Subway Menu Prices (Updated 2024) – Massive Menu, Affordable & Healthy

If you’re ever in need of healthy but fast food, then Subway is your savior.

They’ve got a massive menu with everything you need to feed your belly with iconic food.

Subway’s Subway Series is a tantalizing collection of 12 meaty subs with 3 Italianos, 3 Cheesesteaks, 3 clubs, and 4 chicken subs.

Classic Sandwiches at Subway are for the old-fashioned sandwich lovers and are entirely customizable as per your taste.

Their 18 classic sandwiches vary from cold cuts to meatballs and Veggie Delite, catering to all your food requirements and tastes with vegetarian subs and turkey sandwiches, too.

Never forget their Online Exclusive Menu with a range of mind-blowing subs, including their fancy The Dangerwich.

Their Fresh Melts with 5+ options are for the cheesy and meaty sub-lovers.

If you’re glutton-free and a no-bread fan like me, No Bready Bowls are the right choice for you.

They’ve got all the delicious meaty goodness, cheese, veggies, and add-ons of the yummy regular subs, minus the bread part. 

Their breakfast menu is mouth-watering, with classic egg and cheese subs, steak subs, and many more.

Subway Wraps are the best and the most popular around the States for their Cold Cut Combos and Roast beef wraps.  

Subway isn’t just for the delicious subways. They offer you 18 amazing meat and veggie salads and several personal pizzas like Spicy Italian Flatizza with a unique flat shape.

The best part about Subway is that it’s kid-friendly and got some tantalizing choices for them.

Or course, they do offer amazing drinks, fantastic sides, and sweet desserts just for you.

Subway’s subways are pretty customizable with sizes of 6′ and footlong, where you get to add your favorite seasonings, veggies, sauces, cheese, and add-ons to it.

Subway Menu Prices Table – (Subway Series)

Supreme Meats – 6”500$6.49
Footlong Pro1430$13.19
Bella Mozza – 6”410$6.69
Footlong Pro1030$13.99
The Boss-6”620$6.59
Footlong Pro1890$13.59
The Philly-6”480$8.19
Footlong Pro1190$14.89
The Monster-6”540$8.89
Footlong Pro1470$16.29
The Outlaw-6”440$8.19
Footlong Pro1120$14.89
Subway Club-6”460$6.99
Footlong Pro1140$12.99
All-American Club-6”450$7.49
Footlong Pro1190$13.49
The Champ-6”440$7.19
Footlong Pro1070$13.89
Great Garlic- (6”)470$7.99

Subway Classic Sandwich Menu Price

Buffalo Chicken -6”340$5.25
Footlong Pro840$11.00
Black Forest Ham -6”270$5.25
Footlong Pro670$9.25
Chicken and Bacon Ranch – 6”530$6.50
Footlong Pro1410$12.75
Grilled Chicken -6”280$5.50
Footlong Pro730$11.50
Cold Cut Combo -6”280$5.25
Footlong Pro790$9.50
Meatball Marinara -6”410$5.25
Footlong Pro1310$9.50
Italian B.M.T. -6”360$5.50
Footlong Pro1080$11.50
Roast Beef -6”300$6.25
Footlong Pro780$11.75
Rotisserie Chicken Style -6”300$5.75
Footlong Pro790$8.75
B.L.T. -6”330$5.25
Footlong Pro970$10.00
Veggie Delite-6”200$5.25
Pizza Sub -6”420$5.00
Footlong Pro1170$10.25
Turkey & Ham (Oven -Roasted) -6”270$5.00
Footlong Pro650$9.85
Turkey (Oven Roasted)-6”260$5.50
Footlong Pro640$10.25
Spicy Italian-6”430$5.25
Footlong Pro1360$9.50
Steak and Cheese -6”320$5.75
Footlong Pro860$11.50
Chicken Teriyaki with Sweet Onion -6”340$5.50
Footlong Pro910$11.50
Tuna -6”430$5.50
Tuna-Footlong Pro1360$11.50

Subway Breakfast Menu

Sub: Steak with Egg and Cheese – 6 inch520$4.35
Sub: Black Forest Ham with Egg and Cheese – 6 inch480$4.35
Wrap: Bacon with Egg and Cheese860$7.49
Wrap: Egg and Cheese700$7.49
Wrap: Steak with Egg and Cheese820$7.49
Wrap: Black Forest Ham with Egg and Cheese770$7.49
Sub: Egg and Cheese – 6 inch450$4.10
Sub: Bacon with Egg and Cheese – 6 inch530$4.35

