Subway Catering Prices of 2024 (Sandwich Platters, Box Meals, Wraps)

If you are organizing an event but lack time to prepare food, Subway catering can be of appeal to you.

With this service, you can select from a variety of menu options while leaving the cooking to professional chefs.

Subway catering can take care of all your catering needs while ensuring that your guests receive high-quality food, whether it’s for a social gathering or a football party.

Plan to eat there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner because they offer all three.

No matter how many friends you’ve invited 5 or more, you can easily satisfy them with Signature Wrap Platters, sub platters, the basic meal, gigantic subs, and a few unique dessert dishes.

The turkey and tuna sandwich and oven-roasted chicken wraps are the most popular dishes at Subway Catering.

Additionally, Subway is a renowned customizable sandwich company with global popularity, and more than 50 years later, they are still growing at a comparable rate.

For these reasons, people throughout the United States appreciate their catering offerings. A Brief Description of All Their Catering Items and Platters

Explore Subway catering items and platters if you want to enjoy their delicious meals at home or at your upcoming event.

Subway sandwich

Subway Platters Prices (Sandwiches and Wraps)

Black Forest Ham-Sandwich Box1520-910$8.99
Turkey Breast-Sandwich Box1520-910$8.99
Veggie Delite-Sandwich Box1520-910$8.99
Italian B.M.T -Sandwich Box1520-910$8.99

This is your platter if your team consists of 5 to 9 members and you are a huge fan of their tuna sandwich like I am.

It is a cold cut mix of delicious Black-Forest-Ham, Turkey breast pieces and Italian tastiest and biggest meat slices.

Sandwiches are made with fresh lettuce and tomato in the bread and are stuffed with American cheese.

Additionally, you get mustard and mayo to boost the taste. Furthermore, you get to alter your own sandwich to suit your preferences.

Subway Catering Prices – Easy Order Bundle

Assorted Box-(Lunch meal)12$137.76
Customize-Own Sub-Platter71920-4510 (Per Platter)$56.19
Customize-Own Wrap-Platter81920-4510 (Per Platter)$66.19
Wrap-Platter (Easy-Order)8$61.19
Sandwich-Platter (Easy-Order)7$51.19

This bundle consists of all you need for a party. It has

  • Sandwiches (6 inches long)
  • Chips
  • Cookies
  • Beverages.

You have the freedom to choose between several sandwiches including,

  • Italian
  • Cold Cut Combo
  • Turkey
  • Black Forest Ham
  • Tuna

On the side, they come with mayo and mustard. 5 to 9 persons can be covered by the bundle.

You can choose the Assorted Box Lunch Meal Bundle if you’re having 12 guests. Here, each item is delivered in 12 quantities.

Subway Party Platters Prices (Individually Packaged Box Meals

 Signature(Veggie Delite)-Wrap Box1660-1280$12.69
 Breast Signature (Turkey)-Wrap Box1660-1280$12.69
 Signature(Black-Forest-Ham)-Wrap Box1660-1280$12.69
Signature (Roast Beef) -Wrap Box1660-1280$12.69
 B.M.T Signature (Italian)-Wrap Box1660-1280$12.69
Combo Signature (Cold Cut)-Wrap Box1660-1280$12.69
Italian Signature (Spicy)-Wrap Box1660-1280$12.69
Signature (Tuna)-Wrap Box1660-1280$12.69

We are aware that every individual has a unique sense of taste in food and varied priorities.

To accommodate everyone’s preferences, Subway introduced this special platter. 

Here, you may customize your meal box by choosing the bread, dipping sauce, cream and cheese, toppings, chips, and even desserts.

For those who have food allergies, it can be a decent choice.

Gallons and Bottled Beverages

 Lemonade-Hubert’s Gallon8$7.79
Assorted Beverages10-240$2.49
Vitamin-Water- XXX10-240$2.49
Orange Juice (Simply) 10-240$2.49
Gatorade-Cool Blue10-240$2.49
CocaCola Classic10-240$2.49
Diet CocaCola10-240$2.49

Customers at Subway restaurants can choose from a variety of drinks, including some of the most well-known sodas in the area.

