Ted’s Montana Grill Menu With Prices 2024 (Perfect American Dining)

If you aren’t living under a rock, we bet you have heard of the most famous Ted’s Montana Grill.

With 39 locations in 16 states in the US, this food joint serves some incredibly mouthwatering foods that hit right at your taste buds.

And ensure you keep coming back to taste your favorite items.

One incredible thing about Ted’s Grill is that they offer a menu that is not limited to just protein and beverages.

Their well-spread menu contains 6 delicious steaks, 4 signature Bison menus, 15 different burgers, 7 scrumptious starters, 4 poultry, 10 fresh salads, and 3 seafood items to provide options to their eaters.

Ted’s also included 10 sides, 20 various beverages, 5 dessert items, 7 kids’ menus, and 7 gluten-free menus for even more choices for their customers.

When you are at Ted’s Montana Grill, you don’t have to eat the same old things if you don’t want to.

Besides the wonderful, versatile menu, another thing you would love about Ted’s Grill is the fact that they use fresh meats to make their delicious foods.

All the animals in their ranch are grain and grass-fed to ensure incredible quality with great taste.

Also, as they don’t use frozen meats, you could always taste fresh portions in their restaurants. They are incredibly delicious!

Although they have a whole lot of these items for their customers, the prices are relatively affordable.

Go through Ted’s Montana Grill Menu with Prices to find out more!

Ted’s Montana Grill Burger Menu (Teds Bison Burger)

Beef Burger  $13.50
Veggie Burger  $14.00
Chicken Sandwich  $13.50
Bison Burger  $15.00
Beef Cheese Burger  $14.50
Veggie Cheese Burger  $14.00
Bison Cheese Burger  $16.00
Chicken Cheese Sandwich  $14.50
Ted’s Bacon Cheeseburger
Ted’s Beef Bacon Cheese  $15.50
Ted’s Veggie Burger  $14.00
Ted’s Bison Bacon Cheese  $17.00
Ted’s Chicken Bacon Cheese  $15.50
Blue Creek
Beef Blue Creek Burger  $16.50
Veggie Blue Creek Burger  $15.00
Bison Blue Creek Burger  $18.00
Chicken Blue Creek Sandwich  $16.50
Swiss and Mushroom
Beef Swiss & Mushroom Burger  $15.50
Veggie Swiss & Mushroom Burger  $14.00
Bison Swiss & Mushroom Burger  $17.00
Chicken Swiss & Mushroom Sandwich  $15.50
Beef Burger  $16.50
Veggie Burger  $15.00
Chicken Sandwich  $16.50
Bison Burger  $18.00
Red Rock
Beef Burger  $16.50
Veggie Burger  $15.00
Chicken Sandwich  $14.50
Bison Burger  $18.00
Skinny Dip
Beef Skinny Dip Burger  $14.50
Veggie Skinny Dip Burger  $14.00
Chicken Skinny Dip Sandwich  $14.00
Bison Skinny Dip Burger  $16.00
George’s Cadillac
Beef Cadillac Burger  $15.50
Veggie Cadillac Burger  $14.00
Bison Cadillac Burger  $17.00
Chicken Cadillac Sandwich  $15.50
Canyon Creek
Beef Burger  $16.50
Veggie Burger  $15.00
Bison Burger  $18.00
Chicken Sandwich  $16.50
Green and Hot
Beef Green & Hot Burger  $15.50
Veggie Green & Hot Burger  $14.00
Bison Green & Hot Burger  $17.00
Chicken Green & Hot Sandwich  $15.50
Knife-and-Fork Chili Cheese
K&F Beef Chili Cheese  $16.50
K&F Veggie Chili Cheese  $15.00
K&F Bison Chili Cheese  $18.00
K&F Chicken Chili Cheese  $16.50
1977 Americas Cup
Beef Americas Cup Burger  $17.50
Veggie Americas Cup Sand  $15.00
Bison Americas Cup Burger  $19.00
Chicken Americas Cup Sand  $18.00
Delicious Duo$13.50
House Made Vegan Veggie$14.00


Crab Cake (St. Philip’s Island)$17.00
Bacon Nachos$12.00
Bar None Sliders Beef $12.00
Bar None Sliders Bison$14.00
Salt and Pepper Onion Rings$9.50
Shrimp (Grilled) on Ciabatta Toast$14.00
Homemade Chips$7.00
‘’Flying-D” Bison Chili, Karen’s $6.50

