Ruth’s Chris Steak House Menu Prices 2024 (Signature Steak Lovers Place)

Ruth’s Chris Steak House is a luxurious, yet warm and friendly restaurant, specializing in serving distinctive, exquisite Prime Steaks and amazing dine-in service.

Ruth’s Chris steak house menu with prices contains seven categories: a fine wine list, cocktails & spirits, a dine-in dinner menu, beers, carry-out and delivery, delightful desserts, and even happy hour offers.

The wine list is available on the official website, as well as in the restaurant. It contains about 150 wines, served by the glass, splits, half bottles, or full bottles.

The impressive wine selection contains sparkling wines, Roses, Reds, and special, dessert wines to end your evening memorably.

Ruth’s Chris dinner menu prices are costly when compared to other restaurants, but so are the quality of their dishes and the luxury of the environment.

The menu is similar to the carry-out and delivery options, with the mention that dishes and prices may vary in different locations.

Starting with the Appetizers, some famous options are the delightful Veal Osso Ravioli and the unique, Barbequed Shrimp.

There are 5 more dishes in this section, all with a special taste to begin the evening with. 

Also, there are 5 salad types available on the menu, as well the soup du jour.

The signature steaks and chops are, of course, the stars of Ruth Chris Steak House Menu.

From the famous New York Strip to the appetizing Lamp Chops and the classic Filet, this section has it all. There are even large sizes for two, like the popular Porterhouse for two.

Besides these dishes, the tempting Ribeye, T-Bone, Pork Chops, Tournedos, and Shrimp are also great choices!

Delicious seafood and specialty entrees are perfect for a special meal, while potatoes & signature dishes offer the main dishes an original, Ruth’s Chris taste.

The Sweet Potato Casserole, as well as Lobster Mac & Cheese, are famous examples of this category.

Even more, for vegans, 7 tasty, vegetable dishes are available both for delivery and dine-in.

The happy hour is the perfect moment to enjoy these dishes at a more wallet-friendly price!

Starting from 4 to 6:30, a selection of food and beverages, including hand-crafted cocktails and signature plates like Stuffed Chicken Breast, Filet, and Ruth’s Prime Burger are served in the bar, lounge, and outdoor terrace.

Finally, Ruth Chris’s dessert menu includes 8 different, impressive options: the classic cheesecake, warm apple crumb tart, chocolate sin cake, crème Brulee, ice cream, seasonal berries, chocolate mousse cheesecake, and even a bread pudding with whiskey sauce.

Ruth Chris Happy Hour

Ruth’s Chris Steaks & Chops Menu

New York Strip1390$57.00
Lamb Chops860$59.00
Pork Chop820$39.00
Porterhouse For 22260$112.00
Petite Filet340$49.00
Cowboy Ribeye1690$75.00
Tournedos & Shrimp470$57.00
Tomahawk Ribeye3160$142.00

Ruth Chris Stuffed Chicken & Seafood

Garlic Crusted Chilean Sea Bass920$45.00
Stuffed Chicken Breast720$38.00
Salmon Filet380$36.00
Vegetarian Plate340-2460$35.00
Twin Lobster Tails310-490$38.00
Barbecued Shrimp1380$37.00

Ruth’s Chris Entrees Complements

Lobster Tail50$19.00
Shrimp (Six Large)100$17.50
Blue Cheese Crust200$6.00
Hollandaise Sauce290$5.00
Bearnaise Sauce280$5.00


Barbecued Shrimp400$21.00
Seared Ahi Tuna130$22.00
Spicy Shrimp350$23.00
Stuffed Mushrooms460$19.00
Sizzling Crab Cakes320$28.00
Tower Chilled Seafood 1380$158.00
Tower Chilled Seafood 690$79.00
Veal Ossobuco Ravioli460$19.00
Shrimp Cocktail Or Remoulade190/350$22.00

Potatoes & Signature Sides

Baked Potato800$11.50
Au Gratin560$12.50
Julienne Fries740$12.00
Mashed Potatoes440$13.00
Hash Browns1540$13.00
Sweet Potato Casserole770$13.00
Lobster Mac And Cheese930$27.00
French Bread Loaf$4.00


Roasted Brussels Sprouts570$14.00
Creamed Spinach440$13.00
Cremini Mushrooms360$14.00
Grilled Asparagus100$12.50
Onion Rings French Fried 360$14.00
Fresh Broccoli80$11.00


Lettuce Wedge220$13.00
Caesar Salad500$13.00
Chop Salad470$14.00
Harvest Salad360$13.00
Soup Du Jour$13.00
House Salad50$12.00

Ruth Chris Dessert Menu

Warm Smith Apple Crumb Tart$12.00
Creme Brulee$12.00
Chocolate Sin Cake$12.00
Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake$11.00
Bread Pudding Include Whiskey Sauce$11.00
Seasonal Berries Include Sweet Cream Sauce$12.00
Ice Cream Or Sorbet$7.50
French Press Coffee$8.50
French Press Coffee$4.50

Ruth Chris Drink Menu – Wine & Cocktails

Vintage & Classic Cocktails

Nola Mule
Raspberry Cosmo
Pomegranate Martini
Gambler’s Old Fashioned
Blueberry Mojito
Dirty Goose Martini
Ruth’s Manhattan
Rocks Rita
Blackberry Sidecar
Classic Lemon Drop

Dessert Cocktails

Irish Coffee
Espresso Martini
Chocolate Lover’s Delight Coffee
Ruth’s Coffee

Red Wine

By The Glass
Benton Lane (Pinot Noir)
Sea Sun (Pinot Noir)
65 & Broad (Cabernet Sauvignon)
Belle Glos “Clark And Telephone” (Pinot Noir)
Faust (Cabernet Sauvignon)
Daou (Cabernet Sauvignon)
Viña Cobos (Malbec)
Orin Swift, “8 Years In The Desert” (Zinfandel Blend)
Caymus-Suisun (Grand Durif)