Subway Wraps Menu & Price

Black Forest Ham (includes double portion of ham)440$7.49
Buffalo Chicken (portion of grilled chicken)560$7.49
B.L.T. (packed with double portion of smoked bacon)620$7.49
Chicken (Rotisserie-Style) & Bacon (Hickory-Smoked) Ranch840$7.49
Cold Cut Combo (made from of turkey-based ham, salami, and bologna)530$7.49
Tender Grilled Chicken with vegetables470$7.49
Italian B.M.T. (filled with salami, pepperoni, Black Forest Ham)680$7.49
Meatball Marinara- Italian-style meatballs800$7.49
Thin-Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey430$7.49
Thin-Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey & Ham (Black Forest)440$7.49
Pizza Sub (Spicy Pepperoni with American Cheese)720$7.49
Roast Beef (Angus Beef)500$7.49
Juicy Rotisserie-Style Chicken (with fresh lettuce, spinach, tomatoes)500$7.49
Spicy Italian (Spicy Pepperoni and Genoa Salami)820$7.49
Steak (Shaved) & Cheese (American)570$7.49
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki (sweet and tangy)590$7.49
Tuna (100% wild caught) mixed with mayo820$7.49
Veggie Delite (Lettuce, Tomatoes, Spinach & Etc.)330$7.49

Fresh Melts

Items CaloriesPrice
Buffalo Chicken
Packed with Grilled Chicken – 6 inch
(Rotisserie-Style) & Bacon Ranch – 6 inch
Black Forest Ham & American Cheese – 6 inch450$5.75
Italian B.M.T.
6 inch
Italian B.M.T.
Meatball Marinara – 6 inch530$5.75
Thin Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey – 6 inch380$6.00
Spicy Italian – 6 inch540$5.75
Grilled Steak & American Cheese – 6 inch500$6.25
Tuna with Melty Provolone – 6 inch570$6.00

Subway Online Exclusive

Items CaloriesPrice
The No-Look Chicken (Rotisserie-Style)
by Patrick Mahomes with Buffalo Sauce Dressing – 6 inch
Footlong Pro930$8.75
The Meatball Marksman
by Stephen Curry- Juicy Meatballs in Marinara Sauce – 6 inch
Footlong Pro1470$9.50
The Vaultwich
by Simone Biles- Pepperoni and Genoa salami topped with Mozzarella – 6 inch
Footlong Pro1720$11.50
The Beef Mode
by Marshawn Lynch (Angus Roast Beef + Smoked Bacon) – 6 inch
Footlong Pro1220$14.25
The Benissimo
by Jimmy Garoppolo (Rotisserie-Style Chicken, Tangy Pepperoni, And Provolone Cheese) – 6 inch
Footlong Pro1370$12.25
The Dangerwich
(Black Forest Ham, Pepperoni, Genoa Salami, Bacon, & Provolone) – 6 inch
Footlong Pro1640$12.25

Personal Pizza

Items CaloriesPrice
Personal Cheese Pizza (with shredded mozzarella)720$4.50

No Bready Bowls

Items CaloriesPrice
Black Forest Ham with fresh lettuce & tomato170$6.50
Buffalo Chicken (Grilled Chicken with Buffalo Sauce)380$8.25
B.L.T. with veggies360$7.25
Chicken (Rotisserie-Style) & Bacon (Hickory-Smoked) Ranch760$7.00
Cold Cut Combo (made from turkey-based ham, salami and bologna)260$8.75
Protein Packed Grilled Chicken200$8.75
Italian B.M.T. (Black Forest Ham, Pepperoni & Genoa Salam)410$8.75
Meatball Marinara with Spinach, Peppers & Veggies530$6.75
Thin-Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey- Loaded with vegetable of choice150$7.50
Thin Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey & Ham (Black Forest)160$7.10
Pizza Sub- Packed with Pepperoni620$7.50
Roast Beef (Angus Beef)230$9.25
Juicy Rotisserie-Style Chicken230$8.50
Spicy Italian (with Pepperoni & Genoa Salami)550$6.75
Juicy Steak & Cheese (Monterey)380$8.75
Sweet Onion Chicken (Grilled) Teriyaki330$8.75
Tuna (100% wild caught) mixed with Mayo550$8.75

Subway Fresh Fit For Kids

(Select -1% Low Fat Milk Honest Kids or Super Fruit Punchand Gogo Squeez Apple Apple with each item)

Items CaloriesPrice
Black Forest Ham (includes slices of ham)170$4.00
Oven-Roasted Turkey Sandwich (roasted turkey slices)160$4.00
Delicious Veggie Delite140$4.00