Poultry Menu

Red Rock Chicken Sandwich$14.50
Brick Chicken Plate$18.00


7 Oz. Cedar Plank Salmon$20.00
St. Phillip’s Island Crab Cakes$34.00
9 Oz. Cedar Plank Salmon$23.00
Absolute Best Fish$14.00

Teds Bison Meat

Bison Short Ribs$23.00
Bison Brisket$22.00
Bison Meatloaf$19.00
Meatloaf Sandwich$14.50

Teds Steaks

Ted’s Filet
Bison Filet 8 Oz  $37.00
Beef Filet 8 Oz  $32.00
Delmonico Ribeye 14oz
Delmonico Bison 14oz  $38.00
Delmonico Beef 14oz  $32.00
Beef New York Strip$29.00
Bison New York Strip$34.00

Ted’s Montana Grill Kids Menu

Kid’s Cheeseburger Bison  $8.50
Kid’s Cheeseburger Beef  $6.50
Grilled Cheese$5.50
Grilled Chicken$8.00
Chicken Tenders$8.00
Kid’s Beef Steak$10.50
Cedar Plank Salmon$10.50
Kid’s Brisket$12.00
Kid’s Bison Steak$12.50
Kid’s Meatloaf$9.00

Side Salad

Caesar Salad$6.50
House Salad$6.50
Kale Salad$7.50
Wedge Salad$7.50
Chopped Salad Half$7.50
Bison Chili & Side Salad$15.00/$16.00

Teds Salad

Balsamic Blue Steak Salad with Beef Steak$17.00
Balsamic Blue Steak Salad with Bison Steak$19.00
Big Sky Grilled Salad with Bison Burger$17.00
Big Sky Grilled Salad with Grilled Chicken$15.00
Big Sky Grilled Salad with Cedar Plank Salmon$16.00
Big Sky Grilled Salad with Beef Burger$15.00
Caesar Salad with Grilled Shrimp$17.00
Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken$15.00
Caesar Salad with Cedar Plank Salmon$16.00


Fresh Cut French Fries$3.50
Salt and Pepper Onion Rings$3.50
Garlic Mashed Potatoes$3.50
50/50 Fries and Onion Rings$3.50
Parmesan Roasted Broccoli$3.50
Kale Salad$3.50


Fountain & Tea
Sweet Tea  $3.25
Unsweet Tea  $3.25
Hot Tea  $2.75
Fountain Coke  $3.25
Fountain Dr. Pepper  $3.25
Fountain Diet$3.25
Fountain Sprite$3.25
Fountain Coke Zero  $3.25
12 Oz Sparkling Water  $3.00
12 Oz Spring Water$3.00
Boylan Creme Soda$3.25
Boylan Orange Soda$3.75
Bottle Coca-Cola (2)$3.25
Bottle Diet Coke (2)$3.25
Bottle Sprite (2)$3.25
IBC Root Beer$3.75
Boylan Black Cherry$3.75
Arnold Palmer$3.75
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade$3.75
Mango Iced Tea$3.75
Cherry Lemonade$3.75
Shakes, Malts and Floats
Boylan Float$6.00
Coke Float$6.00
Root Beer Float$6.00
Chocolate Shake$7.00
Strawberry Shake$7.00
Vanilla Malt$7.00
Chocolate Malt$7.00
Strawberry Malt$7.00
Vanilla Shake$7.00


Wildberry Cheesecake$8.00
Kahlua Fudge Brownie$8.00
Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream$6.00

Beer & Wine

Bud Light$5.00
Coors Light$5.00
Miller Lite$5.00
Modelo Especial$5.50
Michelob Ultra$5.50
Bottle Bison Ridge Chardonnay$31.00
Bottle Bison Ridge Cabernet$31.00
Bottle Bison Ridge Blend$31.00
Bottle Bison Ridge Pinot Noir$31.00
Bottle Bison Ridge Sauvignon Blanc$31.00
Bottle Clos du Bois Pinot$32.00
Bottle Seven Moscato$32.00

If you are on a mission to try the most popular items of Ted’s Montana Grill, we have a list for you. While at Ted’s, you should never miss them out.

01. Traditional Bison New York Strip

This bison steak is anything but bland. Cooked perfectly with seasoning, the tender meat will never delay hitting your taste buds perfectly.

Accompanied with your choice of sides (creamy mashed potatoes, freshly baked potatoes, or others), this meal deal is enough to fill your hungry tummy.

02. Classic Bison Short Ribs

These Bison short ribs will take you to the “land of great flavors,” there’s no doubt about that. They are not only tender and juicy but full of flavors too.

This protein comes with creamy mashed potatoes and delicious gravy to give you a pleasant food experience.

