini) 50$2.06
(Small) 80$3.04
(RT 44)270$4.50
1/2 Sweet Tea & 1/2 Lemonade
(Medium) 220$3.65
(Large) 350$4.26
(RT 44)180$4.50
1/2 Sweet Tea & 1/2 Tea Without Sugar
(Mini) 40$1.21
(Small) 70$1.82
(Medium) 90$2.55
(Large) 150$3.16
(RT 44) 180$3.53

Flavor Add-Ins

Grape 45$0.35 
Blue Coconut 25$0.35 
Cranberry 70$0.35 
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast 45$0.35 
Cherry $0.35 

Sugar-Free Flavor Add-Ins

Diet Cherry$0.35 
Mango 5$0.35 
Peach $0.35 

Sonic Real Fruit Add-Ins

Cherry $0.12 
Lemon 5$0.49 
Lime 5$0.49 
Strawberry 50$0.49 

Candy Flavor Add-Ins

Nerds 210$0.73 


100% Apple Juice Box-Minute Maid 80$1.45
Jug of Milk (1%) – White130$1.45

Sonic Secret Drinks

Not everyone is aware of this sweet surprise but Sonic also has a secret menu apart from its main menu.

These include some special food items with an extra twist that are not advertised on the main menu.

For those aware, the off-the-menu secret items are a go-to choice for satisfying cravings.

The sonic secret menu offers a special selection of four drinks, the most popular being Purple Sprite and Dr Pepper Orgasm.

Dr Pepper and Sprite are common soft drinks, but the secret menu version comes with the addition of Powerade (a sports drink) and lemonade to them.

Purple Sprite also includes cranberry juice. The other two options are Pink Flamingo (also Sprite-based) and Sonic Sunrise.

The list of sonic secret menu drinks is

  • Dr Pepper Orgasm
  • Sonic Sunrise
  • Purple Sprite
  • Pink Flamingo

Sonic has one of the vastest ranges of drinks offered by any American fast food chain, ranging from lemonades to coffee.

The most popular drinks available at Sonic are slushes, limeades, and sweetened or unsweetened iced teas.

01. Slushes

Sonic has many choices of mostly fruit flavors; these slushes are non-carbonated except a few such as Red Bull slush.

They also come with fun add-ons like Pop Rocks. Green Apple and Blue Coconut are amongst the most popular slush flavors from Sonic.

02. Lemonades and Limeades

Limeades are carbonated drinks, usually using Sprite as the base, and have a variety of flavors as well.

Sonic’s Frozen Cherry Limeade has been a long-standing favorite amongst customers.

03. Iced Teas

The iced teas from Sonic come in many forms and flavors – frozen, sweetened, unsweetened, and combined with other drinks such as half iced tea/half lemonade drinks.

Sonic Iced Teas

Service Reviews

Sonic’s wide-ranging menu means it has a lot of options, including some vegan ones.

The most popular items at Sonic their burgers and drinks, which are comparable to other fast food restaurants of its caliber.

However, being a fast food chain, several healthy food options are not available at Sonic.

Some of their food and drinks also contain great amounts of fat and sodium, higher than the average recommended intake.

Due to the unique way of taking orders, Sonic’s restaurant service is optimized to be very quick.

Barring a few complaints, generally, the experience of customers at Sonic regarding dining and drive-through services is quite good.

There is a need to upgrade the restaurant service for it to compete in the market and attract new customers.

Adding play areas to more locations, for example, may make it an enjoyable dining experience for families with kids.

Sonic Drive
Photo Credit; Flickr.comCC

Order Options of Sonic

The Sonic app and website allow users to order online ahead of time so they do not have to wait in line when they go to collect their orders.

However Sonic itself does not provide home delivery. The app has benefits such as rewards and gift cards that customers may use to avail of special discounts.

So although it is better to order online, the Sonic app itself does not provide a delivery option online.

Home delivery for Sonic is available through other couriers and food apps such as Uber Eats, Grubhub and DoorDash.

All of these third-party apps can be easily downloaded or one may go to the relevant website and place a Sonic order there.

Drive ThruAvailable
Home DeliveryAvailable through other couriers
Curbside PickupAvailable

A few important links regarding contact info and rewards program etc. are given in the table below.

Gift Cards
Their Story
Address208 B Johnny Bench Dr Oklahoma City, OK 73104 United States
Contact 1-866-OKSONIC

Social Media Sonic Drinks

Sonic Drive-in is active on multiple social media platforms, the links are given in the table below.


People Also Ask

What is Happy Hour At Sonic?

The happy hour is between 2-4 pm every day when customers can order drinks and hotdogs at half price.

There may be other freebies and deals up for grabs at happy hour. The deals can be availed online by using the Sonic app.

Are Sonic Drinks Carbonated?

Not all drinks are carbonated. The ice teas and coffees are uncarbonated and so are most of the slushes.

However, drinks with Dr Pepper or Sprite base are also available. The Red Bull slush is carbonated due to the presence of Red Bull.

How Many Drinks Are on Sonic’s Secret Menu?

There are four popular drinks offered on the secret menu – Dr Pepper Orgasm, Purple Sprite, Pink Flamingo, and Sonic Sunrise.

Note that there might be variations in the names and availability of these drinks depending on location.

What is The Best Drink The Secret Menu Has To Offer?

Customers have favorites depending on their tastes and choice of drinks.

Sonic slushes are the most popular type of drink, and in the secret menu, Dr Pepper Orgasm and Purple Sprite are highly recommended.

Can Secret Menu Drinks Be Ordered Online?

Unfortunately, none of the secret menu items can be ordered online.

This is because the application and website allow users to select items from the main Sonic menu, which does not have secret menu options.

However, if there is a choice to customize one may try and customize their drinks with the same ingredients as the ones on the secret menu.

When using the Sonic drive-through secret menu drinks can easily be ordered by naming them in the border area.

Final Thoughts

Sonic Drive-In is a popular American chain restaurant for fast food, but one of the main features that sets it apart is its drinks.

As opposed to everyday sodas and basic lemonades available at most other fast food cafes, Sonic offers a multitude of unique flavor combinations making it a favorite grab-and-go spot for iced drinks in the summer.

Sonic offers good quality fast food whereas their main specialty is the drinks. You may provide your taste buds with a tour of the famous refreshing drinks.

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