White Win By The Glass

Mer Soleil (Chardonnay)
65 & Broad (Chardonnay)
Dry Creek Vineyards (Sauvignon Blanc)
Santa Cristina (Pinot Grigio)
Eos (Moscato)
Whispering Angel (Rosé)
R. Prüm, “Essence” (Riesling)

Sparkling Wine & Champagne

Veuve Clicquot (Brut)
Benvolio (Prosecco)

Ruth’s Cellar

Loveblock By Kim Crawford (Sauvignon Blanc)
Nicolas Feuillatte (Brut)
Santa Margherita (Pinot Grigio)
Freemark Abbey (Sauvignon Blanc)
Rombauer (Chardonnay)
Cakebread (Chardonnay)
Flowers (Pinot Noir)
Siduri (Pinot Noir)
The Prisoner (Red Blend)
Ferrari-Carano (Merlot)
Silver Oak (Cabernet Sauvignon)
Caymus (Cabernet Sauvignon)

Our Favorite Items From Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Naturally, steaks are going to have the top place in this review, as the restaurant is well-known for its unique, incredibly tasty steaks prepared carefully for each guest’s taste.

However, the menu is so varied that it’s impossible not to include other signature, popular dishes!

01. Porterhouse For Two

This dish is so delicious you may not even be able to share it with others.

The steak is the perfect combination between the creaminess of strips and the softness of filets and it’s designed to serve two lucky persons.

The size is so generous that it may even be too much for two!

02. Veal Osso Ravioli

The appetizers from Ruth’s Chris Steak House are made to impress from the first view. The Veal Osso Ravioli will surely continue to impress once tasted.

High-quality beef wrapped in tender ravioli sounds dreamy and will make you crave more.

03. Truffle Lobster Mac & Cheese

Take a succulent, heavenly lobster and add the creamy sauce of the classic Mac & Cheese to create one of the best dishes on Ruth’s Chris menu.

It takes both courage and creativity for such a delightful combination.

04. Sweet Potato Casserole

Besides the amazing steaks, impressively prepared potatoes have become signature dishes of Ruth’s Chris.

The taste of this fabulous dish topped with a crust of brown sugar and a sprinkle of vanilla can bring a smile to anyone’s face, no matter the time of the day.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Service Reviews

Even the best restaurant in the world can’t escape criticism. To give you an honest, useful inside, here is a service review based on guest’s opinions over the years:


  • Great dine-in service. Known for its hospitality and kindness, the staff at Ruth’s Chris Steak House will try their best to offer you a pleasant, unforgettable experience
  • The restaurant is the perfect dining choice, especially for meat lovers. The steak is cooked respecting every customer’s preference. Ruth’s Chris Steak House uses top-quality meat and fresh ingredients to prepare delicious, customized dishes for its guests
  • The side dishes often come in generous sizes, so they can be shared easily
  • The atmosphere is peaceful and quiet, so all guests can enjoy a delicious meal in a warm, friendly, yet luxurious environment


  • The restaurant is pricey compared to other options, but the locations, as well as the quality of the dishes, are also highly placed on the market
  • The staff’s hospitability, as well as waiting time may vary from location to location
  • Some locations may be crowded, especially on weekends, as Ruth’s Chris Steak House has gained popularity over the years, so prepare for a room full of guests

Order Options

Ordering from this restaurant is easier than you would imagine.

For a simple, online process, all you have to do is choose the delivery method: restaurant pickup, curbside pickup, or home delivery, add the address and the dishes, then proceed with typing in contact and payment details.

The Steak House is partnered with Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Door Dash, and other popular delivery services, so orders can also be placed on these websites.

Drive ThruNot Available
Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupAvailable

The Internet always gathers all the possible information out there, so for any uncertainties or additional details, check out this list.

Office Address1030 W. Canton Ave. Suite 100, Winter Park, FL 32789
Online Order
Mobile AppsApps
Store Locator
Sign Up
Gift Cards
Their Story

Find Ruth’s Chris Steak House on Social Media

If the dishes didn’t sound tempting enough, here are the social media pages of Ruth’s Chris Steak House for some appetizing images:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Standard Tip At Ruth’s Chris?

Parties of six or more will be charged a 20% recommended gratuity.

It is the business policy that gratuities be left at the discretion of the guest, free from bargaining or coercion.

Does Ruth’s Chris House Steak Have a Formal Dress Code?

No, casual outfits are also accepted. On the other hand, guests are encouraged to maintain a respectful, welcoming environment by not wearing vulgar messages, graphic imagery, tank tops, revealing undergarments, and shorts.

Are Customers Allowed To Bring in Their Wine At Ruth Chris Steak House?

Yes. Maybe you have a unique, fine wine for a special occasion, or, maybe it’s not about the price, but about the emotional value of the beverage.

Either way, guests are allowed to bring their wine, especially for celebrations. However, there is a $25 corkage fee applied for every bottle of 750 ml.

Is There a Gluten-Free Menu Offered By The Restaurant?

Yes. Ruth’s Chris Steak House offers both gluten-free and vegetarian dishes, including both entrees and delightful sides.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Ruth’s Chris steak house is a delightful restaurant for any occasion, from a casual family meal to an important life event.

The impressive, delicious meat dishes accompanied by a large selection of appetizers, sides, entrees, desserts, and beverages will delight your taste buds, while the location’s décor will create the most beautiful atmosphere.

With dine-in, delivery, and pickup options available, as well as amazing reviews, Ruth’s Chris is certainly a must-try for the next dining experience!

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