03. Legendary Bacon Bison Cheeseburger

For any burger lover, this Bison Cheeseburger with bacon is the best.

Topped with perfectly grilled onion, cheese, vegetables, and obviously mouthwatering bacon in between the soft buns, it is flavorful, juicy, and incredibly soft.

With one bite, you would be lost in its deliciousness of it.

04. Iconic House-Made Veggie Burger

This Veggie Burger is iconic for a reason. It is crunchy, juicy, and tasty.

Made with a soft cracked wheat bun and adorned with mouthwatering roasted garlic aioli and other veggies in between, this burger is meant to fill your hungry tummy while satisfying your soul.

If you are not even a vegetarian, you should try it for its amazing taste.

05. Absolutely Delightful Fish Sandwich

This fish sandwich is just love! While the main component of this dish is a piece of lightly breaded cod, Ted’s also included a cracked wheat bun to make it a proper sandwich.

That’s not all. This item includes freshly-fried fries, a tartar sauce with chive caper, kale salad, and green vegetables for a super delicious taste in your mouth.

Ways To Order Ted’s Montana Grill Menu

If you are craving the most delicious foods from Ted’s Montana Grill but don’t know how to order, we have the solution for you.

Visit any of their nearest locations and indulge in some mouthwatering food.

You can also call them at 833-867-7855 or order online to enjoy the items at your own place.

Payment Methods Accepted

Bought Ted’s Montana’s foods and worried about how to pay for them.

Well, here are the payment methods that you can use to pay for Ted’s Montana Grill:

  • Cash
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express Card
  • Discover

Ted’s Montana Grill Delivery Methods

Unlike many other food joints, Ted’s Montana Grill doesn’t offer a whole lot of delivery options to their customers.

Here’s a list of the delivery methods that you can adopt while buying their foods.

Drive ThruNo
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupNo

Things To Know About Ted’s Montana Grill

If their menu is not the only thing that you want to know, here are the other things that might interest you.

Corporate Office133 Luckie St NW Ste 200 Atlanta, GA
Contact Number833-867-7855
Official Websitehttps://www.tedsmontanagrill.com
Order Onlinehttps://www.tedsmontanagrill.com/menu.html
Store Locatorhttps://www.tedsmontanagrill.com/locations.html
Gift Cardshttps://www.tedsmontanagrill.com/store.html
About Ted’s Montana Grillhttps://www.tedsmontanagrill.com/our-story.html
Career With Ted’s Montana Grillhttps://www.tedsmontanagrill.com/careers.html

Ted’s Montana Grill’s Social Media

Let’s make it easier for you to find Ted’s Montana Grill on all your social media accounts.

LinkedInVisit their Linkedin page

All About Ted’s Montana Grill

Founded and established in January 2002 in Columbus, Ohio, Ted’s Montana Grill is a relatively newer American restaurant with a huge fan base.

Its co-founders Ted Turner and George W. McKerrow started this restaurant chain with the dream to introduce protein-rich bison meat to the American market so that people can enjoy it to the fullest.

And now, with their tasty Bison menus, this meat has gained immense popularity throughout the nation.

Even though their initial dream was to serve Bison meat to their eaters, over the years, they included other classic American dishes in their menu to give the customers enjoyable food with incredible taste.

Because of their hospitality, simplicity, and authenticity, Ted’s Montana Grill now has 39 restaurants in 16 states and is planning to open more shortly.

Courtesy; Flickr.com, CC

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns Ted Montana’s Grill?

Ted Montana’s Grill is still owned by its co-founders Ted Turner and George McKerrow.

Ted Montana’s Grill is popular because of their large variety of bison dishes.

No other restaurants in the US offer such wide-ranging bison menus to their eaters as Ted’s does.

Also, as this restaurant chain is eco-friendly and supports sustainability, it earned extra love from its customers, as well as others.

What Type of Meat Does Ted Montana’s Grill Serve?

Even though Ted Montana’s Grill is famously known for their all-natural bison, they also serve fresh Certified Angus® beef and all-natural Springer Mountain® chicken breasts to their eaters for versatility.

Does Ted Montana’s Grill Offer Any Discounts For Militaries?

Besides all other deals, coupons, and discounts, Ted Montana’s Grill also proudly offers discounts for military personnel to honor their services.

Final Words

Ted’s Montana Grill will never fail to satisfy your hungry tummy with the most delicious foods- and that’s a fact.

It doesn’t matter if you are hungry for some steak, burgers, or even freshly-made salads. They have something for everyone.

Just go through their wide-ranging menu with prices and get the one your soul desires!

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