Items CaloriesPrice
Black Forest Ham (includes slices of ham)120$6.75
Buffalo Chicken (Grilled Chicken)300$6.75
B.L.T. (Bacon + Lettuce + Tomato)210$6.80
Chicken (Rotisserie-Style) & Bacon (Hickory-Smoked) Ranch490$8.00
Cold Cut Combo- Turkey based Ham, Salami and Bologna160$6.75
Grilled Chicken (Tender) with Lettuce130$7.00
Italian B.M.T. topped with Genoa salami240$7.00
Meatball (Italian Style) Marinara300$6.75
Thin Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey 110$7.00
Thin Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey & Black Forest Ham 110$6.50
Pizza Sub (contains Spicy pepperoni, American cheese)310$6.50
Roast Beef (Angus) with crisp vegetables150$7.75
Juicy Rotisserie-Style Chicken with fresh lettuce140$7.25
Spicy Italian- combo of pepperoni and Genoa salami310$6.75
Steak & Cheese (American) with Lettuce210$7.25
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki (Grilled Chicken with Veggies)250$7.00
Tuna (100% wild caught) with Mayo310$7.00
Veggie Delite- Favorite veggies with dressing of choice50$6.50

Subway Sides 

Items CaloriesPrice
Lay’s Dill Pickle flavor230$1.39
Crispy LAY’S Classic240$1.19
SunChips Harvest Cheddar- flavor of real cheddar cheese 210$1.19
Delicious Miss Vickie’s Jalapeño210$1.19
bold and intense Doritos Nacho Cheese240$1.19
Baked Lay’s Original Potato Chips130$1.19
Kids’ Sides
Gogo Squeez Apple Applesauce45$1.50


Items CaloriesPrice
Double Chocolate210$0.89
Chocolate Chip210$0.89
White Chip Macadamia Nut220$0.89
Oatmeal Raisin200$0.89
Raspberry Cheesecake210$0.89

Shareable Desserts

(6 Pack Cookie Box)

6 Pieces of Double Chocolate1260$3.29
6 Pieces of Chocolate Chip1253$3.29
6 Pieces of White Chip Macadamia Nut1320$3.29
6 Pieces of Oatmeal Raisin1200$3.29
12 Pieces of Raspberry Cheesecake1240$3.29

Shareable Desserts

(12 Pack Cookie Box)

12 Pieces of Double Chocolate2560$6.00
12 Pieces of Chocolate Chip2506$6.00
12 Pieces of White Chip Macadamia Nut2640$6.00
12 Pieces of Oatmeal Raisin2400$6.00
12 Pieces of Raspberry Cheesecake2480$6.00


Items CaloriesPrice
Fountain Drinks
Coca-Cola Classic- Small244$1.70
Hubert’s Lemonade- Medium180$1.80
Diet Coke- Small2$1.70
Sprite- Small226$1.70
Diet Coke- Medium2$1.80
Sprite- Large453$1.90
Diet Coke- Large3$1.90
Coca-Cola Classic- Medium 367$1.80
Hubert’s Lemonade- Small120$1.70
Coca-Cola Classic- Large 489$1.90
Hubert’s Lemonade- Large240$1.90
Sprite- Medium340$1.80

Bottled Beverages

Items Price
Gatorade Cool Blue- Thirst Quencher$1.80
Simply Orange- Pulp Free orange juice$1.80
Dasani Water- Enriched with Minerals$1.80
Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch$1.00
Coca-Cola Classic$1.80
vitamin water XXX- taste of açai-blueberry-pomegranate$1.80
Shamrock Farms 1% Low Fat Milk$1.59

History of Subway 

The roots of Subway run back to an amazing nuclear physicist, Dr. Peter Beck who encouraged and helped his student, Fred DeLuca to open a submarine sandwich shop.

The first shop opened in 1965 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, to support his tuition.

With the investments from the professor and the unrelenting work ethics of DeLuca in just under 10 years, they went into franchising, launching the brand SUBWAY.

Today, almost 58 years later, it’s the largest single-brand restaurant chain in the world, being loved by thousands of people across nations for finger-licking good food with cheap price tags.

Juiciest Items on The Subway Menu

Since Subway is notorious for its super delicious subways, some of its best-sellers are subways, too.

Of course, they’ve got many more, but the subs below are out-of-the-world good.

01. Cheese and Steak Sandwich

If you fancy some juicy and tender steak between your roasted bread, this is your dream come true.