They offer,

  • Vitamin Water
  • Orange Juice
  • Freshly made Lemonade
  • Gatorade Cool Blue
  • Dasani Water
  • Milk
  • Bottled Soda
  • Coca-Cola Classic
  • Sprite
  • Diet Coca-Cola

Sides and Dessert

Cookies (Dozen)122400-2760$8.19

Sides are frequently available from subway catering services. These sides include a variety of chips, including Potato Crisps, Nacho Cheese, Sun Harvest Cheddar, Lay’s Classic Potato, and Miss Vickie’s Jalapeño Chips, as well as pasta, salad, and fruit mix.

You can also pick from the following cookies: White Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, and Chocolate Chip.

Cookies with raspberry cheesecake and macadamia nuts are also available. Among Dozens of cookies, you can choose your favorite flavor.

Note: To avoid risk, place your catering order at least 16 hours ahead of time.

How Do You Order From Subway

There are two primary ways to order catering at Subway:

  1. Over the phone
  2. Online

You can simply place an order through the website with online ordering.

Online Process

To place an order your order from their website, follow the instruction below,

  • Go to their official website-
  • Select -order catering
  • Provide your current location
  • Choose the nearest subway restaurant for catering
  • Click the option -“pick up here”
  • If you want to take your order from the restaurant physically, then confirm your order at least 16 hours before pickup.
  • To take delivery right from the restaurant, select the delivery option
  • Enter delivery address
  • Choose menu
  • Add quantity
  • Select your preferred delivery time
  • Place the order

It’s that simple!

Phone Process

By downloading their app and just following the aforementioned instructions, you may also place the order over the phone.

Ensure that you include a Payment Method in your profile as well. When you are prepared to purchase, click “Show Card” in the app.

You will receive a QR code to scan at the final checkout. Also, phone orders are accepted. Just give the restaurant a call and request catering.

Following that, they will provide you with an estimate according to the number of people and the kind of catering service you require.

Next, you can choose to pick up your meal or request delivery.

About Subway

The Subway journey began in 1965 when Fred DeLuca came up with the concept to create a submarine sandwich shop with 1,000 initial investments.

They never fail to offer their customers amazing service and high-quality, mouthwatering meal selections at a fantastic price.

As a result, today, their business has expanded to become one of the largest restaurant names in the world, delivering customized and iconic sandwiches, wraps, and salads to millions of customers daily in more than 37,000 outlets.


Frequently Asked Question

Why Aren’t The Prices For The Items in All Subways Equal?

Because operators who own Subway shops independently run them and determine their own prices.

Where Can I Place a Subway Catering Order?

You may go to any of their restaurants in the United States. You can also place your order online at- or use their phone app to have a delivery at home/to take away.

Which Cards Can Be Used To Pay For Subway Catering?

There is the widespread use of Visa and MasterCard. Additionally, certain locations could take

  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • American Express

For information, consult the restaurant.

Do I Have To Pay Any More Money If I Pick Home Delivery?

There may be extra charges, such as a delivery cost, a service fee, and/or a minor order fee, based on the delivery system you use to place your order.

What Foods Are Free of Pork on Their Catering Menu?

Their cheese, sauce, and veggies are completely devoid of pork. You may also call your local Subway to see if a certain menu item is offered pork-free. (Be careful to tell them if you want halal cuisine).

Final Words

The emphasis of Subway is on fresh, made-to-order cuisine, and all of their sandwiches are made from freshly baked bread and produced in front of the client.

Their commitment to offering nutritious, fresh quick food has kept them at the top of the fast-food market.

Because Subway catering services provide high-quality items, your visitors will appreciate their meals.

Another crucial feature in catering is that they have many years of catering experience; keep in mind that the more experience they have, the better they will perform; With decades of expertise, they can provide the finest foods for your guests.

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