On the top lies a puddle of melted cheesy goodness and you get to customize it with veggies and sauces of your choice.

After all, for those hungry Jacks out there, this comes in in Footlong Pro size with double protein as well.

02. Meatball Marinara Sandwich

This is for the classic Italian food lovers out there. Every meatball in your sandwich is drowned in authentic marinara sauce to make it ultra-delicious.

Grated parmesan cheese goes well with any of the toppings you choose to create the most tantalizing flavors ever. Again, you get to pick your bread, cheese, and sauce.

 03. Spicy Italian Sandwich

This could arguably be the best-selling and most-loved sandwich with tons of ingredients.

You get pepperoni, cheese, and salami and could top it off with slices of tomatoes, some lettuce, seasonings, and peppers to create your gourmet sub.

It’s delicious, salty and fresh, and customizable with infinite choices. Remember, the bigger, the better.   

04. Turkey Breast Sandwich

It’s a whole feast packed in this Subway’s master sandwich.

You can never go wrong with thinly shaved slices of roasted turkey in between some artisan flatbread or bread of your choice.

Try it with Subway’s Hearty Multigrain bread to enjoy the true flavors of this feast.

It’s healthy and iconic with a hint of chipotle southwest sauce to make it yummier.

05. Roast Beef Sandwich

Here comes the Angus beef roast with special toppings like cucumbers, slices of tomato, baby spinach, and onions tightly packed between fresh bread to make your day.

How to Order at Subway

Online Ordering

  • Go to their official website (or app), enter location details, and select the menu
  • Click on your favorite sandwich, pick the size, and customize it as you wish. You could make it a meal by adding extras
  • Confirm the order and pick it up or get it delivered

Delivery Apps

  • Open your preferred delivery app (Uber eats/ Door Dash)
  • Enter your location, select the items you’re craving and check out
  • Wait for the delivery      

Subway Delivery Options

Subway offers numerous delivery methods to make their food extremely accessible to you. Follow the guide below to pick what works best for you.

Drive-thruYes (available in certain locations)
Home DeliveryYes (only in selected locations)
Curbside pickupYes (available in certain locations)

Payment Methods of Subway                                              

You would be happy to hear that Subway accepts several payment options to make their service convenient for you.

Look below to see what they accept, and unfortunately, they do NOT accept PayPal. 

  • Cash
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
  • Apple Pay
  • Subway gift cards and vouchers

What Makes Subway So Popular?

i) A Massive Menu With Customizable Options

Everyone loves a good range of subways, and no one says No when you get to make your special subway at a fast-food restaurant.

It’s always a plus point when they cater to your dietary requirements and offer you healthy food choices.

ii) Affordable Prices

Subway has always been such a buzz for its cheap price tags that don’t affect its food quality.

Especially their $5 footlongs were such a hit for their low costs and great taste.

iii) Healthy Food

Subway is known for being quite transparent about what goes into their subs. Their food is fresh, healthy, and yummy. 

Important Information Links of Subway

Contact us
Official website
Online order
Mobile app
Store LocatorHttps://
Gift Cards

Here’s a table of all the details about contacting Subway.

Find Subway on Social Media

Subway is now online and sending updates daily.


People Also Ask

How Can I Make a Meal Out of Subway Sandwiches?

First, you pick what you need from different Subway menus available.

At the checkout, there are several combos available to make your sandwich order a full meal for an extra cost. 

Is There a Kid-Friendly Menu in Subway?

Of course, there is. Fresh Fit for Kids is a menu entirely dedicated to children. 

What Are The Sandwich Sizes That Subway Offers You on its Menu?

There are the classic 6-inch sandwiches and the footlong. For some of their selected sandwiches, you get Footlong Pro with double protein.

Can I Customize Sandwiches on The Menu?

Absolutely yes. Subway’s sandwich menu is 100% customizable. You get to pick your bread, cheese, veggies, seasonings, sauces, and add-ons. Simply scroll down the webpage or ask a Subway employee to make it as you wish.

Does Subway Have a Breakfast Menu?

Short answer: YES. Subway offers a wide range of breakfast items ranging from bacon, egg & cheese wraps to steak, egg & cheese sandwiches.

What is Subway’s No Bready Bowls Menu?

This menu is for the people who love subs, minus the bread. They’ve got the meat, veggies, and everything but there’s no bread.

Final Thoughts

If you’re hungry and in a rush, just drop by a Subway to get a filling sub without straining your wallet. Their food is healthy, yummy, and wholesome and worth every penny you spend there.

Next time you’re famished, order a footlong to satisfy your grumbling belly quickly. 

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